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tv   [untitled]    November 18, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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i think stranger fire rages on between israel and gaza sunday has been the bloodiest of the five days of carnage before and media offices targeted by israel which claims it's only aiming at terrorists. among other target civilian homes and refugee camps while television comes under rocket attack yet again. you know the stories from this week israel's troops exchange fire would syria where the rebels are gaining more support from the west to remove the assad regime. and the eurozone sinks back into recession those millions take to the streets in the first coordinated pan-european strike the money an end to austerity.
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the news of the week can the very latest developments you're watching r.t. well tensions between gaza and israel have risen again as the two sides exchanged rounds of heavy artillery fire massive explosions can be heard rocking the area at the moment where dozens of palestinians were killed on sunday in what was the bloodiest day of the campaign filmmaker and activist who is in the gaza. in the last few hours we've been hearing increasing noises from the gazan population and political analysts here saying that they do feel that a ground invasion is impending still a few hours ago and yesterday that was looking increasingly unlikely but now it seems looking increasingly likely as things have really related but i mean west gaza city where most of the internationals are based and here things are better but if you leave this small radius safe zone quite safe zone things become extremely
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dangerous all of the cars here for the press international's drive with hazard lights on so that israel knows that these are civilian press cars most people in their homes seeking refuge in the best way that they can bomb shelters here even for hamas government officials but people are trying the best they can to buckle down not knowing what is going to happen in these next few hours remembering that most violence is going to fix is during the night in the early hours of the day that's yet to come hundreds of egyptians have arrived at one of the largest hospitals here in gaza for the precise and exact reason that this largest and strongest hospital in this tiny strip of land is suffering from a total lack of strength in terms of medical provision they just inundated with over six hundred eighty injuries throughout the gaza strip in the last five days the i.c.u. beds a full extension of medical medical supplies in short supply medicine is in short
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supply normally in gaza outside of this war even paracetamol is in short supply so you can just imagine what is happening with this escalation and warm. well israeli defense forces spokesperson has described in the airstrike on a house that killed twelve palestinians as a mistake as its target had been a mass command tarkas believed to cause the largest death toll in the single instant since the carnage began on wednesday. has the latest the reports we're receiving is that hof of the people who have so far been treated at shifa hospital which is the biggest hospital in gaza city off of the people being rushed there are in fact children the hospital this simply not coping it's running short of space and also medical supplies at the same time there was an israeli air force strike there caved ten members of the same family killed in a three story building in which they were collapsing around him were also witnessing an increase in the product of german system organization your have an
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office in gaza city and just an hour after they left their office because of electricity cuts that office was destroyed by an israeli air force strike the israeli air force has targeted two media buildings and the army is not apologetic for this it says that it wasn't that tough indication antenna on the roof of the buildings that are being used by her must and that the i.d.f. did in fact know that there were journalists in this building we do know that several people among them journalists have been injured so we're hearing from the army that they were aware that these foreign journalists and that it's becoming increasingly more dangerous for foreign journalists to work inside gaza and get the story out two rockets have been intercepted in the skies over television now they were intercepted by the iron dome missile defense system that was only one of the city on a saturday this is the fifth straight day that tel aviv has been on the receiving end of a long range rainy and made missiles we're talking to people here in tel aviv so he immediately after we had these two missiles that were intercepted the general mood
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here is that the mall tel aviv comes under the firing line of missiles the more the government is going to be more prone to wardes launching a ground offensive there. has continued to be movement of tanks and armored personnel vehicles along the israeli gaza border we also heard from the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu at his weekly cabinet meeting that he will significantly expand his operation in gaza and many people are reading into that that that means that a ground offensive is on the cards the idea of cheats also ordered an increase in the number of sorties eight militants in gaza so we are expecting that there are also be an increase in is strikes over that a gaza city in addition to this we having seventy five thousand reservists who gathering in the south of the country they haven't been given orders as far as we're aware but certainly they are positioned well positioned to move into gaza if indeed they are called on to do that london however has warned the tel aviv government not to go ahead with any kind of ground offensive saying that this will
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merely not be well in the international community and be hard to justify but we have however heard from the american president barack obama and he said that israel has the right to protect itself so there is an alliance amongst israelis that if they go ahead with this ground offensive they will receive support as they always have in the past from washington the army has also sealed all roads around gaza so those two and now they indicated that a ground offensive could be just a matter of hours if not days away. but earlier my colleague bill daughter interviewed israeli defense force spokesperson over to our leibovich who said journalists hurt in israeli strikes and they have themselves to blame. we're talking about two media buildings indeed but on the roofs of these media buildings hamas wisely positioned a whole system of communications and electronics for its own personal or operational work we targeted only these and ten as these communications center and
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i spread films earlier today showing this exactly and you can see an accurate hit on the roof none of the floors were targeted of course there was a little bit of. it as a result of the explosive some windows shattered in the one but they reckon was not to the floors but rather than ten as the communication centers on the roof i think that if a journalist chooses to locate himself near hamas facility that's a mistake and we are now in operation defending half of this country's population and we are determined to continue with this operation until we bring some peace and quiet to this country the equation is very clear if there will be quiet in israel there will be peace and quiet in gaza but of course what the international community is really concerned about now is the increasing number of civilian deaths now last night i spoke with one of your colleagues joe sherman he claimed the mass is actually rounding up civilians to shield targets you're about to bomb now now how can a mass possibly know your exact targets and respond quickly enough hamas to start
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getting all the israeli cities you're more than welcome to spend just two hours in one of the biggest israeli cities that were targeted for the past two years either be'er sheva or ashkelon which dog each of these cities have more than two hundred thousand people did you ever feel what it's like to run into a shelter and have fifteen seconds to do it or to raise children in a family inside a shelter protected room and sleep there night after night this is not something normal this should not be this way but of course we can also go as long as we can also cause the same question of course i beg to differ because you can't make this equation hamas the star getting sick. villianous we are not looking to target civilians we are targeting terrorists and why is it then the very reason the core reason why this is happening is because of israeli policy towards the gazans the way they've been suffering from this blockade that has been the provocation as well blockade there is a border to egypt the roughest border it's opened do you know that every day we
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allow patients from gaza to get hospitalization in israel despite the rocket fire do you know that we supply electricity to their eyes are we supply truckloads with supplies every day even today it's a matter of fact more than one hundred thirty trucks who entered gaza with a variety of supplies according to their requests this spite of the rocket fire what other country in the world would act this way. but meanwhile u.n. spokesman chris gunness says garza is headed for humanitarian disaster due to political failure israeli bombing runs and tori spoke eight we were hearing as others that the situation in shifa hospital is deteriorating very rapidly and let's not forget that even before this latest flare up in violence shifa hospital had been hit by the blockade there was a lack of medicines there was a lack of training a lack of equipment so an already bad situation in that hospital one of the largest in the occupied palestinian territory has been made worse there are shortages
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according to the world health organization of essential and lifesaving drugs what we're seeing in gaza is the result of political failure we call on the politicians and the people who are able to make peace to redouble their efforts to do so because for every hour that goes past another child another woman another civilian the elderly the sick the dying they are in harm's way it's a situation which we in the united nations and in under find unacceptable in must and it must and forthwith. on and also online where bringing you the very latest from the middle east with live updates on twitter stream and our website r.t. dot com there you can log on to find out about an unexpected third party joining forces with the people of gaza outrage they've put claimed in the ongoing abuse of human rights internet activist group anonymous declares cyber war on israel got the
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details of their online campaign on our website. now in addition to the conflict with the mess in gaza israel has also been fighting on its northern front the israeli defense force confirmed they fired artillery into neighboring syria they say in response to gunfire aimed at its troops in the disputed golan heights is the first time in forty years israel has fired into syria came into reports that rebels captain in the east of syria strengthening their hold on the iraqi border just this week a western attempts to oust president assad gain momentum in france and turkey recognizing the real position who put the national coalition even estates are expected to discuss lifting an arms embargo on monday paving the way for direct
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weapons to difference to rebels iran has already responded saying that when about took over knives terrorism academic and political activist. says arms deliveries may help the opposition to achieve their goals i don't think this is very unlikely i mean they may well decide to go ahead with this especially that they feel that the rebels so far have not achieved what they were what they were sent all designed to achieve i mean they're receiving very surprising weapons mess styles there and downing rocks there is even concern inside syria that the rebels may threaten to simulate aviation be are sending in huge numbers of she heard just across the across the border however not achieve military emperors that is able to counterpart the syrian government recently the u.k. armed forces talking about safe havens or even. partial or very limited
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intervention on the syrian borders they may well benefit from very limited no fly zones provided by by these nations around the syrian borders and that may change the balance that may not completely. may off some influence that will be enough credit for them to start negotiating the syrian government. how scandal gripped the very top of the american military establishment this week the tresses got to start heavy came the latest victim of the f.b.i. on call but nothing triangle one not coming up. and china gets its next challenge changing tangle me did you come from officials to push the country's growth further tough and very critical to all problems beijing's economy might face. culture is that so much about the taxpayers and i mean to say she is
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a people lot of people at area china has successfully transition to sell through another leadership change the last decade has witnessed this country transformed a tremendous speed. is getting used to its. knees.
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all you need is your mobile device to watch r.t. any time. welcome back to the program by the euro zone has been hit by a second recession according to figures published on thursday this just hours after a twenty four hour strike saw more than twenty european countries virtually paralyzed as people once again vented their frustration over disintegrating economies sarah first reports. saying that. greece. italy. and portugal. here it's most debt ridden countries joining together with many others for the continent's first cross border mega strike from the beginning it was clear that emotions were running high in many places the dreadful violence early on and after
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a brief calm cool broke anger and. testing every day various things put up between the protesters and the riot police is packed right almost three the metro it's not really got more symbolic candy for the feast the buy the people say there are right now all across there are the train their governments and between the people themselves this is why they all start the bottom of the like where the bullets in violent confrontations with the authorities are becoming you know the familiar sights the consonance leaders stand for the disparity is a necessary evil cut the sky high deficit. only bend the fourteenth the people of europe seem to have formed the county union to fight back against the prevailing tide of the sterett city ahead of next week's budget meeting brussels will have been watching closely as the scenes of police and protesters battling one another played out so close the only belt peace prize winning. rights.
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sociologist to costa del close who took part in that wednesday's strike believes that with around half of young spaniards already out of work more cuts willing to cheat anything. a protest isn't about a solution a protest is normally about something you don't want so in this case what they're protesting is easy to austerity is cuts in social spending and cuts in social rights and the expansion of social misery people can make the argument that austerity is a solution to the current problems being faced by your the european citizenry and in particular by the southern european citizenry the problem is what does that austerity mean is that neoliberal e.u. austerity where you cut basically all of those all of the social protection that keeps people from descending down to a sort of downward spiral of social misery and with all of that escalating conflict or do you leave social protection in place and cut in places where there really is
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overspending such as in bank bank bailouts and and and areas like these. now the sex scandal which claimed the former head of the cia general david petraeus this week turned on the man that took over from him as commander of the u.s. military in afghanistan general john allen's career is now in trouble it was revealed he had the will so exchanged e-mails about times essential to the chances extramarital affair former cia boss petraeus stepped down for admitting to a covert relationship with his biographer. she's being investigated by the f.b.i. and other gay should she gain access to classified data he however denies any leaks turned kind of tone cuckoo said in afghanistan one home yes but he's patristic should have resigned over his fate in the afghan campaign. there's a lot of discussions going on that to tommy is suspect and that it was all done for
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political purposes we still have the unanswered questions. to bring godfrey issue but as far as his relationship with mr broadwell i give him much lower marks for his actions in combat than i do in in the bedroom he should have resigned when his counterinsurgency strategy failed to produce results sometimes we take our military leaders and we build a very nice resume for them and it catches on and everybody starts to drink and from the same well i hold our military commanders to a very hostile gander look we put young men in risk there and they give it everything they've got and if the policy has failed we have young man and hospital right now all over this country that will die in afghanistan next summer for no other reason than proffering up a corrupt interlocking criminal enterprise which is what the karzai government has become that's mob real problem with it i was
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a soldier for over twenty years so i care deeply about those young men and women. well there one our website right now sent petersburg's hardcore football fans past ranks of security personnel and it'd go people with a flare up here in a high profile game to be abandoned. also on the line thousands stage a march through dublin test against a portion or so led to the death of a woman who was denied help to terminate her pregnancy. plus a gun store owner in arizona publishes an ad in the local newspaper telling the president obama supporters then welcome in shop to r.t. dot com to find out more. new leaders have been anointed this week in china and she jinping becoming the communist party's new secretary general he took over from lucian town who saw through a decade long transformation which led to her overtaking japan as the world's
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second largest economy new leaders have to tackle the challenges of action the growing divide between rich and poor and environmental pollution among others and the main goal remains that keeping the economy booming there predicts it will overtake its american rival in just four years however professor joseph chang from hong kong super universe truck believes the main risks is that china's exports of an economy is vulnerable to dips in demand china has certainly be due been doing very well you know terms of konami. but at the moment is economic growth model we reached this stage of the ministry in returns is certainly faces sylvia it's rather just the consensus of the konami reforms is a strong stand of agreement on what needs to be done but at the same time it is severe recession from vested interest for example to state beat a big state owned enterprises still won
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a lot of infrastructural you know cement projects a steel one a lot of credit from the state on panties and so on. the historic first ever public vote in england and wales for local police commissioners took place this week hardly anyone turned up to the ballot boxes and recent polls of officers show morale among the nation's the enforcers is that what bottom but also with looks at why the thin blue line has the blues. another day another demo and the police all with old hands to keep control but while the boys and girls in blue do their jobs sometimes impossible conditions the government is reducing their budget by a massive twenty percent the net result more all in the force hits an all time low with just fifteen out of fourteen thousand officers saying they feel the government gives them a great deal of support rachel baines is surprised but not in
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a good way. to say their fifteen offices are certainly in the force i work in lancashire and i don't know of any offices that phil not been supported by the government really is at rock bottom baines has lost five hundred fifty officers from her force meaning more work for those left behind and a genuine fear that when people call nine nine nine there won't be anyone left to deal with the emergency and she's not alone so i'm in pain is chair of the warrick ship police federation and says morale hasn't been this low in his twenty six year career with the have a plethora of issues over the last two two and a half years where the star or conditions of service pension reforms or were thought forms of the police service. twenty percent cuts in a forgiven example here in work prior to this government coming to power we had a thousand and fifty offices we're now down into the seven hundreds we have one of
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the biggest motorway networks in the country and we have no traffic department. so . it's coming from all sides time's a so hard in war that the force is even selling off its stations including its h.q. there's no room for sale boards up here but the iconic scotland yard headquarters of the metropolitan police is also on the markets it's a real turnaround just a year ago they met with trumpeting a three million pound refurbished space was revolving starting now it's downsizing to a new size on the thames nearby and replacing smaller stations with counters in supermarkets and community centers to force feels it's being disproportionately targeted but home secretary to reason may is on repentant let's stop pretending the police are being picked on they do you feel picked on and critically powerless to protect
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themselves as legally the police aren't allowed to strike but that could change in february we are saying everyone can fall off the right chief inspector in england wales and the very question is do they want full industry rights and and the reason that is important is because members need protecting from what they perceive is an unfair treatment by. a police force on strike it's the last thing the government needs particularly as it still has a not the winter of discontent in the face. r.t. . coming up in the program barack obama is set to become the first u.s. president to visit me in my washington looks from you are lies in the future attempts to counterbalance china. europeans from countries that used to be magnets
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for migrants are now forced to make themselves continents economic crisis to balance their livelihoods story and more after the break. texas wants to pull away from the usa in fact at least twenty states have started petitions for independence after obama won the election with well just a few voting irregularities but guess what suspicion will never happen it is a very easy thing to do to sign a petition and it is another thing entirely to leave the usa that little civil war thing that happened back then does anyone the usa honestly think that they are gov has the ball determination to actual rebel i don't think there is a single george washington type among them well maybe just see fit tura kind of but he's out of office how do it makes it seem like revolution or succession is this
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fun cool easy thing to do with cool slogans and texan flags flying but the reality looks a lot more like the arab spring before you put your name on the dotted line to see you should really understand what that means and what you're in for the founding father sure did but that's just my opinion. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom parker welcome to the big picture. the michoud free cretaceous free in-store charges free. range.


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