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it's all part of russian innovation on technology update we've got the future covered. for the full story we've got it for. the biggest issues get the human voice face to face with the news makers on our team. this is our team from moscow our top stories christians around the world are marking the resurrection of jesus says easter falls on the same day for both orthodox and western pushes this year he's a live images coming through from russia's main cathedral where the patriarch is conducting a special mass right now attended like. it's almost twenty five years since the chernobyl disaster but one community hit hard by the fall that has endured since having no money to move residents not to carry on with their lives on contaminated land. civilian casualties continue to climb in libya with the u.s.
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bringing in unmanned drones to strike government forces they will get out his troops reportedly retreat from coastal areas leaving rebels to face tribal opposition. it's exactly midnight thirty one up next martin andrews searches for latino flavor here in the russian capital stay tuned if you can from moscow out to see what he discovered. i love i love the freedom on this christmas class i will be safe and that everything i feel and family and the rest of the fun to listen to the psychic
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psychedelic cough is the first seventy six is the phrase when it comes to fiery and sniffed listen i remember my style. to choose from keeping it as you andy the words here he's given me tons cost in russian is key to being a popular holiday dissemination to muscovites many of the time she can speak it and just moves back in mr finale krypton's cause he cost three hundred and fifty rubles that's around ten dollars which you buy in blocks amounts and these guys are pretty rough because. it's a list of just these in our school with each dances the doctors found for real by the people of mice in america and which represent its culture and history book from a species future and i was cool as cuban and also have teachers from brazil venezuela and haiti of the i think there's two people living in muscular tina downs is likely to know the joy and happiness how.
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can. i. be here as i'll come or sas there are things that are your favorite pass ok let's start the south across that's ok ok. ok can't we card i don't speak full so i shouldn't be taken back to another cheaply. enough is my partner she takes causes him every to say i'm friday nights in english. and is a simple as it. was. my housekeeper says and so for example if you got an espresso sauce accommodate people of various levels of. the same about instilling that is it the tina sphere is the sort of company. to sex. and living on she
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speaks and staying in use. the latest collection by one of the most famous fashion designers he should pour in he has been sure case and most times women's clothes for the next four months season were inspired by simpy despite his design it holds visions of the former capital as a launch on some jets with it striking architecture parks and canals paraded cap mission dresses and jazzy combine between and will fabrics should hear him describe his designs as minimalism in such colors as black grey and dark blue germinating the collection somebody get chic reminding us of a city where the weather is not what it's sunny. french luxury brand of leather goods down so as you can the largest to outside of fronds located in the old mansion in the center of moscow to cheek oftentimes the hallways of the house which is an architectural monument to castle there is little
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banks an existing lease of life man and woman on sale of the stool is also a display administrations from the bronze catalogues from the beginning of the trenches century to taking the history of fashion house. peace in a way behind an old moscow late is an absolute gem of a restaurant a wonderful topic to kmita. could be cheery it is simple and deliberately shabby. the tiny table says on to fit a couple of glasses on the plate for snacks three story mansion is completely devoted to a stylized spanish restaurant with a ground floor is a small top spot. while very nice for the food here is excellent and what's happened is when quite affordable for the average meal for two is say around i've seen thousand roubles fast as from sixty and seventy dollars for my bins i spend several times i know what good tapas food tastes like to hear the.
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truth. no wonder this is where the rest of the restaurant business is. looking at one of the places ok with spain or latin america the disability institute in mostar is the latest organization specializing in spanish language classes eight thousand students to establish at the institute every year transit in stainless you know if you want to follow the spanish language and latin american culture around the world they're now moving for similar senses on the full confidence. of polish passion full length originals and hits by the popular gypsy kings a real to gather in the musical sorrow which is currently running in the russian capital things off to the fictional black moscow to czar which means folks in spanish these girls become a great success of the moscow palace of youth which performs almost every night.
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thank you bill it is a real piece of mexico in the russian capital when you know only certain regional mexican cuisine but also stays true to the atmosphere of a gangsta mexican village full of fun. every night is a lot consider of latino music aloso must the cost of lessons also breaking the old allies. it's a restaurant. various latin american jobs music is very good english language is a fiery franco always results in full houses in most cases international house of music. moving on small next venue this mansion is inclusive to say the least mr president
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some mexican ambassador and with photographs of celebrities and politicians it's easy to see the social scene is an active part of the residences calendar it's also will be meeting this week scares me to meet your guests just like. now welcome let him tell me helling in the hey mr well it's going to be almost three and a half years for you now it's time to. tell you about the various latino events festivals activities that take place here in moscow. it's you know so well this is most call this a big city and a very exciting city i must say there's a lot of going on and you sometimes you don't have enough time to attend everything because on the other hand you had you wanted to also alternate with the russians with the local people that will i mean love it very and we like it very much because there are so we're it's a very interesting country it's
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a beautiful country or first a lot so we try to explain to expand let's put it that way i mean of course we had to in all our latin american activities from you know cultural activities either organized by the embassies or idea associations so yes it's funny i mean it's. i think every year more and more russians actually visit mexico it's become a really popular destination for them to travel to yes it's becoming very very popular despite the distances because of course it's very far for you know it's still but i'm glad they are really you know polling and trying to go out because they know that i mean of course out of spain or you know it's very popular as well whether and everything and now i know russians they travel a lot to saudi. all these places but i'm so glad that they are now turning their head to the other side to the atlantic and then just take you know good thing to
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call the way there because not everybody speaks english or spanish or so east but they just they just arrive there and they're just so happy so please you know they feel at home. like letting the american touch in through a. cartoon you think a way of being his passion yes christians all but you know spirit new the world that's perfect is that we're below. it's me you think you. could finish the space program at that inspired space to plus art gallery here and so casing an exhibition office across by spanish artist isabella moon is one of the biggest names in stylist contempt it's a total fate a work in seeing it in the most prestigious institutions around the world the us or school in barcelona in the two hundred fifty one lives and works in madrid for the
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french grocer the summa tried to win the world press photo war in two thousand and four these pictures taken in places from cuba to porn as art is played upon highlighting the most characteristic shoes of every place human bodies and friends of light also further talk of fish. people who love to discuss their world people who love with their real photography and the people who love the nature. who take triss the nature of human being because in her works she shows the beginning of our world the beginning of. the things about we always forget sometimes in our. way of life. the city maybe thousands of kilometers away from spain in latin america the capital as an international hub still absorbs culture from over the world whether it's a cuban dance class with tina rhythms or
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a delicious tapas bar year after the diverse multicultural city of moscow always delivers on file if you want to enjoy a latino theme lights out at five but circle here on pushkin skyscraper will certainly be hard servant but of course the that's what's going to have on the streets for good also you get the same time next week until then for me and the rest the crew are by for now. a living in a country that don't understand that there's more violence in the streets of this country than there are in the streets in afghanistan or baghdad.
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one night in the description become a breach of the. bias of the limits. us from the form. of crowd gathers them a real business down the street the victims. we have seen the damage it has done to work our environment more chemicals work the for profit we do not want any more new g.m.o. foods. our core system is just there was a dismal experience and i'm just i'm just appalled that that's a lot to go on america. we are getting this unfortunately
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because we don't know what's in it there's no labeling there for it being used like i'm aboard for the experiment to be used as guinea pig. will now we have more questions than we have had three guards in the flight. for. mine. soon which bryson. song from phones to christian. screws starts on t.v. just come. down the official antti occupation. called touch from the.
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video on demand exceeds my old posts and just reach the palm of your. question if. you tell stories christi it was around the world of marking the resurrection of jesus says easter falls on the same day for both of the oaks and the rest of the worshipers this year these are the latest live images coming through from russia's main cathedral as i speak where the patriarch is conducting a special mass attended by thousands of people. it's almost twenty five years since the chernobyl disaster but one community hit hard by the fall outs in jewett since having no money to move presidents have had to carry on with their lives on contaminated land. and civilian casualties continue to climb in libya with the u.s.
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bringing in unmanned drones despite government forces gadhafi troops reportedly have retreated from coastal areas leaving rebels to face tribal opposition. keep abreast the latest sport now this early sunday morning unity. always great to have your company here with sports today i mean these are some of the things we're looking at to. the top of the pile surprise package to bomb ensure they finish sunday at the premier league summit holding victory away to fellow newcomers palooka. eyeing the some a good goal to take the house we lead up to her exchange where victory will see him become false news world number one. on furs versus bowls the cream of the mix if i came in russia and spain to topple at the same seven day event and.
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not see many observers would have imagined that six weeks into the russian premier league it would be too newly promoted sides fighting it out for the top of the table position but that is exactly what was up for grabs when volga. initially novgorod by k.g. first stuff was forgotten in the second with a full chances of peace for each side to break the deadlock but there was to be just a single goal in this one lot of stuff like doing the honors for the visitors eighteen minutes from time in the one nil win said we could talk for twenty four hours up at least one serious balance needs both with the chance to leapfrog crossness our outfit on some. practice saturday's auction were rushed off of age further away from the relegation zone while at the same time making rude hull its job even harder his correct side not just with one win from their first six games thanks to dragon yaks thirty fifth minute winner on in the last march as he crossed the
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darfield to stretch their unbeaten record us home moscow easing to a four one win to move up to join second place in the process. manchester united keep moving on relentlessly. towards their fourth premier league try to five years alex ferguson's side remaining six points on the chasing pack following a one zero win over everton javier hernandez with the strike may well settle this year's title race else were saw them feel to take over ownership of fourth place from manchester city drawing one one away to west brom liverpool well they went to birmingham hitting five with a reply moxy rodriguez helping himself to a field aston villa in stoke shared the spoils as they block fool newcastle six second half goals flew in at the stadium of lights home side sunderland with a line sure of them creating wigan for two wolves in full and could not be
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separated while chelsea just about remain in the title shakeout leading west on three nil at home for none to tour a scoring his first goal for the blues involve. team russia locked up overall victory at ice hockey days ago but who is to be no grounds for a vicious la pick off men after going down to the czech republic six three and byrne zero zero on saturday the result marking the first sign of a twenty ten world champions have beaten there are tribals this season russia winning their three previous clashes it's the upcoming world finals the jew to start on april twenty ninth overshadowed to these results because resting a number of key men including twice global champions. this year saw the start of the p.p.l. or professional basketball league in russia one of the main differences from its predecessor the super league being the amounts of international fleets plying their
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trade rights here. caught up with three of them to get a flavor of an x. sportsman's life. american tragedy langdon is no stranger to titles and here are just a few from his six year tenure at moscow says scott five time champion of russia suits and yearly champion plus taken positions most valuable player in two thousand and eight and it sits and champion of the newly created united the t.v. league but basketball wars are not the only discovery whose name russia has lang's and is now married to a local girl and they already have a son to put it simply moscow has become the second home house with more intrigued by the culture knowing i was going to be here by people by the history or so much about it that i was rigorous about. from them i try to go to a little bit more museums talk to people learn the language a little bit more. for me it's been a great experience raul lopez have fitted the moscow region's he since two thousand
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and nine shortly after his native spain when the olympic silver at the two thousand and eight summer games in beijing just a year later he helped his country prove its dominance of the euro basket becoming the latest champions so rolls incredible international record plus his three year n.b.a. stance and the utah jazz brought invaluable experience to his current side before you know it's it was more like says the risible comes out. with pressure on you know like now you know i feel like this is leaders like. in cannes you know every night you play against all teams you know they have great players australians look neville is probably one of the most exotic imports to the russian professional basketball league though he has already tried his luck in the united states and returned to melbourne this move to russia meant he wants to make his way back to the highest level of the game his current side triumph from the moscow region are
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not having the best of seasons at the moment but it's still a work in progress as neville is brought up to speed with the european style of the game i am more snow and i thought the russia going to stray was a stray i was no different. system runs here in russia as well picking the roads in europe. you know you know coaches me running around or you know russian basketball went through massive overhaul of last season and is just starting to climb out of this however the professional league remains attracted some more in town and it's great to see you just look to russia from all over the world ramon conscript towards the . interesting stuff let's talk. brilliant sixty five has seen englishman secure the lead. stage of the hurts age double will jump to the top of
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the world rankings if he manages to win the south carolina events the new leader of beginning there's a three shots behind guard. quickly moved in front with five thirty nine told is currently ranked third in that world behind number one martin kaymer westwood i when that harbor time would seem to take over the summer regardless of how westwood first up the indonesians. timer is not an option this week and all the while part of the two under par round of sixty nine on is alone in second place that's one shot behind donald in poulter another month in contention. and finishing his run on seven three strokes off the. defiance meanwhile monitoring third round action in the easier lee westwood can regain the number one spot if he wins the tournament. just the inside the briton in some form with an excellent second shot on the sixth
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a total of eight birdies for him opening up a five shot lead over the rest of the field west of the seeming four of the biggest surprises on his thirtieth birthday on sunday that number one ranking. on that the child. an open and nicolas colsaerts is the monte catch after three runs a head in the field however keeping the distance on a minimum the belgium leading by just a shots five birdies on an eagle on the day the twenty two rules highlights punching long was ahead after the u. opening run but second go it's still very much in contention a birdie on the sixteenth helping him close the gap to just the single stroke and all the way. to martial arts finally where russia's dominance of the global mix fight scene was proven further this week there is some below seventy squad schooling the spanish warriors team in moscow robert downey and watch the action on full. the outcome may have been very
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different if the nations had met on a football peach bowl who is soon as it comes to the man green cage the russian select open tend to have the edge over their space rivals the stem out one of russia's strongest mixed like clubs some seventy perth to test the best spain had to offer in sports for a boy or a speech to the company as is tradition starting with a lightweight the first place off seeing side books and specialist sergei taking spanish jujitsu chan pounds from one d.s. . the visitor came to take the fight to the ground but took his chance with a sudden peak out of the clean sheet point over russia one new on. the hosts hand to hand fighting champion and they could do in the blue of the day next to the school for securing a perfect on board submission before the spaniard to give up the fight early in the
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first round with two other clashes pulling a similar pattern it's who came to the most anticipated battle of the night in one global champion bitches love basilisk keep placing in oxalis the men who did spain's best weeks choir of last year this much closer than all that came previous and the only one to last all three schedule rounds the city of skippering his players dominating the entire fight to claim victory by a unanimous decision however so recent ever reason to leave the ring with his head held high girls were girls and it was a tough fight i was always seeking a knock out but fit and it me of evil boring us that that's not what either me or my fans expected i'm sorry i promise i'll do much better next time i got you was about it five nil sweep for the russians something big gust one of the sport's good remediate into would fully approved. robert but in your own party.
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about your love for this hour i'll see you soon or whether though it's coming up in just a tick. the ticket. home.
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