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Volume 26 * Number 4 

April 2011 « 

Howard Schultz, 
CEO of Starbucks 

° Real estate update 27 Jean Auel’ 

s clan 57 « Roses! 82 

shims ele), wards 


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The Costco Way 2010 


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on/ 11 iter Capacity 


APRIL 2011/Vol. 26/No. 4 


Front End 
By Ginnie Roeglin and 
David W. Fuller 

Letters from our readers 

A lifestyle magazine for Costco members 


Fresh Views 
Brain food for 
the entrepreneur 

POVER STORY Consumer Connection 
ae By David Horowitz 
Howard schultz Tech Connection 
speaks candidly By Marc Saltzman 
about the rise, fall TOT hes wate: 
and rise of starbucks, 36 Creative Cooking 
aie pe he’s learned a ae 
along the wa For Your Health 
g y 41 NRA RE cis Pick 
' as + Spring allergies + IBS + 
Be | » Young pitchers’ arms 
) | | [ | | | Arts & Entertainment 
we OS OS Se er Book buyers’ picks = 
By Tim Talevich z 

88 Member Connection 
Every member has a 
unique story 


| 77 Costco Travel 
Hotel deals for 



Federal contracts can be a rich 

revenue stream for small A young midwife who dreams of 
a] Costco members. 
usinesses. becoming a doctor finds experience EVIL EESTERIONES 
BY HARVEY MEYER and heartbreak during the Civil War. 
BY STEPHANIE E. PONDER 79 No-risk whiskey 

Costco introduces Kirkland 
Signature™ Premium Small 
Batch Bourbon. 


Ten hiring do’s and don'ts. 
BY RHONDA ABRAMS The series that began with The Clan 
of the Cave Bear comes to a close. 

Time to buy, sell or refinance? SOA EIINIE (GTelis Val ET 2 

Experts weigh in on what's going 80) Costco Services 
on in the real estate market. Alison Krauss & Union Station bring We check under the hood of 
BY KAREN HAYWOOD QUEEN bluegrass to the mainstream. the Costco Auto Program. 
82 Buying Smart 

Melissa Leo went to the mat for her Rainforest Alliance roses 
role as a matriarch in The Fighter. and more in Costco's 
BY J. RENTILLY floral program. 


84 What's New 

86 Special Events 
Rainforest Alliance 87 Update 
Certified roses, 
page 82 

: ™ : SPECIAL by = Ol BO) i 
es PANUp re) leug ils = 
| Green Car repair 66 

De-clutter your car 69 
COVER PHOTO: BRIAN SMALE HOW to pick tires 71 

HE il : 



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“Auto and Home savings data represents information provided by Costco members who became new auto and home insurance policyholders and reported savings in the first year with 
Ameriprise Auto & Home Insurance between 5/1/10 and 10/31/10. Individual savings and experience may vary based upon a variety of factors including, but not limited to, driving experience, type of 
automobile insured and past home losses. 



ANiiaal yaks 

Auto & Home Insurance 


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Stephanie E. Ponder, Seattle 
Jessica Han, Seoul 
Will Fifield 
Steve Fisher 
COPY EDITOR Miriam Bulmer 
Rhonda Abrams, Wally Amos, Marybeth Bond, David Dee, 
Deborah Herlax Enos, Wendy Helfenbaum, Susan Hirshorn, 
David Horowitz, Pennie Clark laniciello, Star Lawrence, 

Cary Lockwood, Harvey Meyer, Karen Haywood Queen, J. Rentilly, 
Phyllis Ritchie, Marc Saltzman, Sarah Van Schagen, Pat Volchok 
ART DIRECTOR Doris Winters dwinters@costco.com_ 
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from the publisher's desk 

Ginnie Roeglin 

WE ARE PLEASED to feature Howard Schultz, CEO of 
Starbucks, on our cover this month. Starbucks is a Seattle 
neighbor and long-term partner of Costco. Our two com- 
panies have grown up together and have become icons in 
our respective industries. 

Like many large companies, Starbucks has struggled 
in recent years. After a meteoric rise and global expansion 
that made Starbucks a daily stop for millions of coffee 
lovers, the company found its business faltering. Schultz 
returned to the helm as CEO to turn Starbucks around, 
and the company now seems to be back on track. Busi- 
ness leaders everywhere can learn a powerful lesson from 
Starbucks’ journey, as told by Schultz in his new book, Onward, and in our cover story, 
starting on page 30. We congratulate Starbucks on their 40th anniversary in business. 

Many of us start looking forward to the summer travel season around this time of 
year. If you are planning a road trip, be sure your tires are safe, as worn-out or under- 
inflated tires are a major cause of traffic accidents. Recommendations for tire safety are 
on page _71, and if you need new tires, just visit a Costco Tire Center for replacements. 

Costco Travel can help you plan a great vacation this summer with a selection of 
cruises, vacation packages and savings on hotels. Our hotel-only program (page_77) 
includes top locations from Hyatt and Best Western, including luxury and more 
affordable options. 

To help you research a destination or prepare for a trip, our book buyers have stocked 
the warehouses with various travel guides, books and DVDs. You'll find examples on 
pages 48 through 50, They've also included a selection of beach reads and audiobooks. 

Cut flowers always help to bring the outdoors in at this time of year. We offer an 
inside look at Costcos sustainable Rainforest Alliance roses on page 82. Not only are 
you supporting ecosystem conservation and fair worker practices when you buy these 
blooms, but you could save up to a dollar per stem on roses at Costco. 

Best wishes for your Passover and Easter celebrations this month from all of us 
at Costco! [4 

Ginnie Roeglin is Senior Vice 
President, E-Commerce and 
Publishing, and Publisher of 
The Costco Connection. 

trom the editor's desk 
David W. Fuller 

THERE IS SOMETHING quintessentially American 
about a comeback story. 

Not that tales of resurgence are uniquely American. 
They do speak to the essential human reluctance to give 
in to circumstances. But American history, lore and con- 
sciousness has always relished the Andre Agassis, the Tina 
Turners, the Steve Jobses and the Jerry Browns of the world. 

This month we look at the great corporate comeback 
story taking place at Starbucks, a company that experi- 
enced an ebullient youth and a wide-ranging adolescence, 
a company now remaking itself at age 40. 

What is so compelling about such a story? As he resumed the role of CEO after an 
eight-year hiatus, Howard Schultz, the very personification of Starbucks, not just its CEO, 
noted, “We have to find and bring the soul of our company back, find our voice.’ There, 
in a nutshell, is the attraction of the comeback story: the reemphasis on original motiva- 
tions; the rededication to principles and practices forged in an earlier, perhaps more 
innocent time, a time often remembered—rightly or wrongly—as simpler and more 
emotionally fulfilling. 

Sports stars can lose their way through too much adulation, entertainers through the 
blinding forces of fame, corporations through sheer size and the seeming necessities of 
bureaucracy. In each of these types of cases it usually takes the deepest soul searching, 
often after hitting or nearing a nadir, to attempt a comeback, followed by the severest 
discipline and focus to run back up the stairs of success. 

I salute Howard Schultz and all the others who have shown us that the path to a 
brighter future sometimes can be lit by the very people who led us to the path in the 
first place. [4 

David W. Fuller is Assistant 
Vice President, Publishing, and 
Editor of The Costco Connection. 

APRIL 2011 The Costco Connection 7 

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In response to the March 
Debate, “Is offshore oil 
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YES. We need to become independent of 

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ble alternative. 

Leslie Gifford 

Durham, Oregon 

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Member comments 

Weddings and beyond 

Your article highlighting the possibili- 
ties for weddings [“From shopping aisle to 
wedding aisle,’ March 2011] brought back 
great memories for me. 

Our daughter was married two and a 
half years ago. Our son-in-law purchased 
the rings at Costco. The flowers we found 
were amazing. We purchased all of the food 
for the reception, from mixed nuts to the 
main course. We saved quite a bit getting 
our paper products too. 

I dont usually keep the issue, but this 
one I will tuck away because we have three 
more daughters and a son who will marry 
eventually as well. It will be a great help to 
remember all that Costco has available. 

Ann Greenhouse 
Lancaster, California 

Body of work 

As a six-plus-year breast cancer survivor, 
| have been increasingly concerned about the 
chemicals and dyes in our personal-care 
products. I was thrilled when I read about 
Costco developing these [chemical- and dye- 
free] items because of your high standards 
(“Bathing beauty,’ March 2011]. 

# DIALOGUEletters 

Connection comments 
= from off the network 

“Great new article on autoimmune diseases in the March edition of The Costco 
Connection magazine!” Tweeted by AARDATweets 

“Check out The Costco Connection magazine article on weddings. They have a lot 
of ideas and stories about brides.” Tweeted by LCarlson1 

“Just read the March 2011 issue of The Costco Connection magazine now out. 
see that 7 Frederic Fekkai haircare SKUs are now available there.” Tweeted 

by BSBmag 

are they now?” March 2011]” Tweeted by JAlayyan 

“I was thrilled to hear ... that Costco is trying to make it easier for its customers to 
know that the seafood they buy in its stores was fished in a manner that has the 
future in mind [“Net gain,” Buying Smart, February 2011]. [The] company has taken 
steps to update its seafood and sustainability policy.” Blogged at SmartPlanet 

I got my copy of The Costco Connection 
on Saturday, read it on Sunday and shopped 
on Monday, filling my cart with shampoo, 
conditioner, body wash and dishwashing 
soap. I am not disappointed. I love everything 
I bought. Thank you for developing such a 
fabulous group of personal-care products. 

Karen Adams 
Fredericksburg, Virginia 

Inside scoop 
~ Thank you for including the article 
regarding the movie Inside Job [“Inside job, 
March 2011]. I have been actively working on 
the personal end of this mess, trying to help 
the victims of the mortgage fraud, fore- 
closures and short sales caused by the bank- 
sters. It permeated to the lowest rung of the 
financial ladder, including mortgage brokers 
and bank employees who would doctor credit 
applications in any way required to get a loan 
through, even when they knew the buyer 
could never afford the ultimate payments. 
I urge everyone who cares about our 
country to buy or rent Inside Job. 
Ken Koenen 
Paso Robles, California 

Whites and mites 

The article in the March issue, “Solving 
the laundry quandary,’ failed to mention the 
most important reason for using hot water to 
wash bedding—it’s the only way to kill dust 
mites that inhabit every bedroom. 

I have found another way to make white 
clothes washed in warm water really white: 
by adding one-third to one-half cup of 
bleach (depending on the size of the load) to 
the wash after it starts running with the de- 
tergent in it, then stopping the machine a 
minute later. Restarting the machine three 
to five hours later will produce really white 
clothes with no damage to the material. 

Haig Chekenian 
Smithtown, New York 

Hard cell 

Mr. Horowitz missed two very impor- 
tant tips with respect to cell phone fraud 
[“Avoiding cell phone scams,’ March 2011]. 

First, password-protect the phone and 
the SIM card with a good, non-guessable 
PIN. In most cases there is no simple way to 
break the PIN. For example, on Windows 
phones, the interval between password at- 
tempts increases with each try, so the only 
realistic option is to wipe the phone if the 
password is not available. 

Second, learn if it’s possible and how to 
“wipe” a lost phone remotely using your ser- 
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accessed after it’s lost or stolen can save a lot 
of grief. 

Beverly Howard 
Austin, Texas 




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of The Connection? Tell us and 
you could win a $100 Costco Cash 
card! Take a moment to complete 
our anonymous reader feedback 
survey by going to 
and searching “Costco Connection 
Magazine.” Click “Reader Survey” 
on the welcome page. Upon com- 
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enter the drawing. The February 
winner is Joseph Whittaker of 
Oxnard, California. 

APRIL 2011 The Costco Connection 9 


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Books may not be available in all locations or at All book jackets are subject ta change. Books carried by Costco in no way reflect the opinions 

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10 ‘The Costco Connection APRIL 2011 


# DIALOGUEletters 

The lowdown on hiring 

Regarding the article on growing your 

business [“Hire learning” February 2011], I 
was encouraged to see the offer for a free copy 
of Hire Your First Employee, Rhonda Abrams’ 
newest book, put together by teamwork 
between Costco and Intuit. However, it seems 
that somebody didnt do their homework. 
What is really offered are some highlights 
from the 192-page book by Ms. Abrams, not 
the book as your article indicates. 
Dave Turk 
Cutler, California 

Rhonda Abrams responds: If you go to and fill out 
the form, you get my full, printed book—Hire 
Your First Employee—mailed to you abso- 
lutely free, thanks to Costco and Intuit. Because 
it takes about two weeks for the book to arrive, 
you can also click on the mini-guide and down- 
load the highlights instantaneously. 

We want to help you hire—and hire well— 
so that your business grows and you succeed. 
I hope you find the book helpful. 

THE CONNECTION is available each 
month in a digital replica Online 
Edition. Many members have opted to 
drop the print edition and receive only 
the Online Edition. This convenient 
option reduces paper and ink 
consumption, and cuts freight and 
postage expense. 

To receive a dedicated monthly 
e-mail with a link to each new issue of 
the Online Edition, go to 
and search “subscription.” You will 
need to provide your Costco member- 
ship number to subscribe. 

Print edition changes/ 

TO STOP RECEIVING the print edition 
of The Connection or to change your 
address, send an e-mail with the code 
directly above your name, and your 
name, address, city, state and zip code 
as they appear in the mailing-address 
area of the magazine, to subscription@, or mail to: Subscription 
Dept., P.O. Box 34088, Seattle, WA 
98124-1088. Be sure to include your 
Costco membership number. 

Kudos to The Connection 

I felt the need to tell someone at The 
Costco Connection that I love this magazine! 
I'm always shocked at how well done it is, at 
the articles I want to read and the good infor- 
mation inside. 

I start off thinking Pll do a quick browse 
through it and then toss it. Every edition 
makes me keep the magazine and tuck it in 
my reading [stack], earmarked for the arti- 
cles I want to read. From David Horowitz 
and Suze Orman to your book reviews and 
health articles—I love it! The article on the 
fish supplier [“Success_at_sea, February 
2011] was fascinating! 

Thanks for a good little piece of reading! 

Nancy Weber 
Vista, California 

Have something to say? 

Readers are encouraged to submit letters 
to our editors on any topic or issue Ccov- 
ered in The Connection. Please include 
your full name and phone number or 
address. Send an e-mail to dialogue@; or write to: Dialogue, The 
Costco Connection, P.O. Box 34088, 
seattle, WA 98124-1088; or fax to (425) 
313-6718. The editors reserve the right 
to edit letters for publication. 

Reader's guide to 
product availability 

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at Costco warehouses unless otherwise 
noted; however, products may not be 
available in all warehouse locations. 

Products are scheduled to be available 
during the period of The Connection's 
issue date. 

All ads indicate whether a product is 
available only in the warehouse, only 
on or both. 

Prices are usually not listed in the 
advertising because they have not 
been finalized at the time of printing 
and may vary from one part of the 
country to another due to shipping 
costs. We hope that members know 
to check Costco first when compari- 
son shopping. 

To keep prices low, Costco does not 
offer a telephone service allowing 
members to call in for prices or 
product availability. 

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APRIL 2011 The Costco Connection 11 

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toughest outdoor cleaning job your easiest—pick up some Wet & Forget ... then forget it. pack ER oie 
* Photo taken 6 months after one single application of Wet & Forget. ’ ;, surface you can 
think of! 

eh Safe for use around plants. Unlimited shelf life. “WA Safe for any exterior surface. \pply with an ordinary 
(TT Tube F ‘ é : : 
| | Tolle) (=¥-\e]a me) ar-lanlantelalt- 6 No caustic chemicals. a b } Peaie to store indoors. reLUran) obse] omer-lael-lame)ele-W\V.-16 

WAREHOUSE ONLY Product may not be available in all locations. 



Wally Amos is the 
1KoonaYols)are lm Ohare (>) 

Wally’s Muffin 
(OXoyaahor-nah’ Am Co)vmer- hal 
reach him at 

Testing positive 
WHILE | AM constantly testing my theory that a 
positive attitude works, | am also tested to see if 
my actions are consistent with what | believe. 

Recently, | had a demo in a retail outlet that 
did not go well. | showed up and nothing was 
ready. No cookies, no table. Eventually, things got 
organized and we had a good demo. We sold 
products and made new friends. | saw the potential 
to develop the account, create goodwill and turn 
a negative into a positive. | also took advantage of 
the event host's guilt and scheduled a second 
demo, only this time | added a storytime for the 
children. Everyone promised a great, well-coordi- 
nated demo. Exactly what | was expecting. 

Almost four weeks to the day, | returned, 
anxious to have a successful and fun demo. | walked 
in the main entrance of the store and could not 
believe my eyes. Not a cookie in sight. Nothing 
on the floor for the children to sit on when | read 
Stories. As Yogi Berra said, it was deja vu all over 
again. | could not believe it. 



Nevertheless, | did not get angry. What would Don’t just 

| gain? | eventually spoke with the manager, and 

someone came with my products and we set up brand, 

together. | began my routine, which consists 
of playing my kazoo and greeting customers. rebrand 
Needless to say, we had a successful demo. 
When | say, “Be positive regardless,” | mean 
just that: regardless of the circumstances. 
Get on top of the circumstances! You are in 
control of the circumstances, and when you 
are positive you set the tone for a positive, 
rewarding outcome. 
Why be positive regardless? Because when 
you are, you are the winner. | sold more cookies 

OPEN, the small-business 
division of the financial 
services company, has 
introduced the OPEN Mic 
podcast (www.openforum. 
com/openmic). Hosted by 
journalist and entrepreneur 
Tyler Brule, each episode 

by staying than by leaving. | met new friends, explores an issue central 
and while | have no idea how they will help to entrepreneurs and their 
me in the future, they might. | could not have businesses’ sustainability 
met them if | had become angry and stormed and growth. 
out of the place. There are also health benefits. For instance, the pod- 
| remained stress free and controlled my blood cast on branding features 
pressure by staying calm and performing the a discussion with Iris 
job | came to perform. Schreier, founder of 

Being positive is also the best way to Artyarns, who underwent 
strengthen your faith. So | say again, with a brand makeover when 
conviction, “Be positive regardless!” [e she was partnered with 

OFFICELAB, a New York— 
based branding agency, 

= 7 as part of the project. 
More in archives OPEN is also offering 

On, enter a free download of OPEN 
“Connection.” At Online Edition, Oe a Drache Gameiono 

search “Wally Amos.” Business Growth, (type the 
title into the search box at This 
guide to building a strong 

Make like a dragonfly repens 

THE DRAGONFLY EFFECT is what happens 
when you coordinate four small activities to pro- 
duce big results. Its named after the only creature 
that is able to move in any direction—with tremen- 
dous speed and force—when its four wings are 
working in concert. 

In their book of the same name, The Dragonfly 
Effect: Quick, Effective, and Powerful Ways to Use 
Social Media to Drive Social Change (Jossey-Bass, 
2010;, Costco members 
Jennifer Aaker and Andy Smith (with Carlye Adler) 
teach readers that “small actions create big change” 
and help them to harness social technology to 
achieve a single, focused, concrete goal. Aaker says, 
“It's remarkable how many businesses don't take the 
time to collectively understand why they are on 
Facebook, why they are on Twitter and what is their 
single-purpose goal.” 

The book teaches four key skills—focus, grab 
attention, engage and take action—and explains 
how to coordinate them with social technology to 
spark measurable results. 

tures best practices for 
logo and website develop- 
ment and an informative 
O&A with branding expert 
Chris Brogan. [4 

For instance, in the section “Grab Attention: 
How to Stick Out in an Overcrowded, Over- 
messaged, Noisy World,’ the book cites examples 
of businesses and how they achieved success 
using these four steps: 

Get personal. Find personal hooks, rang- 
ing from physiological to self-actualization 
needs, that can be understood within seconds. 

Deliver the unexpected. People 
like consuming and then sharing awe- 
inspiring information. Draw them in by Your Br 
piquing their curiosity. Look to reframe 
the familiar. 

Visualize your message. Show, 
dont tell. Photos and videos speak mil- —* You 
lions of words. Synthesize your thoughts = : B | 
with quick visuals and show them to ——*+ ; ral) 
your point of view for feedback. 

Make a visceral connection. Design 
your campaign so that it triggers senses—sight, 
sound, hearing and taste. Music is powerful 
and can often tap underlying emotions. [# 

APRIL 2011 The Costco Connection 13 

oleh Mey mm ual = eeAims 

As a Costco member, you save up to 35%. 
i atslamuat-m ccokmee)enr-mate)aar-mrey-le(-emiUidame|[aemar-\a-lalemelalant-mex-tale 

in your heavy hitter: OxiClean® Versatile Stain Remover. Big clean, 
big savings—it’s the ultimate double header. 


—alll — — — 

x OVER 101 USES! § 

OxiClean® Gets the Tough Stains Out. 

Based on the average cost per 02. at Costco vs. the average cost per 02. at a combination of leading retailers for the 52 weeks ending 12/25/10 (Source: Nielsen) 

©2011 Church & Dwight Co., Inc. 

The trials of job scams 

IF YOU ARE LOOKING for work, it is important 
to be aware of the many different scams that prey on 
vulnerable and eager job seekers. Here are some 
common scams you should be on the lookout for. 

Payment-transfer scams 

Although direct deposit paychecks are fine 
when the employer is legitimate, con artists who 
have used a job ad to lure an unsuspecting job 
seeker may tell the job seeker they can only pay 
wages by direct deposit, and ask for the job seek- 
ers bank account number. Armed with the per- 
sonal bank account number, they can steal both 
your identity and your money. 

To avoid falling victim to payment transfer scams: 

= Do not give personal bank account, PayPal 
account or credit-card numbers to an employer. 

= Do not agree to have funds or paychecks direct- 
deposited to any of your accounts by a new employer. 

= Do not forward, transfer or wire money to 
an employer. 

Work-at-home scams 

The chance to work from home seems too good 
to pass up. While there are some legitimate work- 
from-home opportunities, if it’s a scam, the com- 
pany offering the job will never pay. Many of these 
jobs will require a large financial investment on your 
part to get up and running. To avoid the work-from- 
home scams: 

= Avoid advertisements that promise you will 
get rich quick. 

= Research the company before agreeing to do 
any work. 

= Never agree to be trained from home, and 
never pay for training material. 

= Ask how often you will be paid. Get this 
information in writing, and do not work until you 
are promised a prompt payment. 

Entertainment-industry scams 

Some online ads offer the chance to earn $100 
a day or $10,000 or more per month in an exciting 
entry-level position, often in sports, TV or film 
(fields that are incredibly hard to break into). 
Before you get dressed up and drive out to the job 

= Instead of just providing references, research 
the company as well. Learn what it is they do before 
setting out for an interview. If you cant find any- 
thing, this is likely a scam. 

Scams offering a variety of jobs 
Sometimes a company advertises a job and lists 

several job titles, such as sales, customer service and 

office administration positions, that are available. 

More in archives 
On, enter 

ol Oxo) al atsverd(e)aa-N MO) s)//4 lem 0/140) 0B 
search “David Horowitz.” 


I PURCHASED a brand-new 
condo, which came with 
top-of-the-line appliances. 
However, all of the appli- 
ances required multiple ser- 
vice calls within the first year 
under warranty. Even after 
the appliances were serviced, 
they still did not perform 
properly. Now my kitchen 
is barely functional. Since I 
bought the condo with all of 
the appliances included, get- 
ting a refund seems impossi- 
ble. What recourse do I have? 
Phoenix, AZ 

Few companies are in need of this many positions 
(though some temp agencies may advertise for a 
large number). If the ad tells you to “hurry now” or 
says there are only 10 positions left, this is likely a 
scam. Usually there is no job at all, and this is 
another instance of a scam artist simply trying to 
obtain information about you. Other red flags are: 

= The ad does not include a company name. 

= The ad does not include a website for the 
company or links to find out more details. 

Unsolicited e-mail job scams 

You receive an unsolicited e-mail message, and 
the return e-mail address is a personal account, not a 
company e-mail. In most cases, such e-mails are sent 
by a crook who is simply trying to get your personal 
information. If you respond, you are likely to encoun- 
ter many red flags, such as a substantial fee that is 
charged when submitting your résumé, or simply a 
link to a pay service that offers job listings | 
if you pay the expensive monthly sub- 
scription price. To avoid trouble: 

= Search online for the compa- 
nys name. You may find other vic- 
tims warning others about this 
scam. If there is no listing, 
the company is likely fake. 

m Never give out per- 
sonal information. 

= Beware if the company 
does not offer a face-to-face 

Most companies are equipped 
with a product-replacement 
policy. This means that the 
company is responsible not 
just for servicing them under 
the warranty, but for replacing 
broken parts. First, go online 
and read what other cus- 
tomers have done in 
similar situations. 
You may see a pat- 
tern in regard to 
your specific prod- 
ucts. Then, armed 
with that informa- 
tion, show proof 
® that you have 
had the items ser- 
viced and they still 
do not work. Try to 
call someone higher up 
than customer service, 
such as an executive or 
a manager who can 
guarantee he or she 
will resolve your issue. 
Remember, as a customer 
who owns these appli- 
ances you are entitled to 
proper care, and do not 
hesitate to demand it. [#4 

More resources 

For updated tips on 
online job-seeking safety, 
explore www.worldprivacy 

For reports on common 
job scams, see www.worldpri 

To file a complaint, 
go to 

To find consumer pro- 
tection agencies in your area, 
state.shtml (A 

David Horowitz is a leading consumer advocate ( 

He is a frequent guest on radio and television stations. Consult your 

local listings for dates and times. 

Do you have a question for David? 

Just log on to and “Ask David.” For a fee, he will personally 
respond to your problem if you follow the instructions printed on his website. 
(Costco members receive a rebate off the normal fee.) Questions and answers of the 
greatest interest to Costco members will be used in this column (with the permission 
of the contributor) and will be posted on 

APRIL 2011 The Costco Connection 15 

Costco item #519669 

eel aiatelot-Manlelii| efelees 

(colin) ole]aqvo i (oN t=\o 0] (ol cip4e1o Mee] aiatele(=13) 

malasicte MAO SHY; a Ol | 

SYoh =o] Gross} CoM 7Z110O Me ¢-10] M-1(-1e1 [ola Molm allo] apere] efo(el] NAP Ameo alate le(-MalUlli| efelane 


Making tne most 
of Windows 

By Marc Saltzman 

CHANCES ARE, YOU'RE a PC user who relies on 
Windows 7—the best-selling operating system in 
history—and takes advantage of its intuitive user 
interface, fast and reliable performance and many 
built-in features that help you in so many activities. 

But guess what? This is only half the picture. 

If youre using Windows 7, you can take advan- 
tage of Windows Live Essentials, a collection of free 
programs and services that help you take full advan- 
tage of the power of your PC. Heres a look. 

Making the most of your photos and video 
You probably have hundreds—if not thou- 
sands—of digital photos and videos stored on your 
hard drive. Windows Live Photo Gallery can help 
you organize, edit, view and share these memories. 
For example, you can easily “tag” a photo with 
someone's name, and Windows Live Photo Gallery 
will scan the rest of your photos and look for that 
persons face. To find all photos of that person, just 
type in his or her name. You can also edit photos 
with simple tools, create a slide show or home 
movie, or quickly upload to sites such as Facebook. 
A fun and powerful feature, Photo Fuse, lets you 
replace one part of a photo with a better one—such 
as a picture of your child smiling nicely instead of 
looking down—so the family portrait will show 
everyone looking at the camera at the same time. 
With Windows Live Movie Maker, you can 
assemble your videos and photos onto a timeline, 
add transition effects and captions, music and nar- 
ration, and then share your masterpiece. 

Keeping in touch 

Windows Live Messenger is an instant messag- 
ing tool that lets you type, talk or video-chat with 
friends, family and co-workers over the Internet. 

Imagine holding up a newborn to your Web 
camera so your overseas relatives can see the baby— 
in high-definition clarity. Teens can do homework 
together by collaborating on a document, all the 
while chatting, sharing photos and perhaps playing 
a game when it’s time for a break. 

Windows Live Messenger also lets you easily 
access social networks, such as Facebook or 
LinkedIn. You can also pick up your e-mail here, as 
well as review calendar entries and contacts. And 

More in archives, enter “Connection.” 

At Online Edition, search 
“Tech Connection.” 

you can share whatever is on 
your desktop with others. 

Storing in the cloud | 
You can protect your impor- 4 ¥ 
tant files, such as documents and 9 
photos, by uploading them to 
Windows Live SkyDrive, a pass- 
word-protected service that lets 
you store up to 25 GB of data, free. 
Storing your files in “the 
cloud” (online) offers three key 
benefits: You can access them 
from virtually any online com- 
puter in the world, your files are 
safe from local risks (such as fire 
or theft) and you can easily share 
specific folders with others online. 

Logging in remotely 

Another tool is Windows Live 
Mesh, which gives you the ability to log 
in to your PC remotely to access your 
Windows 7 desktop. 

For example, you could access all of your 
media, such as music, photos and videos, on another 
PC while away from home. Or log in to your home 
PC while on a business trip to grab a PowerPoint 
presentation you forgot to take along. 

You can also synchronize folders between multi- 
ple computers. Update a Word document on your 
laptop, for example, and it'll automatically synchro- 
nize with your desktop PC. 

Finally, while it's not part of Windows Live 
Essentials, I would be remiss not to mention 
Microsoft Security Essentials, a free suite of Internet 
security software that can safeguard your PC and 
help protect your personal identity. You can get 
details at 

These are all helpful everyday tools that are 
part of the Windows 7 environment. They're worth 
checking out to see if they meet your computing 
needs. For more details on Windows Live Essentials, 
see (# 

The Costco Connection 
Costco sells a complete range of computers, from 
laptops to desktops, from various manufacturers 
using the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system, 
in the warehouses and online at All 
PC purchases come with free technical support 
from Costco Concierge Services. 



Questions about 
electronics or computers 
you purchased at 
Costco? E-mail them to: 
Or send them to: 
Tech Connection 
The Costco Connection 
P.O. Box 34088 
Seattle, WA 98124-1088 
or fax to (425) 313-6718. 
Please include 
“Tech Connection” 
in the subject line. Marc 
will answer selected ques- 
tions in this column. We 
regret that unpublished 
questions cannot be 
answered individually. 



Marc Saltzman, 

a leading high-tech 
reporter, contributes 
to more than three 
dozen prominent 
publications, appears 
on radio and TV, and is 
the author of 14 books. 

APRIL 2011 The Costco Connection 17 

id y KINFO 

“Ay el 

. ae j EE 


[2 = cK =. 
e P in, 


is college 
worth it? | 

THE COSTS FOR A college degree can be daunting. Four years of 
tuition and fees can range from about $36,000 to $140,000. Add room, © 
board and other expenses, and the total can reach $200,000. 

Some insist the cost is worth it. They say college graduates will earn 
more during their lifetime than people with only a high school diploma, 
experience less unemployment and be better prepared for life. They also 
say that the fastest-growing occupations demand the highest levels of 

Others argue that the cost of college may not be worth the invest- 

ment. They say the lifetime earnings of college graduates has been exag- 

gerated and many job categories that will add the most employees 
during the next decade can be performed by someone without a college 
degree. The college dropout rate indicates that not everyone who Is 
o)UES aCcYo Ri Kobr-iunclalemexe)|(cs-Xom ole) (elah-awa tlc) goMmat(chVara(0(0 B 

What do you think? 

Find out more about this topic on the Web: 

18 ‘The Costco Connection APRIL 2011 

from members: 


from members: 

Marie Gazmen 

Lahaina, HI 
College can get expen- 
Sive if one doesn’t have 
their mind set to it, but 
once you know your 

<a priorities, then it’s worth 
every penny, 

Bern Roberts 
Mesa, AZ 
If you are selective, you 
can find a good cheap 
' school. And if you are 
_ focused, you can mini- 
mize your time there. 

Lorena Rodriguez 
Arlington, MA 
™ae Employers look at that 
i B.A. or doctorate and 

fe ® | determine that you are an 

achiever. They know you 
can learn and adjust, and 
they will give you the chance. 


Adam Bergdorf 

Visalia, CA 
| have a job that doesn’t 
require a degree and 
[I] get paid more than 
people | know who 
have a degree. 

Vicki Seida 
Clinton Township, MI 
| | don’t see how gradu- 
ating from college and 

having to pay back 

$140,000-plus can 

really make one more 
prepared for a well-rounded and 
healthful life. 

Jason Vasquez 

Gypsum, co 
| consider myself a suc- 
cessful entrepreneur 
because of skills that | 
acquired on the job site, 
and not from a textbook. 

Dr. Stephen J. Rose is a labor economist who has been research- 
ing and writing about social class in America for the last 30 years. 
He is the author of Social Stratification in the United States (New 

' Press, sixth printing). 

TECHNOLOGY IS CHANGING the economic landscape in favor of more 
skilled workers. Greater skill requirements mean that more education is 
NN e often needed in established jobs. In the 1950s and °60s, most insurance 

_— @ agents did not have any college education. Today, 50 percent of insurance 
agents have a bachelor’s degree (B.A.), while only 20 percent have not attended any college. 

Employers view those with a B.A. as the most capable of adapting to new economic realities 
and are willing to pay for it: In 1980, workers with bachelor’s degrees earned 40 percent more 
than workers with only high school diplomas; today that “premium” has risen to 74 percent. 

For instance, according to some, insurance agents dont need a B.A. and the agents with 
degrees are not utilizing their college skills. The market tells a different story: Agents with a B.A. 
earn 50 percent more than agents with a high school diploma. Employers pay more because 
those with a B.A. are better at selling complex insurance policies to companies and individuals. 

Police officers have undergone a similar transformation. Some believe that the 30 percent of 
officers with a B.A. are overeducated. In fact, they bring education-enhanced skills to their jobs 
and are more likely to be detectives and supervisors. Consequently, they earn on average 30 per- 
cent more than police officers with a high school diploma and as much as high school graduates 
who are managers and professionals. 

Additionally, those with college degrees are more likely to be in the labor force, less likely to be 
unemployed and more likely to get a new job faster after being unemployed. Outside the econom- 
ics realm, people with college degrees are healthier, live longer and are more likely to be married. 

In the 1960s, even though America had the most educated workforce in the world, the rate of 
college-going among high school graduates doubled compared to the previous generation. 

This investment paid off handsomely as the U.S. maintained the highest living standards in 
the world and led the way in creating the major breakthroughs of the computer revolution. 
President Obama and others are calling for the expansion of college attendance and completion 
as a way to ensure our leadership in the world economy in the future. If history is any guide, this 
is the right choice for the country and for the individuals who attend college. [#4 

Richard Vedder, a Distinguished Professor of Economics at Ohio 
University and director of the Center for College Affordability and 
Productivity (, is the author 
of Going Broke by Degree: Why College Costs Too Much (AEI Press, 
June 2004). 

better off doing non-degree programs in career colleges or vocational 
schools, learning to be truck drivers, electricians, beauticians or health- 
care Barter It is true that college grads typically make far more than high school grads, but it 
is also true that attending college involves a huge risk: Nearly half of full-time students do not 
graduate in six years, ending up with no diploma but sizable college debts. 

Two important other factors are further reasons we have oversold four-year college 
degrees. First, the cost of college is rising faster than peoples income. Real (inflation-adjusted) 
tuition costs have doubled in the last generation—far more than the increase in our ability to 
pay them. Colleges are becoming bloated and highly inefficient, and increasingly students are 
asked to shoulder costs previously absorbed by government subsidies. 

Second, the number of highly skilled, managerial, professional and technical jobs is grow- 
ing far less rapidly than the number of new college graduates. We now have almost one-third 
of a million waiters and waitresses with college degrees, and more than 15 percent of taxi driv- 
ers likewise have a diploma. I have estimated that 60 percent of the increase in the proportion 
of Americans with college degrees since 1992 has ended up doing jobs that the Bureau of 
Labor Statistics says do not require a college diploma. 

The bottom line: Students with excellent high school grades and college-entry test scores 
have a lower risk of failure and thus many should pursue a four-year degree. Students with 
poor high school grades and/or test scores have a higher probability of dropping out and/or 
being unable to get a good job even if they are successful in graduating. Those students should 
consider non-degree vocational programs or, perhaps, a community college. Students in the 
middle face the toughest decisions, although in many cases even they would benefit from try- 
ing the non-bachelor-degree options mentioned above, and then, if they are successful, per- 
haps transferring to a four-year degree program. [#4 

TOO MANY PERSONS go to college today, not too few. Many would be 


Is offshore drilling in the best 
TLRs) cst] MO) Maa (sMOlplinsve Mey rs lastoye 

Percentage reflects votes 
received by March 16, 2011. 


Does WikiLeaks serve 
the public interest? 

YES: 45% NO: 55% 

Percentage reflects votes received by 
February 28, 2011. Results may reflect 
Debate being picked up by blogs. 

Opinions expressed are those of the 
individuals or organizations represented and 
are presented to foster discussion. 
Costco and The Costco Connection take no 
position on any Debate topic. 

APRIL 2011 The Costco Connection 19 

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ait aii [i 

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welgy : oP a bk, - i Ee A a 
ee = 


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By Harvey Meyer 

IT’S NOT AS IF Charlene Turczyn is outfit- 
ted in an Uncle Sam costume, but her affinity 
for the federal government is undeniable: Her 
Springfield, Illinois-based firm, CMW and 
Associates, derives all of its revenues from 
Uncle Sam. 

“It's a completely different world doing 
business with the federal government than the 
commercial sector, says Turczyn, senior prin- 
cipal of the 80-employee firm, which has won 
dozens of mostly project-management jobs 
since it first pursued federal contracts in 2003. 

The federal government—the world’s 
largest purchaser of goods and services, buy- 
ing everything from food to military weapons 
parts to management services—offers a poten- 
tially super-size outlet for small businesses. 
Small firms won a record $96.8 billion in fed- 
eral prime contracts in fiscal 2009, represent- 
ing almost 22 percent of all federal spending. 

“The federal government can be a good 
avenue for increasing small-business reve- 
nues, says Margot Dorfman, vice president 
of the National Association of Small 
Business Contractors (NASBC). The NASBC 

is a 200,000-member Washington, D.C., 
trade association that helps small firms do 
business with the federal government and 
prime contractors. 

But Dorfman, a Costco member, acknowl- 
edges that working with the government can 
be challenging. For many small businesses, it 
may require considerable capital and effort— 
and patience. It took an 
average of 1.7 years for 
“active” small companies 
to land their first prime 
contract with the federal 
government, according 
to a recent survey by 
American Express’ small- 
business division. 

“The truth of the mat- 


“The federal 
government can 
be a good avenue 
for increasing 
small business 

small . 

business outreach offices (see www.osdbu. 
gov/offices.html). Another key source is the 
U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), 
which offers reams of information and free 
online training courses on how to do con- 
tracting work. (See page 24 for more 
resources.) Small companies may find the fol- 
lowing recommendations valuable in attempts 
to secure government contracts. 

Know thyself. Understand your core 
competencies. Offer products and services 
youre capable of delivering. 

Register your interests. Any firm doing 
business with the government has to follow 
certain set procedures. The company should 
first obtain an “identifier,” such as a Data 
Universal Numbering System, or DUNS, 
number, a unique nine-character number 
that the government uses to identify the orga- 
nization, says Mark Mills, president of the 
Association of Procurement Technical 
Assistance Centers (PTACs) in Gallatin, 
Tennessee. Companies must also be regis- 
tered in the Central Contractor Registration 
( database. That online portal 
creates a formal record for companies while 
also enabling federal agencies and prime con- 
tractors to find small-business contractors. 

Know Uncle Sam. Research what types 
of goods and services are purchased by the 
hundreds of federal agencies at www.usa Initially, select one or two agen- 
cies and study their operations and needs. 

“The federal government is so big it’s like 
drinking from a fire hose,’ says Turczyn. “T tell 
our people we need to focus.” 

One quick way to learn about buying 
opportunities at targeted—and all—federal 
agencies is to check FedBizOpps (www.fbo. 
gov). All planned purchases of more than 
$25,000 must be listed at that site. 

Agencies periodi- 
cally ask small companies 
to respond to bid solicita- 
tions, also at FedBizOpps, 
says NASBC’s Dorfman. 
Even if you dont win a 
bid, responding to these 
“Sources Sought” notifi- 
cations is a good way to 
market your goods/ser- 

ter is it's a very onerous sys- revenues.” vices, she notes. 
tem. It’s difficult to break “Through ‘Sources 
into,’ says John Linder, —Margot Dorfman Sought, you get your 

Costco member and CEO 

name out there to deci- 

of Calibre Door Closers, a 

seven-employee Orange, California, firm that 
receives 12 percent of its revenues from the fed- 
eral government. 

Still, for many businesses, it is worth the 
effort, especially during a downturned econ- 
omy. Fortunately, help with federal govern- 
ment procurement comes from many 
quarters, including agencies that sport small- 

sion makers, agrees 
Linder. “TI definitely plan to respond to more 
of them.’ 

Start small. Successful contractors, accord- 
ing to the American Express survey, advise 
starting with smaller contracts, which may 
lead to larger opportunities. Perhaps test the 
waters with so-called “micro-purchases”—for 


APRIL 2011 The Costco Connection 23 

example, buys of less than $3,000 for supplies. 
Companies should check with individual 
agencies for these opportunities, which dont 
require competitive bidding and are often 
transacted via credit card, says Dorfman. 

For purchases between $3,000 and 
$150,000, the government can use simplified 
procedures for soliciting and evaluating bids. In 
fact, federal rules require these “simplified pur- 
chases” be reserved for small businesses unless 
the contracting official cannot obtain offers 
from two or more small firms that are com- 
petitive on price, quality and delivery. Again, 
check with individual agencies for these and 
other smaller-procurement opportunities. 

“A good way to learn about becoming a 
prime contractor is to start out by being a sub- 
contractor,’ adds Karen Hontz, SBA director of 
government contracting. “That also provides 
you past-performance information that you 
can use to pursue your own prime contract.’ 

For subcontracting opportunities, check, an SBA website. A sub- 
contracting directory lists prime contractors 
by state, type of business and their small-busi- 
ness liaison officers, says Hontz. 

Read the fine print. Many contracts ref- 
erence the Federal Acquisition Regulation 
(FAR) and the Defense Federal Acquisition 
Regulation (DFAR), both of which post rules 
dictating how federal contracts are executed. 

vith inte 

Read the fine print carefully in every contract 
and follow instructions exactly. 

Build relationships. As gargantuan as the 
federal government is, securing a contract 
often is tied to personal relationships. That 
means attending PTAC, federal agency, 
NASBC or other outreach events and becom- 
ing acquainted with federal small-business 
representatives, prime contractors and small 
companies that successfully secured contracts. 

“Everything else being equal,’ says 
Dorfman, “if you've built up a good relation- 
ship with somebody, you have a better chance 
of getting a contract? 

Get debriefed. Whether she wins or loses a 
contract, Turczyn insists on asking for a debrief- 
ing, where a contracting official must discuss 
why a business did or did not win the bid. 

“We learn how we can do it better that 
way, says Turczyn. “When youre working 
with a contracting official repeatedly, you get 
to know their preferences.” 

In the end, securing federal contracts isn’t 
easy. As with the private sector, it requires 
time, patience, money and commitment. 

“Dont be discouraged if you don't get that 
first contract you apply for,’ says Hontz. “Keep 
trying” [#4 

Harvey Meyer is a St. Louis Park, Minnesota, 
freelance writer. 

Helpful resources 

HERE ARE SOME organizations and web- 
sites that help small companies seeking 
contracts with the federal government: 

= Small Business Administration 
National Association of Small 
Business Contractors 
Association of Procurement 
Technical Assistance Centers 
Lists all federal agency planned 
purchases of more than $25,000. 
=" Shows the 
wide variety of goods and services 
purchased by federal agencies. 
Central Contractor Registration, Enables federal 
agencies and prime contractors 
to find small-business contractors. 
Lists federal agencies that feature 
small-business outreach offices. 
Association of Small Business 
Development Centers, www.asbdc- References Small Business 
Development Centers, which can 
offer assistance to small companies 
seeking federal contracts. —HM 

| "Processor P P60 aMGade, 1 86GH2, 2G ani inter viene 6B (oxiGB) PG. $500- mney 47 1B2874 FH1-CF8 syste ) 
All right peered nny FOU ovr Radeon, The Ultimate Visual Experience, and combinations thereof are trademarks of Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. Otherramesare fornia purposes only and may bet 


24 ‘The Costco Connection APRIL 2011 



By Rhonda Abrams 

IF YOU WANT to grow your business, 
sooner or later youre going to have to get 
some help. But hiring can be tough. Sure, it's 
nerve-racking when youre the one looking 
for a job. But surprisingly, it's also intimidat- 
ing when youre on the other side of the desk, 
looking to hire just the right person to help 
grow your company. With the proper prepa- 
ration, however, you'll find just the perfect 
person or people to add to your team. You 
wont have to do everything alone, and they'll 
help take your business to the next level. 

Ten hiring do's and don'ts 

Do write a clear job description. 
It's tempting to just jot down a quick job 
description when it’s time to place a help- 
wanted ad. But developing a clear job descrip- 
tion is actually a key to hiring success. It helps 
you attract exactly the right applicants, saves 
you time and helps you understand exactly 
what interview questions to ask and what 
tasks you'll assign to your new staff member. 

Do be realistic. While it’s typical in a 
small business for people to wear many hats, 

The Costco Connection 
Costco offers online payroll services to 
Costco members, through Intuit. For informa- 
tion, visit and click on “Services.” 

Biticiner Bian 
employee takes 

dg LOMO) DB) NG 

consider whether one real live person can 
manage very different tasks. Is it realistic for 
an admin to also do some basic bookkeeping, 
light shipping and occasional updating of 
your website? Probably. Is it realistic to think 
that an admin will be able to manage your 
computer network or make outside sales 
calls? Probably not. 

Do interview several candidates. 
Even if youre really excited about one appli- 
cant, you'll have a better idea if he or she is 
really the right person for the job if you inter- 
view at least three prospects in person. To 
save time, before having someone come in for 
an interview, schedule a phone interview. A 
15- to 30-minute phone call can save hours of 
your time. 

Do be prepared. When interviewing, 
have a list of questions ready and be sure to 
ask the same questions of every candidate, as 
well as questions based on each individual's 
own résumé. And, of course, obey the law. 
Dont ask any questions that can be seen as 
discriminatory, such as “Which religious hol- 
idays do you observe?” or “Do you plan on 
having children?” (There's a list of legal and 
illegal questions in my new book, Hire Your 
First Employee, which you can get free—just 
see below.) 

Do hire for attitude, train for skills. 
If you find someone with a can-do and will-do 

small . 

attitude, that'll be more important, in the long 
run, than someone with exactly the right 
experience or education. Sure, if youre hiring 
a pastry chef for your new Italian restaurant, 
you need someone who is able to make tira- 
misu. But for most positions, look for willing, 
eager-to-succeed employees and train them 
for the specific job tasks. 

Don’t be in a hurry. Yes, if your res- 
taurant is opening this Friday, you need that 
chef and wait staff now. (And why didnt you 
give yourself more time?) But most small 
businesses can afford to keep looking until 
they find the right person. Of course, you'll 
never find someone whos exactly perfect, but 
filling a position just because you need some- 
one now is likely to lead to problems later. 

Don’t do all the talking. When 
youre conducting an interview, it's typical to 
just start talking. Yes, you'll want to tell an 
applicant about the job and your company. 
But you wont learn enough about an appli- 
cant if you do all the talking. 

Don’t be overly impressed by cre- 
dentials. It's easy to be swayed by names of 
big corporations or leading universities on a 
résumé. But remember, you're looking for the 
best candidate, not the best résumé. 

Don’t be swayed by your first 
impression. For important jobs, arrange 
for a second in-person interview with your 
top prospect. And be sure to check references. 

Don’t make—or imply—promises 
of job security or future raises. For 
legal reasons, be careful not to say anything 
that can be misinterpreted as an implied con- 
tract, such as “I never fire anyone,’ or “You'll 
be here for at least five years-’ It's a good idea 
to give new hires an offer letter spelling out 
their pay and benefits and making it clear that 
they’re an at-will employee (meaning you can 
terminate them without cause). [# 

Rhonda Abrams has started four successful 
companies. Currently, she heads The Planning 
Shop, a publisher specializing in entrepreneur- 
ship and small business (www.planningshop. 
com). She is the author of Successful Business 
Plan: Secrets & Strategies. 

Get Rnonda’s book FREE! 

COSTCO AND INTUIT have teamed up 

178-page, $24.95 value 
absolutely free. Just go 


to make Rhonda’s é — ———_— 
newest book, Hire = \ 
Your First Employee, 3 your fr 
WOur First 
free to Costco mem- 2 Dy ‘CE 
bers. You'll get this z rasaparedionicioon 
= ; , a 

to www.costcopayroll. 

APRIL 2011 The Costco Connection 25 

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It dissolves up to 3x faster™ 

Get it even faster: Buy online 
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Stock up on savings 
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Whats up 
witn real estate? 

By Karen Haywood Queen 

SINCE INTERESTACATES are creeping up; 
now may be a good time to sell or buy a home. 
Yes, you read that right. As long as rates 
remained stable, potential buyers and sellers 
could afford to remain indecisive. Although 
rates are still near historic lows, people are 
motivated to take action since waiting could 
mean a higher rate and a larger mortgage pay- 
ment, experts say. 

Getting off the fence 

In the housing market, inventory and 
selection are good, home prices remain flat 
and sellers are motivated and more likely to 
work with buyers on price, says Scott Dixon, 
president of the real estate division of Network 
Communications Inc., publisher of The Real 
Estate Book in 400 markets in North America. 
So whether youre a first-time buyer, looking 
for a move-up home or hoping to downsize, 
now might be a good time to make a decision. 

“Interest rates aren't going to double this 
year, but they will continue to inch up,’ says 
Dixon. “As rates begin to go up, people who 
haven't felt a sense of urgency will decide 
now is the time to buy. That's a good thing for 
the real estate market, for home buyers and 
home sellers.” 

At press time, unemployment was at 9 
percent, still high but down from even higher 
levels in 2010. Across the country, foreclo- 
sures and strategic defaults continue, but 
some markets have been recovering. 

“Tm hopeful that our economy continues 
to rebound,’ says Christine Clifford, vice pres- 
ident of Access Mortgage Research. “Housing 
prices are at a good place. Consumers are pay- 
ing down their credit cards. The biggest prob- 
lem is were not creating enough jobs.’ 

The Costco Connection 
Costco now offers a home mortgage and 

refinance program designed to give mem- 
bers excellent service combined with the 
best rates available. For more information, 
go to and search “mortgage.” 


for changes 

New rules, regs and restrictions 

The bad news? New and pending regula- 
tions in response to the mortgage lending 
crisis mean new loans and refinancing will be 
more complicated, more time-consuming 
and more costly. Expect higher fees, higher 
mortgage insurance payments and bigger 
down payments. 

There will be fewer zero to 5 percent 
down-payment loans. “The new norm will be 
10 percent down,’ Dixon says. “Three percent 
down-payment loans are going to be few and 
far between.’ 

The federal government also is working to 
shrink its footprint in the housing market. 
During the lending crisis of the last few years, 
the federal government has guaranteed more 
than nine out of every 10 new mortgages. The 
Obama administration said earlier this year 
that it wants to move more mortgages back to 
the private sector. The administration plans to 
gradually reduce new loans made by the feder- 
ally controlled lenders popularly known as 
Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Meantime, the 
Federal Housing Administration (FHA) will 
be strengthened but won't take over the market 
share left by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. 

Some regulations took effect late last year. 
Others, including the Dodd-Frank Wall Street 
Reform and Consumer Protection Act, take 
effect this spring and later this year. Additional 
rules take effect in 2012, and others are still in 
development. So the sooner you act, the more 
likely you are to dodge at least some of the 
new and coming requirements. 

Paperwork confusion 

The new rules are intended to protect 
consumers, but they also “are incredibly con- 
fusing and contradictory,’ Clifford says. 

“I am very concerned about the changes 
coming out this spring,” she says. “The goal is 
to make sure consumers are informed, that 
they understand what they’re getting into, to 
make sure theyre really comfortable. I’m not 
sure all the disclosures really do that. I can 
confidently say that the cost of doing a mort- 

‘Be prepared 

New and proposed 
changes at a glance 

= Fewer loans from the 
_ federal lending programs 
popularly known as Fannie 
Mae and Freddie Mac 
= Higher fees for Fannie 
Mae and Freddie Mac loans 
= Gradually increasing 
required down payments 
for Fannie Mae and Freddie 
Mac loans to 10 percent 
= Higher mortgage insur- 
ance payments on FHA loans 
= Higher credit scores 
required to qualify for the 
| FHA’s most favorable 
| loan terms 
= Longer disclosure forms 



gage is going to increase. It will take longer 
too. Nothing is easy right now.’ 

Borrowers will have longer to review all 
the disclosures in their mortgage loan, Clifford 
says. That also means they'll need a longer 
lock-in period for the interest rate, which will 
cost more money. 

Most borrowers want to know two criti- 
cal things: their total monthly payment and 
how much cash they will need to bring to the 
table at closing. But the new three-page settle- 
ment forms that replaced the former one- 
page form dont break out this information. 

On the other hand, “there is a huge effort 
to try to make the experience a positive one,’ 
Clifford adds. 

As for refinancing, most people who could 
and should refinance did so by the end of 2010. 
“Refinancing ground to a halt in December 
when rates hit 5% percent,’ Clifford says. While 
refinancing made up 70 percent of loan vol- 
umes in 2010, she predicts they'll account for 
just 40 percent in 2011. 

If you do refinance, allow for more time— 
just as you'll need to do for a mortgage. “It’s 
impossible to do it in a week now,’ says 
Clifford. (4 

Karen Haywood Queen writes about personal 
finance and real estate. 

APRIL 2011 The Costco Connection 27 

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IT COULD BE§A)BIT worrisome that 
Starbucks, the world’s biggest coffee com- 
pany, took its name from one of fiction’s 
biggest tales of hubris, Moby-Dick. The 
myopic Captain Ahab undertakes an ill- 
conceived, headstrong journey to slay 
Moby Dick, the whale, only to lead his 
crew—including a hapless first mate named 

Starbuck—to a watery demise. 

For the first part of the new millennium, the cof- 
fee company seemed on a similar course. Starbucks 
pursued an Ahab-esque expansion plan, opening as 

_madiy as six new stores per day. But while the com- 
—_ pany was growing stores—and thrilling Wall Street 

The once upstar tC —= : with short-term results—it wasn't growing a busi- 

ness. Costs werent watched, supply chains broke 

coffee company down, shortcuts such as resteaming milk crept into 

the operations and at times you couldnt even smell 

turns 40 4 How does coffee in a Starbucks, thanks to food that made the 

places smell more like a diner than a sanctuary for 

® é 
middle age feel, bean purists. It all exacted a steep price: a commod- 

itization of the original coffeehouse experience, or 

, part of Starbucks’ soul. 
and. what S next? But now, as the past half decade fades as an un- 
pleasant memory and the company celebrates its 40th 
anniversary (March 30), the ship is righted. The turn- 
around ranks as one of the countrys most dramatic at a 
time when a number of other major companies failed. 

By Tim Talevich 

30 The Costco Connection APRIL 2011 



———__—. = —" 


“The real opportunity is to have learned from the 
mistakes that were made,’ CEO Howard Schultz tells 
The Connection in his Seattle office. Schultz chroni- 
cles the fall and rise of the coffee empire in Onward: 
How Starbucks Fought for Its Life Without Losing Its 
Soul (see box at right). Its his second book: In 1997, 
he wrote Pour Your Heart Into It, the story of 
Starbucks’ early years. “The good news is that, in a 
very short period of time, not only have we trans- 
formed the company but were healthier and stronger 
having gone through this than we ever have been.’ 

The fall from grace 

Schultz, 57, saw his first Starbucks store in 
Seattle in 1981. A New York-based salesman for a 
small appliance company, he traveled west to check 
out a small, 10-year-old coffee bean retailer that 
had been placing unusually large orders for his 
company's coffee maker. In the course of five years, 
Schultz would go to work at Starbucks, leave to 
start his own company of coffee bars, then end up 
buying Starbucks with a group of investors. By the 
early 1990s, Starbucks was soaring as one of the 
countrys fastest-growing companies—grinding 
“coffee into gold,” gushed Fortune magazine—and 
rewarding stockholders with astonishing profits. 

The success was fueled by hit products, such as 
the slushy Frappuccino, an occasional acquisition 
and new locations, first in the U.S. and then interna- 
tionally. In 2006, 25 years after Schultz first walked 
into the original Starbucks, the company had grown 
to 12,440 stores worldwide. 

Yet, that same year, trouble was brewing. Overall 
store traffic was down, and customers werent spend- 
ing as much per visit. Certainly competition from 

Howard Schultz, Starbucks CEO, 
sees a bright future for the company 
beyond coffee products. 

other specialty coffee shops and huge fast-food outlets 
such as McDonald's and Dunkin Donuts, which were 
starting to enter the market, had an effect. But the big- 
ger culprits were internal: The company had grown 
too fast, opening cookie-cutter stores and failing to 
adequately train new employees, build a strong 
enough management team and keep operating costs 
in check. Customers weren't happy because the stores 
had lost their original charm and intimacy. 

By the end of 2007, the company’s sacred daily 
“comps —figures comparing sales per store from one 
year to the next—revealed double-digit drops. A Wall 
Street Journal story questioned the companys growth 
strategy—“At Starbucks, Too Many, Too Quick?”— 
and Starbucks’ stock, which had reached $40 per 
share, dropped to single digits. 

And that was before the recession. All in all, a 
perfect storm had slammed into Starbucks (worth 
noting: a strange convergence of sorts also doomed 
Captain Ahab), and by the time it was over the com- 
pany would close some 900 stores, lay off employees 
and raise quiet concerns of a possible takeover. 

“A series of decisions led to a mentality I would 
loosely describe as entitlement or hubris,’ Schultz 
reflects today. “We had such long-term success for 
almost 15 years where everything we touched 
worked, more or less. And, over time, it caused peo- 
ple to believe that there was a level of invincibility. 
And as we all know, there's no one person or one 
company or enterprise that’s invincible’ 

No easy fixes 
On the afternoon of February 26, 2008, Starbucks 
customers at all 7,100 stores in the U.S. found the 



fan Pe ay 

rh os ra hak 

2 La 
oward Schultz 

ao) Deere feck 



¥] = 

Ts af ha | 
Oy bot be ary 

eat Wit 
“ sighs tye 



r ; = i as 
Fo ool Hivretr Steet ie tice: Foca aptlel ter He Like it 
‘ : 7 = 
aa without Loci bis Send ae 

a ai’, 

a heal = iene ae _ ae 

in eg - : = 9 ee ee =. 

ae eee at 7 oe an EE ' 
a. fe 

2 * Mahe he Vries toes tatciccceMsd . 
| stefe 
= The Costco etal: 
law Ne ae vee bee 
ye Connection hep e. 
“| Howard Schultz's new =S ae 
<= book, Onward, willbe  “3=a%y5 
=; available at most Costco “ertes: 
E57 locations. All proceeds crear e, 
E= from the book will go peso ai 
1} to Starbucks’ charitable =fs35)%; 
“=! funds that benefit com- “=s2te" 
munities and employees 725+ 
‘te in need. You canalso — =Sgrae. 
4+ find a wide variety of = “336 
aE Starbucks coffees and 425382 
‘“; Kirkland Signature™ coffee ==>); 
‘ : roasted by Starbucks in erers 
== all Costco locations. Siepurs 
| ee eee el some 

bee ie ee ee ee 

ee oe oe =e Pi ee i 
2011::The Costco-Conne 
paper 2 oe Pe oe ee 
ee pee =" et Cpe ee ee 

& ip 4 oF E oa ee Ec aoe ae gt _ 
eg eee ee ere erie al pee ee 

: =. 
. Pa se a 
clion, 31s NEe = 

2 a 

* . ; ; 
by ra ; 

CONTINUED. FROM.PAGE 31. esseesen— ae 

coffee shops closed, with this sign on the 

It was an extraordinary measure to retrain 
the company’s 135,000 baristas on the art of 
pouring the perfect shot. But closing stores for 
an afternoon was really just a small part of a 
complete corporate makeover. 

It started at the top. Schultz had stepped 
down as CEO in 2000, relinquishing day-to- 
day management of the company to focus on 
global strategies. But on a Sunday evening in 
early 2008, he summoned the company’s 
senior managers to his Seattle home for a 
dramatic announcement: After months of 
wrestling with the idea, he had decided to 
return as the company’s CEO. He made the 
same announcement to a thousand Starbucks 
employees (called “partners” at Starbucks) at 
corporate headquarters the next day. “We 
have to find and bring the soul of our com- 
pany back, find our voice,’ he told the crowd, 
to strong applause. 

The makeover that was to take place 
over the next 24 months reached throughout 
the company, dissecting everything from its 
organizational structure to distribution 
methods to an antiquated checkout system 
in the stores. The most painful step was store 

32 The Costco Connection APRIL 2011 


sales-to-investment ratio of two to one— 
that is, a store typically brought in $2 for 
every $1 it cost to open within 12 months. 
But hundreds of stores were missing that 
mark, including many newly opened ones. 
Most of the stores on the hit list had been 
opened within the previous three years. 

While Starbucks focused on cuts, it also 
went on the offensive to find ways of winning 
back customers. Some of these were simple 
measures—retraining the baristas, once again 
grinding the coffee beans in the stores, a step 
that had been dropped to save time, and toss- 
ing brewed coffee after 30 minutes. New 
machines were brought in to make better cof- 
fee and restore a sense of theater to the coffee- 
making experience. And, stung by a Consumer 
Reports taste test that rated its coffee behind 
McDonald's, Starbucks experimented with its 
roasting process to create a new signature 
blend, Pike Place Roast. 

The company looked at freshening up 
store designs, created new programs such as 
rewards cards and actively turned to social 
networking. And it came up with a big hit: 
VIA, the company’s first instant coffee. 

But perhaps more important, fixing 
Starbucks required everybody, from baristas 
to senior management, to believe that a new, 

closures. For years, Starbucks had enjoyed a 


atite for growth, for innovation and for 
g the company In many aifferent ways 
ably Nas NEVEr DEEN Stronger . 

] b } 


leaner company would be a better one—and 
that it could survive the challenges of the 
recession. “What I think we had going for us 
during our transformation is that there was 
still a large reservoir of trust from our custom- 
ers and obviously from our people,’ Schultz 
says. “But we had to demonstrate that, as lead- 
ers, we were going to transform the company 
in a way that would not dilute the integrity of 
the brand and the integrity of the culture.” 

In late 2008, Shultz and his team trav- 
eled to New York for a biennial conference 
with investors and Wall Street analysts. 
Despite all the steps taken over the previous 
year, comp sales were still down worldwide. 
Schultz addressed the group, outlining the 
cost-cuttings and the new programs the 
company had undertaken. When we all 
meet again in two years, he boldly predicted, 
we'll all talk about where Starbucks stock 
was, and where it is today. 

Looking onward 

Fast-forward through those two years to 
last December, and Schultz again stood before 
analysts in New York. He triumphantly 
reported that in 2010 Starbucks’ revenues had 
reached an all-time high of $10.7 billion; com- 
pany stock, trading for around $8 just two 
years previously, had jumped back into the 

Starbucks opened its first 
store (left and below) in 
1971 in Seattle’s Pike Place 
Market. The bohemian shop 
sold only whole-bean coffee. 
It’s still there. 

$30s. “What a difference two years makes,’ 
remarked one industry analyst after the session 
ended. So far this year, Starbucks reported 
record first-quarter earnings per share. 

As the company enters its forties, the sense 
at Starbucks is that the company survived rough 
waters over the past half decade and is now able 
to devote incredible energy and resources to the 
future—though with new wisdom and caution, 
Schultz is quick to point out, referring to linger- 
ing soft consumer confidence and an unem- 
ployment rate that has stayed around 9 percent. 

His office overlooks Seattle's bustling 
port, and the thought comes to mind that you 
can almost see China from there. Indeed, 
adding stores overseas is a cornerstone of 
Starbucks’ plans, both in China, where 
Schultz sees the opportunity to open literally 
thousands of new stores, and in India, which 
he says may have the world’s largest middle 
class in the coming decades. “We're not going 
to do things that in any way resemble the kind 
of growth and lack of discipline that existed in 
the past,’ he says. 

The company is also trying out new con- 
cepts, such as serving beer and wine in some 
stores after 4 p.m., and has launched a mobile 
payment system. But most intriguing are new 
directions the company hinted at in unveiling 
a new logo in January. Gone is the logos letter- 
ing of “STARBUCKS COFFEE.’ It means, Schultz 
says, that a large part of Starbucks’ future will 
involve products beyond coffee. The company 
is developing a wide variety of goods that will 
be introduced in Starbucks shops, then rolled 
out to the grocery trade. Stay tuned. 

“Our appetite for growth, for innovation 
and for transforming the company in many 
different ways probably has never been strong- 
er, Schultz concludes. “And I am hungrier 
today than I have been in many, many years in 
terms of the capability of the company and the 
aspiration I have for Starbucks.” 

Perhaps none of this thinking would be 
taking place if Starbucks hadn't suffered its 
perfect storm. It forced the company to exam- 
ine its values and return to its roots: innova- 
tion and pleasing customers. Schultz says he's 
most pleased that Starbucks was able to right 
its course without compromising its corner- 
stones, rejecting suggestions to buy lower- 
quality coffee or eliminate healthcare for 
part-time workers. It found and eliminated a 
corporate hubris that was leading to disaster. 

Ahab would have been wise to have 
learned the same lessons. [# 

Costco and 
A long history 

long history, beyond coffee products. 

The two companies both have 
their headquarters in the Seattle area 
and began with just a few local stores 
in the early 1980s. Howard Schultz, 
Starbucks’ CEO, has tapped Costco’s 
founders, Jim Sinegal and Jeff Brotman, 
for strategic and personal advice over 
the years. (Brotman, in fact, was an 
early member of the Starbucks board of 
directors.) Like corporate siblings, the 
two companies have grown up together 
to become leaders in their respective 
industries—and each has played a role 
in the other’s development. 

One of Starbucks’ early moves was 
to begin selling its roasted whole coffee 
beans in retail settings. In 1987, Costco 
was the first retailer to sell Starbucks 
roasted whole beans—an exclusive pro- 
duct called Meridian Coffees Roasted 
by Starbucks. Today, Costco carries 
a number of Starbucks products, from 
roasted beans to its popular VIA instant 
coffee to bottled Frappuccino. 

Costco CEO Sinegal says the Mer- 
idian product was an early example of 

Costco’s quest to find unique, premium 
products for members. “The fact that we 
were the only retailer out there selling coffee 
roasted by Starbucks was a significant addi- 
tion to our product selection and reflected 
the quality that we wanted to present to 
our members,” he says. “It was part of our 
overall scheme to be able to offer the types 
of new products that were available— 
premium products.” 

At the time, Meridian coffee was one of 
just a handful of non-name-brand products 
in the warehouses. Eventually, this private- 
label concept grew and became Kirkland 
Signature™, Costco’s private brand. 

“Starbucks was one of the first of those 
controlled labels, and | think it was a catalyst 
and set the bar for what would later become 
the Kirkland Signature standard of excel- 
lence,” comments Tim Rose, Costco’s senior 
vice president of foods. 

Schultz recounts that working with 
Costco gave Starbucks an important early 
tool—a way to broaden distribution of its 
products. “But more than that, | think the 
association of Costco and Starbucks as two 
Northwest companies that began to move 
nationally, and move nationally together, 
produced great synergy, a great partner- 
ship,” he says. “And over the years | think 
the relationship has gotten stronger. We’ve 
been able to innovate and do things that 
perhaps we never dreamed we could do 
in the past.” 

He adds, “I think Starbucks owes a great 
piece of our history, and personal gratitude, 
to how the partnership was formed and 
what it’s meant to both companies.” 

Sinegal and Rose say the two com- 
panies have common philosophies about 
their respective customers and employees. 
“| think we share a passion for quality and 
achieving excellence in what we do,” Rose 
says. “And | think we share a philosophy of 
not only taking care of our customers but 
also taking care of our employees.” —7T 

Fresh Roasted DalyinSeatie | 


Rebel - wholnsale - Restaurants 

APRIL 2011 The Costco Connection 33° 

- a 


At Easter Time Enjoy 

Aussie Roast Leg of Lamb 
with Cranberry, Plum, and 
Macadamia Nut Stuffing 

1 boneless Australian leg of lamb 

3 tbsps olive oil 
1, cup yellow onion, medium dice 
1 cup dry white wine such as a Chenin Blanc 
¥2 cup water 
7/2 cup white sugar 
Juice and zest of 1lemon 
2 ounces dried cranberries 
3 ounces dried plums (prunes), cut into quarters 
Salt and pepper to taste 

ounces rustic-style bread such as Italian Pugliese, cut into small cubes 

ounces macadamia nuts 


Preheat a conventional oven to 350°F (325°F for convection). 
In a small saucepan, heat 1 tbsp of the olive oil. Add the 
onion and sauté until onion becomes translucent. Add wine, 
water, sugar and lemon juice. Stir to dissolve sugar. Add 
dried fruit, season with salt and pepper, and bring mixture 
to a simmer. Cook for approximately 7 to 10 minutes until 
fruit has rehydrated. 

While fruit is simmering, place cubed bread in small mixing 
bowl. Place macadamia nuts in a plastic zip bag. Using a 
small pan or a meat tenderizer, lightly hammer the nuts until 

broken up and add to bread. 

After fruit has simmered, use a slotted spoon to carefully 
remove fruit and add to the bread and nut mixture. Allow the 
hot syrup to drain from the spoon back into the pan. Return 
pan to stove and continue cooking the syrup over medium 
heat until thick — approximately 5 minutes. Add the hot 
syrup to the bread mixture and stir to combine. Season with 
salt and pepper to taste, set aside. 

Recipe provided by 
Meat & Livestock Australia 

Remove the netting from the boneless leg and unravel the 
leg. Season the outside of the leg with salt and pepper. Flip 
over and add stuffing mixture to one side of the leg cavity, 
and roll up the leg. Tie leg with butcher’s twine in two or three 
places to hold together. Use skewers to hold the leg together at 
the ends. Rub the leg with the remaining 2 tbsps of olive oil 
and place on a rack in a roasting pan or oven-safe dish. 

Place into oven and cook uncovered until a meat 
thermometer inserted into the thickest part of the roast 
reads 125°F to 130°F — about 
20 minutes per pound 
(unstuffed) for approximate 
cooking time. Remove from 
oven and cover with foil. Allow 
to rest for 10 to 15 minutes 
before slicing. Roast will 
continue to increase in 
temperature 8°F to 10°F. 


Australian ȴ 

Fresh, Easy and Delicious. 


You can test for doneness 
by simply prodding the lamb 
with your finger. Whenithasa 


Medium Rare 

ate fae ks a feud = i 
2 =F 


springy but firm texture and is 120-130°F 130-140°F 14,0-150°F 150-165°F 
moderately juicy, the lamb is Renee APPEARANCE APPEARANCE APPEARANCE 

done. The firmer the feel of the 
meat, the more well-done it is. 
Most people prefer lamb when 

Very red; very moist 
with warm juices 

Lighter red; very moist 
with warm juices 

Pink red color; moist 
with clear pink juice 

No pink or red, slightly 
moist with clear juices 

; | cook cook COOK cook 

it’s medium-rare or medium, 20-25 min/Ib at 360°F 25-30 min/Ib at 360°F 30-35 min/Ib at 360°F | 35-40 min/Ib at 360°F 
but lamb is also delicious when — REST REST REST 

cooked ee ee Sao aini 8-10 min 8-10 min 8-10 min 

way you prefer, here’s a handy =r aa 7 FEEL 

guide to use when cooking Soft Soft, slightly spongy Slightly firm and Firm 

Australian lamb. 

and springy 





i, > 



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The Costco Connection: Tell us about the old Rocco and the new. 

Rocco DiSpirito: The old Rocco being the guy who used to eat foie 
gras seven days a week? [laughing] Fast-forward 20 years, and calories 
and fat and nutrition had become an issue in my life. I was at a moment 
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CC: In your book, youre saying we can eat a lot of the foods we love, 
but with better ingredients. How does this work? 

RD: Oddly, my background in the type 
of cooking I did really helped me in this. The }'\\\RE4) -- 
flavor memories of these dishes in their most ll ae 3 
indulgent state was my goal for every dish. Pad 

It starts with thoughtful ingredients. For 
example, whole milk or skim milk? Fatty beef 
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those add up to an enormous change in the 

The Costco Connection 22 2 | 

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36 The Costco Connection APRIL 2011 


a, : 

final result. Also, I experimented with cooking techniques to reduce 
calories while retaining flavor. I sometimes found Id have to add back in 
a certain ingredient, such as butter for a butter sauce. But I experimented 
to find how I could use the least amount so it would have a real presence, 
but not in a calorically significant way. 

CC: Have a good example? 

RD: My Red Velvet Chocolate Squares. All the flavor of chocolate 
comes from cocoa powder, none from cocoa butter. So I found that cocoa 
powder in a base of puréed vegetables like red beans tasted great, and 
with a little flour, egg substitute, and vanilla and almond extract I was 
able to duplicate very respectably the flavor of red velvet and chocolate in 
a 106-calorie square. They're so ridiculously satisfying. [4 

the remaining pepper. Add 1 table- 
spoon of olive oil to the pan, and then 
add the shrimp, salted side down. After 
about 2 minutes season the other side 

Lemon Pepper Shrimp < 

1 pound large shrimp, peeled and 
deveined, tails removed 

Salt with salt and turn the shrimp over. 
2 teaspoons coarsely ground Cook the shrimp until done, about 
black pepper 2% minutes on each side. Transfer 

2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil 
Y% cup fresh lemon juice 

Y% cup hot pepper jelly 

1 tablespoon unsalted butter 

2 garlic cloves, thinly sliced 

1 bunch broccoli rabe 

Heat a large nonstick sauté pan over 
medium-high heat. 

Meanwhile, blot the shrimp with paper 
towels to ensure that they are dry. 
Season one side of the shrimp with 
salt to taste. Sprinkle 1 teaspoon of 
pepper onto one side of the shrimp 
and lightly press so that the pepper Serve the shrimp with the broccoli 
adheres. Repeat on the other side with = rabe. Makes 4 servings. 

Per serving: 283 calories, 12 g fat (3 g sat/6 g mono/1.6 g poly), 180 mg cholesterol, 207 g sodium, 
18 g carbohydrate, 0 g fiber, 27 g protein 

the shrimp to a plate and set aside. 

Turn off the heat and, while the pan 
is still hot, add the lemon juice, pep- 
per jelly and butter. Stir until well 

mixed. Toss the shrimp back into the 
pan and coat in the sauce. Set aside. 

Heat another large nonstick sauté pan 
over medium-high heat. Add the 
remaining oil and the garlic. Saute until 
the garlic begins to brown, about 2 
minutes. Add the broccoli rabe and 
cook until tender, about 5 minutes. 
Season with salt and pepper to taste. 


Butter-flavored nonstick cooking spray 
¥% cup chopped canned beets, drained 
7 ounces (about 1 cup) canned red beans, drained and rinsed 
¥% cup unsweetened cocoa powder 

% cup liquid egg substitute 

3 tablespoons whole-wheat pastry flour 
¥%4 cup agave nectar 

1 tablespoon unsalted butter, melted 

1 teaspoon vanilla extract 

¥% teaspoon almond extract 

2 teaspoons natural red food coloring 

Preheat the oven to 350 F. Spray an 8 x 8 x 2-inch baking dish with cooking spray. 

Combine the beets, beans, cocoa powder, egg substitute and flour in the bowl 
of a food processor. Process until the mixture is smooth, about 2 minutes, 
scraping down the bowl halfway through. 

Add the agave nectar, butter, vanilla, almond extract and food coloring. Process 
until all of the ingredients are combined, about 1 minute. 

Pour the batter into the prepared baking dish, and smooth the top with a spat- 
ula. Bake for 20 minutes, turning the dish halfway through the baking time. Turn 
down the temperature of the oven to 300 and bake for another 5 to 8 minutes, 
until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out with a little bit of soft batter 
clinging to it. It should not come out clean—f it does, it’s overcooked. 

Let the cake cool completely in the baking dish on a wire rack. Then put it in 
the fridge for at least 3 hours. When it’s cold, cut it into 12 squares and serve. 
Refrigerate any leftovers. Makes 12 bars (106 calories each). 

Tip: I’ve experimented with these squares many times in my kitchen. What | 
discovered is that, unlike most baked items, these squares taste best after 
being refrigerated for at least 3 hours. Chilling the bars coalesces the flavor 
and stabilizes the texture. Enjoy them cold, and you'll enjoy them more. 

Per serving (each bar): 106 calories, 1.5 g fat (1 g sat/O g mono/0 g poly), 2.5 mg cholesterol, 62 mg 
sodium, 22 g carbohydrate, 2 g fiber, 3 g protein. 

8 ounces whole-wheat linguine 

1% cups store-bought low-fat marinara sauce 

1 (4-ounce) bottle fire-roasted red peppers, cut into thin strips 
(about %4 cup) 

Y% cup 2% Greek yogurt 

1 cup chopped fresh basil 

1 to 1% teaspoons hot pepper sauce 


Freshly ground black pepper 

6 tablespoons grated Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese 

Bring a large pot of lightly salted water to a boil. Add the pasta and cook 
according to the package directions, about 9 minutes. 

Meanwhile, bring the marinara sauce and sliced peppers to a simmer in 
a large nonstick sauté pan over medium heat. Cook the sauce, stirring it 
occasionally with a heat-resistant rubber spatula, until it is slightly thick- 
ened, about 5 minutes. Remove the sauce from the heat. 

Put the yogurt in a small bowl. Stir about 2 cup of the warmed sauce 
into the yogurt until smooth (this tempers it and prevents the yogurt from 
curdling). Then whisk the yogurt mixture into the marinara sauce. Keep 
the sauce off the heat, and cover the pan to keep the sauce warm. 

Drain the linguine in a colander. Slide it into a large serving bowl, and add 
the sauce, basil and 1 teaspoon of the hot pepper sauce. Toss gently until 
the linguine is evenly coated with sauce. Season with salt and pepper to 
taste and, if you like, the remaining 2 teaspoon hot pepper sauce. Sprinkle 
the cheese on top, and serve. Makes 4 servings. 

Note: You’ll notice there’s no vodka in this recipe, and that’s intentional. It 
doesn’t add much except empty calories, and who wants to waste a great 
cocktail in a dish of pasta? 

Per serving: 307 calories, 7 g fat (2 g sat/1g mono/0.5 g poly), 8 mg cholesterol, 772 mg sodium, 

52 g carbohydrate, 8 g fiber, 14 g protein. 

APRIL 2011 The Costco Connection 37 


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the Cochrane Library. 
It looked at 15 prior 
zinc studies in 1,360 
people. Researchers 
found that people who took zinc supplements 
(syrup, lozenges or tablets) within 24 hours 
reduced the length of their cold by a day. The 
review also showed that zinc seemed to reduce 
the severity of the cold symptoms. 

Prior studies of zinc, however, have not 
shown any benefits. Also, the study does not 
provide any recommendations regarding the 
optimum dose, formulation or length of treat- 
ment because the studies that were reviewed 
were not all uniform. 

In my opinion, more studies need to be 
conducted to determine if zinc works and at 
what dosage. However, if you get a cold, zinc 
lozenges or syrup may be beneficial if taken 
within 24 hours of the symptoms. 

Dr. Phyllis Ritchie 

Q: How can you avoid or get rid of bedbugs? 
A: Unfortunately, bedbugs have made an 
international resurgence over the past decade. 
Some experts believe it's related to the ban on 
DDT in 1972, but most entomologists agree 
the most important factor is a lack of educa- 
tion in bedbug identification and manage- 
ment. Also, international travel has greatly 
increased over the past decade, resulting in 
more bedbugs hitching a ride in suitcases and 
thus around the world. 

The Costco Connection 
Costco carries cranberry juice and tablets, a 
variety of cold remedies and more. 


Bedbugs are not necessarily associated 
with unsanitary conditions and can be found 
anywhere. One of the most common places to 
find them is on a hotel mattress. Prior to 
sleeping on a hotel mattress, pull back all of 
the bedding on the mattress and specifically 
look at the head of the bed and in the mattress 
seams and box springs. Look for small dark 
dots, which are evidence of bedbug feces. You 
may want to spray some cedar spray on mat- 
tresses if you do think there are bedbugs. 
They dont like the cedar smell, and it may 
chase them away. 

Other common places where you might 
encounter bedbugs are garage sales and thrift 

Kim Walior 
Pharmacy Buyer 

reports that 60 million to 70 million people 
in the U.S. are affected by digestive disor- 
ders each year, resulting in $141.8 billion 
in medical costs. Up to 25 percent of adults 
may suffer pain and discomfort from diges- 
tive issues. 

Poor diet, travel, a hectic lifestyle, 
medication use and common everyday 
stress can disrupt the healthy balance of 
good-versus-bad bacteria in the gastroin- 
testinal tract. Good bacteria used to be 
more readily available in a variety of fer- 
mented or cultured food sources, such as 
yogurt and cheese, but overprocessing in 
many foods limits the availability of probi- 
otics (good bacteria thought to be benefi- 
cial) in what we eat. 

Probiotic supplements are rapidly gain- 

stores. Follow these steps if you thrift-shop: 

® Carefully inspect all items you purchase 
(look for evidence of dark dots everywhere). 

# ‘Take all small items home in a sealable 
plastic bag. 

= Dont remove the items from the plastic 
bag until you are ready to either dry-clean them 
or put them in the washer set at hot (120 F) and 
then in the dryer on a high setting for at least 
30 minutes. 

= Throw the plastic bag away outside in 
the garbage can. 

= Dont purchase or take home any items 
if in doubt. 


ing recognition as a natural, safe and effec- 
tive means to restore that balance. Clinical 
studies are demonstrating the ability of 
beneficial bacteria to strengthen the diges- 
tive system and boost immune defense. 

Here’s what we know about the pro- 

= They promote intestinal regularity. 

=» They are scientifically formulated to 
restore healthy intestinal balance during 
and after antibiotic therapy—a frequent 
cause of diarrhea. 

= They help to relieve the constipation 
side effect associated with prescription 
drugs such as painkillers, antidepressants 
and iron supplements. 

= ‘They have been proven to aid calcium 
absorption to encourage greater bone mass. 

= They are clinically proven to boost 
the body’s natural immune system. 

Now available at all U.S. Costco loca- 
tions and online at, truNature® 
Digestive Probiotic (100-count) delivers 10 
billion live active cultures in just one cap- 
sule a day. These safe and effective probi- 
otic strains are 100 percent dairy, soy and 
gluten free. [# 

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al mtclaaate)any, 
vale al N ature. FSC-Certified 

KLEENEX® Tissues 

They're the gold standard of facial 
tissues, certified by the gold standard 
of forest management. This Earth 
Day, do the world a little favor as 
you give your family the responsible 
quality of FSC-certified KLEENEX® 
Facial Tissues. 

=e & es 

i } : 
FSC°® certification ensures that the paper used in 
our facial tissue comes from responsibly managed 

FSC forests and other verifiable sources that meet specific environmental, social, and economic standards. 

FSC* C068161 

® Registered Trademark of Kimberly-Clark Worldwide, Inc. © 2010 KCWW. All KLEENEX® Facial Tissues sold at Costco are FSC certified. 



Hiiowtt-f os 

Developed by Dr. Michael A. Snyder, fullbar products are based on the 
principles of bariatric surgery. By eating a fullbar product with a glass of water 
before meals, you'll feel full, so you eat less and lose weight. It’s that simple. 

Sie) omel{(-1ilavem-laleM-ie-lam i iaremiellmuiiiamielliey-lamUCiiMmieliier-|aerelan| 


*Follow the beFull Solution plan. Exercise at least 3 times per week. Results may vary. Visit for details. be full. eat less. lose weight 


In conclusion, when traveling or thrift- 
shopping, change your practices and be very 
diligent in bedbug detection. If they somehow 
do get into your home, seek professional 
extermination help. Also, check out the web- 
site to see if a hotel 
has ever had a bedbug issue. 

Q: What are effective methods to prevent uri- 
nary tract infections? 

A: Cranberry juice and cranberry tablets may 
decrease the number of urinary tract infec- 
tions (UTIs) in women who develop recur- 
rent UTIs. (Recurring UTIs are defined as 
two or more symptomatic infections within a 
12-month period that are subsequently cured 
with antibiotics.) 

Daily low-dose antibiotics prescribed by a 
healthcare provider also help to prevent UTIs. 
Antibiotics taken after sexual activity (within 
two hours) are also preventive. Use of a probi- 
otic (such as lactobacillus) is presently being 
studied, but may also have a role in prevent- 
ing UTIs. 

Other suggestions that may help prevent 
UTIs, although there is no good scientific 
data, are urinating after intercourse, drinking 
plenty of fluids throughout the day and, for 
postmenopausal women, the use of topical 
vaginal estrogen. 

Finally, it is always a good idea to check in 
with your healthcare provider to make sure 
no underlying medical issue is causing the 
recurrent UTIs. 

Q: Who should get the “shingles vaccine”? 

A: Shingles is caused by the varicella-zoster 
virus. This is the same virus that causes chick- 
enpox. After a case of chickenpox, the virus 
remains dormant in nerve cells. It then can 
reactivate years later and cause shingles. 
Shingles is most common in people 50 and 
older, but can develop at any age. 

Shingles usually manifests itself as a rash 
or blisters on the skin. It can be excruciatingly 
painful. One of the major concerns with shin- 
gles is the complication called postherpetic 
neuralgia, a debilitating pain over the rash site 
that can last months or even years. Shingles 
can recur in about 1 to 5 percent of patients. 

In 2006 the Food and Drug Admin- 
istration approved a new shingles vaccine 
called Zostavax. The Centers for Disease 
Control recommends anyone age 60 or older 
should receive the vaccine, even if they've had 
shingles in the past. [# 

In private practice for 13 years, Costco mem- 
ber Dr. Phyllis Ritchie (http://drphyllisritchie. 
com) is a Board Certified Infectious Disease 
specialist whose medical interests include sex- 
ually transmitted diseases, HIV/AIDS, resis- 
tant staph infections, orthopedic-related 
infections and travel medicine. She also writes 
a medical column for The Oregonian and 


Do You? 

Natrol® 5-HTP Mood 
Enhancer’ can help! 


Mood Enhancer’ 

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IRXs) (ote IsXotin @)V.c) a POA OLE ES 
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t These statements have not been evaluated by the Food 
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to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 


[ne Naturai Sleep Ald. 

From America’s 
#1 Supplement Brana 

YOU best sleep 

Nature elk 

~ Helps you relax 
’  { your mind.* 

Signals to your 
body that it’s 
time to sleep.‘ 

MW ElMliaalVElla 


TThese statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. 
These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 
*Based on POS sales in Food, Drug, Mass and Club. 


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Perfect ‘for Every Body ; 

] AX Os be 
Good health 
Starts with 
your heart. 


PLi, | = — 

Support your 
hardworking heart 
by fortifying 
your diet with 

Flush-free formula” 
Promotes energy metabolism: 

Supports nervous system 

Helps maintain healthy 





> Carlos 

Overall, my achievement with alli® has been 
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15 pounds in two months* 

The family’s experience with me on this 
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some weight with the nutritional guidelines 
’ve been following with the alli plan. For 
my 12-year-old daughter, I'm happy I’m 
instilling in her the importance of making 
better choices in eating habits. 

| alli 



Boost your weight loss. 
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For every 2 pounds you lose, alli can help you 
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Learn more at 

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people lose 5 to 10 pounds over six months with alli. Featured story has 
not been independently validated by either GlaxoSmithKline or Costco. 
**alli plus a reduced-calorie low-fat diet. alli is for overweight 

adults. Read and follow the alli label. Results may vary. 

alli is safe when used as directed. 

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Perfect ‘for Every B ody ; 

) aX Os be 
3 out of 4 U.S. 
adults and teens 
do not get enough 
vitamin D. 



With Nature’s Bounty* 
Vitamin D3-5000 tu, 
you can be sure you are 
getting enough of this 
essential nutrient. 

Helps maintain a healthy 
immune system’ 

Supports breast, colon and 
pancreas health’ 

Essential to calcium absorption 
and supports strong bones: 


whole f ae uses TuNawure 

eo nat oor es 

: ip 
rh KS alla + ae 
a er 
‘i or pil 
oll a eg Me) 



Leading a balanced lifestyle can be a real challenge. Stress, poor diet, lack of sleep and travel can all encourage 
harmful bacteria to flourish in your digestive system. Taking just one TruNature® Digestive Probiotic capsule 

a day helps restore and maintain the natural balance in your intestinal tract. TruNature® Digestive Probiotic 
features Bifidobacterium lactis and Lactobacillus acidophilus, two safe and effective dairy- and gluten-free strains, 
clinically proven to support digestive and immune health.” 

To learn more about TruNature® Digestive Probiotics, please visit or the Costco warehouse 
pharmacy section. 

“This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. 

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 





IBS AWareness 

(IBS) affects between 25 million 
and 45 million people in the 
United States. The number is 
difficult to pin down because 
many sufferers do not seek 

IBS is a complex disorder 
characterized by abdominal 
pain, cramping, bloating, 
diarrhea and constipation. 
The exact cause is unknown, 
but the symptoms may result 
from the way the gut, brain 
and nervous system interact, 
and involve problems with 
contractions in the muscles 
of the colon. Symptoms occur 
for at least 12 weeks ina 
12-month period. 

This is a long-term condi- 
tion for which there is no 
known cure. The individual 
symptoms can be treated by 
medications and changes in 
diet and lifestyle. Counseling 
often proves beneficial. 

IBS facts 

=» More women than men 
are affected, by a ratio of two 
to one. 

= Most persons with IBS 
are under the age of 50, but 
older adults can suffer as well. 

= IBS is second to the 
common cold as a cause of 
absenteeism from work. 

= Stress does not cause 
IBS, but it can worsen or trig- 
ger symptoms. 

= IBS is unpredictable; 
symptoms vary and are some- 
times contradictory. 

# The impact of IBS can 
range from mild inconvenience 
to extreme debilitation. People 
with moderate to severe IBS 
must struggle with symptoms 
that often impair their physi- 
cal, emotional, economic, edu- 
cational and social well-being. 

For more information, 
visit the website of the 
International Foundation for 
Functional Gastrointestinal 

—David Wight 


Fending off spring allergies 

By Deborah Herlax Enos 

FIFTY MILLION Americans suf- 
fer from allergies. I have spent the 
majority of the spring season 
indoors and out of the line of fire. 
After years of dreading spring, I 
decided to fight back. 

Here are a few tips that have helped me. 

Irrigate. Your nose, that is. Nasal irrigation is a 
part of ones daily routine in India and Southeast 
Asia. Look for a neti pot (looks like a little teapot) or 
nasal saline spray. 

Take a shower. Pollen can really accumulate 
in your hair and on your skin. I find that if I take a 
shower before bed, my sinuses are clearer, making it 
easier to sleep. 

Avoid peak pollen times. Stay inside from 10 
a.m. to 4 p.m. If you exercise outside, do it early in 
the morning, when pollen counts are lowest. 

Shampoo your pet. Pollen can cling to your 
pet. Get a spring haircut for Fido and wash indoor/ 
outdoor pets often. Keeping your pet out of your 
bedroom and off furniture can also be helpful. 

Start cleaning. Do a thorough cleaning or, 
better yet, pay someone else to do it. Windows, 
screens and furnace filters collect mold and dust 
throughout the season, which can provoke your 

Go on an anti-inflammation diet. When 
you are suffering from allergies, your nose is already 
inflamed. Avoid eating foods that will cause more 
inflammation, such as sugar. (This is a good incen- 
tive to cut back on your sugar intake.) 

Limit your dairy intake. Many doctors 
believe that dairy products increase mucus pro- 
duction, which can agitate and provoke allergy 

I hope you find these tips helpful. Make sure 
you consult with your physician before starting any 
new health program. [# 

Deborah Herlax Enos, CN, ( 
is the author of Weight a Minute! Transform Your 
Health in 60 Seconds a Day. She regularly appears 
on NBC, ABC and FOX News. 

Little pitchers have big fears 

What parents need to know about pitch counts 

By Star Lawrence 

SINCE 2006, KEEPING track of the number of 
pitches thrown has been a rule in Little League. 

Why? Research done at the American Sports 
Medicine Institute (ASMI) in Birmingham, 
Alabama, shows that all pitches, even in practice ses- 
sions, count toward stressing young, growing mus- 
cles and pulling joints in stressful directions. 

A one-year study at ASMI reviewed 172 pitchers 
between the ages of 9 and 12 and found that 40 per- 
cent had elbow injuries. Around the same time, an 
American Academy of Pediatrics study showed that 
half of the 15 million to 18 million 
youth sports injuries were 
from overuse. Additionally, 
other research showed that “ 
stressing the growth plates in 
developing kids could stunt 
growth and produce painful 
and damaged joints. 

“Baseball is year-round now,’ 
says Kevin D. Plancher, M.D., clinical 
associate professor at the Albert 
Einstein College of Medicine in New 
York City. He started seeing a lot of elbow 
pain in young ballplayers in the 1990s. 

At first, it was thought that throwing 
“junk’”—curveballs, changeups and slid- 
ers—instead of fastballs contributed more 
to throwing-arm injuries. Then the research 
began to indict the number of throws, as well 
as types of pitches. 


In response, Little League and USA Baseball 
developed “safe numbers.’ Pitches per day for kids 
age 7 to 8 was set at 50; for age 9 to 10, 75. At age 17 
to 18, 105 pitches in a day would be allowed. Rest 
and recovery periods were also suggested—e.g., 
pitching more than 61 throws in a day should be fol- 
lowed by three days off the field. 

What can conscientious parents do? Plancher 
says, “Become familiar with the rules on pitch types 
and counts.’ If you want your child to be in the sport 
for the distance (or the scholarship), limit play to 
nine months a year at most. Urge cross-training in 
other sports. Have your child ice his or her elbow 
after every game. If an elbow or muscle hurts longer 
than three days, see a sports medicine specialist. 

On a cautionary note, a famous name is now 

associated with these conditions when 

they are at their worst: Tommy John, 

the former Los Angeles Dodgers 

pitcher. “Tommy John surgery” 

replaces an elbow ligament with a 

tendon taken from somewhere else 
in the body. 

Hundreds of Tommy Johns are 
now performed on high-schoolers. 
“This is baseball,” sighs Plancher. 

“Tt's supposed to be fun” [#4 


Star Lawrence is a medical 
journalist based in the 
Phoenix area. 


APRIL 2011 The Costco Connection 47 




Passport to Adventure 24-DVD Set 
The complete, award-winning public television 
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than 25 countries and territories in 48 fun and 
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pan. Tee 

Frommer’s Day by Day Travel Guides 
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50 The Costco Connection APRIL 2011 


Packing for every situation 
with an eye on etiquette 

By Marybeth Bond 

NO MATTER HOW well traveled you are, 
it's always a challenge to figure out how to 
dress in different situations. Clothing that is 
considered normal at home may be inappro- 
priate elsewhere. For example, baseball caps, 
sweatshirts and sweatpants can identify you, 
in some countries, as an unsophisticated for- 
eigner who has no sense of the local culture. 

What you pack depends on where youre 
traveling. For instance, many churches in 
Europe and South America frown upon visi- 
tors wearing shorts and/or low-cut, halter- 
neck or midriff-baring tops. 

If you wish to visit a palace or temple in 
Bangkok, you must have your shoulders, 
knees and heels covered to show respect. If 
youre wearing a tank top, shorts or sandals, 
you wont be allowed in. 

In many areas of the Middle East it's not a 
“must” to cover up, but it is respectful to the 
local culture. Conservative attire that helps 
you blend in is always appropriate. 

Here are a few etiquette items travelers 
should be sure to pack. 
m™ A shawl-size scarf—warm and practi- 
cally weightless—is a womans best friend, 
and can act as a head or shoulder cover-up for 


Don't forget to pack a 
paperback or audio book. 

Assorted Nonfiction Paperbacks 
Relax and enjoy your travel time with a 
good book. Titles available: Under the 
Tuscan Sun; Eat, Pray, Love; The Lost City 
of Z; A Walk in the Woods; Do Travel 
Writers Go to Hell?; Tide, Feather, Snow. 
Item #572929 

Or dive into recommended reading about 
travel. Titles available: On Mexican Time, 
Book Lust to Go, The Art of Travel, The 
Best American Travel Writing, A Moveable 
Feast, A Cook’s Tour. Item #572923 

Audiobook Nonfiction Assortment 
Titles available: Born to Run, The River of 
Doubt, The Devil in the White City, Into the 
Wild. Item #572925. The Lost City of Z. 

Item #572919 

Audiobook Fiction Assortment 
Titles available: The Paris Wife, New York: 
The Novel, Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand, 
Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet, 
That Old Cape Magic. Item #572919 

visiting religious sites, as well as double as a 
wrap and a beach cover-up. 

® Khaki-colored or black clothing doesn't 
show dirt as readily as light colors and allows 
you to blend in when you visit bazaars. 
Conspicuous clothing or jewelry attracts at- 
tention and should be avoided. It’s also easier 
to mix and match if you pack fewer colors. 

m™ The protocol-perfect wardrobe in- 
cludes one black top, one black skirt or pants, 
one black dress, one black jacket or sweater, 
one pair of black shoes. It's better to be over- 
dressed than underdressed if you are going to 
be entertained. 

™ Closed-toe shoes are recommended 
for reasons having to do with safety, cleanli- 
ness and decorum. At five-star hotels the staff 
generally look down upon guests wearing 
flip-flops (except to the spa or poolside). In 
many developing countries the streets are 
dirty and it’s easy to trip on uneven pavement 
and get hurt. 

™ Men traveling to Latin countries: shine 
your shoes. It's a sign of wealth and respect. [#1 

Costco member Marybeth Bond is a National 
Geographic author. Visit her blog at 

VERITE | VERAS bernafon 

ChannelFree™ Hearing Systems ur hearing - Our passion 





+1 wEW ey Tae | re Sarl sta eg 
oa fA 4A E - 
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VTitew' areal In her deeply personal memoir, Laura Bush writes 

A UJ * A i t Ss i. for the first time about her life before being thrust 
into the public spotlight and joining one of the 
most powerful political families in America, her 

eight years in the White House and much more. S IMON &Q 

In (Scribner), Laura Bush 
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with honesty and eloquence about her family, her A CBS COMPANY 

tribulations and her triumphs with candidness 
unlike any first lady has offered before. 

Readers loved the story of Alan 
Christoffersen, who was living a charmed 

life until it all went wrong. After suffering 

| intense personal tragedy, he sets out ona 
a ; | walk across the country—from Bellevue, 
fay 4 Washington, to Key West, Florida, in search 
(ja of new meaning. Now, in the second 
installment of the series, author Richard Paul 
Evans continues Christoffersen’s incredible 
journey as he makes his way across the 
country, learning more about himself with 
every step in (Simon & Schuster). 

Paperback on sale April 5 

The next installment in Carol Higgins Clark's 
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she encounters an old friend and everything 
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Renowned interior designer Alexandra Moreland thought 
life couldn't get any worse after her toddler Matthew 
vanished in Central Park. That was two years ago and now, 
somehow, her life continues on its downward spiral when 
she is indicted for identity theft, fingered as a “person of 
interest” in the murder of a woman she hardly knew. Could 
someone be out to destroy both her sanity and her life? 
Don't miss (Simon & Schuster), new from 
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Jillian Michaels has helped millions 

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Award-winning journalist Chris 
McDougal was an avid runner but was 
also frequently injured. So he set out to 
Mexico’s Copper Canyons, the home of 
the Tarahumara Indians, who have the 
ability to run hundreds of miles without 
rest or injury, in the hope of discovering 
their secrets. McDougal’s journey and his 
discoveries will change the way you look 
at putting one foot in front of the other 
in Born to Run (Vintage). 


Chrivtonher it; Oot 

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Alex Delaware spots a breathtaking but 
lonely woman sipping a martini in a 
corner of the Fauborg Hotel in Beverly 
Hills. Two days later, she’s found brutally 
murdered. But with no DNA match, the 
woman remains as mysterious in death 
as she seemed in life. And as Alex 
chases dark secrets in the streets of 
L.A., he realizes that his new case may 
not just be impossible. It may be fatal 
(Ballantine Books). 

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Newly single, Francesca 
Thayer weighs her 

financial options and 
decides she must take in 
boarders in her Greenwich 
Village townhouse. Soon, 

a magical transformation 
takes place as strangers 
become roommates, 
roommates become friends 
and friends become a family 
in master storyteller Danielle 
Steel’s latest, 44 Charles 
Street (Delacorte Press). 

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Jean M. Auel’s highly 
anticipated sixth and final 
book in the Earth’s Children 
series is the culmination 
that fans have been hoping 
for. The Land of Painted 
Caves (Crown) re-creates 
the way life was lived more 
than 25,000 years ago. With 
engaging characters anda 
skillful narrative, it’s one of 
the world’s most beloved 
authors at her very best. 


Katie Couric assembles the world’s 
most accomplished leaders, thinkers 
and artists for a collection of life lessons 
and advice that is at once amusing and 
empowering. From Steven Spielberg and 
Malcolm Gladwell to Sheryl Crow, Drew 
Brees and more come lessons about 
hard work and following your dream. 
Along the way, Katie offers her own 
sage council and guidance in The Best 
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Lesaowe from 

i ioririnorndinnry 

Pe ed 

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No one does sweet like 
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é “Martha Stewarts 

1&0 Recipes for Old-Fashioned and Modern Faverntes 
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Sei lan 

2 tne Taide Ne : 
2s en 


, APRIL 12 [ss 
WWW.NORAROBERTS.COM INE SFA eer, BED Members of Penguin Group (USA) Inc. ica a : 

Fin cies 
4 il 

Diane Mott Davidson serves up another tasty mystery in 

(William Morrow). Goldy Schulz tries to help out a fellow chef—but a 
murderous arsonist is hot on their trail. Goldy will have to step in and solve 
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A daughter attempts to discover her 

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(Avon). Hardcover 

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Beale arena pore In (Voice), the 
— -_ stunning tale of the Donner Party unfolds through the eyes 
DOROTHEA F of Tamsen Donner, wife of the party’s leader. 

Dorothea Benton Frank delivers the long-awaited sequel to 
Plantation in (Avon). 

EA in I nt ie! 
Mg a Cat Tilney witnesses history when she serves as a lady-in- 
a waiting to Henry VIII's fifth queen in 
-. (HarperPaperbacks). 

Lake | 

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A killer ruthlessly targets women and 

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When a young cartographer is killed in 1932, no one knows if it 
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An author's education 

A character and her creator search for 
knowledge in the maelstrom of the Civil War 

By Stephanie E. Ponder 

DURING A TWO-week stretch of beautiful sum- 
mer weather in 2002, Robin Oliveira heard a moun- 
tain thrush singing outside her Pacific Northwest 
home. While listening to the bird's plaintive song 
and contemplating the upcoming rainy season, 
Oliveira had a vision of a woman in period dress 
looking through a microscope in a 
room filled with books. The need to 
find out that womans story led to this 
months Book Buyer's Pick, the histori- 
cal novel My Name Is Mary Sutter. 

Since the early 1990s Oliveira had 
wondered if she could write a book. So, 
on her sons first day of kindergarten, 
she sat down at the computer for two 
hours and tried to write a paragraph. 
“Which I found to be among the most 
difficult things I've tried to do in my 
life,” Oliveira, a Costco member, tells The Connection. 

The statement is nearly unbelievable consider- 
ing that Oliveira had already earned degrees in 
Russian and nursing—and spent the previous seven 
years working as a critical-care nurse. 

She spent the next decade teaching herself how 
to write. The New York native started by taking 
classes at a community college and moved on to an 
extension program at the University of Washington 
in Seattle. By the time she graduated from that pro- 
gram she had “written a novel and had several short 
stories rejected,’ she says. 

She found an agent who submitted the manu- 
script to only a few publishers before dropping 
Oliveira. “At that point I thought, there's something 
I dont know yet. I could tell,” she says. “[So] I 

slo elele), NE 

Oliveira’s My Name Is Mary Sutter to give 
away. For a chance to win, send an e-mail 
with your name and mailing address to 
giveaway, with “Robin Oliveira” 

“in the subject line. Or print your name, 
address and daytime phone number on a 
postcard or letter and send it to: Robin 
Oliveira, The Costco Connection, P.O. Box 
34088, Seattle, WA 98124-1088. 


Purchase will not improve odds of winning. Sweepstakes is sponsored by 
Penguin Group, 375 Hudson St., New York, NY, 10014. Open to legal residents 
of the U.S. (except Puerto Rico) who are age 18 or older at the time of entry. 
One entry per household. Entries must be received by May 1, 2011. Winners 
will be randomly selected and notified by mail on or before June 1, 2011. The 
value of the prize is $15. Void where prohibited. Winners are responsible for 
all applicable federal, state and local taxes. Odds of winning depend on the 
number of eligible entries received. Employees of Costco or Penguin Group 
and their families are not eligible. 

Robin Oliveira 

decided to get an MFA [master of fine arts degree], 
thinking that if there were things that I just knew, I 
could probably write the story that was in my head.” 

By that time shed begun work on the novel that 
would become My Name Is Mary Sutter, but none of 
that original material made it into the final novel. 

The novel's central character, 
Mary, is a talented midwife deter- 
mined to become a doctor. Her quest 
is both aided and complicated by the 
recently started Civil War. When she 
leaves home looking for a doctor will- 
ing to teach her, she is faced with both 
the emotional and physical effects of 
the war. 

Oliveira didn't just take time to 
learn about the craft of writing. After 
realizing that her vision was of a 
woman during the Civil War, she set out to learn 
about that era, which she knew nothing about. 

“T think one of the reasons I have three degrees 
is because I love school. There's so much to know; 
theres so much to learn. For me that’s part of writing 
historical fiction: 'm forced to learn about things I 
didn't know,’ she explains. 

Her quest for information took her to the 
Library of Congress and the National Archives. 
Because she is driven by a need to get the details 
right, all of the documents she cites—including 
train schedules—are copied from the originals. 

What most fascinated Oliveira—and helped 
define the main character's story arc—was the prim- 
itive state of medicine at the time. “T had no idea that 
it was the war that catapulted medicine as far as it 
did,” she says. 

As she dug deeper, she began to recognize wider 
themes. Even though she didnt set out to include his- 
toric figures, such as Abraham Lincoln, she soon real- 
ized he was essential to her story. “I thought the two 
themes reflected well on one another: Lincoln's matu- 
ration as a president and a commanding general, and 
Marys ability to assert herself and effect change—as 
well as [advances in] the medical field,” she says. 

These days Oliveira is working on another 
book. She's leery of saying anything about it other 
than it's another work of historical fiction—and _ , 
likely driven by strong characters. ‘i 

“T don't see historical fiction as his- 
tory texts masquerading as novel. 'm | 
at all times trying to avoid the 3-by-5- j 
card paragraph where you sort of 
explain things,’ she says. “When it 
comes down to it, all a reader cares 
about is the characters and what they're 
going to get.’ [Hl 


DID YOU KNOW that this 
year marks the 150th 
anniversary of the start 
of the Civil War? I hadn't 
given it much thought 
until I read this month’s 
book pick, Robin Oliveira’s 
debut novel, My Name Is 
Mary Sutter. 

I've never been what 
you might call a history 
buff, but Mary Sutter is 
such a well-crafted and 
interesting character that 
I was immediately drawn 
into her life and determin- 
ation to pursue a career 
in medicine. 

It’s fascinating to look 
back and see how far 
medicine has advanced— 
along with women’s careers 
in the field. Oliveira also 
succeeds in examining the 
implications of being driven 
to achieve one’s goals to 
the exclusion of all other 

When you combine 
such a strong character with 
thorough research, you get 
a historical novel that edu- 
cates while it engages. 

For more book picks, 
see page 59. 

axed Al al iow @a [cla i@rslalalce(sd|(em 
Costco book buyer, 

APRIL 2011 The Costco Connection 55 

“Kk KKK! 

Loy Lurmenicke, WER YOsRA POS! 


— Peeler Travers, POLLING STONE 

From Darren Aronotsky’s visionary directing, 
to the physically-demanding acting, 
to the stunning special effects. 

, | 

mr AS, 

py ee, Sy 

Includes Digital Copy of the Film! 

Blu-ray selection waries by location 

*Special Features Are Unrated, May Not Be High Definition, And Are Not Closed Captioned. ped >, 

ACADEMY AWARD® is the registered trademark and service mark of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. © 2010 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, CCP Black Swan Investments, LLC and Dune Entertainment Ill LLC. 
All Rights Reserved. © 2011 Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment LLC. All Rights Reserved. TWENTIETH CENTURY FOX, FOX and associated logos are trademarks of Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation and its related entities. 



Earth's Children 

By Pennie Clark Ianiciello 

MORE THAN THREE decades ago, Jean M. 
Auel had an idea for a short story about a 
woman who looked completely different 
from everyone else around her. In trying to 
figure out who and where the woman was, 
Auel soon had an outline for a six-novel series 
that started with The Clan of the Cave Bear 
and ended with the recently published The 
Land of Painted Caves. More than 45 million 
copies of her books have sold worldwide. 

The series begins 30,000 years ago when 
5-year-old Ayla is separated from her family. 
She's taken in by a group of Neanderthals who 
refer to the blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl as 
one of “the others.” In the latest (and last!) 
installment, the Ice Age heroine, now 27, real- 
izes it's time to strike a balance between being 
a mother to her daughter and a loving mate 
to Jondalar, while pursuing the knowledge 
and power of Jondalar’s people. 

In early February 2011, I had the extreme 
pleasure of talking with Auel and her hus- 
band, Ray. It was a mere two weeks before 
Auel’s 75th birthday and a 10-day trip to 
London, where she was to meet with foreign 
reporters to discuss the new book. 

I admit this may not be your standard 
Q&A, but Auel isn’t your average writer—or 
woman, for that matter. 

Pennie Clark laniciello: Were you ready 
for how your life changed after the success 
of The Clan of the Cave Bear? 

Jean M. Auel: I was 40; I knew what life 
was. I wasn't going to be like some rock stars 
who believe their own hype. 

PCI: Have you ever gone back and 
reread your novels? 

JMA: Not after publication, but when I’m 
working I write and rewrite and then reread it. 
Then I edit it and have to reread it. Then it’s 

The Land of Painted Caves and earlier titles 
in the Earth’s Children series are available 
in most Costco warehouses. 

a An interview with h 
» the creator of 

ps ’ 

in | 


copyedited and I reread it. I check everything. 
Its my work and I have to stay on top of it. 

PCI: Do you consider yourself an expert 
[in archaeology]? 

JMA: I’m a novelist who does good 

PCI: What have been the pleasant sur- 
prises along the way? I’ve heard that you’ve 
become friends with several archaeologists. 

JMA: I’ve been on digs where it’s just the 
archaeologists and me. I’ve been to a very 
many caves, including the three prominent 
ones: Lascaux, Chauvet and Altamera. If I 
think about Lascaux too hard it still brings 
tears to my eyes. Archaeologist Jean Clottes 
was asked about my books and he said, “It 
could have happened.” 

PCI: That’s a great compliment. You’re 
obviously steeped in research. How has 
what you’ve learned shown up in the books? 

JMA: In the first book Ayla has an amulet 
with several things in it. I read about a discov- 
ery where several objects that didn’t seem to 
belong together were found together. There 
was a mammoth ivory disc stained with red 
ochre and black manganese dioxide, both col- 
oring agents. I dont know what they were 
used for, but I included that in the story. 

PCI: Listening to your stories, I can’t 
help but think about all of the famous peo- 
ple you must know. 

OForiKere) olele)aelUaricia 
Pennie ClarkJaniciello # 
(left) talks “with 

author Jean M. Auel. 

JMA: Just because I met James Earl Jones 
doesnt mean I know him. I did meet Tom 
Selleck, and he’s still a hunk. 

Ray Auel: Bruce Willis kissed her on the 
mouth. We were at the bottom of the Hoover 
Dam and Jean was late. When she was intro- 
duced as the woman who wrote The Clan of 
the Cave Bear, he kissed her. 

JMA: [Willis] was just a little over- 
whelmed, and I think that was the only way 
he could think to express it. 

PCI: Maybe it’s a sore subject, but I want 
to ask about the film version of The Clan of 
the Cave Bear that came out in the ’80s. 

JMA: [Blows a raspberry and makes the 
thumbs-down gesture. ] 

PCI: A lot of movies are remade these 

JMA: We'll sign the rights over to our chil- 
dren. They can do with them what they want. 

PCI: It’s still more than a month before 
the [new] book comes out, but the buzz is 

JMA: I got a starred review in Kirkus 
Review. My agent called and read it to me. I'm 
always surprised that people like [my books]. 

PCI: Is there anything else youd like 
people to know about the new book or the 
journey you've been on? 

JMA: One of these days I'm going to wake 
up and realize I've reached the end. [Ayla] is 
like a friend I won't see anymore. 

PCI: Now that this series has come to an 
end, do you have more stories in you? 

JMA: I think that as long as I’m alive and 
able, Pll continue to write. [# 

APRIL 2011 The Costco Connection 57 



Kile eky 

Melissa McMeekin, 
assistant buyer, books 

“Kids: They dance before they learn there is 
anything that isn’t music.” ~William Stafford 

KIDS LOVE MUSIC. Whether it’s their 
favorite characters or the beautiful 
clanging of pots and pans, young 
children will dance to just about 
anything. This month, Publications 
International brings you books with 
innovative sounds that kids love. 
Thomas the Train 
and Disney’s 
Cars come to life 
with stereo speakers 
that get kids revved 
up. Or they can sing 
and dance along 
with lovable Disney 
princesses and 
Elmo, using 
their very own 
digital music player that follows 
along with the story. Listen, learn 
and loosen up with these fabulous 
interactive books! 


“ies Elmo's Rockin, 
ee _ROSd Trips 

Hardcovers available mid April 

Hardcover on sale April 4 



Kids! Are you tired of being bored? 

Looking for something exciting to save 
— you from things 

: like homework? 
Let your friend Big 
Nate show you 

the way to have 

fun in Big Nate 
Boredom Buster 
new from Lincoln 
Peirce. Plus, there’s 
plenty more fun to 
be had in Big Nate 

Strikes Again 

and Big Nate: Ina 

Class by Himself. 

Lincoln Peirce 

= Sir Peirce 

Hardcover available now 


Not only are these four colorful board books sturdy enough to stand 
up to toddlers, these critically acclaimed picture books come from 
top children’s book creators! Check out the vibrant, delightful fun in 
Time for Bed, The Napping House, Piggies and Sheep in a Jeep 

Board books available early April 

Books may not be available in all locations or at All book jackets are subject to change. Books carried by Costco in no way reflect the opinions of Costco’s management, buying staff or The Costco Connection. 


». books & more 

Write on, wipe off— 
all with kids’ favorite 
characters! These 
storybooks teach while 
entertaining with fun stories. Choose 
from Elmo Sees Shapes, Fisher Price 
Animals All Around and Dora 
the Explorer: Busy Day (Reader's 
Digest Children’s Books). 

available mid April 

Story time forms a special bond with a child. 
Make it a time you'll cherish 
forever with the Tell Me 

a Story line of wonderful 
children’s books. Each one 
is filled with four timeless 
stories you'll enjoy reading 
over and over again—and 
kids will love listening to! 
Look for Father Loves 

His Little One; Mother 
Loves Her Little One; 
Grandparents Love Their 
Little Ones; and 1 Love 
You, My Little One (Carson 
Dellosa Publishing) and 
find the stories that express 
just how you to feel to a 
special child. 

errno La Licata 
= iL bei | B | | ib i Onan 

* Piva Lewes 
Fil a L ut ile icin 

: Q 
@ hag! 

» flother Loves . 
Her Little One 
Padded hardcovers 
available mid April 

TWILIGHT? Sp Ne : s 
Explore everything Twilight the twilight saga: 
related in this official guide 
to the series, 
featuring an 
of knowledge! 
Stephenie Meyer’s beloved 
best-selling series is a 
worldwide phenomenon, 
and now you can get inside 
it like never before with 
The Twilight Saga: The 
Official Illustrated Guide 
(Little, Brown Books for 
Young Readers), a reference 
jam-packed with charts, 
maps, character profiles 
and so much more! 

the official 
illustrated guide 

Hardcover on sale April 12 


Lulu is a special little girl who loves to dress up! 
And when she does, she gets into all 
sorts of fun adventures that help her 
learn, understand the world around 
her and make good friends. The 
New York Times best-selling series 
includes Ladybug Girl, Ladybug 
Girl and Bumblebee Boy, Ladybug 
Girl at the Beach and Ladybug Girl 
and the Bug Squad (Dial). 

available now 



Book‘Duyers picks 


Craft Wisdom & Know-How: Everything 
You Need to Know to Stitch, Sculpt, Bead 
and Build, from the editors of Lark Books. 
Regular readers of this page may have picked 
up on the fact that I’m into all kinds of crafts. 
What I love about this book is that it’s an all- 
purpose reference for a variety of hobbies. 
Filled with detailed illustrations covering 
skills and projects, it is divided into 10 sec- 


April 5 
The Fifth Witness, 
by Michael Connelly 

I'll Walk Alone, 
by Mary Higgins-Clark 

Unlimited, by Jilian Michaels 

44 Charles Street, 

by Danielle Steel 

April 12 

The Twilight Saga: The Official 
Illustrated Guide, 

by Stephenie Meyer 

The 9th Judgment, 
by James Patterson 

Big Nate Boredom Buster, 
by Lincoln Peirce 

Chasing Fire, 

by Nora Roberts 
April 19 

The Sixth Man, 
by David Baldacci 

tions that cover glass, beads, fiber, paper and 
more. Best of all, the presentation feels acces- 
sible and no-nonsense. So if you need me, I'll 
be knitting or beading or paper quilling or .... 
—Jonna Erickson 

assistant buyer, books 

Favorite Recipes of Home Economic Teachers 
series, from FRP. The titles in this series, 
including Meats, Casseroles, Salads, Vegetables 
and Desserts, are slightly revised versions of 
the original 1965 publications. While I adore 
the nostalgic feel of these cookbooks, I’m over 
the moon about the sheer quantity of fantastic 
recipes. Each book contains more than 2,000 
recipes culled from actual home-ec teachers. 
If getting back to basics is something you've 
been wanting to do, these books are a great 
place to start. 

— Melissa McMeekin 

assistant buyer, books 

Bossypants, by Tina Fey. It's been my experi- 
ence that autobiographies can be dry at times. 
This couldnt be further from the truth in the 
case of Fey's memoir. She infuses her journey 
through show business with the razor-sharp 
wit and good-natured humor that have made 
her one of the funniest comedians of our 
time. Call me bossy if you will, but if you've 
ever enjoyed the comedy stylings of the for- 


mer Saturday Night Live head writer, or you 

are a fan of the Emmy Award-winning series 
30 Rock, I say read this book. 

—Jeffrey Purtell 

inventory control specialist, books 


Giant Sticker Activity Pads, from Artistic 
Studios Ltd. My kids love stickers, and since 
one of my favorite things to do is play with my 
kids, I love stickers. With these large-format 
sticker pads, I can lie on the floor with my two 
boys and place, remove and replace stickers 
for hours. These sticker pads feature more 
than 1,000 removable stickers, 15 interactive 
play scenes and 25 pages to design. The three 
themes available are Disney fairies, Disney 
princesses and Pixar. 

—Josh Lilly 
inventory control specialist, books 

Perfect for outside the tub 
or shower and in front of sink 

_ Thick, soft and absorbent 


Tr Z | 
MIN val a Ve 

Keeps mat fresher, longer 

Memory Foam Bath Mat 


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Hair-Raising Adventure 

Collectible * 

Key Ring 

Blu-ray Gombo Pack 

*While supplies last. 

Now Available 
On Blu-ray™ 

Combo Pack 
And DVD 


Selection may vary by location. 
Distributed by Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment, Burbank, CA 91521. © Disney 




ALLA ti} reo 


Includes Blu-ray And OVD 

Selection may vary by location. 
Distributed by Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment, Burbank, CA 91521. © Disney 


Film That Makes Your Spirit Soar.” 



KING SSreeCrims 






tae | 

fe Fm ee 






“The Best Picture 
ot the Year. 


“Irr esistibly 
E ntertaining. 



am) WT 

Artwork/Special Romesruestin Subject To Change. Distributed By Anchor Bay Entertainment, LLC, 9242 Beverly Blvd. Suite 201 Beverly Hills, CA 90210. 

Package Design © 2010 Starz Media, LLC. All Program Content. © UK Film Council / Speaking Film Productions Limited 2010. All Rights Reserved. ACADEMY ANCHOR BAY 

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By Will Fifield 

haven't enjoyed blockbuster success in the 
music industry. But then, Alison Krauss & 
Union Station (AKUS) is not a traditional 
bluegrass group. Since their 1989 release, Two 
Highways, the groups recording repertoire 
has ranged from popular rock songs to coun- 
try music hits to straight-up bluegrass that 
would make Bill Monroe (the father of blue- 
grass) beam with pride. 

On Paper Airplane, the groups new 
release, for example, they've recorded Jackson 
Brownes “My Opening Farewell,’ a song with 
which Browne fans will be familiar. In the 
AKUS version, the song's basic structure and 
melody are unchanged, but complex guitar 
lines and a zesty Dobro (resonator guitar) 
solo completely transform the feel of Browne's 
song. And at the center of the tune, Krauss’ 
ethereal, clear voice delivers Brownes sage 
lyrics with such beauty it seems as if they were 
written just for her. 

Paper Airplane is scheduled to be available 
at most Costco warehouses on April 12. 

Left to right: Jerry Douglas, Dan Tyminski, 
Alison Krauss, Barry Bales and Ron Block. 

= “4  % ~~. 
= . 4, SQ 

Alison Krauss 
& Union Station 
connect listeners 
with the flavors of 
bluegrass music 

This is typical of AKUS albums. And if, 
like me, you've never been especially fond of 
bluegrass, it's hard not to rethink your stance 
on the genre. 

“We've been around a long time,’ Alison 
Krauss tells The Connection via phone in a 
recent interview. “Because of what we have 
been doing in bluegrass music, people [such 
as Robert Plant and Brad Paisley] wanted to 
try working with me. That's not something 
I've tried to make happen. But musicians have 
a real love of traditional music?’ 

Indeed, Krauss has had a busy career. 
She signed with Rounder Records when she 
was 14 and released her first album, Different 
Strokes, which also features her brother, 
bassist Viktor Krauss. All told, she’s released 
12 studio albums—seven with Union Station 
and five solo recordings. In addition to pro- 
ducing her own albums, Krauss has pro- 

I A hat alee 

duced three albums for 
country musics Cox Family 
| and two for the acoustic 
Me trio Nickel Creek. She has 
& sung and played on record- 
Si. ings by artists as diverse as 
ei Bad Company, Emmylou 

Se Harris, Michael McDonald, 
Brad Paisley, the Chieftains, 
Kris Kristofferson and Phish. 

Her contributions on 
the soundtracks of O 
Brother, Where Art Thou?, 
Cold Mountain and, more 
_ recently, Get Low, are said 
| to have renewed public 
= interest in bluegrass music. 
For her labors, Krauss has 
f won 55 awards, including 
27 Grammies, the most of 
any female artist. 

Krauss is not the only 
vocalist in AKUS, however. 

| Anyone who saw O Brother, 
Where Art Thou? will recognize the vocals of 
Dan Tyminski, who sang “I Am a Man of 
Constant Sorrow” in AKUS recordings. 
Tyminski’ voice adds variety to the groups 
songs. Besides Tyminski, Union Station con- 
sists of Barry Bales on stand-up bass, banjoist 
and guitarist Ron Block, and distinctive 
Dobro player Jerry Douglas. 

It's. difficult to imagine another group 
with a musical palate as diverse as AKUS. 

“My parents were into all kinds of music, 
whether it was Hank Williams Sr. or Dixieland 
music or Peter, Paul and Mary. They just had 
very open minds,” Krauss says. “Growing up, 
I listened to a lot of top-40 radio. I liked 
AC/DC and Lynyrd Skynyrd and Foreigner 
and all that stuff, while at the same time lis- 
tening to Ricky Skaggs. I didn't have any kind 
of bias. I liked musicals as well. My mom 
would take me to dress rehearsals at the 
University of Illinois [Krauss was raised in 
Champaign, where the university is located] 
and we would watch the operas. I got a lot of 
exposure to all different kinds of stuff? 

When shes not working, Krauss says, she 
likes to keep things light. “I wind up listening 
to a lot of funk, which I've always enjoyed. | 
love Cameo and Betty Davis, Miles Davis’ 
wife. She is amazing, and her music was way 
ahead of its time. I keep it pretty groovy.’ She 
stops speaking for a moment. Then, with the 
wit she’s famous for, she continues in a mono- 
tone voice, “Listen to how white I am: ‘T like to 
keep that funk music going there. Yes I do, ” 
laughing at herself. 

Whether they're playing traditional 
bluegrass or interpreting songs from other 
genres, Alison Krauss & Union Station have 
helped many Americans to connect with 
bluegrass and its rich musical tradition. [#4 

APRIL 2011 The Costco Connection 61 


r i, ‘L. al 


Blu-ray selection varies by location. 
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ct of faith 

For Melissa Leo, acting 
is about overcoming fear 

By J. Rentilly 

BEFORE THIS YEAR'S Oscar ceremonies, 
you might not have known Melissa Leo by 
name. You may not even know her by face. 
That's only because she's so good at her job that 
she almost literally disappears inside the roles 
she plays. An actor's actor and dedicated crafts- 
person, Leo has offered powerful, uncompro- 
mising, chameleon-like turns in films and 
television series such as Homicide: Life on the 
Streets, 21 Grams, HBOs critically acclaimed 
series Treme and David O. Russell's powerhouse 
The Fighter, based on the real-life story of boxer 
Mickey Ward, for which Leo won this year's 
Best Supporting Actress Oscar. 

Leo refers to herself as a myth buster, a 
woman over 50 enjoying the best time and 
work of her life. As for the massive haul of 
hardware shes earned for playing the swell- 
hearted, sucker-punching matriarch Alice 
Ward in The Fighter, including an award from 
the Screen Actors Guild and a Golden Globe, 
Leos delighted. “It’s funny, because I’m just 
now taking a wood stove out of my apartment 
in New York and putting in a fireplace,’ she 
told The Connection a few weeks before win- 
ning her Oscar. “I’m looking for a beautiful 
mantel right now, as luck would have it?’ 

The Costco Connection: You've said that love 
is about overcoming fear. That's apparent in 
your characters. 

Melissa Leo: Acting is about overcoming fear. 
That's one of the most enriching things about 
the life of an actor. You cant do it unless you 
face the scariest corners of the body and soul. 

Walking this life all these years, I see that lesson 
all over in humanity. To be down in New 
Orleans and doing a show like Treme, or to be 
in Boston and do a film like The Fighter—these 
really are people working to overcome fear to 
find love. I can live with that line of work. 

CC: How do you approach the characters you 
play? The range is vast, the women very dif- 
ferent from who you are. 

ML: The process is the same, really, for any 
character I play, but the chasm to cross for 
someone like Alice Ward was, I felt at the time, 
so much wider than most. She is very different 
from me, but not so different from my grand- 
mother, as it turns out. We [are all] so busy 
moving forward that we don't always remem- 
ber what we've just been through. Alice, like 
my grandmother, is a woman from a different 
time. That was my connection. I’ve read roles 
and known I was right for them. I’ve taken 
roles that I’ve felt I was wrong for. But you take 
the work and you do the work: What does she 
look like? What does she say? What do others 
say about her? And then theres the very pri- 
vate work: What motivates her? You have to 
get to that motivation so that you can be righ- 
teous about the characters you play. 

CC: Do you take that work home with you? 

ML: Acting is my hallowed religion and faith. 
I'm not making a movie to enjoy the teacart or 
make friends or second-guess what the next 
shot should be. I’m there to portray a human 
being. I find the closer I remain with that 


ih a 

a il : Be | 

As Alice Ward (far left), in The Fighter, 
Melissa Leo is the mother of two sons, 
played by Mark Wahlberg (above left) and 
Christian Bale (second from right). 


human being, the better the work. After that 
last “cut” is called, I begin to molecularly 
restructure into little old me, and the time 
between roles is embarrassingly dull and slov- 
enly. What I do when I dont work would have 
most people call me a lazy so-and-so. Until I 
find the next gal to play. 

CC: With The Fighter, you were surrounded 
by tough guys: Mark Wahlberg, Christian Bale, 
David O. Russell. Yet you hold your own. 

ML: I’m a scrapper. [Laughs] I’ve won again 
and again with this character, even without the 
awards. I’ll never forget the first time [the real 
Alice Ward] came to the set and saw me all 
dolled up, and she pinched my elbow and said 
in a thick Boston accent, “You look good.” 

CC: Your passion for the work is palpable, but 
I'm guessing you’ve been able to kick up your 
heels a bit this year. Some of these fancy awards 
parties must have been a good time, right? 
ML: I’m thinking of a dessert tray they 
brought out at one of the parties. [Laughs] 
The food is amazing. I have one friend who 
comes along with me to these parties some- 
times, because if there's a shrimp tray, she 
really likes it. [Laughs] We've had so much 
fun! I’m looking back on this year, and ’m 
laughing. I have to laugh. [4 

J. Rentilly is a Los Angeles-based journalist. 



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By Sarah van Schagen 

COSTCO MEMBERS Jay and Jacki Givens 
are in the business of restoration. As owners of 
Givens Collision Repair Center in Frederick, 
Maryland, the husband-and-wife team have 
spent the last 13 years repairing busted-up 
BMWs and fenderless Fords—all with an 

eye toward restoring the health of the planet. 

The business started in 1997 as a part- 
time venture while Jay worked full time sell- 
ing paint systems to body-shop owners and 
teaching them how to be more efficient. 

From the beginning, the duo was 
committed to being as green as possible, 
recycling and reusing everything they 
could. But, as a member of the industry, 
Jay saw the eco-friendly paint prod- 
ucts being used on cars that were com- 
ing out of the factory and knew that he 
and Jacki could do more. 

“We've always been a forward- 
thinking family,’ Jacki tells The Connection. 
“We didn’t take the cheapest route, we 
didn't take the easiest route, but we took 
the route that we felt that we needed to take 
in order to be a benchmark facility.’ 

Breaking new ground 
In August 2008, they broke ground on 

a 17,000-square-foot building featuring 

office space, a conference room and teach- 

ing facility, and space for 50 auto-size works 

in progress. 

66 ‘The Costco Connection APRIL 2011 


The facility is specially equipped to spray 
Waterborne products, high-quality water- 
based paints that release half the toxins of 
solvent-based paint products. 

Strategically placed windows and sky- 






Jacki (left) and Jay Givens are 
repairing cars while saving money 
and minimizing their company’s 
environmental impact. 

lights let natural light flood into the facility, 
often eliminating the need to switch on the 
high-efficiency lights. Other eco-minded 
upgrades are easiest to spot in the finance 
department: High-efficiency heat pumps and 
insulation have led to “phenomenal savings,’ 
Jacki says. 

All told, the Givenses are paying less than 
half what they did at their old facility, despite 
having doubled the size of their space and 
adding an air-conditioning unit. They hope to 
one day install solar panels on the roof, which 
could cut costs even more. 

Green for green’s sake 

But it’s not all about saving money. During 
construction of the new facility, the Givenses 
had a BaySaver filtration system installed 
underground to clean and filter any ground- 
water leaving their property before it reaches 
Chesapeake Bay. It was a $185,000 endeavor 
that will never see a monetary return. 

“There has definitely been a lot of good 
that has come out of it that I don't think we'll 
ever be able to put a dollar figure on,’ Jacki 
says. But you've got to lay your head down at 
night and know that youre doing things the 
right way—that means a lot to us-’ 

It means a lot to employees, too. “I think it's 
pretty neat ... to know that they care enough to 
make sure that the water that’s getting down to 
the water treatment plant isn’t going to affect 
my kids,’ manager Rex Ransom says. “They're 
responsible for 18 people and 18 peoples fam- 
ilies, and they really take that seriously.’ 
Body shops from all over the country, 
as well as green-minded insurance 
companies, have visited the state-of- 
the-art facility to learn more about 
what the Givenses have done, and the 
Givenses have received numerous 
awards for their efforts on behalf of 
the community. 

“The sad thing is that the laws don't 
keep up with the green initiatives, Jay 
says. He's been working to change that by 
talking with legislators. 

“We're proud of what we're doing,’ 
Jacki says, “and we're going to continue to 
do what we can—not just for us, but for our 
kids and our grandkids—to move not just 
our facility but our industry into a greener 
and cleaner arena.’ [# 

Sarah van Schagen is a freelance writer in 
Washington, D.C. 


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Like the Pacific Coast Highway is just another scenic drive. 

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30,000-mile tread-wear warranty? The thrill starts in April 2011. 

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Competitors’ Competitors? 


|- Based upon commissioned 3rd-party testing conducted by TUV Automotive and DEKRA Test Center of MICHELIN® Pilot® Super 
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2 - Some vehicles come from the vehicle manufacturer with “split fitments” — meaning different size tires on the front vs. the rear. 
Because these tires cannot be rotated as recommended by Michelin, the mileage warranty on each rear tire will cover half the 
number of miles as the standard mileage warranty for that particular tire. ©2011 Michelin North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 


+h me ee 2 
ees ie Soptial 

By Wendy Helfenbaum 

EVERY TIME YOU take your eyes off the road 
to reach for a cell phone, coffee mug or CD 
while driving, you are nine times more likely to 
cause an accident, according to a recent Virginia 
Tech Transportation Institute study. 

Why are we reaching for things while 
driving? Because we cant find anything. For 
many of us, our cars have become the kitchen 
junk drawer on wheels. But driving in a clut- 
tered car can be hazardous to your health. 
The National Highway Traffic Safety 
Administration estimates that 80 percent 
of car accidents involve distracted drivers, 
accounting for more than 6,000 deaths and 
half a million injuries in 2008. 

Not only does rooting around for a piece 
of gum in an overstuffed glove compartment 
put you in danger, but loose objects such as 
umbrellas, water bottles or groceries can 
become deadly projectiles that could strike 
you or your passengers if you brake suddenly. 

Between moms and dads chauffeuring 
kids to activities and a large mobile work- 
force, were using our cars differently, and not 
in a good way, says professional organizer 
Collette Robicheau, owner of Organize 
Anything in Halifax, Nova Scotia. 

“People are on the go, and the car is not 
looked upon asa priority,’ explains Robicheau. 
“But we have to remember that we're operat- 
ing heavy equipment. Things [should be] 
readily accessible so we're not trying to do 
crazy things while we're driving.” 

Here are some easy ways to organize your 
car and put good routines into place. 

Pick up a new habit: picking up 

=" Purge broken toys, old newspapers, 
food wrappers and seasonal gear. 

=" Designate a daily in/out bin: Keep it in 
your entranceway packed with items needed 
for your upcoming day, such as library books 

to be returned. At the end of the day, pack 
your bin with stuff from the car that can go 
back in the house, such as empty water bot- 
tles, coffee cups and sports equipment. 

= Hang a garbage bag off the back of the 
front seat or on the floor. Empty it every time 
you stop for gas. 

Use spare time wisely 

“Parents waiting to pick up children from 
activities can organize the back seat, take a 
peek at what's in the glove compartment or 
organize the trunk,’ suggests Robicheau. 

Keep it simple with smart 
storage tools 

" Visor organizers keep CDs at your 

=" Over-the-seat totes or shoe bags are 
perfect for childrens games, snacks or wipes. 

= Stash a container under the front pas- 
senger seat for things you dont use every day, 
such as extra baseball hats or sunscreen. 

= Purchase a console unit or portable file 
box to hold your mobile office. 

=" Put maps in side door pockets; car 
insurance, accident forms and owner's man- 
ual in the glove compartment; coins for tolls 
in the ashtray. 

Secure loose objects 

= Make sure cans of soda, tennis balls 
and toys are safely put away so they dont roll 
under the driver's foot pedals. 

The Costco Connection 
Most Costco warehouses and 
Carry car accessories and organizing supplies 
(bins, over-the-seat tote and litter bags, cup 
holders and consoles) to help you keep your 
car safe and clutter free. 


" Secure bins of books, toys 
and papers in the back seat or 
trunk with Velcro or spring-cord 
cables, or stash them under seats to 
prevent items from flying forward. 

=" Use a cargo net in the 
trunk to contain groceries and 
sports equipment. 

Junk in the trunk? 

“Does that bag of hockey 
equipment need to live there [in the 
trunk]?” asks Robicheau. Keep 
emergency road supplies, such as 
jumper cables, flares, a flashlight 
and a first-aid kit, in a plastic bin. 
Get rid of whatever you dont need. 

“Run your car the way you 
run your house,’ says Robicheau. 
“Think, ‘Is this the right place for 
me to be putting this?’ ” Keep you car orga- 
nized so you can minimize distractions 
while youre driving. [# 


Wendy Helfenbaum is a writer and televi- 
sion producer in Montreal. 

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cleaning power with each wiping stroke. 

® SilentArmor Technology® is an 
advanced coating to protect the rubber 
and provide silent, long-lasting wiping 

= Specialized connectors fit most 
late-model applications, making it 
unnecessary to return to the new car 
dealer for maintenance. 

= The wipers’ all-season design has 
snow- and ice-repelling materials. 

= Full fleet coverage provides a range 
of 14 inches to 28 inches. [@# 

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When Its time 
to re-tire 

Good tires can save you 
money and save your life 

By Cary Lockwood 

DRIVING ON WORN-OUT or low-grade 
tires is dangerous. The National Highway 
Traffic Safety Administration estimates that 
more than 400 fatalities and 10,000 injuries 
occur each year due to tire failures. 

If it’s time for you to replace the tires on 
your car, Kurt Berger, the manager of con- 
sumer products engineering for Bridgestone 
Tire, offers several critical points to consider 
before you select your next set of tires. 

Tires with the same size and rating as the 
factory-equipped tires, Berger says, are an 
excellent choice when it’s time to replace them. 
They offer the same braking, handling, trac- 
tion, durability and load requirements your 
car was designed to provide. To maintain the 
vehicles handling, traction and balance, tire 
replacement should be done in full sets. 

Higher-grade tires use the latest technol- 
ogy in tread design and construction, provid- 
ing optimum tread life, ride, traction, fuel 
economy and vehicle safety. These benefits 
suffer with a lesser-grade economy tire, espe- 
cially where tread life and fuel economy are 
concerned. Cheap tires wind up costing driv- 
ers much more in the long term. 

Ratio of height to width 

Width of tire in 


The type of tires you buy should be suited 
to the conditions of your environment. In 
harsher environments a mud and snow tire 
is much better suited for winter traction. All- 
terrain tires are designed with a thicker tread 
for off-road traction, but they come at the 
expense of high-speed handling. High- 
performance tires are superior for dry pave- 
ment traction and handling, but dont perform 
especially well in snow. All-season tires are 
designed to keep you on the road all year, but 
they dont perform as well in the snow as snow 
tires. There are trade-offs with each type of 
tire, so analyze the conditions you drive in. 

If youre unsure about the tread life of 
your current tires (including your spare tire), 
visit a tire replacement facility and have them 
all inspected. With proper inspection, selec- 
tion and care, your tires will provide you with 
many miles of safe traveling regardless of the 
climate and road conditions, and keep you 
safe on the road as you travel through the con- 
crete jungle. [# 

Columnist Cary Lockwood has been in the 
auto industry for more than 30 years. 

Diameter of wheel in inches 

Load index and speed symbol 
U.S. DOT safety standard code 

gol 6OUnT4 82, 

Pe 00) =) 18 
\pe Do> 

Max. cold 
inflation and 
load limit 

Tread-wear, traction — 
and temperature grades © 


O02 Saiidz aw 


Lf ath 
br MOLE Dee a: 

Tire-ply composition 
and materials used 


your tires 

INCORPORATING the following service 
tips into your automotive maintenance 
routine will help you and others on the 
road stay safe. 

= Most tire failures occur when 
tires are underinflated, so check tire 
pressure weekly (including the spare). 

m= Use a high-quality digital or dial 
gauge for the most accurate tire pres- 
sure readings. 

= Replace tires with premium- 
quality factory-recommended tires or 
equivalent replacements. 

m Use the vehicle manufacturer’s 
inflation specifications displayed on the 
car’s door jamb label or in the owner's 
manual. These sources also note the 
proper tire sizes for your vehicle. 

m Adjust the pressure accordingly 
when the tires are cold, because 
warmed-up and recently driven-on tires 
can experience air expansion, causing 
higher tire pressure readings. 

= Look for any obvious signs of 
damage, such as sidewall cuts, bub- 
bles, exposed cord or smooth patches 
between tread rows (called wear bars), 
that would call for tire replacement. 

m If sudden changes in your vehi- 
cle’s ride or handling develop, get a 
professional inspection immediately. 

m= Tire rotations should be per- 
formed every 6,000 to 8,000 miles 
(check your owner’s manual). This is 
done by moving the rear tires to the 
front and the front tires to the rear, 
which maximizes uniform weat. 

= Request a tire inspection at tire 
rotation time. This service is invaluable, 
as it may reveal other potential tire 
problems that are undetectable during 
a basic pressure check or evaluation. 

m= Tire age is an important consid- 
eration in determining tire replacement. 
As tires age, the bonding of internal 
components such as steel and polyester 
cord is prone to pull apart, causing 
tread separation. Close inspection of 
all tires (including the spare) more than 
five years old should occur annually, 
and tires 10 or more years beyond the 
date of manufacture must be replaced, 
as they are no longer deemed safe.—CL 

The Costco Connection 
Costco members will find a selection of 
Bridgestone, BF Goodrich and Michelin tires 
at Costco Tire Centers and special-order tires 
and rims on 

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“These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. for dietary supplements. See www. 

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 
‘An average large orange contains 97.9 mg vitamin C. USDA National Nutrient Database. 

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The omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil are one of the basic 
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either food or dietary supplements. 


While fish oil in and of itself is important, it's the concen- 
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Fish Oil Supplement. 

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Zen Lounger 2-Pack 

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Price and availability are subject to change without notice. Products may include a shipping and handling charge. For details, visit the product page on Most online coupons at are manufacturer's coupons. State sales tax may be due on the 
prediscounted price of the item when purchased using an online coupon. These taxes, if any, are in addition to the amount that you are paying for the product. Prices, specifications, availability and terms of offers are subject to change without notice. Taxes and shipping charges are 
extra, and vary. “Using the product search box located at, please enter the provided search phrase to find the product(s). Products shipped to Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico will include an additional shipping and handling fee. This fee will be quoted at checkout. 

Venice 4-Piece Modular 

Deep Seating Lounge Set by Sirio" 
All-weather resin wicker with Sunbrella® fabric. 
Creates multiple seating configurations. 
$1,899.99 Delivered #563992 only. 


Hampton 6-Piece Deep Seating Sectional by Sirio” 
All-weather resin wicker with Sunbrella® fabric. Includes two armless 
sections, right arm section, left arm section and two ottomans. 
$1,799.99 Delivered After $200 OFF 

Valid 3/28/11-4/17/11 #509691 only. 

Niko 6-Piece Deep Seating 
Modular Sectional by Sirio" 
All-weather resin wicker with Sunbrella® 
fabric. Includes right- and left-facing club 
chairs, two armless chairs, two ottomans 

Euro Lounger Set by Sirio" 
All-weather resin wicker with Sunbrella® 
fabric. Includes Euro lounger, two club 
chairs and two stone-top side tables. and metal tray to make a coffee table. 
$1,899.99 Delivered ) $1,999.99 Delivered 

#565509 only. #565882 only. 

Pacific 6-Piece 
Deep Seating Collection 
All-weather resin wicker with 

Moderno 6-Piece Deep Seating Collection Sunbrella® fabric. Includes two reclining! 
All-weather resin wicker with Sunbrella® fabric. Includes two club chairs, club chairs, loveseat, ottoman, ' 
loveseat, ottoman, end table and coffee table. side table and coffee table. 

$1,399.99 Delivered #497352 only. $1,399.99 Delivered #379720 only. 

Bahama Deep Seating Collection Grand Cayman 7-Piece Modular Deep Seating Sectional 
All-weather resin wicker with Sunbrella® fabric. Includes corner chair, All-weather resin wicker with Sunbrella® fabric. Create multiple 

two armless chairs, right chair, left chair and two square end tables. configurations, including an oversized outdoor daybed. 
$1,499.99 Delivered #371583 only. $1,999.99 Delivered #558465 only. 

Price and availability are subject to change without notice. Products may include a shipping and handling charge. For details, visit the product page on Most online coupons at are manufacturer's coupons. State sales tax may be due on the 
prediscounted price of the tem when purchased using an online coupon. These taxes, if any, are in addition to the amount that you are paying for the product. Prices, specifications, availability and terms of offers are subject to change without notice. Taxes and shipping charges are 
extra, and vary. “Using the product search box located at, please enter the provided search phrase to find the product(s). Products shipped to Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico will include an additional shipping and handling fee. This fee will be quoted at checkout. 

Glider Bench 
Powder-coated e 
steel and high-density 

polyethylene. Stain 
resistant and easy to clean. 

$149.99 Delivered 




Deck Box 
interior capacity. 
Lockable lid with 
spring hinge. 
$149.99 Delivered 
#429490 only. 

a ma 

Telluride 4-Piece Deep Seating Collection 

Powder-coated steel with Sunbrella® fabric. Includes loveseat, two club chairs and coffee table. 

$799.99 Delivered #552614 only. 

Sodo 5-Piece Deep Seating Collection 
Aluminum and all-weather resin wicker with Sunbrella® fabric. 
Includes loveseat, two club chairs, coffee table and side table. 

$899.99 Delivered #552612 only. 

f ¥ 
& : 

r ae Also wvalgetee 10- ‘pack 
#429483 only. ‘ #504353 $1,499.99 Delivered 

6' Folding 
Picnic Table 
~ Seats six to eight 
fF’  _ people per table. 
' $179.99 Delivered 

Valid 4/1/11-—4/30/11 
#504350 only. 

: Lifetime® 
Brighton 8' x 10' 
Storage Shed 
Includes 90" shelf, 
six corner shelves, 
two peg strips and 
two battery lights. 
$969.99 Delivered 
#336656 only. 

Patio Heater 
fee = Vlocha finish, 
46,000 BTU, 

89" tall with wheel kit, 
modern design. 
$139.99 Delivered 
After $30 OFF 

Valid 4/14/11-5/8/11 
#510357 only. 


San Paulo 5-Piece Dining Collection 

Cast aluminum with Sunbrella® fabric. 

Includes four stationary chairs and 48" dining table. 
$999.99 Delivered 

_ Valid 3/1/11-—4/30/11 

#487363 only. 

ey itt ap a7 or wen iowa 

Solana Double Chaise Lounger and Umbrella 
All-weather resin wicker with Sunbrella® fabric. 
$1,199.99 Delivered 

While supplies last. 

™ only. 

— — i __- , 

Also available: 
Copperton 8-Piece 
Ultimate Collection 

Savannah 5-Piece 
Deep Seating Collection 
All-weather resin wicker with 
Sunbrella® fabric. Includes left sofa, 
right sofa, corner chair, armless 
chair and ottoman. 

$2,499.99 Delivered 

#568031 only. 

Price and availability are subject to change without notice. Products may include a shipping and handling charge. For details, visit the product page on Most online coupons at are manufacturer's coupons. State sales tax may be due on the 

San Paulo 7-Piece Deep Seating Collection 

Cast aluminum with Sunbrella® fabric. Includes loveseat, 
two club chairs, two ottomans, side table and coffee table. 
$1,499.99 Delivered 

#487364 only. 

Panorama 4-Piece Deep Seating Sectional 
All-weather resin wicker with Sunbrella® fabric. 
Includes two-piece sectional and two square tables with glass tops. 

$1,899.99 Delivered 
#494130 only. 

Garden Storage Shed 
Store your lawn 
equipment, firewood, 
most recycling and 
garbage bins. 

42 ie 5412" WoeZ29. 

$379.99 Delivered 
#569178 a only. 

aoa a Bn Re eae Sa Oe ee ae 
- sp el aay = i 
a= : yi Sr eee ae inet | 

ap= et 

prediscounted price of the item when purchased using an online coupon. These taxes, if any, are in addition to the amount that you are paying for the product. Prices, specifications, availability and terms of offers are subject to change without notice. Taxes and shipping charges are 
extra, and vary. “Using the product search box located at, please enter the provided search phrase to find the product(s). Products shipped to Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico will include an additional shipping and handling fee. This fee will be quoted at checkout. 

SunSetter® Motorized 

EasyShade® Solar Screens 

A high-quality outdoor motorized solar 
shade that looks as great as it works. 

The perfect solution when you want privacy, 
shade and breeze protection. Opens and 
closes effortlessly with a four-channel remote 
control, which allows operation of up to 

four SunSetter® EasyShades® with a single 
remote. The vinyl shade works on windows, 
doors, porches, gazebos, pergolas or other 
outdoor structures. Blocks 80% of sun, wind 
and mist. Operates using Somfy motor with 
12' cord that plugs into any outdoor outlet or 
can be hard-wired. Available in sizes 4' to 12’. 
Available in cream, charcoal or desert sand. 

20% OFF 

Valid 4/14/11-5/8/11 

#11618331 Seen folles = ee only. Easy::! Moe 

Professional Grilling Tools and 
Accessories from The Companion Group 
Multiple unique grilling sets, including 
Charcoal Companion® and Steven Raichlen 
Best of Barbecue”. 
Starting at 

4x8 x 12" 
¢ Eco-friendly composite wood-grain timbers 
e Ready-to-assemble kit 

$199.99 Delivered 

#219594 only. 

Raise 1 Garden Bed 

Grow Camp 
Ultimate Vegetable 
Growing System 
Growing tent is 
constructed with 
galvanized steel 

. with PVC framework. 
: aa 20" elevated and 
. | protected growing 
surface. Includes 
two grow trays. 

Aerobin® 400 Composter 
Fully insulated to retain heat; internal 

$599.99 Delivered lung circulates air and eliminates odors. 
No mixing necessary. 
After $150 OFF e y 
Valid 3/28/11-4/17/11 $299.99 Delivered 
#505064 Valid 4/1/11—4/30/11 only. #515100 only. 


Fontaine Marbella 
Bathroom Faucet 
Brushed nickel finish. 

$99.99 Delivered 
Valid 4/1/11-4/30/11 

Devonshire 46" Bath Vanity by Valore 

Solid wood frame with 1" black granite top and 
white vitreous china sink. Faucet not included. 

$799.99 Delivered 

Valid 4/1/11-4/30/11 
#520244 only. 

#526184 only. 

Summit 30" or 36" 
Range Hood by Valore 
Starting at 

$299.99 Delivered 
Valid 4/1/11-4/30/11 
#11526775 only. 

Featuring soft-close doors and drawers, along with free professional 
design service. Delivered in approximately two to three weeks. 

Up to 40% OFF on Select Styles 
Valid 3/28/11-4/17/11 #11280458 only. ; 

= Real Wood Kitchen and Bath Cabinets by All Wood Cabinetry® 

All-Natural Glatt Kosher 
Choice Angus Beef 
Variety Pack 

Over 35 lbs. of beef. 
$399.99 Delivered 

#566902 only. 

Stainless Steel 
Shower Panel 
by Valore 
Features “rainfall” 
shower experience 
with oversized 
shower head, 

eight chrome-brass 
hydro jets and 

deluxe hand shower. David's Cookies _ 

Premier WP4-V Reverse Osmosis 

$399.99 Delivered System with Monitoring Faucet Bacca di Montagna Cake 
After $80 OFF $149.99 Delivered After $40 OFF Four Ibs., six oz. 

Valid 3/28/11-4/17/11 Valid 3/28/11-4/17/11 $34.99 Delivered 

#536927 only. #267100 only. #243976 only. 

Price and availability are subject to change without notice. Products may include a shipping and handling charge. For details, visit the product page on Most online coupons at are manufacturer's coupons. State sales tax may be due on the 
prediscounted price of the item when purchased using an online coupon. These taxes, if any, are in addition to the amount that you are paying for the product. Prices, specifications, availability and terms of offers are subject to change without notice. Taxes and shipping charges are 
extra, and vary. “Using the product search box located at, please enter the provided search phrase to find the product(s). Products shipped to Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico will include an additional shipping and handling fee. This fee will be quoted at checkout. 

Amarillo 4-Piece Top Grain Leather Collection 

Enzo Top Grain Leather Sectional 

Includes sofa, loveseat, chair and ottoman. $1,999.99 Delivered 
$2,499.99 Delivered Valid 4/1/11-4/30/11 

Valid 4/1/11-4/30/11 #11523550 

#566824 only. only. 

> ALY PRs 



3-Piece Top Grain 

Leather Collection 

Includes sofa and two recliners. 
$1,999.99 Delivered 

Valid 4/1/11-4/30/11 
#552610 only. 

Murray Bonded Leather Chair 2-Pack Ashbury Bonded Leather Chair 2-Pack 

$579.99 Delivered $699.99 Delivered 
Valid 4/1/11-4/30/11 Valid 4/1/11-4/30/11 
#568830 #11622842 only. only. 


Body Therapy Pillowtop 
Queen Memory Foam Mattress 
$499.99 Delivered 
Valid 4/1/11-4/30/11 
#11534791 only. 
King and Cal-king also available. 

: Price varies by size. 

Augustine Sleigh 4-Piece Bedroom Collection 

Starting at $1,999.99 Delivered 
Valid 4/1/11-4/30/11 #11599914 only. 
Other sizes/configurations available. Price varies by size/configuration. 

Bevelle 5-Piece Queen Bedroom Collection 
Includes bed, two nightstands, dresser and mirror. 
$1,499.99 Delivered 

Valid 4/1/11-4/30/11 #11618122 only. 

Other sizes/configurations available. 

Price varies by size/configuration. 

ra | 
_ tagger, | 

Kimberly 6-Piece King Bedroom Collection 
Includes bed, two nightstands, dresser, mirror and chest. 
$2,799.99 Delivered 

Valid 4/1/11-4/30/11 #11624892 only. 
Other sizes/configurations available. Price varies by size/configuration. 

Liberty Sleigh 5-Piece Queen Bedroom Collection 
Includes bed, two nightstands, dresser and mirror. 
$2,999.99 Delivered 

Valid 4/1/11-4/30/11 #11624277 only. 
Other sizes/configurations available. Price varies by size/configuration. 


Hailey 3-Piece Bedroom Collection 
Includes full storage bed, chest and nightstand. 

$1,299.99 Delivered 

Valid 4/1/11-4/30/11 

#11210629 only. 

Also available in twin size. Price varies by size. 

Price and availability are subject to change without notice. Products may include a shipping and handling charge. For details, visit the product page on Most online coupons at are manufacturer's coupons. State sales tax may be due on the 

prediscounted price of the tem when purchased using an online coupon. These taxes, if any, are in addition to the amount that you are paying for the product. Prices, specifications, availability and terms of offers are subject to change without notice. Taxes and shipping charges are 

extra, and vary. “Using the product search box located at, please enter the provided search phrase to find the product(s). Products shipped to Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico will include an additional shipping and handling fee. This fee will be quoted at checkout. 

Manhattan 6-Piece Queen Bedroom Collection 
Includes bed, two nightstands, dresser, mirror and chest. 
$1,999.99 Delivered After $400 OFF 

Valid 3/28/11-4/17/11 #11503313 only. 
Other sizes/configurations available. Price varies by size/configuration. 

Balboa 10-Piece Dining Collection 
Includes table, six side chairs, 

two arm chairs and china cabinet. 1 
$2,999.99 Delivered te 
Valid 4/1/11—4/30/11 
#11621918 only. vr t 
Other configurations available. a | i LF 


Timeless Hand Tufted Wool Area Rugs 
Assorted styles available. 

$399.99 Delivered 
Valid 4/1/11-4/30/11 #11624897 only. 

Smartsilk™ Bedding The Green 

e All natural, silk-filled Garmento’ 4-in-1 
with 100% cotton cover Dry Cleaning 

° Certified asthma Bag Set 

Includes two reusable 
dry cleaning bags 
and one stainless steel 

$199.99 Delivered over-the-door hook. 
#11624896 i $19.99 Delivered only. . . _ #563832 only. Laundry Hamper Duffel Garment 

and allergy friendly™ 
e Machine wash and dry 

Starting at 


(ihaL I He 

Wie LE PR Wie 

Bagless Upright . 
Vacuum -_ 

#569935 only. 

Endicott Swivel Barstool 

$169.99 Delivered 
Valid 4/1/11-4/30/11 
#11501888 only. 

fi Fr Tie oa Ban, 

EA) Electrolux 

al saonteevedl 

Po dd 

vs ptt ahh aa 

ii i ‘Tl tt il 


Mighty Mule Gates and Gate Openers 
Driveway and walk-through gates. 

Single and double gate openers. 

Gates Starting at $1,599.99 Delivered 
Gate Openers Starting at 

$499.99 Delivered 

Valid 4/1/11-5/1/11 


Solar-Powered Attic Fan 

with Solar Controller 

Cools your house in summer and reduces mold and 
mildew in winter. Operates after dark and monitors 
attic temperature and humidity for optimal 
performance. Eligible for 30% federal tax credit. 
$329.99 Delivered 

#564122 only. 

qe ae 

Microsoft® Xbox 360° 
250 GB Console 
Kinect™ Sensor with 
Kinect™ Adventures! game. 
$399.99 Delivered 

Warehouse and 




GenTran 30-Amp Manual 
Transfer Switch Kit 

For generators up to 

7500 watts running/ 

9000 watts peak. 

$299.99 Delivered 

#544099 only. 

6-Piece Garage Cabinet 
Storage System 
$1,199.99 Delivered 
After $300 OFF 

Valid 4/1/11-4/30/11 

#11473635 only. 

— ss =—Sso>?7 

Skylight Tube with Low-Profile Square Dome 
Directs clean, natural light to any room. Hail-resistant 
polycarbonate roof lens. Leak-proof one-piece 
integrated roof flashing. Comes with 8' flexible tube. 
$239.99 Delivered 

#564133 only. 

Se aia price of the item when aria using an online coupon. These taxes, if any, are in addition to the Satie are paying for the product. Prices, Sto availability and terms of offers are subject to Tene without notice. Taxes and shipping charges are 
extra, and vary. “Using the product search box located at, please enter the provided search phrase to find the product(s). Products shipped to Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico will include an additional Sain and handling fee. This fee will be quoted at checkout. 

pourcmas scsioss MONI :] £00]. Week) feemee) UB hile) 4-4 

Give US your email address and be the first to know about new items and online-only coupon offers, 

VIZIO 40" to 55" 

TV Wall Mount 
$79.99 Delivered 
Valid 4/1/11—4/30/11 

Warehouse and 

audio, built-in 
battery with SRS 
WOW HD audio | 
processing. | 
#565100 only. 

Satie eee ea 
ee eke 


VIZIO Dual-Band HD 
Wireless Internet Router 
Perfect for streaming movies 
and TV shows in HD quality. 
802.11n dual-band wireless networking. 
#550462 only. 

ae — Ca ky 29 iP 
srs i: 4 = += — Cultured Pearl “ “| 
4 Z : ¥ 5 . ; if 
= 4 % Sg " and Diamond Earrings 7 1 i 
my 2 one cs ae 4 j "t d 
7 mm Cultured Pearl Earrings Neecese be *b a 
14kt white gold. Pas fen = 
$79.99 Delivered Fa lll et 
#552113 es 
het c i as aa sa 
..) Round Brilliant ey ie on ed 
‘, ==) Diamond Hoops bet ay hee 
‘y! ata (1.45 ctw) ea 2 
“ ae 14kt white gold. 8.5 mm Akoya ice 
a Ps tae ee Delivered Cultured Pearl Princess Cut 
and Diamond Diamond Cross 
Necklace (.30 ctw) 
Pri hn’ Cut 14kt white gold. 14kt white gold. 
Diamond Ring $749.99 Delivered $459.99 
(2.00 ctw) #996467 Delivered 
Platinum. gee O00 
$6,499.99 Delivered re 
#555169 _ ee, 
} en 
———- 2 ee lls 
7-7.5 mm Round Akoya Diamond Eternity is 
Cultured Pearl Strand Bracelet (3.00 ctw) ee. 
14kt white gold clasp. 7". 14kt white gold. a 
$899.99 Delivered $2,399.99 Delivered 
#166180 #233997 

All diamonds are minimum VS2 clarity, | color. All items only. 


Don’t Let Your Joimts 
Slow You Uovwv 

ta soe Helps Build CARTILAGE” 




¢ Helps renew cartilage to promote flexibility* 

¢ Cushions joints to help ease occasional joint 
stress and stiffness* 

¢ Works to maintain healthy connective tissue* 

USP has tested and verified this Kirkland Signature 
supplement for its ingredients, potency and 
manufacturing process. USP sets official standards 
for dietary supplements. See 

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. 

MW ialtow e)colelU (erm (-male)m@alc-ace(svemcone|t-(e]alol=\-mmic-r- 1mm ei0/¢-Me)my e)e>\V(-)a1m-la\Vme|(s\2r- om ie tale ; 
WAREHOUSE/COSTCO.COM Exclusively from Costco Wholesale 



By T. Foster Jones 

WHEN YOU THINK of Costco Travel, you 
might think of cruises and vacation pack- 
ages. But Costco Travel offers other great 
options with solid member savings. The 
hotel-only program, for instance, which 
includes Best Western and Hyatt, is a perfect 
solution for those who want to travel beyond 
the destinations where packages are offered 
or who dont need all the components of 
a package, with brands they trust and the 
savings they expect. 

Hotel-only program 

Most of Costco Travel’s offerings do fea- 
ture packages (accommodations, ground 
transportation and other elements bundled 
together), so the hotel-only program is unique 
in that it offers savings on lodging only. 

“Our hotel-only program offers members 
savings on Hyatt hotels and resorts world- 
wide, and Best Western hotels in the U.S. and 
Canada,’ says Sarah Gaudet, buyer for Costco 
Travel. “Both brands are recognized and 
respected by American travelers, but there are 
levels of each brand that the average con- 
sumer probably doesn't know.’ 

Hyatt hotels and resorts 

Some think of Hyatt strictly as a luxury, 
high-end chain. While it certainly includes 
grand hotels and magnificent resorts, the par- 
ent company also is home to more affordable 
brands that provide a different experience but 
still one with great quality. 

The Hyatt Regency and Grand Hyatt 
brands offer a world-class hotel experience. 

The Hyatt Place and Hyatt Summerfield 
Suites brands are attractive midlevel options 

The Costco Connection 
Costco members save at an array of partici- 
pating Hyatt and Best Western properties. 
Plan your travel and book online in the Travel 
section of, or call Costco Travel 
toll free at 1-877-849-2730. 

with select service for small-business travelers 
who dont necessarily need to be in the heart 
of the city. Value-added amenities include a 
complimentary breakfast option and free 
parking at most locations. 

Hyatt's Andaz brand offers a high-caliber 
boutique-style experience, with smaller prop- 
erties that emphasize local culture, décor, his- 
tory and cuisine. Personalized check-in 
service (versus the traditional check-in desk) 
provides an intimate experience akin to being 
welcomed to a home. 

Best Western 

Say Best Western and most people think 
of a roadside inn (picture the annual family 
minivan vacation). However, as of February 
2011, Best Western has introduced “product 
descriptors” that break the traditional brand 
into three levels of accommodations and ser- 
vice: Best Western, Best Western Plus and 
Best Western Premier. The descriptors distin- 
guish the categories of accommodation so 
guests know what to expect and can select the 
category and specific property that best suits 
their travel needs and budget. 

Best Western provides great value and 
service, with features such as available break- 
fast and free high-speed Internet. Convenient 
amenities like these, and warm, comfortable 
surroundings, ensure an effortless stay and a 
reliable hotel experience. 

Best Western Plus offers the same fea- 
tures as Best Western, with upgraded bath 
amenities in case you forgot anything, an in- 
room mini-fridge for keeping drinks and 
snacks on hand, a fitness room to help you 
stay fit even when youre on the road and 
affordable onsite laundry service. 

Best Western Premier offers all the fea- 
tures of the other two levels, along with 
plush amenities, stylish décor, on-site din- 
ing and features that provide a refined level 
of comfort for all travelers. 

“Costco member savings apply at all 
participating properties in each level,” says 
Sarah. [# 






The World’s Biggest Hotel Family™ 

Save 10 to 20% 

at participating Best Western 
Hotels in the U.S. and Canada. 


Save a minimum of 10% 
at participating Hyatt Hotels 
& Resorts® worldwide. 

To book your accommodations, 
call Costco Travel toll free at 
1-877-849-2730 or visit the Travel 
section of 

*Any unused portion(s) of inclusions are nontransferable, nonrefundable and 
not redeemable for cash. Offer is valid for travel as specified, is valid for new 
bookings only and is available to Costco members residing in the United States. 
Travel purchases are not included in the Executive Membership 2% Reward 
program. Seasonal surcharges, availability, blackout dates and restrictions 
may apply. All prices are in U. S. dollars. Costco Travel disclaims liability for any 
inaccuracies or typographical errors. 

Best Western: Save 10% to 20% off Best Available Rates. Savings may vary 
by date and location, and rooms are subject to availability. Cannot be used 
in conjunction with any other discounts, promotions or special offers. Not 
applicable to group travel. Blackout dates and other restrictions may apply. 
Advance reservations are required. Each Best Western hotel is independently 
owned and operated. Copyright 2011 Best Western International, Inc. 

Hyatt: Hyatt reservations and discount are subject to availability, certain 
restrictions apply and must be made in advance requesting the offer code 
COSTCO. Full terms and conditions can be found in the Hyatt section on Hyatt®, Hyatt Hotels & Resorts® and related marks are 
trademarks of Hyatt Corporation. ©2011 Hyatt Corporation. All rights reserved. 

Costco Travel is registered as a seller of travel in each 
of the states listed: California registration number: CST 
2054248-50 ¢ Florida registration number: ST 32555 e Hawaii 
registration number: T. 95 ¢ lowa registration number: 
TA 620 ¢ Nevada Seller of Travel registration number: 2007- 
0060 ¢ Washington registration number: WST 602042600. 
Registration as a California Seller of Travel does not 
constitute approval by the state. 11TRO610 2/11 

1-877-849-2730 | 

APRIL 2011 The Costco Connection 77 

Costco introduces 
Kirkland Signature bourbon 

BOURBON WHISKEY IS widely regarded 
as Americas greatest contribution to the 
world of spirits. Its origin dates to American 
pioneers, and it was even produced by found- 
ing father George Washington at Mount 
Vernon. Bourbon was a whiskey-making 
county in Kentucky; it was named for the 
French royal family, the house of Bourbon, in 
gratitude to France for helping America in its 
fight for independence. 

To separate it from all other whiskey, 
bourbon was recognized by Congress in 1964 
as “a distinct product of America.’ Now all 
bourbon must be produced in accordance 
with a strict formula to meet that standard. It 
must be made of a grain mixture that is at 
least 51 percent corn, distilled in America at 
less than 160 proof with nothing added but 
water, and aged for at least two years in new 
charred-oak barrels. All bourbon must also 
be labeled with an age statement if the prod- 
uct is aged less than four years. 

Some bourbon producers are expanding 
on this formula in smaller batches with addi- 

Have you subscribed to 

lt @ 

tional aging and varying proofs, which are 
commonly labeled “small-batch bourbon” The 
resulting taste profile is smoother and more 
complex, and made for sipping. As the name 
suggests, small-batch bourbons are made in 
limited quantities and typically aged from six 
to nine years to acquire intense flavors and aro- 
mas from the new charred-oak barrels. 

Costco is proud to introduce Kirkland 
Signature” Premium Small Batch Bourbon, 
available in select warehouses in states that 
allow retail liquor sales. Distilled and bottled 
in Kentucky, it's aged seven years and bottled 
at 103 proof to achieve a complex balance of 
taste and flavor. 

This impeccably aged bourbon is dark 
amber in color and features toasted oak with 
deep brown notes of rich caramel and molas- 
ses, with a long, smoky finish of sweet spice. 

Try bourbon neat or on ice, as an aperitif 
or after dinner, or mix it with ginger ale for a 
classic cocktail. 

—Romar Nichols, 
Costco assistant spirits buyer 

Online Edition? 

There is a new, simpler, more timely way to receive a 
link to the Online Edition of The Costco Connection. 
You may want to join other Costco members con- 
cerned about the cost and paper usage of the print 
edition by opting to receive only the Online Edition. 

Even if you have been accessing The Connection 
through the link on the Costco News e-mail, you can 
now sign up to receive a monthly e-mail exclusively 

devoted to the magazine. 

To sign up for this direct link to the Online Edition or to 
alco) oMuatom e)alalmorelin(e)s puso Mm com exes- deem ere) in ir-]i10mci-y-] C018) 


Costco will appreciate it. The planet will appreciate it. 






Pa? Punii 

= Stk Wi BITTE 
t Bg 

it pia a 
, = 

The Costco Connection 
To see which Costco locations carry the new 
Kirkland Signature Premium Small Batch 
Bourbon (Item #888863) and other spirits, go 
to, click on “Costco Connection 
Magazine” and then on “Beer, Wine & Spirits 
Locator” in the “Resource Guides” box. 


APRIL 2011 The Costco Connection 79 


Behind th wheel | 
the Costco a 

By T. Foster Jones 

AN AUTOMOBILE IS a complex piece of 
machinery. For most of us, that complexity 
can be ignored, as the efforts of designers, 
builders and technicians have made it possi- 
ble to simply turn on the ignition and drive. 

The Costco Auto Program (CAP) is also 
a complex operation. Similarly, the efforts of 
those involved in the program have made it 
possible for Costco members to show up at a 
dealership and make a car purchase as simply 
as possible. 

I recently had the opportunity to take a 
look behind the scenes, or, more appropriately, 
under the hood, of CAP, with some of the 125- 
plus employees who make up the program. 

Nuts and bolts 

The basics of CAP, which began 20 years 
ago, involve establishing relationships with 
top-rated dealers of most vehicle makes and 
models, in order to provide Costco members 
with low, prearranged pricing within a conve- 
nient distance of every Costco warehouse in 
the United States. 

“The selection of individual dealers is 
based on very specific criteria to ensure the 
dealerships are in line with our program stan- 
dards,’ says John Gleason, Costcos manager of 
the program. 

Participating dealerships must agree to 
meet strict pricing requirements, consistently 
rank high in customer satisfaction scores and 
be able to ensure that select dealership repre- 
sentatives (certified and trained Authorized 
Dealer Contacts) follow specific processes to 
assist Costco members. 

80 The Costco Connection APRIL 2011 

“First, we need to identify who would be 
best suited for dealing with Costco members,’ 
says Rick Borg, vice president of program oper- 
ations for the Costco Auto Program. “It has 
to be someone with over-the-top service skills” 

At the dealerships, these contacts are 
trained and certified by Costco’ field reps, to 
follow established CAP processes. “Contacts 
commit to providing a first-class member 
experience and ensure a no-pressure, no-obli- 
gation buying process,’ says John. 

“We sit down and intensively train these 
contacts face to face,’ says Rick. “And the field 
reps are constantly working with them. We 
don't just sign them up and forget about them.’ 

Smooth handling 

Whether a member has contacted CAP 
through the call center or via, 
member service steers the way. 

“We provide auto-buying specialists who 
handle call center inquiries and who can 
explain the program in step-by-step detail,” says 
John. “They can also help the member locate 
the participating dealer closest to the member’ 

In addition, the Costco Auto Program 
contacts all members who requested a referral 
to a dealer through the program, regardless of 


For more information about the Costco 
Auto Program, visit and search 
CAP 12, or call toll-free 1-800-458-1692. 

Costco does not sell vehicles or negotiate individual 
transactions. Members must go to a participating dealer. 


whether they purchased a vehicle, to evaluate 
their experience. 

“We want to make sure we're meeting our 
members’ expectations,’ says John. “It’s only 
by talking to our members that we can con- 
tinue to make the program even better.’ 

Shock absorbers 

No ride is without bumps. For those 
unexpected potholes or roadblocks, Costco 
has established a Member Advocacy Group 
(MAG) to smooth things out. 

“The Member Advocacy Group is unique 
in the auto-buying industry,’ says John. “This 
group is available to assist members before, 
during and after they purchase or lease. If any 
questions or concerns should arise, this 
group ensures that the members’ concerns 
are resolved.” 

“The MAG really sets Costco’s program 
apart,’ says Rick. “There is no other program 
in the industry that has anything like this’ 

These highly trained member-service pro- 
fessionals work with Costco members to help 
them select their car, perform price verifica- 
tions (to make sure the member got the Costco 
deal) and resolve any issues with the dealer or 
the vehicle after the transaction is complete. 

And, says John, “We have also established 
other mechanisms to ensure the program is 
running correctly.’ 

These include both “competitive shop- 
ping, in which Costco reps research the com- 
petition and compare vehicle pricing within 
specific markets, and “shadow shopping” 

“The shadow shopper conducts mystery 
shops of our dealerships to make sure the 
dealer is in compliance with our program, 
confirm correct pricing and evaluate the cus- 
tomer service provided by our Authorized 
Dealer Contacts,’ says John. 


Driving all this forward is the 125-per- 
son piston engine that makes up the Costco 
Auto Program. 

“The Costco Auto Program has helped 
more than 1 million Costco members pur- 
chase a car within the past five years,’ says 
Rick. “Tt is the most successful program in the 
industry, because it’s a win for everybody. It's 
a win for dealers, because they are selling 
more cars. And it’s a win for Costco members, 
because they are getting low, prearranged 
Costco member pricing—the best in class and 
the best in market for every model.” 

Bumper to bumper 

“With the Costco Auto Program, our goal 
is to provide exceptional value and service, 
from start to finish,” says John. “We have an 
established buying process, coupled with 
value pricing, trained staff and 20 years’ expe- 
rience to ensure that goal is met. We really 
work hard to make this as simple as possible 
for our members.” [# 

=>, 40) EO) VAN ie = OyAW Roe 


#1 Selling BoatiIn America* 

Costco members receive exclusive pricing on 
top-quality boats from Sea Ray** 

° Special member incentives up to $3,000 on select 
gakeler=it-m e)lerom-lanvarchVccli tcl olism aat-lalenr-(eanel as) auialerclanahyicts 

clay -\ass 101010) @xol-} Koro Or- k=) alm Or-1 0 ince) axeroyanle)i=ial ale it-i @rey>i cere 
member satisfaction survey after purchase 

Call 1-800-816-5177 or visit and search: 

Sea ky ye. 

Where Land Ends, Life Begins.® 

* 205 Sport is the number one selling sterndrive bowrider 20 feet and over for the 2010 model year per Statistical Surveys Inc. 

** Costco and its affiliates do not sell boats or negotiate individual transactions. All new boats arranged for sale are subject to availability and a price 
prearranged with the participating new boat dealer. Offer only available on eligible models at participating dealers. Additional details apply. Must 
complete a Redemption Form and Costco Auto Program Member Satisfaction Survey within 30 days of purchase to qualify for the $500 Costco Cash Card. 


| = 

_ Pat chills out in the 
~ cooler that keeps 


Costco’s roses at the 
“| perfect 35° temperature. 


progra n1 


Consumer reporter Pat Volchok 
gives a behind-the-scenes look at 
Costco products and services. Send 
your questions about this article to: 

More in archives 
On, enter 

“Connection.” At Online 
Edition, search 

82 The Costco Connection APRIL 2011 


A ROSE IS A ROSE, right? Not so fast. Some 
roses are sustainably grown, supported by a 
commitment to protect ecosystems and wild- 
life habitats, conserve water and soil, and pro- 
mote decent and safe working conditions. 
These certified beauties, known as Rainforest 
Alliance roses, are now the only long- 
stemmed roses offered in Costco warehouses. 

A new standard of floriculture 

Wanting to learn more about this latest 
development, I sit down with Costcos ware- 
house floral team: Kim Thomas, Kevin 
Gleason and Ken Hackman. 

Kim tells me, “Costco was the first retailer 
in the country to commit to only selling sus- 
tainably grown long-stemmed cut roses. This 
assures the company and Costco members 
that the beautiful flowers they purchase in the 
warehouse are not causing harm to the people 
who grow them.’ 

The team analyzed many sustainability 
certification programs before selecting the 
Rainforest Alliance (www.rainforest-alliance. 
org). Particularly appealing was the require- 
ment of annual, independent third-party 
audits. In addition suppliers cannot earn the 
nonprofits green frog certification seal with- 
out performing agrochemical reduction, eco- 


system conservation and fair worker practices, 
including equitable wages, decent housing and 
access to schools, healthcare and training. 

I’m struck by the magnitude of managing 
a program whose farms are located in tropi- 
cal Latin America. (Ninety percent of the cut 
flowers and ferns imported to the United 
States originate in this region.) 

Kim's eyes well up as she reports, “I’ve 
never been more proud. A vast majority of 
our suppliers and their farms exceeded 
Rainforest Alliance certification standards the 
first go-around. This speaks to the caliber of 
the people we deal with.” 

Rainforest Alliance sustainable value 
chain manager Alex Morgan concurs. I catch 
up with him as he is off to visit Costco 
Rainforest Alliance Certified floral farms in 
Colombia, and he e-mails an update. 

“Pat, it seems that everyone in the indus- 
try in Colombia knows that Costco has been 
quite diligent about the farms it is sourcing 
from and clearly values how these farms take 
care of the environment, people working on 
the farms, birds and wildlife,” he writes. 

Costcos commitment to Rainforest 
Alliance certification, he notes, is a “win-win 
for farms, farmers, buyers and consumers, 
with benefits for everyone in the supply chain.’ 

Rose buddies 

Kevin suggests I travel with him to Canby, 
Oregon, to experience a production facility 
and see firsthand the difference between 
farm-made and Costco-made bouquets. I 
jump at the chance. 

We are met by Kendal Floral Supply presi- 
dent Ken Baca. With 1,500 varieties, 104 of 
which are Rainforest Alliance Certified roses, 
Kendal is the second-largest importer and dis- 
tributor of fresh cut flowers in the United 
States, and accounts for 25 percent of all Costco 
warehouse cut flowers. 

Their facility (pictured at left) takes my 
breath away in more ways than expected. The 
Rainforest Alliance Certified roses, in a rain- 
bow of colors, beg me to take them home. But 
it's the chilly temperature, held at a constant 35 
degrees Fahrenheit inside the plant, that grabs 
my attention. 

Ken Baca explains, “Flowers age about 
three times faster at warmer temperatures; 
this is why Costcos cold chain is maintained 
from harvest to warehouse.’ 

I'm shown photos of flowers stored at 32 
degrees for five days and then stored at 68 
degrees. They had a life of 11.5 days, whereas 
those held at 50 degrees for five days and then 
at 68 degrees lasted only 7.0 days, a 39 percent 
decrease in vase life. 

There’s much more to learn 

Costco specifies 50 cm (19.7-inch) long 
roses because stems are stronger and flower 
heads larger. Also required for most rose vari- 
eties are slightly open buds, as they continue 
to unfurl and hold better in the vase. Costco 

Surviving the first cut 

WANT TO ENSURE those fresh-cut 
blooms will stay beautiful for as long as 

» As soon as you receive the flow- 
ers, empty the accompanying floral 
sachet into a vase of clean, fresh water. 

= Using a sharp knife, cut the base 
of each stem at an angle before placing 
the flowers in water; this will ensure 
the flowers are rehydrated. 

= Remove foliage below the water 
line to prevent bacteria buildup; retain 
foliage above to maintain plant health. 

= Keep the flowers away from 
direct sunlight or indirect heat, includ- 
ing that generated from the top of 
appliances such as T'Vs. 

= Every three days, change the 
water and recut the flower stems; if 
possible, add more flower food. 

sets a goal of two days from harvest to pro- 
duction facility and less than 48 hours from 
production facility to warehouse. (Some 
Costco warehouses receive deliveries daily.) 

We walk through the plant. It mirrors 
what occurs on Rainforest Alliance Certified 
farms, with water and cardboard recycled and 
green waste composted. 

Baca randomly opens boxes of flowers 
that have just arrived. They are magnificent, 
with strong stems, no droopy leaves and buds 
individually protected in sleeves. 

I learn that vase life can vary from three 
days to three weeks based on variety, place- 
ment and handling. (In a quest for the perfect 
rose, breeders sacrificed fragrance for vase life; 
however, they are now working on having 
both.) For best results, follow the guidelines in 
“Surviving the first cut.’ 

Baca ends our tour by noting, “Rainforest 
Alliance Certified roses are a symbol of pride 
for all of us. Costco’s goal is to set the pace for 
our industry, and that is what we've done. 
Nobody touches Costcos price.’ 

Costcos Rainforest Alliance Certified 50 
cm, 24-stem rose bouquet with greens and 
rose food is $15.99 (less than 67 cents per 
stem). A quick trip to my local grocery finds 
50 cm roses offered at $2.99 per stem ($71.76 
for 24) and certified fair trade roses at $3.49 
each ($83.76 for 24). 

I'd say Costco Rainforest Alliance 
Certified roses are bloomin great. [# 


in bunches 

30 stems) and garden bunches (single 
variety) are also sold in warehouses. 
Costco purchases local, U.S.-grown flow- 
ers whenever possible, including the 
majority of sunflowers, tulips, gladioli 
and iris. While not certified, these farms 
are pressed by Costco to perform within 
the same Rainforest Alliance standards. 

The new special-order program 
makes it possible to order Costco flowers 
ahead of a wedding or other big function. 
Costco’s supplier, Kendal Floral Supply, 
assigns a specific person to each order. 

Kevin Gleason, floral buyer, provides 
the details: “There are minimums, and 
orders need to be placed seven business 
days prior to the requested arrival date at 
the warehouse of your choice. There are 
no special handling or shipping fees.” 

Look for the special-order phone num- 
ber on a sign on the floral cooler or speak 
to the cooler merchandiser, warehouse 
duty manager or staff at the membership 
counter. (Not offered the two weeks 
before Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother's 
Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas.) 

You can also shop for flowers at; click on “Grocery & Floral,” 
and then on “Floral.” Pre-made wedding 
ensembles, bulk flowers, roses and select 
Rainforest Alliance roses are particularly 

Roses at Costco are a bloomin’ good value 

Retailer Stems Length 
Giant* 12 50 cm 
Whole Foods* 12 50 cm 
BJ's 20 50 cm 
Sam's Club 12 50 cm 

50 cm 


Fillers Greens Retail Price 
1 1 $12.99 
0 0 $19.99 
0 0 $14.99 
2 3 $10.87 
0 3 $15.99 



Price comparisons made on 1/31/11 in Washington, D.C., Virginia and Maryland. Configurations 
and price of all stems may vary due to shipping and availability. *Not Rainforest Alliance Certified. 

APRIL 2011 The Costco Connection 83 


A. Sharp AQUOS Quattron 60" LED LCD Television 
The Quattron LC-60LE832U features Quad Pixel techno- 
logy which adds a fourth color, yellow, to the traditional 
RGB pixel format for an amazing color display. Quad Pixel 
Plus produces smoother lines by enabling individual 
control of all 8 million sub-pixels on screen. Connected 
TV services include Netflix, Vudu and even live customer 
support, and built-in Wi-Fi allows easy access to your 
home's network. Ultra-slim bezel around screen; 1.5" 
depth. Item #886060. Warehouse and 

B. Gasland or Waste Land DVD Gasland is a 

provocative film about drilling for natural gas and the 
environmental impact to land, air and water. Waste 
Land features the world’s largest garbage dump, 
Jardim Gramacho, located on the outskirts of Rio 
de Janeiro, and the people who work there and 
create art from the refuse. Both films were 

nominated for Oscars in the 2010 Best 
Feature Documentary category. 
Item #569422. Warehouse only. 

C. Insulated Beverage Tub 
Perfect for parties and enter- 
taining, this two-piece, 6-gallon 
tub features a double-wall 
design to eliminate con- 
densation on the exterior 

of the tub and is BPA free. 
Item #557087. 

Warehouse only. 

MT ert hl SCS. 

84 The Costco Gonnection APRIL 2011 


The Civil War on DVD 

KEN BURNS’ Emmy Award-winning, nine-part documentary 
series, The Civil War, is now available in the 150th-anniversary 
edition. Hailed as a landmark in historical storytelling, the 
epic documentary brings to life America’s most destructive 

and defining conflict. “This masterpiece now includes a 
new sixth disc with bonus footage and a collector’s 
book,” says assistant buyer Cody Yaple. 

Item #569545. 

Warehouse only. 

D. Women’s Garden Gloves 6-Pack These 
nitrile-coated garden gloves are excellent for wet 
and muddy conditions. They have superb grip for 
weeding, handling bricks and stones, pondscap- 
ing and planting. Each glove features 100% nitrile 
coating. Pack features assorted colors. 

Item #532011. Warehouse only. 

E. All-Occasion Gift Bag Set This set offers 
a variety of designs for every occasion, with 
20 handmade, uniquely embellished gift bags 
in a variety of sizes. A Costco exclusive. 

Item #785785. Warehouse only. 


F. Primo Portable Tabletop Water Dispenser Jf 
This versatile water dispenser can be used in the — | 
kitchen, gym or workshop, and is easily portable 
for tailgating, picnics and sporting events. 
Includes a convenient push-button control. 
Fits most 3- to 5-gallon bottles (not included). 
Item #563229. only. 

G. Coleman Screen House This 11° x 11' 
instant screen house sets up in less than 

60 seconds—simply unfold and extend. Shelter 
provides 100 square feet of shade and a UVGuard 
UV protection factor of 50+. Item #545537. 
Warehouse only. 

H. Sharp Portable Air Conditioner/ 

Air Purifier This stylish, portable unit combines 
library-quiet cooling with the utility of a de- 
humidifier, exhaust fan and Plasmacluster air 
purifier. Cools rooms up to 410 square feet. 
Item #564359. Warehouse only. 

I. Nintendo 3DS Bundle Experience incredible 
game play that combines 3-D graphics, with no 
need for special glasses, in a portable, handheld 
system. Includes executive case, car charger and 
two screen protectors. Available in Cosmo Black 
or Aqua Blue. Item #589999. Warehouse and 

J. Geneva Cuddle Set This three-piece 
wrought-iron set includes two oversize cuddle 
chairs and a side table. The 24" tabletop is 
travertine, while the chair cushions feature 
Sunbrella fabric that resists mildew, stretching 
and fading. Pilllows included. Item #541881. 

Warehouse only. 
i / 

APRIL 2011 Jh 





Apr 28—May 8 Lucky Clover 

Apr 29-May 8 Modesty apparel 
Anchorage Il 

Apr 1-10 Lucky Clover jewelry 
Apr 29-May 8 Modesty apparel 

Apr 14-23 Vitamix blenders 



Apr 29-May 8 Roma Designs 


Apr 8-17 Telesto Designs 

Apr 15-24 Modesty apparel 
Twin Falls 

Apr 29-May 8 Vitamix blenders 



Apr 8-17 Modesty apparel 
Apr 29-May 8 Sun protection 


Apr 1-10 Vitamix blenders 

Apr 29-May 8 Lucky Clover 


Apr 29-May 8 Modesty apparel 


Apr 1-10 Pottery Avenue hand- 
made Polish pottery 

Apr 15-24 Artune jewelry 

Apr 1-10 Artune jewelry 



Apr 15-23 Roma Designs 

Apr 15-24 Hammocks 


Apr 15-23 Vitamix blenders 
Apr 15-24 Kazia Digo jewelry 
Apr 29-May 8 Modesty apparel 

Apr 1-10 Roma Designs jewelry 
Apr 8-17 Modesty apparel 

Apr 29-May 8 Vitamix blenders 


Apr 29-May 8 Hammocks 

Apr 29-May 8 Lucky Clover 

Apr 29-May 8 Modesty apparel 

Apr 8-17 Sun protection apparel 


Apr 15-24 Vitamix blenders 
Apr 22—May 1 Adolfo men’s 


Mar 31-Apr 10 Vitamix blenders 
Apr 8-17 Pottery Avenue hand- 
made Polish pottery 

Apr 22-May 1 Modesty apparel 
Apr 28-May 8 Jewelry To Your 
Doorstep jewelry 

Apr 14-24 Jewelry To Your 
Doorstep jewelry 


Apr 8-17 Adolfo men’s apparel 
Apr 22—May 1 Sun protection 


Apr 28-May 8 Lucky Clover 


Apr 6-10 Jewelry To Your 
Doorstep jewelry 

Apr 29-May 8 Modesty apparel 


Apr 1-10 Modesty apparel 

Apr 15-24 Hammocks 

Apr 29-May 8 Kazia Digo 

Apr 29-May 8 Vitamix blenders 



Apr 1-10 Modesty apparel 

Apr 28-May 8 Lucky Clover 


Apr 8-17 Pottery Avenue hand- 
made Polish pottery 


Apr 15-24 Lucky Clover jewelry 
Apr 22-May 1 Pottery Avenue 
handmade Polish pottery 

West Bountiful 

Apr 8-17 Pottery Avenue hand- 
made Polish pottery 

Apr 22-May 1 Telesto Designs 

Apr 22-May 1 Vitamix blenders 
West Valley 

Apr 22-May 1 Pottery Avenue 
handmade Polish pottery 


Aurora Village 

Apr 1-10 Adolfo men’s apparel 
Apr 29-May 8 Kazia Digo 

Apr 29-May 8 Pottery Avenue 
handmade Polish pottery 

Mar 31—Apr 10 Vitamix blenders 
Apr 15-24 Hammocks 

Apr 15-23 Roma Designs jewelry 
Apr 29-May 8 Hammocks 

Apr 1-10 Sun protection 

East Wenatchee 
Apr 15-24 Modesty apparel 


Apr 29-May 8 Artune jewelry 
Apr 29-May 8 Modesty apparel 
Apr 29-May 8 Vitamix blenders 

Federal Way 

Apr 1-10 Sun protection wear 
Apr 8-17 Modesty apparel 
Apr 15-24 Kazia Digo jewelry 
Gig Harbor 

Apr 8-17 Modesty apparel 

Apr 28-May 8 Jewelry To Your 
Doorstep jewelry 

86 The Costco Connection APRIL 2011 

New and exciting products 

available at warehouses for 
eclal events "= 

Dates and events are subject to change. Special Events for other regions 
may be found on; type “special events” into the search box. 

Apr 29-May 8 Pottery Avenue 

handmade Polish pottery 

Mar 31—Apr 10 Vitamix blenders 

Apr 29-May 8 Modesty apparel 
Apr 29-May 8 Roma Designs 


Apr 15-24 Kazia Digo jewelry 


Apr 6-10 Jewelry To Your 

Doorstep jewelry 

Apr 15-24 Sun protection wear 
Apr 29-May 8 Lucky Clover 


Apr 1-10 Roma Designs jewelry 
Apr 29-May 8 Modesty apparel 
Apr 29-May 8 Sun protection 


Apr 1-10 Pottery Avenue hand- 
made Polish pottery 

Apr 1-10 Sun protection wear 
Apr 15-24 Adolfo men’s apparel 
Apr 29-May 8 Kazia Digo jewelry 

Apr 1-10 Sun protection wear 
Apr 22—May 1 Modesty apparel 
Apr 29-May 8 Vitamix blenders 

N Spokane 
Apr 8-17 Modesty apparel 
Apr 15-24 Sun protection wear 


Apr 14-24 Jewelry To Your 
Doorstep jewelry 

Apr 22—-May 1 Vitamix blenders 
Apr 29-May 8 Sun protection 

Apr 29-May 8 Roma Designs 



Apr 1-10 Kazia Digo jewelry 
Apr 1-10 Pottery Avenue hand- 
made Polish pottery 

Apr 15-24 Sun protection wear 
Apr 29-May 8 Adolfo men’s 

Union Gap 

Apr 8-17 Modesty apparel 

Apr 1-10 Modesty apparel 

Apr 29-May 8 Lucky Clover 


Apr 29-May 8 Vitamix blenders 

Monday-Friday 10am-8:30pm 
Saturday 9:30am-—6pm 
Sunday 10am-é6pm open 24 hours 
a day, 7 days a week 

Additional services 
Costco Auto Program. 
Fife and Lynnwood, WA, 
Business Centers, Print & Copy 
Center. Delivery to businesses, 
more business products. 
Open to all Costco members. 

specialty. > 3 & ; 
SCYFVICe@S 2e£f ~ w2s & 
eo © 8 ec a5 
at your localwarehouse &€& ©, . SSTteE 6a 
or business center SoaseoS PRS ow 8 
Anchorage ° e 
Anchorage II e ° 
Boise e ° ° 
Coeur d'Alene e e ° 
Nampa e @ ° 
Pocatello e e 
Twin Falls @ ° 
Billings e ° ° 
Bozeman © ° e 
Helena e ° 
Kalispell ° ° 
Missoula ° e 
Albany e ° e 
Aloha ® ° 
Bend e ° 
Clackamas ° ° 
Eugene @ ° ° 
Hillsboro e ° ° 
Medford e ° ° 
Portland e ° ° 
Roseburg ° ° 
Salem ° ° ° 
Tigard ° ° 
Warrenton e e 
Wilsonville © e e 
Lehi ° ° e 
Murray e ° @ 
Ogden e ° ® 
Orem e e ° 
St. George e ° ° 
Salt Lake City e ° ° 
Sandy e ° ° 
West Bountiful ° ° ° 
West Valley e ° ° 
Aurora Village e e e 
Bellingham e e e 
Burlington e e e 
Clarkston e ° 
Covington ° ° ° 
East Wenatchee e e ° 
Everett e e ° 
Federal Way ° ° ° 
Fife Business Center e ° 
Gig Harbor ° ° e 
Issaquah ° e @ 
Kennewick @ ° ° 
Kirkland e ° 
Lacey e ° ® 
Lynnwood Business Ctr. e e ° 
Marysville e e ° 
Puyallup e e ° 
Seattle e ° e @ ° 
Sequim ° ° 
Silverdale ° ° @ 
Spokane ° e ° 
N Spokane ° e ° 
Tacoma e ° ° 
Tukwila ° ° ° ° 
Tumwater e e e 
Union Gap ° ° ° 
Vancouver e e @ 
E Vancouver ° ° ° 
Woodinville ° ° ° 

Services at all locations (Except Fife and 
Lynnwood Business Centers) 

ATM, Bakery, Deli/Produce, Executive Membership, Food Court 
or Hot Dog Cart, Fresh Meat, Pharmacy*, Special Order Kiosk 
and Tire Center 

Costco Travel.+ 1-877-849-2730 

Costco Services. A suite of discount business and 

consumer services.+ 1-800-220-6000 

*Prescriptions available through in Juneau, Kalispell 
and Warrenton 

+Also available at 


Wom (cr-laaMante)ccW-lolelblmolvhmeeliale)(sixcM-JUNIK>Me)M@xe\-]KoOm-\-) atslocicn 
click on the “Services” link at or call toll-free 1-800-220-6000. 


Mortgage rates for members 

COSTCO AND PROVIDER First Choice Bank have 
launched the new Mortgage and Refinancing 
service, dedicated to providing Costco members 
with great rates and excellent service for home- 
financing needs. This safe and secure online pro- 
gram lets you shop for a mortgage or refinance a 
loan with a select group of national lenders par- 
ticipating in the program. 

It's simple to get a real-time rate quote 

returned only from the lenders you select. 
The good news for Costco members: 
Except for third-party fees such as appraisal, 
title, etc., Executive Members pay no more 
than $600 in lender fees; Gold Star and 
Business members pay no more than $750 
in lender fees. (That's a great example of how 
a membership upgrade can pay for itself.) 
To get started, visit 

First Choice Bank, a New Jersey state-chartered bank, is registered or exempt from state licensing in the states where 
it originates mortgage loans. First Choice Loan Services Inc., a New Jersey corporation, is the wholly owned subsidiary 
of First Choice Bank. First Choice Loan Services Inc. is licensed, registered or exempt from state licensing in the states 
where it originates mortgage loans. First Choice Loan Services Inc. is licensed in Maryland as a Mortgage Lender and in 
the District of Columbia as a Mortgage Lender (License #MLB210764). The NMLS identification number for First Choice 
Loan Services Inc. is 210764. Costco and its affiliates do not negotiate, arrange or make mortgage loans. Only current 

Costco members are eligible to qualify for this service. 


Special Offers on Costco Services 

Valid 3/10/11 — 4/3/11 

Go to and search: Services mvm 

Restrictions apply. See offers for details. 

Ny Nf SER 


EHR: Just what the 
doctor ordered 

FOR MEDICAL PRACTICES and clinics, elec- 
tronic health records (EHR) and practice man- 
agement (PM) solutions are the focus of a new 
service that Costco is testing in the Southeast. 

The EHR platform, Allscripts MyWay™, 
offers Costco members a fully hosted software 
and service solution with a full set of features 
that includes: 

e Patient portal 

e ePrescribing 

e Unlimited electronic claims 

e Live remote training 

e Maintenance, support and hosting 

Physicians utilizing EHR and proving 
“meaningful use” during 2011 are eligible for 
up to $44,000 in federal stimulus incentives. 
Etransmedia, the provider, can show you how 
to qualify for that stimulus. 

Costco Executive Members pay just $499 
per month for this service; Gold Star and 
Business members pay $599 per month. 

No server hardware is required or included. 

For more information or to schedule a free 
demo, call toll-free 1-877-347-8497, or visit and search “EHR.” 

Eligibility requirements apply. Offer subject to terms and 
licenses in purchase and lease documentation. Subject to 
third party finance approval; lease terms apply. See www. for terms and conditions. 

Vg) | 

Vehicle protection 
now in five states 

COSTCO HAS EXPANDED the Vehicle Repair 
Protection service provided by Century 
Warranty Services to Arizona, Florida and Texas 
in addition to Oregon and Washington. 

Cars are expensive to repair, particularly 
when the factory warranty runs out. That’s why 
this type of comprehensive repair protection 
makes sense and saves money. 

Program benefits include: 

e Exclusive rates for Costco members 

e A premium-level plan that covers most 

mechanical and electric components 

e Various deductibles and plan terms 

e Vehicle service at any licensed repair 

shop in the U.S. and Canada 

Why not protect yourself from unexpected 
vehicle repair costs and other related expenses, 
such as roadside assistance, towing, rental car 
reimbursement, travel and lodging? 

For more information or to get a quote, 
call toll-free 1-877-900-9077, or visit Costco. 
com and search “vrp3.” 

Vehicle Protection Plans are provided by Century War- 
ranty Services Inc., 8019 Bayberry Road, Jacksonville, FL; 
License #60114. Certain eligibility criteria, conditions, 
restrictions, limits and exclusions apply. 

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APRIL 2011 The Costco Connection 87 


OPERATION CLEAN SLATE (www., a non-profit 
organization in southern California founded 
by Costco member Michael Howard, involves 
students in hands-on mural-painting activi- 
ties that help beautify school campuses and 
reduce graffiti vandalism. At the same time, 
students learn about issues such as nutrition 
and exercise, anti-tobacco messages, pedes- 
trian safety and water conservation. 

“T started Operation Clean Slate while I 
was a teacher at the Juvenile Hall school in 
Orange County, says Howard, 46. “It’s been 
my full-time job for about 18 years.” 

The inspiration for creating Operation 
Clean Slate came to Howard while he was 
driving to Los Angeles to visit his parents. 
“Along the freeway I noticed some graffiti 
off to my right. Id seen graffiti lots of times, 

tomatoes are 
in the bag 

NECESSITY IS THE mother of inven- ,’ 
tion, they say, and that’s certainly 1 
true for Costco member Linda : 
Thwaite Peterson of Vashon Island, } 
Washington. “In late April and early 
May [of 2010], I puzzled over how 
to protect my tiny, shivering tomato ' 
plants from the wettest, coldest : 
spring on record.” Taking Kirkland - 
Signature™ Tortilla Chip bags, she 
installed one bag around each 4-inch 
tomato plant, placing tomato cages or ie 
stakes inside the bags to hold them open. 
As the photo shows, Peterson had a 
healthy crop, despite the cold and wind. 
—Anita Thompson | 


88 The Costco Connection APRIL 2011 \ 


‘ ‘ 

but this time it spoke to me. It was as if 
I heard a cry for help.’ 

As Howard looked into what commu- 
nities were doing to address the problem 
he quickly discovered they were overlook- 
ing what he felt was an elemental ques- 
tion: why kids were doing graffiti in the 
first place. 

“I figured if you address the root 
cause—that kids need to be creative, have 
their self-esteem nurtured and a safe place 
to express themselves and channel their 
energies into something positive that 
benefits the community—then you could 
reduce graffiti,’ he says. 

To date 24,000 volunteers have com- 
pleted more than 700 large-scale murals 
at 360 schools throughout Southern 
California as well as in Washington and 
Iowa, and produced five murals outside 
the U.S. in Kenya, Thailand, Mexico, 
Costa Rica and Peru.—T. Foster Jones 



Life is like a ce 
of... trees? = 

plant a tree from seed and 
Start his or her own legacy? 

That's the question that 
launched Portland, Oregon's 
Tree In A Box (Www.treeinabox. 
com) in 1991. Founders Art and 
Kris Akins correctly reasoned that trees started 
from seed in the environment they would actu- 
ally be growing in would acclimate and thrive. 

“We thought it would be a fun business 
that we might do for two or three years. From 
the beginning, the kits have been popular, and 
since the advent of the Internet our sales have 
really taken off,” says Kris. 

Tree In A Box sells about a dozen tree seed 
varieties, including American elm, blue spruce, 
giant sequoia, sycamore and red maple. 

“Our kits are designed to include minimal 
packaging, but they come with a 32-page book- 
let, which we feel is a real value and increases 
Customer success [with growing],” says Kris. 
“Best of all, our kits are guaranteed. If you don't 
get a sprout, we'll send you a new kit.” 

Since its founding, Tree In A Box, which 
contributes a portion of its profits to tree plant- 
ing and conservation groups, has sold more 
than 2.5 million tree kits to retail stores as well 
as for company promotions, wedding and party 
favors, stocking stuffers, educational programs 
and to offset carbon footprints.—W/illl Fifield 

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