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for the full story we've got it's. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers. they feasted this is not a problem you should look more. into it that you should just step before you shoot a supreme retraced recently they have no idea about the hardships to face. plate one it's this is it all going to new sins are in the army the life level you see them is the most precious thing in the world. uses of self-sacrifice and heroism look at those who understand it fully that you have to live a. real life stories from world need. to treat nineteen forty five don't auntie dot com.
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and again this is the headline. nato and moscow failed to reach an agreement about a missile defense shield for europe during the summer to submit the deadlines giving no legal gathering to leave the proposed system targets russian tenantry. and an american military base in the north of england key to its stumbles type missile system is the scene of protests by piece that's what it says nor i mostly quickly left the political topic on the up and. not it is a gesture from the you get that will cry trust you know courtroom in the hague for prez head demanding is a budget choices you know it but in a court appointed one they charge and to a formal not guilty plea be humble be accused of a genocide charges and alleged crimes against humanity during the boston war. in.
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the headlines up next while you bailout cash is to flow again to greece of thirteen bankruptcy in return for its to austerity cuts the shock waves from the country's huge economic problems could yet reach the u.s. find out why and because the report next. or this is there as a report time to reveal to you the intimate secret of global finance it's not about stuff like the acropolis being sold it's about securitizing the acropolis so it can be traded. all the debt held by the bankers will be paid off from trading commissions but before you can do that you have to turn everything into a security oh we'll explain the whole thing anyway stacie ever what's happening well
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max yes so over the past week as greece has been and have austerity measures forced on the greeks we have also seen this headline max debt leading greece finds no buyers and fire sale of national assets so apparently representatives of the greek government while all this protests were going on in the streets of athens they were in london at claridge's hotel looking to sell off fifty billion euros worth of income producing assets up for sale were thirty nine airports eight hundred fifty ports railways motorways sewage works a couple of energy companies banks defense groups thousands of acres of land for development casinos and greece's national lottery apparently they found no buyers no they won't find any buyers this is the experience that the american indian had with the u.s. army the us army came with crawling across the western plains of america and they
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gave the american indians exactly nothing for the legend and the concept of actually owning the land was completely alien to the indians the idea of owning the grand canyon for example was a concept that was completely alien to their culture similarly in greece the idea of securitizing in trading the acropolis is an alien concept they don't understand it they're being slaughtered by this army of bank stores who are going to securitize everything and all the commissions from trading all of this of course will be done off balance sheets in the in the shadow banking system in the dark pools greeks will get nothing they'll get absolutely nothing. but the other thing about this is you remember you're dealing with con men bank stress here so are these private equity alleged private equity dealers who met with greek government officials are they just straw man and some sort of con are they acting as like
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market makers you know how you often see this and in america is that the the market makers don't appear for especially in the commodities market in gold or silver and they let the price collapse in order to then scoop it up at a very good deal for them and then sell it back at a higher price i mean by indian metaphor there the sioux indian and other tribes are still waiting for the u.s. to make good on various treaties that were signed three hundred years ago two hundred years ago one hundred years ago that's not worth anything the paper that these traders are written on if you think you're going to get anything in exchange for your assets from the banks that are rolling across this fed up plantations of greece you've got another thought covering the fed a cheese plantations i've never seen what it is a grown on a plantation right it's not a race better one of the things that was pointed out by one of these private equity bankers is he said there was a lack of transparency again this is caused by goldman sachs has hidden all of the
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everything assets debt everything off balance sheet nobody knows there is no price discovery possible anymore thanks to goldman sachs and j.p. morgan well there will be once a securitized everything right now the acropolis has a value on a greek books of zero now when goldman sachs comes in and they take control of the acropolis and they create a security based on the acropolis in acropolis back securitization program it'll have a value on the global markets but it'll be traded off balance sheet in the dark exchange greeks won't have any access to it but the international bankers will be trading it back and forth and they'll be borrowing against it that's the key thing all these so-called austerity measures are a way for go. and sachs to securitize great assets to lay another two three four hundred billion in debt on top of the five hundred billion in debt so you've said many times that after greece and the rest of europe america would come become the
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next victim of the i.m.f. are now taunting the u.s. the i.m.f. is following the same exact plan that they enacted against europe economic crisis in greece could reach the united states i.m.f. warns so first they're saying the money markets banks may spread the contagion according to officials so if something happens to greece they're saying that it could spread to the u.s. i.e. and u.s. taxpayer give us all your money for the i.m.f. to bail out the greek creditors oh yeah it definitely coming into the u.s. because some countries got was brazil kicked the i.m.f. out the economy was booming yeah the same situation down egypt they're saying no i.m.f. loans no world bank we don't want the terrorists we don't want the financial terrorists the market fundamentalists the banker jihadi s. on wall street we don't want them stink and suicide bankers like lloyd blankfein blow himself up there in egypt but in america sense they are
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basically idol worshipers pop idol worshippers of blood blankfein of merry band of derivatives fraudulent counterfeiters speaking of pop idol there is the pop idolisation going on of j.p. morgan which is the biggest of the banks her occupiers in the world and they have this former beauty queen who's now a j.p. morgan executive and i see all of the financial blogs posting photos of her and it's actually in the u.k. press as well this this hot babe who is this banker so that's the sort of thing they're trying to create the sort of war shipping of the lot lindsay lohan sort of things of the people of the world because look a lot of these celebrities who are war shipped via twitter and the rupert murdoch's tabloids. they get away with all sorts of stuff because people worship them so when if j.p. morgan can start creating some lindsay lohan type bankers who people will just they'll forgive all how about lloyd blankfein the male unicorn with is
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probing antler fees and well you know the i.m.f. never has just a one pronged attack speaking of the unicorn they go multi-pronged i.m.f. urges us to raise its borrowing limit or risk defaulting on debt but warns that u.s. debt burden is unsustainable in long term so august fourth you know the u.s. needs to raise this debt ceiling or else it technically defaults and the i.m.f. is saying that you have to raise the debt ceiling but your debt is unsustainable. because the i.m.f. international monetary fund world bank united nations they're running the show no barack obama is just basically dancing to the i.m.f. tuning well as we see all governments have to remember. in greece he was elected on a very specific platform of tossing these guys out within days he was you know
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swapping the credit default swaps that were worth tens of billions of dollars he's giving them to buddies and people in secret bankers who know you know speaking of the swap that you just mentioned see his cronies raped a country for twenty billion based on that insider deal credit default swap but the postal bank i got a contract it from a journalist at harper's for their website in america i gave them the facts of the story and they didn't publish it harper's came back to the writer and said this story is too one sided against the u.s. . and this is just a straight up and down depiction of the facts so america you need to open your mind a little bit in the us you want to be on the are you going to be on the reservation are we said many times the i.m.f. is after the us next s. and p. will slash america from aaa to d. if the treasury misses a payment so this goes exactly within a few minutes of the i.m.f. saying the us better raise this debt ceiling or they're in trouble well the s.
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and p. one of the rating agencies who work hand in hand with these international banks toure's the managing director john chambers spoke to reuters and he said quote if the u.s. government misses a payment it goes to d. he says this is known as the selective default that paper that is maturing on august fourth will go to di di di di di that's lower than triple c. and that's what they say greece is worth triple saying well why doesn't the greek government come out with a ratings report saying america's debts worth a dig therefore so your american debt you need a place to put that cash by greek debt and we'll give you a play on the options on the acropolis ourselves we don't need the i.m.f. and lloyd blankfein of goldman to sell the acropolis we're gathered her some of the smaller crop loose well it's own chambers also noted a default on u.s. treasuries a benchmark against which all other debt is measured would dwarf any worries about u.s. credit ratings as global markets would crumble they're pulling out this all the canard
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oh markets will crumble the world as we know it will and oh it's all over it give us all your money yeah well of course as part of that too that they've learned to put a gun to the head of folks and say it's a hijacking like hank paulson did i mean times can this work is like over and over and over they need to hire somebody from hollywood to get a different scriptwriter because this is boring oh look at every single poster for every single movie that comes out of every single scene or in every single country it's a guy holding a gun it never stops elling people fear always trumps faith that's. the way of the world if you can scare somebody into giving you their money it's a lot easier than convincing somebody to invest their money speaking of hollywood though america was americans were sold on these wars and across the middle east as you know some big video game sort of film like shock and awe well cost of war iraq afghan wars and your four trillion dollars study so again the cost keep on going up
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americans don't apparently understand how much they're paying for it those same americans who are sitting there debating saying all the i.m.f. is going to be bailing out these greeks who retire at fifty three years old well what about when we have to bail out the americans who can't stop wars and bombing people all over the world is that any better like i'd rather pay some guy to retire at fifty three than to go murder a million people somewhere else but the average american business stand thus the reason the energy and food prices are going up so what do you do about these people all those and put them on reservations and then finally tying this all back to bankers and the afghan war american choice of plundering their future income afghan banker i have evidence of death plot this is abdul qadeer fit rap the former governor of the afghan central bank and he's fled. afghanistan is now in washington hiding out and he's saying that there's a death plot against him and that's why he had to flee but listen to this threat rats comments come just hours after afghanistan's deputy attorney general said that
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state rat and other officials at the central bank faced prosecution for not acting on warnings about widespread corruption at kabul bank so the corrupt central banker gets safe haven in washington d.c. under bernanke is umbrella bernanke fed banking criminal protection program. and meanwhile back in kabul the american people are killing folks willy nilly well yes you could say that ben bernanke in the u.s. is too financial terrorists what the taliban was to islamic terrorists well said stacy ever thanks for being on the kaiser report. back with much more stick right there. for the full story we've got. the biggest issues get the human voice face to face with the news maker . mission. critical three.
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three. three. three. three. three blown video for your media project free media r t v dot com. welcome back to the kaiser report time now to go to lovely beaches outside of athens greece to talk with economists a professor yes vera fake is janice welcome to the kaiser report thank you for having me. more austerity measures for. greece from the news footage it appears the population doesn't like the plan but what about economists like yourself do you like the plan i think this is one of those occasions where the crowds collectively
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we shows more and. more of the great and the good to that of the european union the policymakers and all the analysts who are supporting what in my estimation is a highly irrational policy for dealing with this is to me crisis well you've got two basic approaches to the various crises around the world there's the austerity and tax approach and then there's the let's print money a company by bailouts and work programs that we've seen in the u.s. . neither approach seems to work does it well it will look better the united states if it works in europe even though the united states is certainly not out of the woods imagine what the situation would have been with the quantitative easing open today you know full somewhere in between the two. interviews that you could forward and the reason is that the use of has
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a particularly nasty problem with the very design of fruits and to picture the neither britain noons of the united states. creature right exactly there's an interesting. historical precedent here with the introduction of the euro which. the greece can't devalue against other currencies because a slot the end of the year out and it's basically going head to head economically speaking with germany i see germany has just announced fantastic results with their economy in part because they benefit from the lower year out because they're tied to greece so germany is getting a benefit from their troubles and grace in ways that a lot of people are talking about why why not why shouldn't germany just leave the euro so that they then are competing with china and america on a on a more paraphrase super basis instead of dragging greece into the gutter as germany
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is doing because of germany believes the year the little miracle that you described is going to go up in a puff of smoke within twenty four hours if they were to reconstitute the dortch market. the dutch marquetry value by fifty sixty one hundred percent and then they would lose their chinese markets and the only thing that keeps germany going alone screaming be at the moment is the chinese market i want to just take the so high level for a second here and pick your brain as an economist because you mentioned comparing the u.s. and europe and why quantitative easing. perhaps was a better way to approach the crisis however in the u.s. seems like all they did was buy some time they bought maybe two or two and a half years worth of time and now s. and p. talking about downgrading u.s. debt to d. which would make it even less attractive then the current rating on greek debt of triple c. it does the same as either approach really makes any sense because what we're
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talking about here is more of a systemic problem the banks have systemically corrupted the system in ways where they make all the money and everyone else suffers all the losses is that a fair characterization i'm cyrillic. i have. offered a few photos basing that just like in one thousand nine hundred one socialism. dust in two thousand and eight when we saw the end of capitalism it sounds to be to extreme but that too seriously believe that this is where exactly what happened we don't leave on the topic of this now and we wonder jeanne which i go bankrupt ocracy it's all the same as bunker christie is not ruled by banks it's ruled by bankrupt banks the greater the failure of a bank in two thousand and eight and in europe today the data it's power to set the agenda it's a very strange. which defies the traditional left versus right arguments of free
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markets versus. collective action or central planning now we have a situation where the more you have failed to the most spectacular your inability to generate profits the more power you have over those who do right well it's based on that scenario the profits that were being made by the so-called too big to fail banks for use to deregulate or to dismantle free market capitalism and they instituted a command and control financial autocracy in its place so it's a failure once again. land of command and control that we saw in one nine hundred ninety one as you describe it it's a repeat of ninety ninety one it's a it's a failure of the polar bear of the federal reserve bank and other central bankers but looking at greece for a second they of course through a seven year period of history experienced military dictatorship under the hunt came is a really much difference between the junta and the troika. it's funny you should
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ask me this yesterday i was talking to an old man who had fought as a partisan during that existence against the nazis in the 1940's and he stunned to me with a question he said wrote imagine the germans had won back then why would it be different now the juxtaposition that he drew was not with the who was with the beautiful completion and of the nazis he said and then and i asked i asked him to to continue along that line of thinking and he said look if so do i. we would have a commissioner room of berlin running things in greece i don't want to go as far as he was going but this is came from the parties and i have to say that i was stuck with words for at least ten seconds before i could conjure up enough strength to suggest that perhaps life would have been worse had the nazis. all right you
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mentioned nazi occupation during all the arts part of that story of course was the nazis taking much of greece's gold gold in greece now amounts to one hundred eleven tons of galt i've asked this question if you pay paul you're an economist you honest you know the history and the economics of grace well what do you have an estimate about how much call germany from greece during that occupation trade of world war two it's more than just a question of gold you have to remember that during the occupation the german authorities extract at the massively. inadvertent comments from the coffers of the greek banking system of the occupied banking system if you combine the gold with the loan you will come to think which in today's prices is more than five hundred sixty billion years. of course the question is what does this goal mean is these legally enforceable now ok well let me let me just interject there for
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a second because you're saying ok the agreements between that were made have been abrogated they don't exist anymore but here you have a george pappa dress government signing off on the memorandum what the i.m.f. a foreign banking institution giving them rights above and beyond the greek constitution they are going to take critics call to greece is called as part of the debts that they have imposed on grace it's the same tale as you just described to me that the nazis did they think they loaded great of the bunch of debt then they think they raped greece now the i.m.f. is loaded with of all a lot of debt and they're going to economically rape greece they're going to take the gold they're going to securitize and monetize and trade all the security so how is this different and why should they were why why not why respect this memorandum this memorandum as was cooked up by papyrus and and under we could only describe it as treasonous i give you no i would never expect them and went on to be fine i had the choice of not respecting and it is quite one thing to say i do not respect i do
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not accept the debts that you can postpone me it's quite another to go to germany and to go into state in london for this for that you need it quite might be on me and i don't think that there is any sense in having this conversation on this on this matter but let me let me let me try to imprint my view we're going to be i am exposition and the european union's position reserve agrees i wish that i could agree with you that this is a conspiracy by which to loot greeks it is not and i said. because if it were conspiracy it would mean that it would be somewhere i am and some reasons and some logic behind what the europeans and the i.m.f. are doing in greece you see i don't believe that isn't it logical and it will believe there is a plan and i don't think there is any over arching objective i think what is happening is this they use system was hit particularly hard by the gay financial crisis in the great project two thousand and eight it started under our building
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our european leaders are at a loss to know what to what to do with it so they they do their own don't think they know and that is to apply sticky tape in order to keep it together. and then to face and i can picture which is that this integrating this ticket is very expensive it comes in the form of huge loans the loans come to greece they have to to throw some bones to their own parliaments in berlin for instance and to explain why these loans are being given to greece and these are the bones come in the form of public asset sales and private a station they're not doing it because they want to get something out of greece so they're doing it in a state of panic and in a way that ensures minimum what is this tends to be's huge loans to greece in the berlin parliament and why these huge loans to base it simply because they very much fear lehman moment in the french banks which me to the explosion of the spanish debt situation and then do a complete collapse of the euro and then that he considers you know the dutch
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market will introduce a huge recession in germany now are great politicians run london recently trying to sell great assets far knock down prices out of selling off income producing assets or start a large army canonic viability of grace it doesn't at all i mean don't you just give you a very brief example take the state lottery the national lottery of greece it produces four hundred million euros of dividends a year for the good state and they're now going to try to sell for nine hundred million now this is on the cream in the navy. since but so why are they doing it well firstly because they're being told to do it and then the question of course the guns why are they being told to told to do it because mrs merkel wants to throw some bones to have members of parliament saying look the good eggs are really shooting themselves in themselves in the foot they can be killing them let's extend those norms but in reality it was mrs merkel it's doing she's misleading her
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parliament in precisely the same way that we set up on that it was misleading his parliament because this money's not ok to use this money for the french and the german banks and of for saving the banking system and saving but preventing another collapse of the banking system all right well finally of course we're talking to you you're actually sitting on a greek island how much do you want for it how much do you want for your children. yes well that sounds very impassioned but as we know it is more all sad no place and today's global economy morals don't trade on any exchange therefore morals down exist. everyone's got their price and today's globalized economy so out there is there that one twenty or a little less passion that maybe next week but let me answer this question in a dispassionate way i was talking to investors from switzerland and germany who really want to get their hands on duty gas and they said to me off to their guns on the last few days that they will withdraw from the from the competition to get
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these assets and they will withdraw because they can sense the passion that you mentioned and they do not want to be involved in assets whose legitimacy the property rights and the cost of all and will be questioned by a very passionate people who will not allow islands and parthenon and coastlines to be traded in exchange of want in exchange of bones that would be had got for being a default anyway the other possibility is that they're seeking a cheaper price all right that's going to do it yes vera fake us thanks so much for being on the kaiser report. thank you and that's going to do it for this edition of the kaiser report with me max kaiser and stacy herbert and i thank my guest yanis farah fake us if you want to send me an e-mail place there so at kaiser report at r t t v are you until next time this the max guys are saying right off.
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