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show our city to those who fancy riding a bike from your perspective or experience bikers can give you a tour and not only tell you about the main most popular landmarks but also provide an unusual tour showing some hidden gems of st petersburg which you won't find in a guidebook. on the move to pull it off we've got to. assume most of the two thousand the money's gone from three thousand miles from the group that's around one hundred twenty dollars that's who started this initiative of a group of bankers who decided that many people should propose swayze cities plans tourists interests to be combined one. is you will see the city and the city see you. for some a motorbike from still school might be too much for me such an adrenaline filled
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excursion sums up the city in the summer exciting and simply take. what i mean credible experiences what a spectacular view behind as i love the city. on this week's program from st petersburg i'll see you at the same time next week and so that for me and the rest the kurds. and broadcasting live from the heart of moscow this is our team glad to have you with us let's take all that you have. tens of thousands demonstrated in egypt angered by the slow pace of. performed by the interim government demanding the
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prosecution of officials and police involved with the suppression of protesters during the revolution that toppled former president. hundreds of palestinian activists. for flights but still don't make it to gaza most were prevented from boarding planes at european airports while those who made it to israel were detained in tel aviv before you need to be before. the final countdown blasts off marking the end of the space shuttle program some will be left . to move it to discontinue shuttle missions say it could lead to brain drain of experts and leave communities near the space center ghost towns. while some european politicians are claiming that the idea of multiculturalism has failed off asks the director of the russian federal migration service if the same is true in russia is next.
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hello again the welcome to. the flow. change the demographics of the old world. ethnic and cultural. multicultural europe has failed the problem is pretty similar in russia as a growing number of migrants from the former. all the russians learning from the european experience or rather heading their way here's the director of the federal migration service. the data published by the federal
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migration service a million economic migrants come to russia every year many of them come to the country illegally and have. another problem is people coming from. either speak russian badly or don't speak it all together these factors make their integration into russian society difficult or impossible this. racist. but they have. russia needs to make up the shortfall in the workforce. thank you for coming to. my very first question we actually start discussing immigration and whether we should try to prevent it or merely regulated is this present day industry developed economies do without migrant labor at all or are migrants absolutely indispensable and then we should take for granted.
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well that's definitely a fact of life and we cannot do without migrants use migration is movement of roles will be large masses of people or smaller groups depending upon the economic demands of the city you can omics move people urging them to travel for jobs hence migration that migration is a global phenomenon and we cannot ignore it there is an old russian proverb that says fish move to deeper waters and people move for a better life there's nothing you can do about it and definitely if you put russia's side while it's still coming to grips with it and take europe the united states and other advanced economies is the peak of migration already over are these economies saturated with migrant labor or will now gratian rates continue to increase and if we take france for example some people feel that you can hardly find a true frenchman there anymore or there are still some they're not easy to spot you know i think that sadly the peak of migration is indeed older than most why sadly
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because well migration means new influencers new transmission money new technologies something new that is brought to your country along with the war course the extra hands and the good minds that come over here. unfortunately the current demographic trends worldwide concerns that there isn't a jury should plug into my graphic analysis that we also use it's called the family formula it's an average number of grandparents parents and children per family and with each everywhere in the world that formula tends to be four plus two plus one you know the words for grandparents two parents and a single child in this global trend is telling us that everywhere there will be problems whereas in five years time we are unlikely to experience a shortage of holly qualified. officials turn to fifteen years there might be an
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under supply of low skilled labor not only in russia but globally the year according to the latest world migration report the number of people leaving their hour lead in search of better living is growing despite the economic downturn and tougher migration laws spotlights he had. never before has the world seen international migration in this larger scale less today every year sets new record for the number of migrants they now account for three percent of the world population the wealth migration report says over the last ten years the number of migrants increased by more than sixty million the next forty years are going to see the number of migrants double the credit crunch accompanied by on employment was expected to make foreigners return home but that never
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happened the u.s. with over forty million for in residence is the most popular destination russia is among the top ten this the nation's earnings by foreigners account for a massive capital outflow a third of the g.d.p. comes from the money migrants send back home from russia and it's not only way but migration which is growing more and more people have to leave their homes to escape violence the united nations refugee agency reports that the last year more than forty three million people became refugees the highest number in fifteen years this year again says floods of refugees forced out of their homes by revolutions in northern africa waves of illegal immigrants coming to europe have been described as a human tsunami. mr skeel we have just watched
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a report on the currency. gratian situation and the recent reaction in europe faced with an inflow of refugees from north africa as a result of the arab revolutions shows that the european public is growing ever less tolerant of immigrants. do you think this could be a backlash to some erratic immigration policies pursued by european governments in the past and if so what were the mistakes that. well actually i do think that there have been some mistakes. i'll do my best to be careful with my judgments but i think that multiculturalism policies are actually aimed at stressing and encouraging differences. to put it simply say if you wear something to emphasize your ethnic identity or even clothes yes clothes then.
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that's the basic approach meanwhile i believe you should spend money to erase differences you should have caucus on promoting integration but integration is something meant for those who plan to stay in country for good. i'm sorry to interrupt you but there is an interesting twist to spend several decades along with billions of euros in order to be able to say we had a worse we can be different and still live side by side it is something that the soviet union in many of you will by the way which you are suggesting this approach should be replaced by the american model the sensible one. and the melting pot. become as you are but here you must melt into a new society of the future if you think this is a more viable option scores of the leaders of france and germany have already acknowledged that multiculturalism is something of a hyper creasy and essentially a mistake that. i don't go for extremes so the notion of
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a melting pot or anything related some not all casting doesn't really appeal to me as we're talking about people here so i maintain that there should be case by case approach which it must be more elaborate and sophisticated which but it must be specifically aimed at ending differences that we command disparities and toning down the distinctions that make people feel uneasy about one another and. people should be tolerant and understanding each other. much. teller in is a positive thing however i'm going to say something a bit controversial. when you come to france you can be whatever you want you can be totally. russian. anything but if you come to britain you're
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a century told you must be a brit it doesn't matter what color you are but you must be a brit. what approach do you think would be right for russia if french way or the british way then tell you wise i mean a general conceptual approach i realize these are two streams. in principle i guess i'd go with the british model see the point is to preserve the culture of the host country certainly respect the host culture. russia russia. this should be the top priority and there is nothing to be shamed off or me afraid that somebody might call your nationalist. never mind the labels you think this is a more viable approach i believe that true lying on your heritage and having faith in your country enhanced as your by telecine. green forces are nationhood store. nationalist. my father is convinced that one of the reasons the soviet union
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imploded was exactly the absence of a melting pot there was no single integral nation while there was plenty of hypocritical propaganda that's each group in the u.s.s.r. has its own culture language territory laws and so on would you agree with that. still and i would in general it's rather true than false but i'll be deliberate after all i'm representing the migration service. the federal aviation service is trying to learn some lessons we're wising out from what we see in the west we definitely try to learn. those are sometimes complicated lessons but if we are speaking up and down for example we have developed a database which so far doesn't have an analogy in a west. it's a database to register foreign nationals in russia we use it to work with online
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data the number of foreign citizens in russia three we know how many of them are in russia and generally what sort of work they do pretty sample at this moment russia is hosting a nine point eight million foreigners. that's almost ten million that's right but some say it's just five big difference. listen you're talking to the shadow the migration service is someone who works with a database. dos years. by the way i demonstrated your system to my european concert ports and you know it seems to me like the completely understood that when you when you mine any case then criticize it. says constantin little more than a ski director of the federal regulations service of the spotlight will be back
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shortly after a break so stay with us we'll be back. at. the
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close up genius be to the republic of north the situation where the area is occupied by nature preserve and this time our cheap goes to the region where men flock from all over the world to add abuse. to their self-confidence where young families are not hesitant about having a senior citizen in their family and where one man's utopia turns into a real village of the shining sun welcome to the cool gun region. russia. first cream removal called clear cut. second explosives are used to plaster baby girl in the curio. hurt the remains are removed by machinery. finally the unborn and soil is
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deposited in valley field. mountain top legal on our team. welcome back to the spotlight just. in the studio. director of the russian federal migration service. mr him and we were discussing the policy on migrants that our country should adopt in your opinion. do you see there is a government policy in support of your notion that migrants should respect the host culture. but would you say that the government is supporting you. absolutely we are part of the executive branch. wearie implementing government
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policy that this is our main function and there is no doubt about this. you know i believe that next year all rafferty's will culminate in a concept for a migration policy. this document. well if you buy it are working to several stages and set specific goals and objectives for each department. so priorities not just for our service but for society as a whole. are goals line myriads of demographics and you can omics. what is your current priority. and that would be konami. konami goal in a situation all regulated migration that you know it would be wrong to open our borders completely and liberalized all migration. but that would be wrong
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we believe in regulated migration issue we know that a lot of people just want to come to moscow to stay here and do nothing. but we can't have that they become criminals plain and simple that's right you know i really like you. those officials who recognize a lot of problems that exist in russia and people to tackle them. in one of your interviews that there is. that you admit it is great which you go on to say that in a phobia he's being deliberately. would you tell me who in russia would benefit from fueling ethnic tensions besides extremist politicians with negligible ratings. but then. you know ethnic tensions can be used again benefits. even political benefits.
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and some dishonest people can use. i mean people who have certain political ambitions but it's a ski pole who have certain political goals just so you know those are people's you . security services should fight them which. i have never heard of an openly intelligent person to be elected to the russian parliament that sentiment remains at street level and in the press maybe but given that why are some people still trying to edit it. well this just means that we are in tune a good job i don't mean myself but rather my colleagues. that we're able to prevent who's you know folks from reaching your goal getting into mysie who are infiltrating other agencies. our efforts are using positive results. the
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quality and qualification of migrant workers who come to russia have a great impact on people's attitudes toward migrants it's one thing when you have construction workers coming to the country and it's a completely different deal if you track people capable of advancing culture and science. for a long time people thought of russia is a country that attracted unskilled migrants and that federal authorities have been trying to attract better qualified workforce do we see this happening. you know we adopted a new law year ago. it's just amendments to the law on foreign citizens legal status and they went into effect a year ago and we have made very good progress that used to we have some quite inspiring statistics. last year we often are registered three thousand people in
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the last six months of twenty sand the figure for the first six months of this year will be six thousand people they got permissions to work here for three years not a month not six months three years you're talking about work permits. yes it's just three year work permit that will allow them to work anywhere in russia they will be able to get a residence permit. they will get certain tax benefits it will be easier for their families to come to russia we should over a two thousand family invitations in the past year alone. so nine thousand experts plus two thousand family members makes eleven thousand people who are working to invents our economy and they represent an intellectual force currently a large share of the experts we host about twenty percent are employed in trade it's. well i suppose we're learning to trade you know they were there businessmen
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correct here's what i find interesting is you're seeing the share of skilled migrants in russia is increasing there are two points of view on migration both of which seem reasonable. maintains that migrants are necessary to do the dirty work that local residents don't want to do that the second one claims that migrants come to steal their jobs and skilled migrants come to sweep the streets something the muscovites just won't do. migrants and then they come to take our bread from us which of these. two opinions is the correct one or are they both right. they're both right there when both kinds of migrants. one thing that's important is that those who come to sweep streets should know which to treat when they're going to sweep what you want to ward is flocks of on skilled migrants standing around in places like construction markets worried the euro slow highway as it is organized
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on skilled labor force for hire. in when there are no more streets for them to sweep they turn to crime is understandable they have to eat too. migrations processes should be regulated. controlled migration has replaced chaotic migration to de what we have to do now is just switch to migration that's efficiently regulated. to quote one of your interviews you said the existing make ration quota principle is inefficient and we have to abandon it and of quotes what would you have that system replaced with companies in for jobs will the russians have to try even harder to find a decent job if those quotas are repealed. he said yeah yeah no i'm talking about something different. russia's small and medium businesses have no
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way of the officially attracting workers today. we understand that small and medium businesses are one of the things that drive our economy this means we have to help our businesses and we can do that while these restrictions remain in place with these restrictions a person has to know what kind of labor his business will need nine months in advance that's just impossible. so let's face it we're in favor of controlling labor migration in russia. but at the same time i have. the rules we impose. they have to be very simple understandable and proper civil. so there is a lot of talk about introducing five year n.-g. visas to russia that the need does this have anything to do with their three year work permits that you have mentioned. no you must be referring to
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a visa regime with e.u. countries. and this has to do you we believe these are pretty regime that we are currently negotiating with the e.u. with we're working together with our foreign ministry on this issue and of course it's mainly to foreign ministry that is in charge of dee's negotiations. so we are currently. working on the yuri admission agreement there russia e.u. dialogue has been launched and this allows us to resolve issues related to. the visa free regime and labor migration. this fear is very promising and we have actually made very good progress on those issues. we believe that a visa free rejean with the european union is possible personal or do. another practice that foreigners who is eight in russia would like to see abandoned is
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registration today they have to notify the migration agency and get registered every time they move will this procedure ever be abolished or simplified. yes i know what you're talking about in we have actually already made some steps towards states it's no longer a foreign nationals responsibility to get registered it's his employer's responsibility to get him registered with the migration service. so we have simplified these and some other thing. so we are making progress and i think that this process is very much related to our dialogue with the european union on a visa free regime i think we should all trust each other and i think you should we should all try to bring our positions closer together and. i think for
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a time that i will thank you very much for being with us in just a reminder that my guest was constantin when i moved out of the ski directory of the federal migration. spotlight will be back with more from his phone comments on what's going on in russian fans and then play an end to.
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