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tv   [untitled]    January 1, 2011 3:00am-3:30am PDT

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i am a property owner in the delores' neighborhood association. i have owned a house on delors for 16 years and i realize how much traffic that there is. i am really concerned about the possibility of delores street being made into a one main street. i think that there would be a lot of traffic turning onto delores. i am also concerned about the 14th street and the traffic that goes through there because i travel the street all the time. one way to delores and particularly in the morning, it is very busy. thank you for the opportunity.
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>> commissioners, -- >> president miguel, if i can just do some housekeeping, yesterday evening, the commission received a final copy of the review documents and i have copies here for the public as well. i want you to know that this included some minor revisions. this is a preliminary document that was published in november. i want to show you that those our editorial in nature. the only thing that i would mention is that any substance that is a revision is the excavation at the corner of market and delores.
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that is the change that has occurred as part of the finalization of the final review documents. thank you. >> before 7:00 a.m. would be our
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preference. it would be extremely difficult. >> we have talked about the noise of a loading. it sounds like to me that that window sat like the time there was a lot of traffic coming down the street. i have another question, this is in regards to the non automobile patronage. this is what i have heard. this store is slated to be around 30,000 square feet, is that correct? okay. i believe that your store at fourth and harrison is 48,000 square feet and half of the page as to not use vehicles. >> i would say that that is correct. this is 38,000. >> someone from your group has that information and that is
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what has been represented. on the franklin california store, 32,000 square feet which is a little bit larger than this. that is about 51%. when we look at these issues of problems with parking, i think we have to look at the number of parking places you have and the anticipated usage. this would be fairly high in this particular area. that would be my guess that is something that maybe someone can speak to. then finally in regards to the lan dedication that was propped up as an alternative here, my understanding is that in regards to the decision and other state laws, you cannot do on-site with a rental property because of that but you could perhaps do a land dedication and this is
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something that we don't have at this time but i believe that of that option remains open to you in the future. i think that you can opt to do one of sight at a future time. >> that is the intent of the legislation that was discussed today and also laid out in the letter that was written by the mayor's office of housing. the intent is to actually pass the legislation and then have this past and then it would be retroactive, i believe. this is as much as six months since the time it was approved. we intend to pursue this option to the extent that this is available. >> we did 1 today although we have to do another conditional use although we did a way -- a
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change in the way that the affordable housing was done. that might not even be necessary if this was to pass. okay, thank you. those of the main questions that i have except as someone would like to speak a little bit to mitigation measures for traffic as far as the amount of parking, there was some talk about having a valet. perhaps management as you do with trader joe's on masonic. >> i would add that if you look at the mitigation condition that is proposed, this is proposed as a tool kit because there are ballets included as one of the potential mitigation measures and there is a number of measures that is suggested but
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the mandate under that condition is to the extent that there is a make sure that things are working correctly. thank you. >> in closing, i think that this is a very very good project and i think that this is a wonderful land use, particularly when we contrast this to 30 or 40 years ago. of course, that was a different time and that is where things should be. parking is underneath and we
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were utilizing the space very efficiently. so, i think it is good. things can be worked out that were brought up the we will see what the other commissioners have to say. >> i think that this is a good project, actually. there are some things that we can probably include in the conditions of approval which would be positive. someone, i guess the real issues i'm hearing from many people has to do with the delivery time. i am wondering if we could condition something after 9:00 a.m.. how would that work? >> >> i will start it off and
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handed over to adam smith. we know that the ordinance allows the delivery to start as early as 6:00. as part of the discussions that we had with the neighborhood groups, whole foods agreed to move up to 7:00. i believe that that is under the noise ordinance for organizations. if they are in a neighborhood where there are complaints about noise that the ordinance requires them to start after 7:00 in the morning. i will let adam comment about the deliveries. >> we do have a bit of latitude with our delivery schedule. this is more than a larger chain.
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i think it would be difficult for us to agree to a condition that would require us to deliver after 9:00 a.m.. these are not likely to start until several years in the future. we have made some good faith efforts to make some concessions and i consider that we will do so in the future as well. i think as far as a specific time of delivering past 9:00 a.m., i was in reservations about a green with that. >> thank you. >> i think that -- requested some notice around the recycling center and i would be supportive of that language being included under the conditional use
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motion. i think that that is a pretty minor request. i also support the 1-year report back. ideally, we discussed the issue. many of us were here for the entire market and octavia discussion were we went over on- site housing. it seems that these discussions are going in a positive direction. i'm pretty optimistic that we will continue to move in a positive way. i will move that we approve this and report back in a year after operations and the request around the recycling centers language. we will start there.
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>> second. >> i think that there is a lot of protections here. i think the report -- at there are issues and certain measures might be implemented to mitigate some of the impacts of that situation if it gets really out of hand. i am inclined to go on with the measures that are drafted here. >> i would like a clarification on the recycling center. >> ok. >> this is a notification to the tenants. >> thank you. >> i was just going to say that
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i am a counsel to the project sponsor and we would be happy to accept a condition that says that f any of our lease agreements -- we will provide notice to the fact that their science center is located wherever it is located and it is a recycling center. >> >> commissioner, -- >> i would like to commend to the product groups for the extensive community outreach and working with all the various neighborhood groups. obviously, you cannot get 100% consensus but you did a great job of being out there and modifying your project and even making a good-faith effort because he could not do the on
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site. i would like to commend you in this regard and this is what we ask a lot of developers to do and he really went out there and we would like to thank you and reiterate that that is very important to us. the issue around deliveries. it is very complicated thing to load a truck and this really screws up things. if people to not what deliveries between 7-9, you have them before 7 and after nine. i don't want to go into a debate but this is really difficult if this is stocked so customers can come in. if the other stores in the city are lined in different hours, then it makes it difficult to do all of your deliveries. i understand the issue around deliveries there from the
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industry. in terms of the queuing, i understand people's concerns. i happen to live near the wholefoods of franklin street and surprisingly enough, even if there's not a lot of parking, there is not a ton of keeling but this is not during the congested time. if you are on bullish any need to make a right, you can make that right. i think that all foods goes a long way to make sure that congestion is not an issue and this is a similar parking garage in a very tense area. i don't see that area where you have the on ramp to the 280 and the 80. it seems that wholefoods figured out how to do this. i think the report back in a year and then the mitigation and
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monitoring report requirements will deal quite well with that issue. the same thing in looking at the area of the loading. i think that whole foods has shown that we can look back at this issue again in a year if there is a problem in that regard. in terms of the local merchants that are concerned, i completely understand. what is interesting is that there is a lot of vacant spaces and you do need a large anchor tenant. those files are really tight on franklin. i find the store to not be very comfortable. even though it might sound very large, in practice this is not as gigantic as you might think. i think what will happen is that the whole foods will bring traffic to the other places and
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allow more local merchants to locate along market street. we have seen where surprisingly they will bring in a national chain and it brings in traffic that then helps the smaller mom- and-pop businesses thrive because you have an anchor tenant and a drop. we have to be realistic about that. we have tons of projects that have been approved and if entities have been killed in the smaller retail space which is all sitting vacant. i completely understand, i think that most people continue to support their local merchants while they might also choose to go to the bigger retailers because it is something believe in. i do shopping at my corner grocery store but for some items i do go to other stores and some people continue to make those choices because they support their local
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neighborhoods and quite frankly there are some things he cannot get a whole foods that you can get at your local merchants and vice versa. in the short term, there might be an impact, but in the long term, the trot it will have will be quite positive. this project with all of the environmental aspects, this is a pretty amazing project to be for this new environmental standards related to landscaping. we look forward to learning about the pilot process and how we might apply this to future projects. i want to bring up the issue around some of the issues related to market street and the improvements and the transportation. i don't want to put a condition on this project but if there is a way that this can work with
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the mta and the city to make that overall intersection much more pedestrian friendly, i think that that would be a component that we can bring forward. >> thank you. can i get some explanation on staff with respect to narrowing the intersection down to one lane. >> commissioners, the proposal is the narrowing of the lower st. to one lane. i want to point out that this is not part of the consideration. by approving this project, we are proving the nurturing of the street. if the future, the project
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sponsor wishes to do that, it will have in our mental clearance. however, one important thing that i want to point out is that there will be a committee process to actually figure out what changes will happen to that intersection, how many parking spaces are going away, and that will be done in consultation with the mta, and also the citizens advisory council. >> we also have a document in front of us which is a certificate of determination and the exemption from environmental review. there's no specific action related to this in our motion. >> these are the findings and the motion. >> by doing this on page 21,
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there is an improvement measure and that language is it a stronger than what is in the mitigation measure. there is actually no parallel language to that in the conditions of approval. i would like to know from staff if we are adopting the findings, is this language going to applying to the developer? >> i don't have the findings in front of me. >> does this have to be a condition of approval? >> this is action numberone. this is through traditional charities such as the lot being full signs and they can charge
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customers to park in the garage. >> i can clarify if possible. so, we had some preliminary thinking about the issue and that was language that was developed initially through the conversations. if in to you as an improvement measures still in the updated -- days ago. >> the project sponsor knows that this is part of it. >> that is correct. >> then, as far as -- there is one comment from one of the neighborhood groups or perhaps it was the contactor which is located next to the loading dock.
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i would just like to make sure that that is all in front of it and that is some kind of soundproofed material to prevent compact and noise from exiting the building and also that the contractor not be used when the loading trucks are in there because that door will be open. >> of the project's sponsors concerned? >> we have a precision which requires us to close the loading docks when we are voting. the compact would not be an issue. >> thank you. >> as far as materials, we like to make sure that there is quality, so to speak and the sound is within the building. >> yes, we have implemented sound and have ordered mitigation measures and we will do so.
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>> great. >> then, two other things. given the success of whole foods and even though this might be an area where the traffic and bicycling and other modes of transportation might be more prevalent, i personally believe that there's going to be queuing on to delores street. so, i think that we should pay particular attention to that and monitor that condition. if the actual -- eliminating one lane, i would like to make sure that when we adopt this motion, if we adopt the motion, that we are not adopting this particular plan because sometimes there is confusion as to what we are adopting and what we are not adopting. the plan we have in front of us shows is it going down to one
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lane. i would just like to make sure that the understanding of the motion that is not being adopted by the commission. i would like to have consideration given to a post 9:00 loading our. i think that there should be some consideration given. i am looking up in the morning by the garbage trucks all of the time and that is one aspect of it. i think that almost every neighborhood group has commented about this particular situation and the importance of 14th street. i will offer that as an amendment to the motion. >> let me just ask them to
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seriously consider this. i would be open to that. >> if we can do that. >> and to look at at as a possibility. >> if we could encourage that. i would like to have somewhere along the way some additional traffic analysis done during the a.m. peak which apparently was not done. sometime between now and when -- was never the one year-report comes back to us, if that could be part of the report which would include the monitoring of the line and also the loading situation and the analysis. if this could include some additional traffic analysis, that would be great. >> ok. >> commissioner more. >> i want to support the
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observation that the drawing that is shown as not the drawing on which our motion is placed and i believe that the existing condition on dolores street as a manifestation of the historic round of the city is indeed the situation we are commenting on. everything else is above the property line. the most important part is that this was done unintentionally and it seems to be privatizing the round for a particular project. having said that, i am generally in support of the whole foods store. i'm talking about -- on the corner of franklin and california and the many other places where they are taking individual neighborhoods to
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focus on dealing with sidewalks and surrounding neighborhoods. generally, i would agree that a 31,000 square foot store is not very large but i a have observed the way that i and frequent these places. this is what i see more and more people doing. they like to shop there. if you drive, you drive at a time when you can get a parking place. that is the positive way in which people are accepting the larger stores in san francisco neighborhoods. this is very difficult from the behavior that i watched at the safeway and the marina. generally, i think that i like the fact that the building has been broken into three distinct
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buildings which deals with the very edges. i think that the options for different entrances and the addresses but conditions surrounding the neighborhood is very positive. this creates an internal retail environment which will allow you to not just go into another big pressure store. i see a different amount of creativity, whether it is in santa monica or in the different stores of san francisco which i strongly encourage. to fill the void of where the traditional retailers have moved out and the mixed use project is moving in. there are all of these other issues. this support can be addressed and we are indeed leading the discussion about the loris street for another day. i would be fully supporting this project. >> thank you.


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