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tv   [untitled]    October 26, 2010 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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plane in west berlin foreign influence in this area really is very evident you've got a lot of power inside of porn shop fronts and at the very the discussions about education failures welfare abuses and crime within immigrant and you've got real problems with many of these issues popping into president says a lot of people fill holes about immigration a recent survey conducted by the foundation in germany found that almost a third of respondents felt that immigrants were coming to exploit the country's welfare system and should be sent home when jokes were scarce almost the same amount the country is being overrun by furnace do you have a mixer you have a german here and do you have english here and. this is turkish this is this is nice so everybody can read that but if it is only only in turkish people they feel strange when they think where am i living this is an arabian city but
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should be in suing to beit has focused on muslim immigrants with some migrant families reluctant to integrate into a society that they feel it's prejudice against. i don't think that changing my personality the way i look the way i talk or my even my mother tongue would change . well. have an effect on the german culture projects like this local community center and aiding integration and teaching children the german language from an early age but with few bilingual arabic or take if schools families likenesses sending their children to private school where they do not yet. if they were if they were germans to be honest which would respect . her religion i would want to. go despite the tough rhetoric
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from the top germany acknowledges that immigration is desirable for its economy migrants have to be willing to integrate we need to people in all of the industrial countries because we have not so many kids anymore i have no no kids lots of germans have no kids so where should the kids come from to work and help the industry going on so we need people from other countries to come in. germany that there's been a rise in the immigrants and yes yes of course. it's coming from. from the religion because people are not used to. islamic traditions islamic. closing. even going like this to the mosque getting himself. would talk much in society if they knew how often they misunderstood others and a major challenge now with the faith. would be to chime bridge coach route advice
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which had been simmering quietly for a long time sir. at. the german coalition christian democratic party says freedom of religion shouldn't be confused with freedom from obeying the law. it's called the misfortune is for as if an opportunity to reduce freedom of religion and certainly not only within the. constitution and. to the church another to the synagogue turned to the mosque in a four thousand to ten thousand house i'm going to hold up the problems. in the constitution that's why we have a special criminal called the preachers especially at this point i must be on the phone. to a meeting in two weeks in a good time to sign a tough because those who can make themselves feel anxious as opposed to society has to be true traditions on the. coming in to be no compromise between the german
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is no i'm sorry alone has no place here in germany and the story. and you can watch the full interview with. the german coalition christian democratic party in just over an hour here in our team the pentagon has denied it nor cases of abuse in iraq classified files published by a whistleblower website we can leaks detailed torture carried out by local forces as well as hundreds of civilians deaths artie's military contributor says america's failure stam from the growing gap between the country's political and military elite how can the u.s. military slide on a slippery slope. and were involved in such a nefarious behavior including the shooting for sport and demonstrating their
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trigger happiness during big cases over scotians of force agreement and later in afghanistan before you blame the military for war did happen in iraq take a break and think about who their real masters of the u.s. military in the overseas conflicts it was the white house political decision makers who got the military into the quick why are the iraqi war was the first time when the political masters in the white house completely ignored their professional advice against the unprovoked military occupation of iraq and as a backlash the whole chain of command and the unity of effort has totally unraveled the military establishment trust in their political masters has totally snipped been discredited by politically immoral decisions
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the us media stand accused of ignoring the contents of the biggest intelligence leak in u.s. history in order to concentrate on defaming weaken leaks founder julian assange former cia analyst ray mcgovern told r.t. the media purposely didn't diverts public attention from the trustees the documents reveal. it goes back to the ancient greek times when you didn't like the message you shut shoot them but you kill the messenger and in those days so what they're trying to do is deflect discussion of the horrid details that have come out in these documents and have been on ad hominem arguments against a song to make it sort of to trivialize it and to make it sort of a personal sort of thing the the treasure trove of documents is precisely what you would expect from a war of aggression and don't pledge before that word because that's the way
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defined what we did in going into iraq and afghanistan i would nurnberg said and it was justice jackson our own supreme court justice who said perpetrating a war of aggression is to commit the supreme international crime differing from other war crimes only in so far as it contains the accumulated evil of the whole what's the accumulated evil torture kidnapping shooting civilians it's all there right in the wiki leaks i want to point to some apache helicopter soldiers say we have some civilians down here to want to surrender and the lawyer from headquarters says he can surrender to a helicopter. and those civilians i mean it's the worst kind of thing and wiki leaks has done a great service to our country by exposing that and long before the bullets of american troops landed in iraq came invasion of the tiny caribbean nation of grenada military operation twenty seven years ago is now viewed as an initial
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testing ground for future campaigns to project and protect u.s. power and control the way the media report it artie's kellen for it as more on the legacy of the war. it was a lovely little war a show of overwhelming force a made for t.v. invasion a tiny island nation whose socialist government was in imminent threat to freedom and prosperity in the western hemisphere grenada we were told it was a friendly island paradise for tourism well it wasn't it was a soviet cuban colony being readied as a major military bastion to export terror and undermine democracy. we got there just in time or not as mark says prime minister maurice bishop's social reforms and close ties to cuba worried the united states hundreds were killed and injured when the u.s. bombed the densely populated areas we never could get a final. complete estimate of the numbers related to. the invasion
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well the number of cubans in the. country their school with a population of one hundred thousand. was very hard in many ways it was a litmus test for u.s. military might in the post vietnam war era and an opportunity to fire reagan's billion dollar war machine the us invaded on the basis of number of rejects. the most blatant was that. there was a soviet cuban military base there quick brutal invasion became the us blueprint first in grenada then panama the gulf war and the invasion of iraq. grenada also marked a paradigm shift in journalists relationship with the military the invasion of grenada was something of a testing ground for what we've seen come afterwards and which the media with extremely controlled so that the message coming out with the message that the united states wanted the people to hear so you know first one of the first of the
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sort of media wars that culminated in what we see today with journalists actually being embedded with the troops and only reporting the vision that is the official vision of the united states army the u.s. invasion of grenada remains a symbol of how far the united states will go to keep socialism from spreading in this hemisphere and while grenada may be a distant memory for some the recent interventions in haiti hunter s. and ecuador still remain fresh in those people's minds for artsy washington d.c. . and coming out of god crime and we have dilatation we find out how one russian. dozens of x. comics the old fashioned way using hard work and abstinence. with the un predicting catastrophic water shortage just washed off the world a drink find out how it's aiming to become a major exporter of water in our business both in ten minutes time.
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in the mean time in india newlyweds are being paid not to have babies the government's offering money to couples who remain childless in an attempt to put a lid on the country's surging population but in a family orientated nation it's a sensitive issue as currency now reports. she those jobs of and her husband have promised to honor and keep kids out of the equation at least for now if they manage to years without having children the government will pay them one hundred ten dollars a lot of cash in rural india the big number one my dad at the money is important but i was moved worried about my house even logan levels were very low and the nurse began giving me magic ation delaying pregnancy made sense to me also i had just married into my husband's family and didn't want to have a baby right away. here. in western india forty in every five
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couples have a child within the first year of marriage but the health risks here are immense i doubt that much of our maternal deaths and infant mortality are quite high to bring them down the mother's health has to be improved before pregnancy that will help the child as well so many miscarriages happen due to anemia. that's where the government's honeymoon package comes in and two thousand four hundred couples have already signed up but there's more than individual wellbeing at stake india is experiencing an unsustainable population surge pushing it towards being the world's biggest and with the birth rate here dropping from seventeen per thousand to fifteen point four the honeymoon package is a proposal that other states are now keen to accept but at the village level it's not so easy i just thought of how i get into that i want the biggest hurdle is the elders of the family though the newly weds are willing their parents are usually
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against it due to the social pressure to bear a child right away. and that's exactly what gives riding the back what family. had to there is immense pressure on us we know the scheme is good but my mother is adamant that we have a child immediately. went along. if they don't my neighbors will start asking me what kind of daughter in law have you brought into your house who can produce a child they will also start to question my sons really what is the point of one hundred dollars if you don't have social respect. relation controls in family oriented india but with strict policies of field it's hope that shifting attention towards health and prosperity will hope young couples focus on their future instead of society's traditions seeing. and again always find more in our website r.t. dot com but here are some of the highlights. the world wide web of support the
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international community gets together to challenge the u.s. dominance of internet regulation. and how practicing your deejaying in russia can leave you without a roof over your head and we're neighbors with some healthy compensation this and lots more on our to dot com. stock take a look at some other stories from around the world and the u.n. warns that thousands of cross haiti are threatened by a cholera outbreak the disease has already claimed more than two hundred fifty lives and over three thousand others are infected health workers are fighting to keep cholera from reaching camps were over a million people have been living since january. the white house has expressed concern about possible arena influence in afghanistan after it was revealed to iran was sending a million euros a year afghan president hamid karzai insists the aid money has never been secret an american knows about it it comes in response to
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a new york times report claiming iran was using cash to push its interests in afghanistan a karzai says there are several states he's administration money including the u.s. . students across france are planning street protests ahead of the final approval of pension reforms and wednesday to come as well refineries look likely to reopen after blockades by striking workers were lifted employees a three out of twelve refineries have also voted to an industrial action the country's finance minister sat a nationwide strikes were costing over half a billion dollars a day. for food or chad's been released showing a devastating tornado with things were texas four people were injured including a driver was or people with partially crushed homes were destroyed cars overturned and a school roof ripped off. and
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it's convict turned pastor has open russia's first church we have dilatation center for former criminals halfway house offers a fan or as a home and support in return for hard work and abstinence you know rot in the past more. guilt that it goes about his open trade with the confidence of a man who's been doing it though it's like in fact this is the first real job he's had he spent more than half his life in prison for burglary drugs offenses. you know me and weave when i came here i had nothing no relatives or skills some people just give me the address but as soon as i came via allowed me to stay now my life is here. but that and thirty others live in this church from the dribble if they should center on the outskirts of moscow the first of its kind in russia those who come mostly for the criminals and drug addicts are given bed and board and stephanie at least in exchange they agree to abide by a set of strict rules. that are sleeping quarters as you can see the conditions
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here are spartan not an extend this is due to the material limitations but also there see the ethos of this place people who stay here get up at seven work all day and then lights out that eleven those so-called drinking or smoking are excluded. most of the residents credit this man for saving them further xander was a young offender himself then arrest and soldier before finding god when he started a center nearly two decades ago the church was in ruins its surroundings a wasteland. with your child to do this but it did not succeed god chose me to do this to curry the cross this is a difficult job i was once the victim of an assassination attempt but i have the strength to do it father alexander says another one hand is needed to deal with people more used to living by prison rules for eight days your son's punishments
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from reducing someone's portions at mealtimes to toilet cleaning and worst of all banishment. he knows everything about everyone a bad father is one who doesn't punish his children on the other hand if you have the smallest problem down to a torn shoe he's the man to take care of you. he's an extraordinary person although there is nothing wrong with me i have been here for years because of him. but for most the purpose is to leave eventually. i have found a boyfriend here now you want to stay get a job maybe study i want to get back into the won't. you go girl move. and america's mortgage crisis rumbles on with a group suing the bank of america over alleged bad dad slater on our financial guru max kaiser insists u.s. banks are rigging the economy to blow by pushing loans back and forth.
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guys are blowing themselves up their banks are suicide bankers and they're threatening the global economy in the u.s. economy therefore they qualify as terrorists and i say this not as a rhetorical device but as a statement of fact there are as time magazine point out they put in this in people to death using the suicide banking techniques that's a that's a terrorist you put to the casualties are the innocent civilians that do you've gotten caught up through this group punishment by their suicide banking how come they're not in guantanamo bay how come you know lloyd blankfein is not in a small guantanamo bay like cell right now having is orifices probe by curious u.s. servicemen. and kaiser report is coming your way about ten minutes time before is that we'll have the latest business news with kareena mail account to go away.
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and i welcome to the program long term investors in russia stocks may soon be exempted from paying tax on profits it's part of a new package put forward by prime minister vladimir putin he also says installation of high tech and energy saving equipment may be except from t.n.t. these tax breaks could help russian business attract additional capital. we suggest implementing tax amendments to create favorable conditions for innovative activity the tax changes will send a strong signal to those who participate in the economy and we hope companies and producers increase efficiency and competitive to produce high tech goods. europe is recovering from its deepest recession in the last fifty years with the exception of greece and portugal growth in all countries will be positive next year that's according to the latest economic outlook from the international monetary
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fund now global g.d.p. growth is now approaching precise pre-crisis levels forecast at four point six percent this year and four point three percent next year but has also received positive forecasts from the i.m.f. with inflation expected to be six point six percent by the end of this year and unemployment seven and a half percent christoph klingon from i.m.f. told business r t what's behind the economy. in terms of domestic demand and exports exports in russia are back to the level that they used to be before the crisis and also the development of domestic demand was much more strong in russia than in the in the rest of the region the middle factor two countries where domestic demand is rather strong in the region and that is russia in turkey. asian stocks drop on tuesday dragged down by japanese exporters the nikkei is under pressure from exporters on a strong again against the greenback shares are lower before reports in the u.s.
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that may slow show a slowdown in the economy resources stocks that bounce on strong commodity prices would you quest mining up one percent and four to skew metals up two percent now the russell markets open mics on tuesday the r.t.s. started the trading day lower and the my six is up just a notch this this point banking stocks are weighing on the wise exclude spare bank and the t.v. losing. over eight percent bucking the trend though is local and will still. arcelor mittal has posted a forty eight percent jump in net profit for the third quarter as the global recovery equals to demand for steel the world's largest steelmaker said its profit rose to one point three billion dollars a top government official has told business that russia plans to make water a major export comes along new figures show most of the world's population is poised for shortages but some are pouring cold water on the move as industry
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leaders warn the country can't even provide for itself. two in three people will like water the u.n. says within fifteen years russia which has the world's largest drinking water reserves plans to plug that gap but we shouldn't be buying bottles of perrier we should be selling our own abroad we're boosting export volumes by improving conditions for businesses to do so because exporting waters knowledge of the government cross border disputes already springing up from the middle east to north america and africa now top ministers of called a clean water summit to make it a multi-billion euro export second only to oil and gas yes that i see in russia's place in the world water market is taking shape we have a quarter in world's freshwater reserves and we will use our competitive advantage to the point yet at the moment russia can't even supply itself two thirds of drinking water reserves don't meet sanitary standards or storage fees admit to in
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three water pipes need urgent repair if they exist at all. in moscow we're buying the technology to improve our water quality in other parts of russia it's still a question of fitting water pipes to homes. so foreign firms are doing deals at the summit but it's to clean russia's water not by its infrastructure in their ratio is likely compared to their western standard and a lot of money to be spent infrastructure for the drink of water or for the waste water all saw. the world for the technology and design for what the treatment they've always rated recompiling. is to me or anybody most russians use bottled brands or if they can't afford that filter and boil tap water before drinking just picking up steam is it because the tap was becoming a new goal but until their own citizens trust the safety of their water it seems.
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forward. and high speed trains have proved to be the most profitable on the russian rail network despite their relatively high cost they are paying for themselves within ten years eight of the trains have been on route in central russia for less than a year now they are projected to make a profit it's worth eighty five million dollars in two thousand and ten russian where ways it's considering buying eight more of the siemens made trains due to a growing demand for high speed services it's all the business news for now but you can always find more stories on our website r.t. dot com slash business don't go away we'll have headline news for you.
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wealthy british scientists. time to. market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's concert for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to cause a report on our dear mom i'm sorry that i had to do this i've been in so much pain
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in the past year that i can't take it anymore stomach and chest pains have been getting worse and no doctor has been able to help me please know that i'll finally be at peace and with no more pain i wish i could have had a life with it was a bit always pictured her being my wife and mother to my kids i love you all see you all in heaven when your time comes i'm going to meet jesus christ. thousands of u.s. troops in iraq received one of these drugs a drug called lariam and it may have prevented many soldiers from getting sick the question tonight is whether or not soldiers were adequately warned about its rare side effects serious life changing side effects.
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welcome back here with r.t. here's a look at the top stories the german government says it's making moves to integrate foreign born citizens just days after the chancellor said multiculturalism have failed but immigrants insist they're being discriminated against even when they do try to adapt. the details of the latest we believe seraph expose a made from pages around the world the spy the pentagon denying their own nation as the us media yard for use of trying to divert attention from the border and killings to concentrate on defaming the whistleblowers found. newlyweds in india are being paid by the government but often having children for at least two years the initiative is an attempt to put a lid on the country's surging population. those were the headlines here back at
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the top of the hour and next mexico eyes are in stays in her and their unique overview of the latest developments in the world economy on this week some analysts predict financial strife could trigger a civil war and the u.s. . i am max kaiser and this is the kaiser report we've been talking about the international conflict brewing in various economies around the world and gauging the currency war let's go back a couple of months and talk about what we brought your attention to. the war between same earth versus the speculators now time magazine's pick up on the thread talking about the eminent civil war in america stacy herbert tell us more maxwell that time magazine.


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