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tv   [untitled]    April 23, 2011 8:30am-9:00am EDT

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he's available in. the children of each college age old cuban but you know what you told me in germany their children have been killed their ability to return and your turn. in serbia letters available in most good one hundred read and see they are going to. welcome back here's a recap of the top stories on our t.v. it's almost twenty five years since the chernobyl disaster or one community hit hard by the fallout has endured since having no money to move residents have had to carry on with their lives and contaminates of blood. civilian casualties continue to grow in libya as the u.s. signs on drones to fight government troops meanwhile gadhafi is forces reportedly retreated from coastal areas leaving the rebels to face tribal opposition.
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to u.s. pastor the tories for publicly burning the koran is did not the right to protest in a muslim dominated is instead offered designated free speech zones to avoid inciting violence. and coming up next it's our entertainment show moscow out at this time the team shows us some of the lots of flavors of the russian capital. but. i love how long the program on this christmas last night will be slightly less
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than everything the feel of family and the rest of the fun to listen to the same size of someone else's letter says these are the boys when it comes to fiery and seriously i remember i might have. to choose from cuba here is u.n.c. the route here he's given a dance class in russian is key to being a popular holiday dissemination for muscovites many of the time to continue that he just moves back in mr malley krypton's cos he cost three hundred fifty rubles that's around ten dollars but you by and large amounts of these guys are feeling rather good. business to discuss this in our school we teach dunces the doctors found for real by the people of latin america and which represent its culture and history because the chief future when i was cool is cuban and also have teachers from brazil venezuela and haiti earlier than i think the people living in moscow latino dons is like a britain of joy and happiness ah. yes
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i'll come assess their lives better you're playing tennis ok let's start the south across that's ok pat. ok can't we cart i don't ski full so i shouldn't be telling that another to supply. you know is my partner she takes classes here every to say i'm funny nights in english that. is a simple. matter but it's a. great way has a face and so for example if you're not an expert as the boss accommodate people of various levels. so so by instilling these it let's see in a spirit it's in the company. and out of the sex. and moving on to this weeks
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and taming news. and. the latest collection by one of the most famous for some designs he has shipped her in has been shown case and most current women's clothes for the next four months season were inspired by some pieces but this design it holds visions of the former capital as a launch on subjects with it stretching architecture parks and canals bodies corrected a catwalk and dresses made of jazzy combine between them will fabrics cheering describes his designs as minimalism and such colors as black lines on pluto making the collection somebody get chic reminding us of a city where the weather is not always sunny. french luxury brand of leather goods down so as i opened a large store outside of frons located an old mansion in the center of mostly the
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cheek occupies the hallways of the house which is an architectural monuments of the capitol there is little bags and accessories for my family and a woman on sale a stool is also a display of the stations from the brands catalogs from the beginning of the twentieth century taking the history of the fashion house. he did away behind an old mr late is an absolute gem of a restaurant a wonderful topper to kmita. the chariot is simple and deliberately shabby. tiny tables designed to fit a couple of glasses and a plate of snacks three story mansion is completely devoted to a stylized spanish restaurant with a ground floor is a small top spot. while very nice for the food here is excellent and the toughest is when quite affordable for the average meal for suicide around i'd see thousand rubles pass between sixty and seventy dollars i've been spending several times i know what good stuff food tastes like here it's hard.
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to say. no wonder this is one of the most popular restaurants. peaking at one other places ok to be spain latin america and disabilities just shooting mustard is the latest in the reservation specializing in spanish language courses eight thousand students to be spanish at institute every year founded in stainless you know if you want to from a dishonest language and latin american culture around the world they're now moving through similar senses on the full confidence. polish passion flamenco regions and it's part of popular prime gypsy kings a real together in the musical sorrow which is currently running in the russian capital names also the fictional black moscow to czar which means books in spanish and he's going to become a great success of the moscow palace of youth chris performed almost every night.
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thank you bill it is a real piece of mexico in the russian capital and you know the regional mexican cuisine but also stays true to the atmosphere of like tanks a mexican village full of fun. every night is a lot considerably teena music alosa must across the seagulls originally organized . the restaurant. various latin american jobs music is very popular in russia which is a fiery flamenco always results in full houses and moscow's international house of music. moving on small next venue this mansion is impressive to say the least mr president
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something mexican must sit up and with photographs of celebrities and politicians it's easy to see the seychelles see a disadvantage because of the residences calendar so so will be competing to be scarce let's meet your guests. now welcome legend tell me how in the vehicle mr well it's. three and a half years five now it's time to. tell you about the various latino events festivals activities that take place here in moscow. it's you know so well this is moscow always a big city and a very exciting city i must say there's a lot of crowing on and you sometimes you don't have enough time to attend everything because on the order had you had you wanted to also alternate with your at the russians with the local people that will i mean love it and we like it very
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much because there are so it's a very interesting country it's a beautiful country all first a lot so we try to explain to expand let's put it that way i mean of course we had to in all our latin american activities from you know cultural activities either organized by the embassies or. so yes it's funny i mean it's cool you know and i think every year more and more russians actually visit mexico it's become a place really popular destination for them to travel to yes it's becoming very very popular despite the distances because of course not so very far for you know it's so but i'm glad they are really you know growing trying to go out because they know that i mean of course out of spain or you know it's very popular as well to go there and everything and now i know russians they travel a lot to southeast asia all these places but i'm so glad that they are now turning
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their head to the other side to you know to the atlantic and then just take a look at things or to go all the way there because not everybody speaks english or spanish or so east but they just they just arrive there and they're just so happy so please you know they feel at home. like letting american touch in through. to you think or way of being with his fashion this person's soul but you know spirit knew so well that's perfect is that way below. it's made you think you. can finish this week's program at the bids for the space to plus art gallery here and so case in an exhibition of firsts across by spanish artist isabella moon is one of the biggest names in stylist can simply say total fate worth a seat in the most prestigious institutions around the world the answer school in barcelona in matching fifty one lives and works in madrid. the french grocer the
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summa tried to win the world press photo award in two thousand and four these pitches take you in places from cuba to go as writers play time highlighting the most characteristic shoes of every place human bodies and friends of lights up also further children three. people who love to discuss their world people who love for their real photography and the people who love the nature. pictures the nature of human being because the intro works shows the beginning of our world the beginning of a series ation of the things about we always forget sometimes in our. way of life. the city maybe thousands of kilometers away from spain in latin america the capital as an international hub still absorbs culture from all over the world whether it's
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a cuban dance class with tina rhythms or a delicious tapas bar year after the diverse multicultural city of moscow are always the case on file if you want something so it lets you know theme bites out and stuff but search on pushkin's price scrabble simply be a part server but of course the that's what's coming out on the streets part of all so you get the same time next week and sell them for me and the rest of the crew. for now. we have seen the damage it has done to our environment mark chemicals what the park
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props we do not want any more of new to molds. our core system it's just that i was a dismal experience and i'm just i'm just appalled but that's allowed to go on america. we're getting this unfortunately because we don't know what's in it and there's no labeling there for it being used like the board to experiment you can use this getting. old now we have more questions than we have access to words. like. twenty five years of full light. from the most devastating nuclear disaster in history. a quarter of a century ago and has monthly to learn from its mistakes. the
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legacy of chernobyl. on the arctic. wealthy british scientists i know it's an awesome time to put guys. in a pretty hot. markets by not scamming. find out what's really happening to the global economy in these kinds of reports. i am.
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it's almost twenty five years since the chernobyl disaster about one community hard by the fallout has endured since having bomani to move residents have had to carry on with their lives on contaminated land. and. civilian casualties continue to grow in libya as the u.s. sends on mounted drones to fight government troops while gadhafi forces reportedly retreat from coastal areas leaving the rebels to face tribal opposition. to u.s. pastor in which more use for publicly burning the koran is denied the right to protest in a muslim dominated town is instead offered it doesn't need
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a free speech zones to avoid inciting violence. sports news is up next and you know there's a brand new leader of the russian premier league who is this guy tessa i always said every year i wish i'd put money a lot on i never do i'm a poor mom because they're leading the league away from. all the big teams we'll have a look at why in just a minute. pretty happy with this this is sports today i mean you know neal these are the some of the stories we're covering this hour top of the pile surprise package to ensure there will finish some way up the premier league summit following the korea way to fellow newcomers. eyeing the summit luke donald takes the halfway lead up to her to where
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victory will see him become goals world number one. on hers versus bowls the cream of the knicks five game in russian spain to bottle up the sambal seven day event it was. not seen many observers would have imagined that six weeks into the russian premier league it would be two newly promoted sides fighting at odds for the top of the table position but that is exactly what was up for grabs when hosted coupon in nizhny novgorod just a single goal in this one of the coolest doing the honors for the visitors eighteen minutes from the time there was no wind sending coupon for twenty four hours at least seriously as an eight ball with a chance to leapfrog that cross for the right fit on sunday to today go where sterling lost off pixie currently striving to put distance between themselves and the drops on a run off and all are gone in grozny on its route haul its side who have feel to
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score it despite having lots of chances it's nil nil while laver f.c. krasnodar will be seeking to maintain their own feet and record up when they host local motif last spoke. manchester united can take another large step towards their fourth english premier league crown in five years today alex ferguson's leading lights currently entertaining everton old trafford well it is high time but just minutes away from the start of the second tough on the score still nil nil if the hosts maintain the advantage they will lose nine points in front of chelsea on arsenal just a handful of games left to plait if they win elsewhere talk i'm kind of both manchester city into fourth but victory at home to west brom at liverpool to still very much in the hunt for champions league football because birmingham for a company made for aston villa to go and stoke free falling block who are in
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desperate need of all three points against newcastle need a wing to help ease the relegation fears against the wigan side who are also calculate she secured their premier league status a full on visit molyneux while chelsea will know the pressure is very much on van when they meet west in the days to make. plenty of action their boy by their first trophy in three years last weekend real madrid will aim to keep their faint spanish league title hopes alive on saturday when they travel to the lead. team and the trio leaders barcelona by eight points however the reality was how far from giving up hope of premier league glory was going to take to mars game seriously in the league it doesn't matter whether you're in tenth or twentieth in the table tomorrow it will be a difficult game against a growing ball who will probably finish behind both alone and real madrid this is a great achievement and very good we might not be best tomorrow with injuries and
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exhaustion we obviously have problems but it's we've got to play tomorrow and concentrate. now by the time that game is just a divorce alone it will just be kicking off their weekend clash with relegation pretty soon i have both. thirty two games with half a dozen left to go meet next week in the first of their true leg champions league semifinal oswell elsewhere on the night two nights athletic those cells have an eye on the european cup qualification she called me table. let's move away from football to basketball with the boston celtics on are just one win away from making the second stage of the playoffs doc riverside convincing win it over new york on friday evening veteran paul pierce with a game high thirty eight points for the reigning champions the l.a. lakers. in their series with new orleans. thirty points about one.
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win against. home court jamal crawford weighed in with a game high twenty three points the hero for the home side three point two five seconds remaining seeming victory for the. we knew that this was probably the most important game and. we know they will come with their best course you know the person. they were terrific so much and they purchased. for i expect to be even. most brilliant sixty five has seen the englishman secure the lead author huff way stage offer her its huge double will jump to the top of the world rankings if you manages to win the south carolina event as well the new leader beginning the day three shots behind guard willis cutts quickly moves in front of five birdies which you see on the front nine donald he's currently ranked third in the world behind number one
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martin kaymer lee westwood a wind up harbor todd would see him take over the summer regardless of out west would first be indonesian monster's ball climber isn't playing this week willis meanwhile part of the two under par round of sixty nine and is alone in second place one shot behind almost in poulter he's also well in contention finishing his run on seven under which is three strokes off the lead. plenty of fans meanwhile including a lizard no less nona for a third wrong direction in indonesia lee westwood will be in his world one spot if he wins the tournament and donal folger stateside. well he is in top form with an excellent second shot on the sixth a total of eight birdies for him opening up a five shot lead of the rest of the field west with just saving for the biggest prizes and this could be a birthday on sunday but i'm going right. for you to the china open
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where nicklaus concerts is the man's akash after three rounds of play competitive field however keeping the distance on a minimum the belgian ahead by just a shot five birdies one eagle on the day for the twenty eight year old's chang one he also led by well not after the opening run but the second still well tension a birdie on the sixteenth helping him close the gap just one stroke at the end of play. to martial arts finally where russia's dominance of the global mix fight scene was proven further this week there are some seventy squads schooling the spanish warriors chain in moscow robert for tony and watch the action on hold. the outcome may have been very different if the nations had met on a football beach old who is soon as it comes to the man cage the russian select often tend to have the edge over theirs pay for rivals the stem out one of russia's
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strongest mislike clubs on the seventy the perth to test the best spain have to offer in sport but each for the company and its tradition starting with the like weights the first face off seeing tight books and specialists. taking spanish jujitsu chant down from one d.s. . the visitor came to take the fight to the ground but took his chance with a sudden keep out of the clean check point over russia one new one. the host sent to him quoting jenkins and he could do on the bow of the next kurdish coffins of killing a perfect on board submission before the spaniards to give up the fight early in the first round with two other clashes pulling a similar pattern it's who came for the most anticipated battle of the night in one global champion bitches love basilisk e p c in uk solace the men voted spain's best
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makes why their office year this much closer than all that came previous and the only one to last all three schedule rounds the city of skip doing his players dominating the entire flight to claim victory by a unanimous decision however so lisa had every reason to live the ring with his head held high but girls were girls of it was a tough fight i was always seeking a knockout but fails it me of even the borders that that's not what either me or my fans expected i'm sorry i promise i'll do much better next time i got you was adult and five mil swift with the russians something big gust euler of the sport could a million with full approval. robert put in your own party. and that's iraq i'll see you in just under two hours time on this saturday afternoon lots of basic sport to stay with me for.
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hungry for the full scale we've got it from the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers m r t if. if.
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twenty five years of fallout. from the most devastating nuclear disaster in
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history the book a quarter of a century on this month going to learn from its mistakes. plague a sea of chernobyl. on the march to. the . middle east soon which rises if you move on song from phones to impressionable some . news from stunts on t.v. come. morning is today.


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