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tv   NOW With Alex Wagner  MSNBC  October 29, 2014 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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team in liberia. before he did, he made sure to buy his wife a dozen roses. as he boarded the plane to monrovia, cap pain edwards reminded his team of an oath to defend the country. they are all there right now, making us proud. of the 69 public health service officers like these doctors and captain edwards, chosen for the mission, not a single one declined, not one. they all stepped forward. i know that with all the headlines and all the news, that people are scared. i know that ebola has concerned them. but, the reason i'm so proud of this country is because when
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there are times we need to step up and do the right thing, we do the right thing. that's who we are. that's what we do. no other nation is doing as much to help in west africa as the united states of america. when i hear people talking about american leadership and then promoting policies that would avoid leadership and have us running in the opposite direction and hiding under the covers, it makes me a little frustrated. we are at our best when we are standing up and taking responsibility. making sacrifices especially when it requires sacrifices. that's how we help others around the world that's important.
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it's not just massive deployments of troops and equipment. as proud as we are of that, it's also our skill and compassion and painstaking effort and our ability to learn from mistakes that are made. and our ability to work through problems that are complicated. and to see something through. and not lose our heads. to have grace under pressure. and apply ourselves with slow, steady effort. the kind that change and progress requires. that's what i want to see from us, the pride of a nation that steps up to get the job done.
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america has never been defined by fear. we are defined by courage, willing to take on a challenge when others can't and will not. ordinary americans who risk their safety to help those in need and inspire thereby with the example of others. all in the constant pursuit of building a better world. not just ourselves, but people in every corner of the earth. that's how i know we are going to manage to contain the disease in america because, like the heroes like the ones who are here today. that's how i know we will fight this disease that's spread as more nurses, doctors, medics and professionals join the effort. that's how i know that ultimately, we will end the outbreak in west africa and we will eliminate the threat it pose zs to the world. that's how i know that we will
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not only save thousands, tens of thousands, potentially hundreds of thousands of lives, but also how i know that we will remain true to our ideals and values. so, i put those on notice who think we should hide from these problems. that's not who we are. that's not who i am. it's not who these folks are. this is america. we do things differently. thank you. god bless you. god bless the united states of america. [ applause ] >> we have just been listening to president obama delivering a forceful case for american exceptionalism. after meeting with health care workers fighting the ebola outbreak in west africa. he was introduced by dr. kent brantly and went on to say returning health care workers
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deserve the country's thanks and respect. >> all of them have signed up to leave their homes and their loved ones to head straight into the heart of the ebola epidemic. like our military men and women, deploying to west africa. they do this for no other reason than their own sense of duty, their sense of purpose, their sense of serving a cause greater than themselves. we need to call them what they are, which is american heroes. they deserve our gratitude. and they deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. >> the increased public engagement from the white house is happening amid increased public confusion and conflict over the issue of quarantines. today, the u.s. military announced all american troops serving in the ebola zone are subject to a 21 day quarantine. chuck hagel explained the
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rational for them. >> our people are younger. they are -- this is also a policy that was discussed in great detail by the units, by the families of our military and they very much want a safe -- >> the state department said it is not adopting a similar measure for its employees. the white house is facing increased skepticism over why the safety vow is not present for civilian health workers returning home. josh earnest said the public's protection is the top priority. that's why active monitoring is in place. however -- >> at the same time, we want to make sure we are not placing an undue burden on health care
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workers returning from south africa. it's going to require their expertise and service to stop this outbreak at the source. >> meanwhile, state and local quarantines are facing a major test in maine. maine health professionals will talk about it. governor paul la page says he is drawing up documents to force her to comply. >> she's abiding right now and she's threatened or she said she's not going to abide any longer. we are preparing documents to go after a judge to help us out. >> she said earlier on the "today" show she will go to court if maine does not lift the restrictions by tomorrow morning. >> i believe that this policy is not scientifically nor constitutionally just. i am not going to sit around and be bullied by politicians and
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forced to stay in my home when i am not a risk to the american public. >> joining me now is dana millbank and michael steele. dana, let me start with you. president obama clearly, i think frustrated by all this and making a good case saying we do things differently in america, the notion of american exceptionalism and american courage. something that was missing from the debate. that was refreshing to hear from the white house. you have been critical thus far. what did you make of the comments today? >> you are right. this is the sort of thing the president needs to be doing. this is the modern equivalent saying everybody take a deep breath here. we have exactly one active case of ebola in the united states. understand what the risks are, what the risks aren't and telling people not to respond in irrational ways.
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the complaint early on is as the crisis began to roll out, if we call it a crisis, people started to panic and the president was playing it cool. in times like this, people sort of want to see strong presidential leadership. i think we saw some of that in that speech here. if he's wise, he is going to do much more in the days to come. >> the president did not mince words about those suggesting to shut down the borders or you can contract ebola at cocktail parties. hiding under the covers is not who we are, it is not who we are, not who the folks behind him are, this is america. what did you think of that argument? >> it's an okay argument. it shows that, you know, i have a thought or two about this. the reality, it doesn't put people in a space where they feel comfortable. you know, you are sitting medical personnel in a
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humanitarian effort to help. it's important and needs to be done. americans are asking the question, what are the protocols when they return to make sure their health is protected and the health of their loved ones and community is safeguarded? no one is disparaging the heroic work of nurses and doctors and other health professionals. the american people are largely asking the question, what is the strategy and the protocol to make sure those things are in place when you return? as you noted at the top of the show, the defense department is doing one thing with respect to the soldiers and the state department is doing something else in regard to personnel. that is not a symbol of cohesion with how to deal with this issue. >> let's talk about that. the military piece is complicating it. quarantines are not necessary.
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for defensive department officials who are constructing hospitals, the quarantine is necessary. based on, i think, a fairly complicate ed piece, their civi liberties are not as much of an issue. >> that's true. the complicated thing here, look, you have politics involved in this, then you have the public health aspects of this. the administration is following what the public health experts are advising them to do. now, that may be the right thing to do in terms of fighting this epidemic in the long run. it may be something that is going to cause political trouble for the president and for democrats in this week before the election. so, yes, you can explain how people volunteer for the military, but not a specific assignment. they are treated somewhat differently from civilians. the very complex nature of the
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protocols, it's very natural protocols change as people learn about a disease. easy to explain in a public health sense. very difficult to explain in a political sense. >> i know how conservatives love talking about the heavy hand of the federal government. we have the nurse making a libertarian argument in many ways. do you think she has a case to be made about her civil liberties to be trampled on? >> again, that's a real important question, alex. i really, i feel for her situation in a very important way because you are right. you don't want the government telling you what you can do, where you can't do and all of that. there's a health concern. until we get our hands wrapped around that, she unfortunately, becomes a victim of the cross hair between how the administration and cdc thinks we
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should handle this and how the public at large thinks we should be handling this. unfortunately, she's stuck in that conundrum. she's going to go to court. they are not going to release her. they are not going to lift the ban on her ability to move tomorrow. she's going to go into a court. now there's another layer of confusion thrown in as the courts get involved. unfortunately, the police calization of ebola and now the judicial aspects make this much more murky. the president gave a good speech today. in light of the practical aspects of his policy, i don't think much changed. >> hang with me. we have much more politically speaking to come. coming up, we are awaiting a press conference from health officials in maine. we'll bring that as it happens. plus, attorney general holder is fired up about ferguson and what should happen to its police department.
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a large for $12 dollars. add a mega chocolate chip cookie for just $5 dollars more. better ingredients. better pizza. better football. papa john's. in his last days at attorney general, eric holder isn't holding back. speaking in washington, he made clear, when it comes to the police department in ferguson, missouri, something's got to give. >> i think it's clear, the need for wholesale change in that department is appropriate. exactly what the forms of that change will be, i think we'll wait until we complete our inquiry. >> earlier, msnbc reported a shake up of the department could be expected next week. one that is likely to include the resignation of the police chief, thomas jackson. that could include the resignation of darren wilson, the police officer who shot and
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killed michael brown, according to to local and federal officials briefed on the plans. in a statement to nbc news, chief jackson pushed back on the reports saying i have not been asked to resign, i have not been fired and i will not be resigning next week. if i do resign, it will be my choice. the ferguson police department denied the report. either way, a grand jury is expected to determine whether or not to kill -- details of the brown autopsy, a leak that holder said was designed to influence public opinion about the investigation. >> these are all the kinds of things that i think are inappropriate. i am exasperated. it's a nice way of saying i'm mad. it's not how things should be done. >> whatever the sources of the leak are, need to shut up.
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>> charles and former federal prosecutor paul butler are joining me. professor, let me start with you. i think eric holder admitted he was being euphemistic saying people need to shut up and it's frustrating. this is a problem, the leaks that have come out. the floated resignations of them would maybe preemptively be a way to caulm a rested public. >> i think it will calm them. folks are upset about what is happening. they want something to happen. i think this community, 67% black. three of the 53 officers on the police force are black. the majority of the people who are black don't vote. only 20% vote, one out of five. things have to change. this community, from my point of view is waking up seeing that.
1:20 pm
my former student, paul butler will tell you much of the same. he understands what it means. tough go into a community, make sure things change. it happened with rodney king, it happened with trayvon martin and has to with michael brown. the changes are necessary to make things happen and go forward. >> professor butler at georgetown, let me ask you, in terms of the case, there are a lot of selective leaks. the security footage showing michael brown stealing things from a local convenience store. that was intended to sway public opinion. here we have news of a potential resignation. apparently swaying public opinion. does it sway public opinion or does it make people more infearuated? >> i am concerned about the
1:21 pm
leaks from the grand jury. the only people who know what's going on are the prosecutor and the grand jurors. if either one are leaking to the media, that is an issue of integrity of the judicial system. there's enough concerns about the police, the prosecutors now the grand jury. is it an effort to make people feel better in case there's no indictment? it might be? you know what? that wouldn't necessarily be a bad way to make people feel better. part is making ferguson not a moment, but a movement. in terms of making the citizens feel better, when you think about the abuses of the police department, the racial profiling, issuing tickets as a slush fund. shaking up the police department will be more meaningful change than an indictment of a police officer. >> professor, to the question of structural injustices, eric
1:22 pm
holder has been a champion in addressing the issues, bringing them to the floor and pursuing litigation. he is, as you know, leaving that post. are you concerned, given what a champion he has been on issues that are not frequently at the forefront of the american consciousness. >> i am concerned about that. i knew him many, many years when he was a judge in d.c., a partner in d.c. all those experience. he was profiled by driving his car from new york to washington. stopped by police and searched a couple times. i know what that means. i like the fact that somebody with that consciousness. i'm going to sit here because i think it's important, i hope eric holder stays as long as president obama is in office. will he do that? i don't think so. his wife sharon is a doctor. get away and make more money.
1:23 pm
i think he has been mr. justice in every sense of the word. i think his loss is going to be tremendous, particularly in ferguson. people are going to be saying, what has happened? what about us? paul is right. what about justice for the people who represent the city of ferguson, people in the majority. i think that community is changing now. i'm going to see and you are going to see a lot of changes in ferguson in the coming months, years, days going forward. >> paul, let me ask you. assuming that attorney generalholder is not wise enough to stay for another two years and leaves the a.g. spot, given his role on racial injustice from voter id laws to what we are seeing in ferguson, at this critical moment, speaking on the issue of bias in the criminal justice system, do you think they are likely to confirm an
1:24 pm
a.g. given how polarized they are to take up the matters in the way they need to be taken up? >> i hope so. president obama kind of outsourced racial to his attorney general. eric holder took it like a soldier. what you mentioned with voter id, beefing up the civil rights of the department, again, no one has been better or stronger than he. has that endured him to republicans in congress? absolutely not. they would rather see anybody than eric holder because he's strong on these issues. someone else will be confirmed because he's not eric holder. >> in terms of eric holder being the mascot, the man in charge of many of the issues that the president could -- he was -- eric holder was asked about that role today, this afternoon, by a friend of the show, jonathan
1:25 pm
capehart. i want to play the sound and eric holder's response to the question. >> folks now view you as, sort of, basically luther, obama's translat translator. is that fair? >> you have to look at the different jobs we have. i think the president has been pretty forward leaning and has expressed himself in ways that you would not necessarily expect a president to. think about the comments he made after the shooting involving trayvon. that was something, i think, different. >> professor, do you think we can look forward to the president getting more involved on issues of race? he was ahead of the game on trayvon martin. >> i think he will get more involved. you have to be careful. as president you speak for all the people, not the black, the brown. i think he's trying to do that. but, you have to realize, eric holder comes with an incredible
1:26 pm
amount of experience. president obama is lucky to have an attorney general who has all the work i talked about, all the experience i talked about that paul butler knows about as well. that's going to make the difference. ferguson is not over. people are angry. they want the police chief fired. they want the person who killed michael brown fired. they want them out of their hair and they want to move forward. protests will continue in ferguson until we see what reverend sharp and others call justice in the community. >> hopefully, it doesn't end with resignation. professors, thank you both for your time and thoughts. >> my flesh. >> great to be here. we are minutes away from a mess conference where nurse kaci hickox has been quarantined. she's given until tomorrow to lift the quarantine. she's threatened a lawsuit. how officials will respond.
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for all the talk of american exceptionalism, there is one area europe is more exceptional than the united states. i am not talking the number of vacation days or wine or the ability to tie neck scarves in unusual and elaborate knots. i'm talking europe's uncanny knack. the 28 members agreed to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 40%. the eu commissioner said this target would send a strong sign to take similar action. given some comments this week by americans with loud voices, maybe not. first, there was john coleman, the founder of the whether channel, part of the nbc family.
1:31 pm
>> climate skeptic rarely gets on tv ever since al gore made it a plank of the democratic party. not only is the ice not melting, more polar bears are happy and alive today than we have had in 100 years. life is good, miss kelly. i have to tell you, life is good. >> life is good, nothing to see here. according to a new report, since 1970, the earth has lost half of its wildlife. half of all animals. the same day, vice president candidate, sarah palin called climate change the new eugenics. >> -- not only on the coastline, no one has proven that these changes are cause zed by anything done by human beings, via greenhouse gases.
1:32 pm
there's no convincing scientific evidence for manmade climate change. the climate has always been changing. climate change is to this century what eugenics was last century. it's hysteria and junk science. >> junk science circulating by 97% of scientists as well as the panel on climate change that said humans were the dominant cause of global warming. junk science. then again, if anyone knows trash talk, it's tp. coming up, the showdown with kaci hickox and maine. it is about to get underway. that is a live shot. we will bring it to you live, just ahead. we asked people a question how much money do you think you'll need when you retire? then we gave each person a ribbon to show how many years that amount might last. i was trying to like, pull it a little further
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midterms. high stakes races that have given rise to several juicy subplots concerning the next exhibit. chris christie versus scott walker. two months ago, they were the very picture of bromance. >> chris has been a great friend. he was here in '10, back in 2012 and back again with us. he's been a great leader in new jersey. a great leader for the rga, a great man all the way around. >> that's how our families are. we spend a lot of time together. this election is not only really important to me as chairman of the republican governor's association, i will tell you, this one is personal. this is personal to me. >> this one is personal. a chilly november cold front seems to have blown in early especially after a panicked scott walker started blaming his pal, chris christie for not helping walker out if more
1:37 pm
money. it began last week when walker proclaimed we are always looking for more help. our main help has to be the rga. it got worse when a number of top wisconsin republicans told the weekly standard christie might be tanking walker a potential rival for the 2016 presidential nomination. then it got worse. monday, walker, again, reiterated the plea for rga cash and did something that could not have warmed chris christie's heart. when asked about his return to stump for scott walker, walker explained christie is coming because he asked if he could come and we weren't going to say no. with friends like these, who needs the republican party? back with me now is dana millbank and joining me is washington bureau chief ryan grim. ryan, walker said i am not
1:38 pm
complaining, the governor is a good friend. it seems like cold comfort. >> this is what we have to look forward to on both sides. >> right. >> usually, the midterms at the time where the parties come together and attack each other. when the presidential election comes around, they start turning on each other and savage each other. it's nice of them for our amusement not to wait until the midterms and begin this 2016 savagery that we are going to be watching for the next 15, 16 months or so until they go to their conventions then it's team a against team b. >> also, dana, the cult of personality here. scott walker and chris christie are their own, they march to the beat of their own drums. a lot of people understand that with chris christie, given the focus of the last several months. scott walker, as reported, by a
1:39 pm
well sourced reporter, he writes what's most fascinating is all of this is walker driven referring to the feud with christie. he has all but named his strategist and campaign manager. i am surprised by the lack of discipline, given the power financially and generally chris christie wields within republican circumstances. >> there may be a concern on walker's part that he's not necessarily going to win next week. obviously, if you are the former governor of wisconsin, you are in less of a strong place to run for president in two years. if you are the current governor of wisconsin. so, he's in a way, building an excuse saying my perspective rival, governor christie has not given me the money i need. the rga points out, that's not true, he's gotten all kinds of money. walker needs money because he had the recall election. they are sending him money all
1:40 pm
the time. but, it is assuming he does survive, as ryan was pointing out, we can look forwards to this becoming more overt. >> i want to touch on the spending in wisconsin. if you look at rga spending, in florida, $16 million with a population of 20 million people. michigan, 10 million for a population of 9.8 million, wisconsin 8 million with a population of 3.7 million. what the rga is spending in wisconsin is reasonable. yesterday, i think there's a case to be made that scott walker's defeat given the union busting and voter suppression and other conservative ideologies is a rebuke to the party than defeat of rick scott in florida. >> right. it might be a rebuke to the extreme wing of the party and open up a little bit of -- from
1:41 pm
a blue state like new jersey. it might not be a terrible thing for all parties involved. for walker, you know, the amount of money he's gotten so far doesn't matter. if he had 30 million, he would wish it was 35 million. if it was 40 million, he would want 45. you can't blame him for shaking christie down for more. a lot of this is about donor politics. they are fighting for the same couple does zen billionaires that are going to reign on their campaign. >> this is the problem, right? when we talk about the republican party, the lust toward fighting -- christie and walker who literally can't seem to help themselves. rand paul, you know, just an ophthalmologist from kentucky has a different tact. one that at least keep him intact which is don't attack
1:42 pm
fellow republicans, attack hillary clinton. i want to play rand paul's comments in wichita, addressing a comment made by hillary clinton that businesses don't create jobs. that was in a larger context. for the sake of the sound, let's listen to what he had to say. >> hillary clinton comes up and says businesses don't create jobs. anybody here think businesses don't create jobs? >> no! >> no! >> i'm here today to endorse pat robinson because you know what? they know that businesses do create jobs and i hope you know that, too. >> okay, dana, what's happening here with rand paul. obviously, he thinks he has an opening to attack hillary clinton. is not part of the strategy to put himself on the same level as hillary clinton? >> well, of course it is. he's doing a good job of that. we think of ron paul, his father
1:43 pm
being in the party. rand, the son, is playing it differently. he's been staking out less of a libertarian position on foreign policy. that is the sort of thing that would have gotten him into quite a bit of trouble in a republican primary. he's sending a lot more money into fellow republicans. he's being more of a team player and talking republican unity. this is not, you know, sort of your father's libertarian here. it will put him in good standing, assuming he doesn't alienate the tea party libertarians that brought him in power in the first place. >> we were talking about rand paul and chris christie and scott walker. the only illusion i could make with the other candidate is godzilla versus king kong. in this picture, godzilla is jeb bush who everyone has been -- we have heard a lot more in terms
1:44 pm
of perhaps jeb bush is going to run in 2016. do you think he annihilates the competition, if you will, if he hops in in 2016? >> the analogy works because the people you are talking about are imaginary. >> yes. >> i think in many ways, the monstrosity of a jeb bush campaign exists in the imagination of the beltway republican operatives. >> and inside the bush family that is circulating this rumor. >> for sure. as if what the bush family needs is, you know, the country to take a year and go over george w. bush's record. he's done a remarkable job post presidency in keeping to himself and going as far as he can to rehabilitate his image. do they really want the country to take a look at 2000 and 2008 again? jeb bush is, he's been out of
1:45 pm
the game a very long time. he has an awfully interesting past in miami that investigative reporters will look into again. he's got all kind of connections with weird underworld figures down there. this will re-emerge, again. like you were saying, i think this is an imaginary monster that isn't going to take it. >> why is george w. bush circulating rumors jeb is going to run? it would not be good for george bush or the entire country to be reminded of george w. bush's presidency. >> you have to add in another. we have frankenstein monster, mitt romney. >> it's a halloween special. >> it is a halloween special here on "now with alex wagner." that's what it's going to look like in 2016. >> ryan, thank you. dana millbank, stay with me. it's been a spooky conversation indeed. thank you, gentlemen.
1:46 pm
s tomorrow at 11:00 a.m., i will answer your questions about the midterm elections on twitter as well as questions you may have about godzilla, king kong or frankenstein. tweet me at msnbcvote. the ball is in maine's court. hickox threatened to sue the state over a quarantine mandate. we are awaiting a press conference. we will bring that next. yeah, dinner sounds good. i could come by your place. my place? uhh... um... hold on. introducing the all-new volkswagen golf. plenty of room for whatever life throws at you.
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coming up, or now, this press conference is happening in maine with health official who is will address nurse kaci hickox's mandatory quarantine. we are going to listen in. let's take a listen. >> there is no more critical function for government than to do everything possible to ensure the safety of its citizens and
1:50 pm
we are focused on that at every point. as you know, this terrible disease is widespread in the west african countries of liberia, sierra leone and guinea. as part of the worldwide response to the outbreak, there are health workers from our country that are doing brave work by traveling to the afflicted countries to assist in battling the outbreak. these are important efforts and we commend those individual who is are assisting in this way. that good work also comes with very real risk. recognizing the risk, the federal government has moved to establish screening protocols for those individuals returning to the u.s. from one of these countries. however, we know this screening has limits in the effectiveness
1:51 pm
it provides. we know that a health worker in new york, who had no known breach in his protective equipment unfortunately later developed symptoms and tested positive for this terrible disease. to ensure that we are doing all we can to protect the health of maine people, the maine department of health and human services center for disease control and prevention continues daily post arrival monitoring of travelers who came to maine from an affected country. any traveler from west africa who comes to maine will be monitored for at least 21 days after the last possible exposure to ebola. this is consistent with federal guidelines. this monitoring includes daily
1:52 pm
check ins with a state epidemiologist for any signs of a fever or other ebola related symptoms. if any symptoms develop, they will receive immediate medical care. we have instituted protocols ensuring those individuals with a higher level of risk do not unnecessarily make contact with the public. these protocols include voluntary, in-home quarantine for someone who is known to have direct contact with an ebola patient. i want to be sure everyone understands what quarantine means in this case. stating it plainly, what we are asking for is that individuals who had direct contact with ebola patients stay in their
1:53 pm
home and avoid public contact until the 21 days for potential incubation has passed. we are seeing now that other states are adopting this common sense approach. we understand that several new england states are looking at similar measures to avoid public contact and advance these common sense measures. while maine's protocol may go slightly beyond the federal guidelines, we have made the determination that out of an abundance of caution, this is a reasonable, common sense approach to remove additional risks and guard against a public health crisis in maine. if an individual who came in direct contact with ebola patients has returned to maine
1:54 pm
and is not willing to avoid public contact and stay in their home voluntarily during the period that they are at some risk, we will take additional measures and pursue appropriate authority. when it is made clear by an individual in this risk category they do not intend to voluntarily stay at home for the remaining 21 days, we will immediately seek a court order to ensure they do not make contact with the public. our true desire is for a voluntary separation from the public. we do not want to legally enforce and in-home quarantine unless absolutely necessary. we are hopeful that the selfless
1:55 pm
health care workers will be willing to take reasonable steps to protect the residents of their own country. however, we will pursue legal authority, if necessary, to ensure risk is minimized for all mainers. for any individual who must stay at home for a period of time for this reason, we will do all that we can to make sure that the person has everything necessary to be comfortable and receive the care that is needed. i want to state, again, that we recognize the significant and brave contributions that are being made by health care workers each day as they travel to west africa and other regions of the world to provide critical care to those affected by
1:56 pm
disease. we are proud of our health care providers that continue to answer the call and are always ready to help others. i am happy now to answer any questions that you may have. >> she said she is not going to abide by that. is the court order filed? >> we are in the process of filing that. unfortunately, lawyers are involved. i have concerns that she is not willing to comply with the voluntary requirements. the simplest way to avoid public contact is to stay at home. >> how is it voluntary if you are seeking a court order. it sounds mandatory. >> we will make it mandatory. it is certainly in everyone's best interest to cooperate and
1:57 pm
work with us and minimize contact. it is very difficult outside of that voluntary agreement to stay at home to monitor someone who may come into contact with many individuals that if that individual then becomes symptomatic, we have to work with every single one of those individuals to quarantine those individuals. >> what is a scenario -- >> staying at home for the duration of this 21-day period, november 10th being the last day does not seem like a burdensome request to ask in order to provide out of an abundance of caution a protection to her and to the individuals of this state and certainly to those who are in that region of the state.
1:58 pm
>> a state trooper -- she said after tomorrow morning, thursday morning, she will no longer abide by the quarantine. what happens when she walks out the door and what is the role of the police outside of her home? >> as i have said, we are committed to pursuing necessary, legal authority. i have also indicated to you, there are lawyers involved at this point. we are committed to the importance and the value of the protocol that we have set forth. the easiest way to minimize public contact is to stay in home. >> very clear, it says clear and convincing public health risk. what is the clear and convinces risk here if she hasn't tested positive for the ebola virus.
1:59 pm
>> there are other cases where individuals have not tested positive, did not believe they were symptomatic and quickly developed symptoms while out in the public and have since been hospitalized. i do not understand why this common sense approach to ask someone to stay in their home for 21 days during the incubation period, why that is not a reasonable request to ensure out of that abundance of caution we are protecting the people of this state. was there another question over here? >> that is the news conference being held by maine officials. maine health officials following kaci hickox's return to the state after the quarantine in the state of new jersey. if a mandatory 21 day quarantine is broken, they will seek a court order to enforce it. perhaps that process may be
2:00 pm
underway. we have to cut it off there. see you tomorrow at 4:00. ""the ed show" is next. good evening and well to theed show, live from new york, let's get to work. texans will have to show photo identification to cast a ballot. >> whip that out and say i am james r. perry. >> 15 states now require a photo id. >> here i am. >> voting is a right. >> there are people in state government who do not want you to vote. >> here i am. >> who gets to vote and how? >> we want our elections to be clean and fair. >> any benefit of the doubt should go to the voter. >> here i am. >> to make it harder for people of color. >> we are fighting for the rights that came through the blood. >> use of race at the drop of


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