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tv   News  RT  March 8, 2020 1:00pm-1:30pm EDT

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in the stories that shaped the week report a police clash with asylum seekers at the frontier with turkey as a round with ankara over refugees deepens r.t. spent a night on the frontline as thousands scrambled to reach the e.u. . driving out towards the front in the hope of getting a sense of what's going to happen to us we were trying to build we've stopped this my cameraman being school teacher my book looks like ministry personnel. joe biden and bernie sanders now lead the race for the us democratic presidential nomination the following the all important super tuesday but with the amount of endorsements biden's now had from those that have dropped out there's a growing belief the party establishment has already shown its culprits. bust it
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only put its northern collinses on lockdown amid the corona virus outbreak with the streets of tourist mecca like milan looking elite empty and coping with quarantine and russia are to use modern describes his 2 weeks in isolation of free trip to hong kong. when the mention pour into. the fold as it is it is a. very warm welcome to the program it's 8 pm here in the russian capital let's get started with the weekly looking back at the past 7 days. greece says it has prevented around $39000.00 asylum seekers from crossing into the e.u. from turkey the situation escalated after angra said it would no longer honor a deal on migration.
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oh a little bit of. a cut above 7. always goes on to greek territory has been the rest of the day. i'm in my mind this is me go way over and getting one country. on thursday turkey announced the deployment of a 1000 additional police officers to the border to stop greece driving back the asylum seekers migrants are continuing to try and cross despite tear gas being
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barred from both sides and athens using water cannon greece has said it will turn back all those attempting to cross illegally and has suspended asylum applications for a month are to charlotte timothy drove along the border to see the impact the crisis is having. come sir that down south we still need greeks so i did the border with turkey we're in a town called ferries and i just want you to get a sense of the action that's happening all around us i would just outside the town hall the local maso face and it looks like people are gathering here in the anticipation is going to wards the turkish border and forming some kind of human chain tonight to ensure that there are no illegal crossings from turkey so we didn't get to speak to the man he wasn't here tonight but we did get to speak to many of the people who were taking part in the sachin and they all seem to be pretty tense knew the mood was. full of tension in fact one guy said to me you can
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feel it. everybody is here tonight because we want to help greece protect its borders from any kind of illegal migration we see people from bangladesh afghanistan anywhere from places that have nothing to do with war and they come to our country essentially the e.u. we think europe should change its stance and contribute to send a strong message to turkey the largest political policies of previous years that these people to enter our country without carrying any permits or documents would have a very big mistake and created issues of inequality greece is not it is european country but europe should support it because until now greece is not going supported we've left the town to hold now we're driving out towards the front here in the hope of getting a sense of what's going to happen on the border overnight to get a sense of what this human chain to protect the greek borders from anybody trying to cross illegally it's going to be the line so we're just coming up to
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a checkpoint now where they're stopping us. yes us. right now you just official we have to turn around just ok so we're being told we have to turn around we can't go any further. far out from ferris we spoke the greek on me in what looks like illegal migrants on this side of the road. we've had a chat with the offices they said we can't film but they have confirmed that they found at the 2 illegal immigrants trying to cross the mood where we are in the square planned pint and they told us that 2 individuals from afghanistan to receive an update from the volunteers who are not securing we would end the affair is a video show. when the migrants camped out on the border.
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as we were trying to film. we were stopped this my cameraman being scooped it up by will like a ministry person out through to the border. so just an update on that situation all that's been smooth but we have moved away from the border because of see we don't want to create more tension with the security personnel that are there but it gives you a sense of how much tension there is here given the fact that the volunteers are out willing to be in the middle of nowhere in the way to secure their borders the fact that we were told not to come anywhere near the border that the greek prime minister said this week that his country wouldn't be blackmailed by turkey and he
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said that they would do everything possible to stop an invasion of migrants crossing the border illegally and that is exactly what we seeing in towns like this that ability for people to take up their own norms and to go to the borders to protect greece from anybody trying to cross even ski auti in ferris. some period i mean piers blame turkey for the crisis and are now demanding brussels and all cooperation with the country. this is again a good lesson for us that the european union doesn't solve our problems it only makes the problems worse we paid 6000000000 euros to the turkish regime and what do we get after some of the several years we only get blackmailed again so it is the end the gun just wants more money from us and this has to stop. and it is clear that mr. stork are not a reliable partner or sound so i think that the e.u.
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should keep the council because i think that. sex beyer said have lost a lot. i mean in my view would be an appropriate response for the e.u. to suspend the e.u. turkish customs union with immediate effect. and. we may well be demanding this in the not too distant future. super tuesday a major day for primary elections and caucuses and the u.s. has cut the number of candidates in the democratic race for the presidential nomination with bernie sanders and joe biden and now leading 3 candidates including the billionaire and former new york mayor michael bloomberg said they were quitting to backbiting a move seen as a bid to undermine sanders i am ending my campaign and endorsing joe biden i am join us joe biden and i hope you will join me i'm delighted to
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endorse and support joe biden for president. there is a. strong desire but it's not a secret that anybody in this room or the corporate establishment is going to go to the political establishment is going to go to do everything. now just to remind you super tuesday is when the largest number of states head to the polls the delegates one go on to make their final selection for candidate after endorsements from go to judge and globish are biden won the most states sanders only got 4 states to buy 10 though one of sanders victories california has the most delegates kilmartin breaks down how bernie sanders has come under attack from his rivals. it's been a long winter for the democrats they've been feeling the cold burn oh you know we know you you live. in
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god you know here you're her in the her body. was in the but now as the spring rolls in the party has descended into panic i think it's a little late to stop and i think that's the problem the game it is pretty much over reading last night about the fall of france in the summer of 1940 and the general run no closer to churchill and says it's over can either coronavirus or bernie sanders be stopped totally transform society firing squads dungeons torture and exile so he's been pretty clear that's what he supports money standards but stopping the burning machine is not an easy task after all most rank and file democrats more or less agree with his policies so here's how the operation has moved forward. the reds are coming trigger those cold war
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terrorists socialism is a threat to american freedom see that hammer and sickle and be afraid be very very afraid i believe if castro and the reds had won the cold war there would be executions in central park and i might have been one of the ones getting executed and certain other people would be there cheering let's not forget that bernie sanders once praised cuba's achievements in terms of literacy and health care were very opposed to be authoritarian they tour of cuba but you know it's unfair to simply say everything goes but you know when fidel castro came into office you know what he did he had a massive literacy program it's not a bad thing after 4 years of looking on in horror as trump cozied up to dictator. we need a president who will be extremely clear in standing against regimes that violate human rights abroad we can't risk nominating someone who doesn't recognize this fidel castro and if a dog can see it forced labor camps religious repression widespread poverty firing
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squads and the murder of thousands of his own people. let's talk about his literacy program but most millenniums don't even remember the cold war communism doesn't really scare them and socialism certainly doesn't so time for plan b. . now bernie sanders is accused of splitting an already weak and fractured democratic party why we would risk this extraordinary opportunity by nominating somebody who has a tendency to divide their own side is beyond me furthermore sanders is accused of having views that just won't fly in a general election the face of the democratic policy might be sponsoring things that's absolutely nothing but seal votes but this narrative doesn't seem to work either. so now bernie sanders is accused of being a russian plot to undermine american democracy this claim is repeated by other presidential candidates as well as robert o'brien the national security advisor and
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his sources are named though these reports that they want bernie sanders to get elected president that's no surprise he had a motive and moscow and it turns out that in fact bernie sanders once even visited russia you know years ago back when it was called the soviet union yeah that's pretty old news scraping the barrel let's go on to plan d. . time to unite behind joe candidates are dropping out perhaps a bit prematurely and putting their energy behind joe biden does come up a little bit and i don't know what's happened early i think they're trying to take it away from i don't know if that's fair but i guess it's politics when you get right down to it what's fair. why throw in the towel so early well they've got to do everything in their power to defeat bernie sanders in 2016 leaked e-mails revealed by wiki leaks show that the d.n.c. went guns blazing to end his bid for the white house now will they be so lucky the
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2nd time caleb oppen archie new york my colleague you know neil spoke to new york city council hopeful morning she thinks that the democratic party's national committee is doing all it can to stop sanders. democrats everybody falls in line they line up so perfectly everybody drops. and you know throws their way to support biden so you know that in that respect you sort of see how you know the democratic party is her coalescing and micromanaging every way that they can support biden. and you know i see it you know bernie sanders he said the system was rigged you can see how it's being rigged against him former democratic chair donna brazil got into a heated exchange after a suggestion that the democratic convention would be rigged against we can listen together to just what was said hello of our race i get sick and tired and for
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people to use russian talking points to so division among americans that is stupid so rather go to hell that is completely absurd i mean this is the same donna brazil who would pass the questions to hillary clinton so hillary would have you know an unfair advantage in the debates against foreign santer so i mean that this is completely absurd and it's actually really really infuriating because what it is is you know it's really the democratic party trying to cover their tracks and really not so well in the fact that they're really working against you know bernie sanders who really is essentially you know a real contender and possibly the front runner. the number of coronavirus cases globally has exceeded 100000 italy's government has now put its northern provinces on lockdown and they bid to contain the spread of the outbreak in the country a new measure has covered an area which is home to around
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a quarter of italy's population banning anyone leaving or entering the region unless we're under work needs or emergency situations as you can see the typically busy streets of one of italy's tourist mecca are almost empty. with the number of confirmed coronavirus cases rising by 1200 in a single day most public events are banned across the country until early april meanwhile in the south east of china 10 people have been killed 38 rescued after a hotel collapsed according to local media the venue was being used as a quarantine site for suspected run a virus. 23 people are still trapped under the rubble at this point it's still not clear what led to the collapse. as nations scramble to stem the spread of the corona virus here in russia there are so for 17 confirmed cases dozens are in quarantine and under medical observation. has been through 2 weeks of self isolation at home following
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a trip to hong kong he told us what the experience was like and about the other measures russia is taking to keep the infection at bay. one of the things you quickly realize as a bearded man is you just look silly in a face mask but this is my only 7 year from hong kong my trip to hong kong and i was only there for a few days while i was there there were hardly any infections or in the weeks since but coming back to moscow the medics here really didn't care so you're treated like anyone else and our 1st taste of what was to come was still in the play when a lady came aboard and this is while we were still in the plane having landed she took all our measurements are temperatures and she was in full has mackie and so we walked past passport control into the baggage area and there were dozens and dozens of medics in full hazmat get covered head to toe taking down everything about us what we did who we were with where we were this is all part of
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a huge russian effort to make sure that the 1000 virus didn't gain a foothold here the monitoring of the epidemy illogical situation was organized from the initial days of this complex situation additional measures were taken to strengthen sanitary and quarantine control at checkpoints across the russian border over the past 24 hours 3 cases of corona virus infection have been identified in russia all these individuals have visited italy in the last 2 weeks at present a total of 17 cases of corona virus infection have been identified in russia. when they 1st mentioned quarantine i thought would be like a mini vacation you get to sit at home as it turns out it isn't at all so you have called throughout the day starting in the morning for medics ask you how you're feeling whether any symptoms cough or whatever you also had visited by police and medics just to check up with you to make sure that you are still at
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home i mean eventually out of sheer boredom are pawns of the. quarantine agreement that i side of the airport and the battle teasin are pretty severe so for example if if you leave the house to go to the shop which you can then you just leave and nothing nothing happens while that starts a fire the tension of community service if you leave the house or apartment the quarantine zone and you unfed someone adds up to a year in jail a year in jail if you infect someone and they go on to die that is up to 5 years in prison which is a pretty severe punishment. a lot of fear i would say panic would around the world and in russia as well which is which isn't being helped by the fact that there's a lot of misinformation misleading information on the internet for example
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one russian cyber security company for example was identified the message being repeated online that is spreading misinformation there are people out the you know enjoying this. lana good evening i have some bad news they're really want to save the people i care about i beg you to spread this information as much as possible if our thora days do not want to inform us about this will have to inform each other about this leaked information there are 20000 patients with corona virus in moscow walk with masks don't go to crowded places take care of each other and stock up on food i fortunately it's sad that shops will be empty this information is more than reliable on. the end of the day it's just common sense don't follow advice that you read on the internet and breaded for example followed vies that you hear from doctors example wash your hands regularly don't touch your face
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. as a bit of personal advice that i can give you if you go to true blood up in the immediate future to a place where there's been that outbreak don't go the quarantine isn't worth it. this week 2 whistleblowers hit back at the world chemical weapons watchdog issuing responses to an earlier inquiry by the o.p.c. w. they were in a station previously said the pair had gone rogue after they publicly criticized its conclusions about an alleged chemical attack in duma in syria 2 years ago and their letter to the director general of the 2 now demand a scientific hearing accusing the watchdog of ignoring their work. inspect to be and i tried on many occasions to meet with you you may also know open haps not that these requests were all denied the reason given by a senior official was it's my role to protect the director general you will never get to speak with him and if you try to go around me to get him there will be consequences letters to the director of the global chemical weapons watchdog
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courtesy of the gray zone project there the latest development in a ping pong exchange of correspondence between david and goliath whistleblowers and the o.p.c. w. inspector in ny have tried to resolve our concerns with you in private however this saga has unfortunately escalated to a point where we are now publicly portrayed as adversaries inspectors are now being smeared as the into this is of these values for nothing more than daring to speak out the smearing started back in february with a report in response to what the organization called a breach of confidentiality leaks that casts doubt on the o.p.c. w.'s conclusions about duma they said the gas cylinders were likely place there rather than dropped from an aircraft and that one area was likely not even subjected to a chemical attack but the report barely even touched on any of that the authors were too busy trying to tear the whistleblowers inspectors a and b. to pieces inspectors a and b.
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are not whistleblowers they're individuals who could not accept that their views were not backed by evidence their behaviors even more egregious as they had manifestly incomplete information about the doom and vesta gave their conclusions were erroneous uninformed and rone erroneous uninformed that doesn't seem very becoming for 2 guys who are apparently the inspection team leaders why would a pair of the top inspection team leaders both with impeccable records both incidentally from the west and group background who have never set a foot wrong suddenly go rogue did these old circumstances not ring some warning bells they sure are confident in their qualification. but it goes farther than that inspectors a and b. categorically reject one of the o.p.c. w.'s biggest claims against them that they have pretty much nothing to do with the investigation and no access to important information when i joined the team shortly after the start of the deployments to do inspect a b.
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and i continued playing a central role in the overall investigation the final report didn't exactly benefit from the editorial turnaround information was slashed details removed and facts don't explain why it's not like the inspectors didn't try to get answers to their questions before pressing the big red leak button something had gone wrong inside the open c.w. sir and we wanted you to know it's that simple they even think there might have been a bit of deception at play the investigation was conducted by a british investigator and a lawyer from the us. the activities of the fact finding mission were managed by your chief of cabinet from fronts whose views are echoed in both the narratives does it not strike you as somewhat biased in that the 3 individuals represent the 3 defendants the 3 countries who were responsible for the missile strikes in response to the allegation of a chemical attack in duma and l.p.c. w a leak and some back and forth later there are still so many questions and few answers as to what really happened we've asked the o.p.c.
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wu for its reaction to the claims and we'll bring you any response in the meantime we spoke to former f.b.i. agent and whistleblower coleen rowley who's the specs a smear campaign at the watchdog. the allegation and accusation that these 2 inspectors who were amongst the top experts they were the 1st hand investigators that actually examined the evidence the allegation that they went rogue makes no sense at all they're close to retire you know they have done many many years of faithful service to the o.p.c. w. they believe in the mission of truth in times of war truth becomes the 1st casualty and syria is no different one side is not telling the truth here the entity that changed conclusions out of reports would be the suspected entity that is not telling the truth. as the impassioned climate activism of the swedish team got
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a ton bird continues to inspire millions of young people around the world it seems resistance to her movement is also growing 19 year old. has shot to popularity in recent months for her advocacy of what she calls climate realism she denounces environmental alarmism and in the process has been dubbed the anti russia we spoke to miami about why she decided to weigh in on the debate and what she's hoping to achieve. most people on the site of climate alarmism if you will label us the climate deniers and that is a term that i really dislike because it sounds like we really look into the science we don't do our research we just hate the planet just wanted to strike this and we're just selfish and ignorant and that's not what we're about we're about being scientific skeptics and looking into more sensible yet ways to improve the environment and to be more enlightened values when it comes to interacting with
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nature and so yeah that's what climate realism is about it's about scientific skepticism and having more discussions in the scientific spirit was a german media outlet that started this thing in the 1st place and it was to. portray me as kind of this evil anti-christ on the left on the right and i really just like that but then i thought let's just have fun with it and let's just claim this label and well if the media wants to portray us antigravity then go ahead but you don't state for the anti-gravity you stay for the you come for the anti-graft or you can stay for the night because i am not against i think she is probably a super nice individual innocent in all of this and i don't have anything against her it's just that she is not about the science she's basically just about panic and telling people to change their lives entirely i demanded that government
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control the lives of all of the people. and that i believe has nothing to do with scientists and skepticism anymore and that's really what's so awful about all of this that's been the weekly about if you're looking for more head on over to our website our to dot com for countless articles and all the latest news thanks for telling it. as the great american buxom ahmed ali once said he who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life the risk of us is one thing that is not from being a key member of the mit blackjack team to investing in promising migrants into
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print. but what is a risk and how do you know if it's worth taking the. time of the time called her ration to repeat the same mantra sustainability very important. transition to sustainable prize board sustainability. a more equitable and sustainable way. they claim their production is completely hama's. companies want us to feel good about products while the damage is being done far away and this is something else this is he going to. be doing. understood.
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something. i think the men that we attract to the military you know we've got to the army of one you know be all you can be all those themes that we've had throughout the years . very very heavily masculine masculinity cannot be victimized because if you're a leader if you're a masculine person and you're victimized then you're weak the problem is that anybody can be a victim of sexual assault. i joined the service in 1972. the military is a great well i. got to see the world. i get educated i love the military.


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