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tv   [untitled]    April 22, 2011 10:30am-11:00am EDT

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well it's the british sun sun it's sometimes. hard. market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy report on. a quick recap of the top stories here on our t.v. the nato led coalition upgrades its assault on colonel gadhafi to try and break the libyan civil war stalemate the interventions have little success so far while the human cost and financial price tied skyrockets american on mad a predator drones are the latest addition to nato as libyan arsenal but they do have a poor reputation for killing civilians in afghanistan and pakistan. the
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kremlin every un secretary general take a firm a stance on libya saying the coalition must act only according to its mandate is currently in moscow for talks. last russia's war on terror and the caucasus claims a high profile target our security forces killed a top all part of military it's believed he was involved in most of the recent atrocities in the country. both are now full margin and used to show you the lots and flavors of the russian capital that's next in this week's moscow out. but.
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i love i love the program on this business laughs i will be saying that everything with phil and family and the rest of the slums elicit the supply side saying this is a hard call this letter says misses the point when it comes to firing and seriously i remember my style. to choose from q.b. his u.n.c. the rookie year he's given a dance class in russian is key to being a popular holiday to summation for mr vice many of the trimming she continued and just moves back in mr anally krypton's cost a cost three hundred and fifty rubles that's around ten dollars but you buy in black amounts and these guys are free to make profit. in the system just so this is in our school with teach dunn says the fund for real minded people of latin america and which represents its culture and history because the chief future when i was cool is cuban and those have teachers from brazil venezuela and haiti the youth of the i think the people living in most killa tina downs is like
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a good to know the joy and happiness how. to. be here i don't come with us there are heavily in favor. ok let's start the south africa ok ok. ok can't we can't i don't speak for so i shouldn't be taped that another choose to tell. you know it's my partner she takes classes here every to say i am friday nights in english. it is a simple i have heard that it. was. great white house chief says don't worry if you got an extra as the boss accommodate people of various levels. because this is all about
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instilling the music scene a spirit to the company. and out of the sex. and moving on through mistakes and same in news. places connection by one of the most famous for some design is he or she cory has been showcased and mustering women's clothes for the next four months season were inspired by st petersburg and design it holds visions of the former capital as a launch on something that's what it's striking architecture parks and canals is a parade of the cap and if you dresses here jazzy combined with tweed and will fabrics should porn described his designs as a minimalism in such colors as black grey and dark blue dominated the collection some might get chic reminding us of a city where the weather is not boonies sunny. french luxury brand of leather goods and so open the largest to outside of fronds located
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in the old mansion in the center of moscow the cheek occupies the halls of the house which is an architectural monument of the capital there is little bags and exists in lisa both man and woman on sale at the store is also a display of illustrations from the brand's catalogue from the beginning of the twentieth century it's a page in the history of fashion house. keys in a way behind an old moscow lane is an absolute gem of a restaurant the wonderful topper to commit to. a good thing syria is simple and deliberately shabby. the tiny table says unsufficient couple of glasses and a plate of snacks three story mansion is completely devoted to a stylized spanish restaurant with a ground floor is a small top spot. while very nice for the food here is excellent in the southwest as when quite affordable for the average me of the two is say around a few thousand rubles routes between sixty and seventy dollars i've been to spain
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several times i know what good tapas food tastes like they're trying. to say. no wonder this is one of the most popular restaurants was. looking at one other places ok she would stay no less in america than disability institute in mostar it is the latest in the reservation specializing in spanish language closes with eight thousand students to be spanish at the institute every year transiting spain not you know if you want to from the spanish language and latin american culture around the world there are movements for similar senses on the full confidence. polish passion flamenco rhythms and it's by the popular gypsy kings a real together in the musical sorrow which is currently running in the russian capital names also the fictional black moscow to zorra which means folks in spanish
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it is going to become a great success of the moscow palace of youth which performs well most every night . and your village is a real piece of mexico in the russian capital and you know only serves original makes me cuisine good all stays true to the atmosphere like gangsta mexican village full of fun. every night is a lot consider of latino music alosa must across the seas also breaking the old laws. the restaurant. very structured american jobs music is very few people can measure their lives as a fiery flamenco always results in full houses in most cases international house of music.
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moving small next venue to smash it is impressive to say the least submissives of the mexican ambassador and with photographs of celebrities and politicians it's easy to see the social scene disadvantaged because of the residences calendar so so will we be seeing the streets just let's meet your guests this place we. are now welcome and tell me helling been living here in moscow well it's almost three and a half years five now it's time to. come. and tell me about the various latino events festivals activities that take place here in moscow. it's you know so this is a must call this. big city and a very exciting city i must say there's a lot of going on and you sometimes you don't have enough time to attend everything because on the order hand you do want to also alternate with your with the russians
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with the local people that will i mean love it for and we like it very much because there are so it's a very interesting country it's a beautiful country all first a lot so we try to explain to expand let's put it that way i mean of course we had to in all our latin american activities from you know cultural activities either organized by the embassies or idea associations to the so yes it's funny i mean it's co you know i think every year more and more russians actually visit scared or extremely popular destination for them to travel to yes it's becoming very very popular despite the distances because of course not very far for you know it's still but i'm glad they are really you know growing and ready to go out because they know that i mean of course out of playing or you know it's very popular as well over there and everything and now i know russians they travel a lot to. these places but i'm so glad that they are no turning their head to the
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other you know to the atlantic and then just take you know good things or to go all the way there because not everybody speaks english or spanish or so east not easy but they just they just arrive there and they're just so happy so please you know they feel at home. like letting american touch in russian culture. or way of being his fashion and this person's soul but you know spirit knew full well that's perfect that that way you hello. it's made you think you. can finish this week's program at the bins for the space to plus art gallery here showcasing an exhibition of photographs by spanish artist isabella moon this one of the biggest names in spanish can simply for so say a word to see that in the most prestigious institutions around the world the us is
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still in barcelona in much in fifty one lives in works in madrid. the french grocer the steamer tried to win the world press photo war in two thousand and four these pictures taken in places from cuba to bourne as that is played on highlighting the most characteristic shoes of every place human bodies and frames of lights up also further toward her feet. people who love to discuss their world people who love their real photography and the people who love the nature of. pictures and the nature of human being because in her works as she shows the big enough our world at the beginning of our series ation the things about we always forget sometimes in our quick way of life. just a few maybe thousands of kilometers away from spain in latin america the capital as
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an international hub still absorbs culture from over the world whether it's a cuban dance class tina rhythms or a delicious tapas bar year after the jarvis multicultural city of muster always in the face and file if you want swing through it let's see i think lights out ahead but not so grille here on pushkin sky scroll said to be a hard serve but of course the that's what's on the streets part also you get the same time next week and sell them for me and the rest of the crew i buy from them.
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we have seen the damage it has done to our environment more chemicals what the four props we do not want any more and no two modes. our courses mistress there was abysmal experience in our district just appalled that that's allowed to go on in america. we are getting this unfortunately because we don't know what's in it there's no labeling there for it being used like the board for the experiment to be used is getting. old now we have more questions than we have access to guards. like. if. it's easy. it's.
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easy. it's just easy. to. say. they financed it this is not a pro magician but warmed up. a few inches and you should see stephanie what is sure to support your trish crossin they have no idea about the hardships to me face to. face one is this is it open to new sins for any army. life liberty you see that is the most precious thing in the world. uses of self-sacrifice and terrorism with those who understands it fully and so you have to live a. real life stories from we need. to treat nineteen forty five going on she told cole.
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the nato led coalition operates its assault of colonel gadhafi to try and break the libyan a civil war stalemate with the intervention side little success so far while the human cost and financial price tag skyrockets american on the predator drones are the latest addition to nato and the libyan arsenal but they have a poor reputation for killing civilians in afghanistan and pakistan. the kremlin and the un secretary general take a firm stance on libya saying the ocean must act only according to its mandate that if you do it is currently in moscow for talks. plus russia's war on terror in the
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caucasus claims the high profile target for security forces kill a cardinal offense it's believed he was involved in most of the recent atrocities in the country. next all the sports highlights with unit. thanks for joining us this is sports today i mean you know these are some of the stories we're covering this hour. kings of the ice russia claimed their third euro tour title in four years following victory away to sweden. net loss nikolai dhamma dangles was continue on the tennis court with the russian not in the third round off the course a little nobody. on congress calling we catch up with one of the greatest boucher's
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of all time roy jones jr as he attempts to rediscover his glory days in moscow. his quest for world's ice hockey honors next week has received a timely boost the red machine gearing up for the finals perfectly by clinching yet another euro two or cry on the home side delivering a third title in four years speeding sweden court suit in the opening game of the final leg of the tournament let's move on down the soul recall from putting the russians two to the good in the first before of those storms back to level matters in the second however which is often called side were not to be denied but tally on to your shelf on the result again on targets in the final period to seal victory. and if nickname may be the machine but he's been functioning of late the russian don't talk to all of the barcelona open in the third drawn by nicolas almagro following up promising opening to the year when he got to the final of the guitar open it's been all down hill for the volgograd native feeling to get past the last
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sixteen of the fans since the joy of the nine year old twins known as the two thirty nine in the world rankings the spot and straight sets on thursday i'll not group who broke new ground himself with the victory moving in. to the global top ten the first time is. now brings us to football where it's continental final time across the atlantic reale salt lake playing i true to draw it with monterey in the first leg of their contact decider in mexico a place in the fifa world club cup is up for grabs on the inside edge closer to japan and seventeen minutes although the negress beating it one little but the americans were fully deserving of their equaliser after thirty five minutes not them on rising highest home side as they now believe again from the penalty start right off the arm are the dream very much alive for reality through javier. the
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argentinian finishing supportively a minute for time so true to how it ended the second leg kicks off wednesday in. the ball in the star studded miami heat's have moved to within one victory of making the next round of the n.b.a. playoffs three zero up in their series with philadelphia wayne wade very much on form for the visitors netting thirty two points while the weighted with fifteen republicans in the six point four three portland brought themselves right back into contention in their series with dallas the trailblazers making the most of whom court advantage in our trio the one you're watching cargo they're also three zero off in their series with indiana the pacers aware of where the difficulties lie but solving them is a perimeter. around their defense. your guys are good up and team. they
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just you know they make plays. just once in roy and room for trouble her loss. defensive team. ok that brings us to the greens were defending champion jim fury has four shots to make up after the first round of the heritage with american golfers aiming to keep the south carolina title on home soil for a fifth straight year. though he's the man to catch and seven under par chased by the likes of mark wilson who's just two shots at heinz former world number three luke donald also has a great chance the pressure on the top dog in the second round she sets for under camille doing one better on the tape joining wilson to toss in the nine winner brian gay in a trio tied for third place. jamie wilson was simply on fire up the
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china open meanwhile this birdie on the final hole one of eleven on the day good enough for a one shot lead jeev milkha singh one of half a dozen golfers tied for second place as he looks first first win since two thousand and eight one thing for certain is out there will be a new champion twenty ten winner y e yang missing the cut after a run of seventy five like seeing search you garcia hasn't won in a full three years the thirty one year although just two shots were at the halfway stage. in motor sport news the former one turkish grand prix is currently on a red light for twenty twelve the event believe likely to be called off due to financial disagreements between the organizers and f one supreme bernie ecclestone turkish media reporting that the government rejected a customs paid to double the payment for the race that would have brought the fee to twenty six million dollars the istanbul chamber of commerce stating though it simply was not enough effort in chiefs how to recently said the event being on the
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calendar despite poor attendance records lewis hamilton beat to thaw in the nine winner jenson button to the checkered flag last year there this year's event is slated for me after which the current deal runs. well there are plenty of ways to test one's insurance in sports but the following is by far one of the most grueling a twenty kilometer cross-country trek involving fourteen different obstacles but eight thoughts and brave souls couldn't wait to get stuck in take a look at this that n├╝rburgring is mostly known for autosport of course but a much slower the equally as challenging eventually had twenty kilometers sure to seem like twenty thousand for someone with participants forced to exhibit a full range of skills to cover the distance a long climb to the top the end it was florent newsham tiger and the rest got the wrong taking male and female goal respectively to her thus making sure the
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extremely hard earned price stays right at home. hold on to them and finally to the ring where one of the greatest boxers of all time is readying to strut his stuff in moscow next month roy jones jr taking on russian cruiserweight hope denise lebedev artesia robert for tony and caught up with the american on his latest promotional visit to the russian capital. her. millions in my view and belief is the best plan for phone books or the ring ever seen love him or hate him his greatness is inflation. through the facts about. blame for why there was a d.t. in the ninety's previously unbeatable for fifteen years numerous stumble holder
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in four divisions from incredibly middleweight to heavyweight people who were having fun doing so. his skills even leading to legendary russian books expert gaily. stating jesus was a pugilist who reached books into the title for a career spent creating musser pieces may have taken its toll on the forty two year old but he's made again in a stable way from cannes as glory the american takes in russia's graceful just leave it in a month's time but jones has found support even if he's a pullman's and so will our huge surprise i never knew i never knew that i have so much so much of a fan base in moscow or in russia because i like people to me. from convinced him what they like about it or dislike about me what love about me what they want to see i love to know someone to get
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a feel for what the crowd will do wheat stores will be aware of and many will kill a white look in syria the most complete boxers plant isn't the bushies do they deserve to rank alongside against his brother. prosecute they could be. part of a wall deal you know. because. you can't remember things from their fight go to go about take out from his main fight where he got knocked down and got no worth or the fight he beguile seventy felt very proud to go out for six hours here for me. helping you out my career that you remember about particular fights. things like in the sixth round get in affairs of one turn a corner cop about being there for my name am i back here again not my best day so many things i did you go and look them up that's what my how they real still reigns supreme all of them so boxing was
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a part of prove to me what the total package being. they never seen nobody can stuff that i had a lot of people who are proper layered and off the heart of power now it's about skill. now to meet up with a power found. yes i would say that. they should be around everything because risk you and hard. if you have to deal with too afraid to put in a ring and happen to be pounced on a bit. so i think he's one of the best your privacy but you have a carriage of the nerds to make a coward but he got a free ride nobody kept him who hasn't had the best of brothers recently been flawless marco clearly can't be claimed any longer with six losses coming in his last eleven belts playbook on the twenty first of may to florida in the media will have a chance to hunch his knee sears against kuwait store lydia. roy jones he's not ready
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to quit he's still in the ring it's easy to believe it's not a money thing but those they never get enough of his gift. robert was a young party. and he's not shorten confidence either that is all your sport for now i'll see you soon whether the next. hungry for the full slim we've got it first hand the biggest issues get the human voice face to face with the news makers on the t.v. .
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in the czech republic all teas available in the hotel as science central hotel provision the nice and most regal full stop aida which are. in bosnia and herzegovina hotties available in hutto bosnia and children of each college on cue big chain a photo put you know hotel period to my hotel as you heard.


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