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tv   [untitled]    July 5, 2011 4:01pm-4:31pm EDT

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the. border controls. breach agreements. are more vocal in their opposition to a coup but u.s. military sites in northern england. say they have a right to know what's going on the. libyan. gadhafi loyalists say they intercepted a shipment of belgian made weapons intended for rebels. internationalising comment live from moscow this is. straight to border controls are to be implemented in denmark because the country's parliament has voted in
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favor of permanent new legislation it will mean more security checkpoints at the country's ports and at its border with germany some officials are already saying it might contradict mainland europe's much vaunted open border agreement. explains. the danish officials insist that this is to prevent drug flow and illegal migrants from entering the country but the move has been regarded as a bad sign not just by the left wing politicians and the opposition and denmark itself but also has been severely opposed to why the e.u. officials in brussels and especially by denmark's neighbor germany they insist that this is a violation of the shogunate remans of open borders in europe and they also say that this is not a wise move at all to make during a particularly volatile time for the european union when countries are bickering over border disputes and over cash and money issue some believe that this actually
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may signal the end off united europe but the danish officials insist that this will last cause any damage to the free flow of traffic tourists and transportation across the border we have to remember that this is not the very first border dispute of course the problem of illegal migrants is particularly bitter one right now for the european union earlier this year france and italy have entered a rather bitter dispute over the flow of illegal migrants across their borders and we also have to take to keep in mind the fact that the extremely volatile situation in northern africa is not going to help the situation in any way since most of the migrants who do come to europe could do flood countries like denmark belgium or italy and france actually do come mostly from the north an african region so this particular move by the danish officials may actually send quite a worrisome signal to other european countries who may also follow suit or to mr
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schmidt a european parliament member from denmark says his country is right to take action to tackle rising immigration. all over the european union where more and more people are realizing that the solutions we have been given by brussels are not the right where the right ones for a modern world where fighting trafficking which is the one of the most horrible crimes we see of course we're fighting rocks we're fighting smugglers in various kinds and illegal immigrants it's clear that we see what we see in the entire middle east is to shoot pressure on the european borders and i think we have a national as well as international responsibility to avoid that that illegal immigrants come to our country so that they create an. environment that is hostile to those who are legally here i think it's reasonable to use public spending to ensure the everyday lives for the danish population i mean that's one of the main reasons why you want to pay taxes that you want to police a customs control the army here and whatever publicly funded institution to protect you so i think it's reasonable that we are spending some. hundred million phone or
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on this matter because you have seen the trees of criminal activity of the lack of control so now we pay a little bit more but we get more control and thereby more safety and by the way on our web site r.t. dot com we're asking for your opinion about what the revival of border controls between members means for the future of the union looking at this result so far on screen we can see around a half of you think that the end of the e.u. is the only way to fend off an immigration crisis eighteen percent think that europe has failed to find unity in troubled times the same number says it's just a temporary setback in the integration process while eighteen percent think that the e.u. has proved to be unworkable to cast your vote to r.t. dot com we could hear from. calls for independence from us militarization are getting louder in britain one of america's most trusted strategic allies peace activists have targeted a top secret u.s. military base in the u.k. which is due to become part of the european missile defense shield they say british
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authorities barely know what's going on there putting the country's security risk. here it's a little piece of america in the heart of the u.k.'s yorkshire dales where it's britons who are demanding independence. symbolizes what's wrong with the special relationship between britain and united states here we have a base us control the british government and british people have no control menwith hill is the largest intel gathering and surveillance base outside the us there are thirty two satellite dishes housed inside the huge golf ball structures which can eavesdrop on telephone calls faxes and e-mails from around the world it's been operational since the one nine hundred sixty s. but now it's set to become part of the controversial missile defense shield to alert the u.s. to any. jazz in poland and the czech republic where the u.s.
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. bases worry that having a facility here will put the area in danger heightening the risk of an attack by anyone who wants to disable the shield but unlike in eastern europe the government here has no fighter tall in fact it doesn't even know what goes on here there isn't a single british official in parliament or in the intelligence services who could give you a full picture of what is happening in this space it's the culmination of former u.s. president ronald reagan's dream as his statue is unveiled in london on monday menwith hill in bodies will break in in visit in the early morning missile detection system that was dubbed the star wars program it secretive based far away from u.s. soil and some say it's a step towards the u.s. domination and militarization of space people demonstrate here campaigning for the closure of this space and the others like is around the country they want to
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reclaim this land and bring it but under the control of the british government and its people it's not working though as a. when withheld becomes part of the missile defense shield it's building another gospel satellite structure bringing the total to thirty three despite some local and national opposition growing not reducing the u.s. influence in europe. menwith hill yorkshire the prospect of a u.s. led missile defense shield in europe is also set alarm bells ringing here in moscow most of the so we hear from a leading american scientist who says a bomb is administration is continuing bush era policies. libyan officials say that they seized two ships on route from qatar carrying weapons intended for. rebels they said had been carrying over one hundred bills and made to some of them with thousands of rounds of ammunition so far only the french of admitted to supplying weapons to libya's anti-government forces and the shipment of arms to libya is a violation of international law that's according to marty doris another row from
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the center for research globalization. it definitely is violating the united nations sanction as well as international law there's something called the a t t and under the a.t.t. they cannot supply arms to the rebels this is not new news either they've been saying this from march that they've been sending arms to the rebels and i haven't been restricted here in libya i've travelled i've seen the frontier from tunisia to tripoli. the people that are resisting this are the actual people libyan people there's no real organized military here it's the people the people of libya have taken arms to defend this country against nato if you go to the checkpoints you're going to see the regular people like old people people who are volunteers that it's not strictly a military military force that's being fought against by the rebels or whatever you want to call them the transitional council forces revolution or whatever you want to call them they are a minority and they are being armed by the outside and in some cases they have
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better weapons and then the actual libyan military the ball is in nato support the ball's not in libya's court they're fighting defensively that's the reality of the situation the ones who are being bombed they don't want to have planes overhead it's not it in their hands so right now i don't see nato winning unless they invade or they continue to arm the rebels put it's way it's frankly it's too soon to say and i heard that hillary clinton said we're going to follow this to the end i don't think this is looking good for nato and if they invade they have to be fools every house in tripoli are they have neighborhood defenses set up in every single houses are all the people here are carrying weapons if they don't like a death if they were to turn those weapons on him. no still to come on the program this hour including brand new ways to satisfy china's energy. some countries in the starting advancing nuclear following the fukushima disaster china is searching for advanced technology to make atomic safe. for the children with the rare
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condition of fragile skin and that battle to improve treatment for the problem here in russia. a story still to come but first a dutch court has ruled that the netherlands was responsible for the deaths of three bosnian muslims after the fall asleep in its jury the bosnian war the judges have ordered the government to pay out compensation to the relatives of those killed the victims were support staff. peacekeeping force muslims who took shelter in the un protected enclave a member executed by bosnian serbs peacekeepers forced them out of the country and along with thousands of others one thousand bosnian muslim men and boys were killed in that in july ninety ninety five but it's not a political analyst based in belgrade has told me earlier r.t. it's the un who should take responsibility. for dutch soldiers who are under un made mandate there's no question about that now on the other hand. i think maybe
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somebody is trying to shift the blame from the u.n. to a member state and this is tricky business because if the you want is liable to one lawsuit it may be liable to lawsuits all over the world at the end of the day it was under the u.n. flag that the whole mission was being run and the you one had the responsibility for demilitarizing cerebrum itself however and we have testimony of dutch soldiers several dutch soldiers who actually said that when they tried to demilitarize the zone this armed the moslem fighters actually they received instructions from new york from the seat of the u.n. to go easy on the demilitarization so at the end of the day the dutch were left holding the bag so to speak they were they were very to shoulder the blame. don't forget we also have plenty of other stories available for you on our website in addition to what you see him on screen websites altie dot com and here's
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a quick look at what's there right now should you log on and find out how laser pens have become considered as dangerous as guns russia's republic of chechnya these new to his band the devices. that are catches up with an italian marble marble who can make the stone magically stay afloat and even fly find out how it. dot com. a flurry of new lawsuits have been filed in connection with the scandal surrounding former i.m.f. chief dominique strauss kahn a french writer claims he attempted to rape her back in two thousand and three but his lawyers say they'll sue for slander to the new york assault case he's already facing and educate them about cases suing a newspaper which alleges that she was a prostitute but even if strauss kahn is cleared of all charges his political
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career is effectively over well that's according to french history professor robert zaretsky. i don't think it's political sasa nation i think it really is a case of political suicide i really think that on the con is that the origins of this case it's significant that tristan macmanus mother who is a fairly important figure in the socialist party and who urged her daughter back in two thousand and three not to say anything about the attack has now come out of the closet and insists that strong economy and is sexual habits have been oblong known among socialists a long man did but nobody said anything about that. so she may emerge a three. both whether his freedom is going to lead to the elite is a completely different story and a number of women in fact are appalled right now which is what they call which they
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call the grand old men of the socialist party are plotting their class in one another on the progress right now because strong con seems to be on the verge of of being liberated from new york city's judicial system well coming up next our financial analyst max kaiser and stacy herbert draw a parallel between the financial worries of greece and the mounting debt of the u.s. the full program is coming up in the next hour as i say but here's a brief previously we said many times the i.m.f. is after the u.s. next s. and p. one of the rating agencies that work hand in hand with these international banks there's the managing director john chambers spoke to reuters and he said quote if the u.s. government misses a payment it goes to de de de de that's lower than triple say and that's what they say greece is worth triple saying well why doesn't the greek government come out with a ratings report saying america's that's where the debate therefore sell your
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american debt you need a place to put that cash buy greek debt and we'll give you a play on the options on the acropolis ourselves we don't need a i.m.f. and war blood for the government and so all the acropolis we're getting are some of those are probably. cause a report in the next hour the action into japan's fukushima facility triggered safety fiza around the world forcing some countries to think twice about using nuclear energy energy hungry china it seems is to monza so high the simply no alternative as henry morton reports it's focusing instead on developing new technologies to make atomic plants safer. with the global spotlight firmly back on the safety of nuclear power following japan's tsunami and the problems at the fukushima daiichi plant china is looking at spearheading efforts to make the industry safer and much safer the chinese are investing millions in research into reactors powered by the
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element a metal proponents say as common as lead and one which despite some concerns would lead to power plants with fewer safety issues as well as other benefits. thore and based reactors certainly have advantages release from the story and is greater than from uranium the by products from using story in a less toxic than from uranium and it's much harder to make weapons from those my products. that public outcry following the problems at the fukushima plant led to beijing putting a freeze on approvals of all new nuclear power stations and safety checks at the twenty seven currently under construction however with chinese electricity consumption growing at more than five percent a year and its current reliance on fossil fuels to generate that unsustainable it's unlikely the crisis in japan will dampen china's thirst for nuclear power. it's impossible for china to give up nuclear energy right now china needs to make
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changes to its energy structure which is closely linked to the need to reduce pollution carbon emissions and the overall direction of chinese development and other new energies have no advantage in either techniques or resources. no one in china is under any illusions that the country desperately needs to find alternative clean ways to generate electricity the current reliance on coal which provides some eighty percent of chinese energy needs cost the economy more than two hundred billion dollars a year through air pollution alone and while beijing is investing heavily in turn it into energy supplies nuclear power is seen as the best bet by the chinese government the problem facing authorities is trying to convince a sometimes. just a republic that nuclear energy is a safe alternative so they are investing millions of dollars into foreign research like this in order to try and lay those fears to rest in so doing it maybe showing the rest of the world a new poff it's
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a clean energy henry morton oxy beijing the effects of the focus of crisis that continue to manifest themselves in various areas including japanese politics japan's disaster reconstruction in stereo much motor has resigned only a week into the post this comes after his visit to an area hit by march's tsunami and earthquake most all of the local governors threaten to withhold aid to region if we didn't provide a clear plan for reconstruction the form of this is behaving angered local people in japan's most prominent opposition party dubbed it an affront to. attackers killed at least thirty five to forty seven recently dominated town north of iraq's capital baghdad police reports say insurgents first detonated a car bomb near the local council building this was followed by second explosion of a roadside bomb targeting those who gathered to help the victims of the first blast from as a tank killing four people in baghdad's green zone that's where government embassy
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buildings on occasion. it's a rare and incurable disease and in russia suffer a say is ignored by the medical establishment known as e b it means children have skin so delicate that even just a simple touch can break it already has met the families who are coping with the illness and you may find some of the images in this report disturbing. she likes dancing and no one would guess the amount of pain lisa goes through to make these simple movements lisa has a rare genetic condition at her most is below zero or evie that makes her skin less than as a butterfly wing yes like touch or a hug can cause painful blistering that takes a long time to heal leaving the skin even more fragile. around the world sufferers like lisa are known as butterfly children however in russia it's as if they don't exist right you can use the doctors simply don't know the disease not when you tell them what it is they might have heard of it but they don't know how to deal with it
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cheating at least he's only five but she already knows her diagnosis better than any doctor her mother knows there is no cure with proper medication her daughter could lead an almost normal life but it's way too expensive if by using it it's such a rare disease that it's pretty much been forgotten about there's no states the court to there's no money and no specialists. general manager is a dermatologist and admits she's become a specialist by default no one else is dealing with patients but the mothers say her advice can conflict with what they've learned from abroad which saw well as a very complex disease with so few patients suffering from it any doctor that would take it up would have to become a very narrow specialist i myself i'm tied up in many other places so i don't have much time for these patients. two year old nasty is a clear example of what good care and access to proper treatment can do for a butterfly child her mother says she's probably the only girl in russia who from
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the very first days of her life was taken care of properly according to international standards. twenty five days old i took her away from one of the best maternity wards in the country her stomach and feet were all and the marks of the doctor's fingers are still her skin back then she did look like a newbie patient ever since nice to has lived a life of protection her medication costs roughly one hundred thousand rubles more than three thousand dollars per month she has three people constantly looking after her including her mother julia says life expectancy for such kids in russia is very low and she would be anything to make her daughter's life long unhappy. she's my beautiful alongst back to princess and if there is a pea that can hurt my brain so i'll take them all away no matter what the cost or julie is also behind a newly created foundation to help other children now people from all over the
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country are calling her and it seems the number of suffering children is far greater than the previously estimated one hundred s. for liza she bravely takes on life with a smile despite her deteriorating state as a sign of trust she told me her biggest dream there may be few children with this disease in russia but each of them needs all the support they can get they may have learned to live with their condition but just like the old ream of one day waking up to life without paying. r.t. moscow. when i'll be back with news stories about. the federation of american scientists about the proposed missile shield in europe which is driving a wedge between moscow and washington. a
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federation of america. report that looks. very much for joining. the study a couple of months ago to look into the technical side of what might be behind russia's concerns so. in the west has been russia's ideologically
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opposed to middle missile defense but we wanted to see if there's actual technical concerns what we found is that the phase adoptive approach to missile defense is broken up into two parts number one and number two where that low interceptors the block one interceptors are on line. three and four where the higher speed interceptors will be brought online and our analysis shows if the system is reconfigured a little bit that it will have some ability again. so there is legitimate concern from from the russian side. technical ability in principle of the system being able to intercept russian i.c.b.m. you make two very important points that the effectiveness of the interceptors is arguable from a scientific point of view and b. that this could push the russians and possibly the chinese to try and restore some kind of balance by arming themselves more of these things that those arguments can be could be discarded by decision makers in washington well apparently they have
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already. it's sort of a puzzle because the system itself has never actually been tested under realistic conditions for instance a salvo of missiles that incorporate countermeasures and decoys it's never really been tested against that the timing of the tests has always been known to the intercepting so the intercept team knows exactly the trajectory that the missile is incoming on and they know the exact timing so of course in the case of north korea or iran that will not be the case furthermore most seriously perhaps the most of the system is based on ships now these ships have never been tested in rough weather so from the military planners in china and russia they have to pretend or plan for the worst pretend like the system works whereas it can be easily overcome and has never been realistically tested still you know in the report you touch upon that technical aspect and then for russia's concerns. but from what i've been
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covering him for what i understand the more important part of freshness frustration over american missile defense plan is that to say yes to cooperation on equal terms and. do you think that should be part of the discussion well surely it should be part of the discussion and it should but you know there's a priority first to get a system that works and then you cooperate on it so. i think there's a time for cooperation but before that perhaps we can get maybe make it work together you know yeah exactly you know there's various people. have proposed different systems that might work postal of my team my colleague has proposed a drone based system so you'd have drones circling around north korea for instance and this would be a threat to russia of course because it's located around north korea and when they see a missile being launched they were captured before it releases its warhead in space than they could home in on the hot exhaust coming out of. the boosting missile it's
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called the boost phase but apparently it's not been picked up by the pentagon there is an opinion that there is this hawkish mentality that flourished under the bush administration pushing for more defense spending and many say it continues under obama do you think that a costly missile defense program of arguable effectiveness could be pushed forward by this kind of hawkish mentality rather than green security threats. i mean surely there is inertia in the system when the bush plan was first discarded by president obama when he came into power there was a lot of hope that the new system would be more agreeable to the russians but now that we have actual numbers if you look at the congressional research service reports it would be four hundred forty interceptors based on forty three ships now
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these are mobile platforms and that is part of the problem so instead of being less of a concern going from the bush administration to the obama administration the. this is raise all sorts of red flags in russia the new system there's something interesting i read. the house defense bill and it funds and mandated that ministration to conduct the study on the technical and operational visibility of space based interceptors that's from one of the papers here space based interceptors that sounds an awful lot like. space shale play. the american physical society concluded was a hoax but nonetheless billions of dollars were spent on research do you think that the current missile defense program also could turn into a hole where money goes and disappears despite what the scientists are saying well you know space based defense has been proven to be knocked feasible idea because you.


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