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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 7am  FOX  November 23, 2016 7:00am-9:01am PST

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between whipple and industrial and the freeway is closed. some people are stuck between where they were taking track at- - traffic off in the accident scene and those people have allowed to be squeezed by but if you are driving on 880 you will be taken off the freeway and there is a big delay. southbound traffic is backed up and looking normal even though the commute was supposed to be light, this looks like an ordinary commute. southbound lanes are not blocked , this is a video of someone who lets us use a video of him stuck in traffic. it's not moving, if there were any warmer people may even be outside of their vehicles. let's move along to the toll plaza, today is kind of a normal delay, it looks like it's what here-- it looks like it's what but gives me a
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perfect area to move over. >> napa heading towards cordelia highway 80, the same self produced some hail and some pretty heavy hail but now it's around highway 12, maybe between american canyon, red top road and cordelia and we have a general area of rain right over the richmond center, and over the bay bridge into berkeley and even parts of highway 24. they will be very cold air beginning to spill in parts mendocino county, it will be a rain and snow mix, 40s on
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the temperatures, black hawk 40, 41. lafayette 42. the sierras have some snow but there will be all sorts of advisories going into the weekend so cold air masses in place, 50s and 60s and cool and breezy this afternoon. >> 7:02 and the holiday travel rush has started. people are heading out to spend thanksgiving with their loved ones. >> we are at the airport to show us what is happening there. >> we have passed the holiday rush period because i want to show you what it looks like inside the ticket counter which is one of the busiest carriers. this is not bad at all. things have been going pretty well, i
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want to show you what it looks like before 5:00. the lines to check in, that's where we saw a lot more people. they are expecting an increase so offered employees overtime. tsa also brought in additional help including canines to sniff for explosives. we did check-in and they seem to be moving fairly smoothly so far. >> it's like a project situation for everybody eliminating the need for passengers to have to take off their shoes and helps speed up the lines much more quickly because people have to do a lot less to get through this checkpoint. we should see an increase partly because of lower gas prices. it will be a high in the amount of americans traveling by air.
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if we take a look at the departure and arrival's board it looks like everything is basically on time except for one flight the international airport, we will continue to check in and monitor how things go with 5:00 to 7:00 to see the initial rush and will pick up from 9:30 9:32 noon.-- 9:30 until noon. >> 7:04 and we have video of the college police officer who was shot and critically injured while on patrol. this 29-year-old is working with a k-9 unit. the university police officer was checking out in support-- a report of a suspicious man when he was shot yesterday in the head. the police chief announced that his condition is grave, his parents and fianci are at his
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hospital bed. >> he's not an outsider, he works with the community and does a lot of community service . >> local state and federal law enforcement agents have joined in the manhunt that for-- that located the suspect. he was engaged to be married and it is the fifth incident or a police officer has been shot while on duty. the other 4 happened on sunday. one was shot and killed in san antonio, three were shot but survived in st. louis, florida, and missouri. according to the officer. down memorial page 58 police officers have been shot and killed, a 71% increase since last year. in response to attacks, the police union is putting out a new video this holiday season. they asked the public, where's the outrage when an officer is shot>> a look at the video and
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why police officers say they are speaking out now. >> that video is available on youtube and the association say it comes out of a sense that the targeting of officers cannot continue. >> that uses video clips of incidents where is the outrage? 58 officers have been targeted and killed and more than 70-- a more than 70% increase. officers say we as a society have adapted to reports of violence and perhaps have grown numb. >> we can no longer tolerate and be okay with a society where accepting that targeting and killing of police officers
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is the new norm. >> less matter-- blue lives matter and others have become controversial and they're releasing the video to spark conversation over the holiday. we have reached out to see how they feel about this but it is set to spark a regular conversation over this holiday week. >> bad psa all icemelt and blue lives matter which play off the like lives matter movement, some is saying this is insensitive to the original movement so we want to know what you think about the message of the san jose police officers. tell us what you think, to comment-- post a comment, you can to us. if you want to watch it is posted on our website.
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>> the terrible, deadly school bus crash, the document was going well above the speed limit. the 24-year-old is under arrest and charged with vehicular homicide. five young children were killed and six hunters were badly-- six others were injured. afterward he called her and try to explain what happened before police took his cell phone away. some new developments surrounding donald trump's transition. the woman who is reportedly-- who has accepted a key position in his administration and some of the other names tossed around today. are you thinking of going to reno or tahoe? what to expect on the roads and slopes when it comes to snow. we have quite a delay and it looks like kind of a slow
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commute. there could be a problem eastbound and could be causing some trouble westbound and coming up. a couple of cells moving in and others writer for to parts of oakland and more, we will take a look at that coming up. imagine a world where instead of rushing to buy we gave thanks for what we already have. at t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods we're closed on thanksgiving because family time comes first. bring back the holidays.
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police will be more visible and more patrol desks have been added at the civic center station to help reduce crime by being invisible to turn. they will help people including those who have never written bart get around. >> it's a way to increase the public view of our officers to --, the public to have a better opportunity to approach our police, address concerns, whatever they may have.>> they
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are successful you may see these expand into other stations throughout the year. some students say illegal trash dumping is so bad that they are cleaning it up themselves. >> yesterday students spent the day picking up trash but some was too dangerous for them to touch like eagles-- needles and old toilet seats and leftover construction materials. they are afraid it could attract rodents to their school. >> it's really disgusting and around where some of their teachers live, where we eat and where we learn. >> if you want to make your community beautiful you have to do it yourself. >> they are talking about long- term solutions and want to buy high-quality surveillance cameras to take videos of people doing that dumping. google once you to avoid
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crowds that uses stored information about when restaurants are busiest, it offers a real-time estimate of how kodaly places. while you may not be able to avoid those crowds you may be able to find out if there's an unusually large crowd and how much time people are spending their. what is happening in parts of their commutes right now. >> we have a deadly accident at industrial which is right on the boundary, earthbound 80 is closed at whipple which is where they are taking off traffic. this is video of someone who was stuck in that traffic barely moving. some people are being allowed to exit the freeway and some people stuck between the accident and the closer had been cleared out, but you are not allowed to go any farther than whipple and you will be taken off the freeway. southbound is open and traffic
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is getting by, there's a little bit of a backup and not quite backed up this morning. with how-- with how little bit of a shower we have some slow traffic getting into san francisco. if you're trying to get across the bay i would count on a normal morning commute which is a 30 minute delay before you make it onto the spam. let's bring in steve with today's weather. >> i rarely use that word but these are showers. some areas to have any rain, some do. clear off the windshield they are, there you go. it's a little streaky. another cell started off it looks like it's falling apart over cordelia but they moved over on the eastern edge of san francisco,
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we will get here just a second. >> it's raining now, 3/10 of an inch and there was okay rain. san francisco in there, sleepy hollow, oakland 4/10 in san jose .05. it looks like maybe around stinson beach, there's a little bit coming to the pipeline and now stretching from the east around north beach maybe in eastern edge of san francisco, over to highlight-- highway 24, lafayette and that some of the rain. the cell that is-- that has collapsed, also cordelia it is fallen apart-- falling apart.
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there is some very cold are turning the snow if you up, it looks like a cold rain and back over to northern sonoma county there's a mix their. there are some 30's to the north but on the peninsula's low-mid-forties for everyone. a few warmer temperatures but a chilly morning here and it's only going to get colder. winter weather advisory, there's a lake wind advisory which should start to decrease and pick up again. some cold air has to filter through so isolated showers but they will be out of the picture and have partly sunny skies pretty cool pattern to take us into a dry thanksgiving. it's a really cold system on sunday, >> ski resorts are firing up
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chairlifts, heavenly north star squall valley, kirkwood is due to open on saturday. >> kevin cooper is an education level, there stoke level may be high. >> it's pretty darn high right now, mother nature has been treating tahoe very well. it's a nice what october, waking up to about 3-5 inches at lake level off of the summit, 6-9 inches depending where you are and guys, this is some good stuff.>> >> how much more do you expect to get? >> i was listening to steve, there were showers coming over
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if you look at the a mountains we have blue skies over the lake but they are still some bands of moisture, 19 degrees so fallen about 14-1 and making operations going on as well but it is friday, saturday, sunday that i have seen, 6 inches and maybe on the high side, setting up for the thanks giving holiday we can perfectly and setting us up for christmas holidays and into december. >> nothing is worse than getting in the car and getting stuck in traffic coming down 80 because of snow. talk to us about driving back home after thanksgiving.>> there are two big things. have the caltrans road line which will give you the up-to- date information for all of caltrans. carry the right sized chains and be ready to put them on. effusively chain rules, slow it
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down. it's all about getting home safe for getting up to the mountain safe so have some players, you will use the road line and be absolutely fine and have a great time while you are there. >> steve needs to talk to you as well. >> steve is going to come over to the microphone. >> it's not so much today's system but the sunday system looks like a cold one. 3500 foot snow level, would you concur with that? >> weather net was talking about snow levels dropping down. the upper-level will probably see snow as well. >> they are talking about on the valley floor, going up there may not be bad but coming back could be pretty dicey. it has not been that low in a
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long time. >> that's a long drive with chains.>> it looks like a dry powder up their, that's dry. >> about 14-1. >> are you sure you're not in colorado? just kidding. >> thank you, living the dream. have a great thanksgiving. 7:20, could facebook be going back to china? why the social media site could reenter the second biggest economy after a 7-year ban.
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welcome back. police arrested a man accused of intentionally poisoning food at certain restaurants. the surveillance video shows the 43-year-old pulling something in the groceries-- grocery store and accused of doing the same thing at a softserve salsa bar at the heavenly village shopping center . police think he has targeted the same one the same times. whenever he put has a strong chemical odor similar to bleach . >> there is a concern that serial offenders as this
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suspect is, they don't stop until they are caught. the became ill and was hospitalized and the symptoms were similar than food poisoning. >> facebook has added a censorship tool and china blocked facebook seven years ago because of sensory policies. they would allow certain post to be-- removed from newsfeeds. facebook developed the tool but the-- a third party company would do the center. obama handed out his final medal of freedom awards and robert de niro joined robert redford and others being honored. they stood alongside and the generous as she was honored not only for her work but her courage to come out 20 years ago ! at a pivotal moment her courage helped changed-- change
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the minds of many americans accelerating our nations drive toward equality and acceptance for all. >> tom hanks who was born here in oakland was honored for his decades of work. diana ross, kareem abdul-jabbar and michael jordan also received the medal of freedom. security for the event was so tight that ellen did generous took to twitter to discuss her struggles to get inside saying they haven't let me in because i forgot my id. about an hour later she was like inside after she was able to prove to security that she was, in fact, ellen did generous.>> rock climbers set a world record climbing yosemite. the 23-year-old from the czech
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republic free climbed that rockface in 8 days, the second time someone has done that. tommy caldwell and kevin finished it in 19 days. >> the santa clara city council has voted to give a 30 day warning to the 49ers, what they have not done that could lead to a takeover and how the 49ers are responding. it's a very busy morning at meals on wheels, volunteers are filling up grocery bags, we will tell you where they are headed coming up. it's a different type of commute, there are some trouble spots, one of them being the bay bridge. we will tell you more about what the rest of the freeways are looking like coming up. shower activity but definitely some sun breaks. it's pouring but a little mix of sun and clouds if you are
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listening, not watching, there you go.
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welcome back, november 23. >> we are going to go back because the weather is going into some strange stuff. you've been busy. >> for some it is sunny but for others there have been rain.
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it's a cold rain up in lake county with some-- thunderstorm activity, hail around winter park, some foggy conditions and rain right outside our back window. temperatures will be quite cold, but harriet says good morning from kelsey ville. nice really cold and local radar are showing up in your some snow. we will get out of the way so you can see it. is also pouring in clearly but the upper lake you had up to the geysers, that looks like snow, hidden valley so there's a cold rain. tailing off right outside their, there has been some heavy rain clipping san francisco with ares as-- areas
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around alameda and maybe san ramon and alamo, still some coming out. snow will continue and taper off in mendocino county. it's going to be very brisk but temperatures in the low 40s. you will lose that tonight seeing lots of 30s but it does look try. if you showers popping up and a cool breezy pattern with 50s and low 60s. we have new video from david about this crash, northbound 880 near industrial. the freeway is closed at whipple and here is video of the crash. this is the deadly pedestrian collision. the pedestrian was taken away and they are doing an investigation, he was
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pointing up to one of the birds , you can see traffic is moving along slowly as well when they are looking at why everything is closed. let's go to the maps . i want to show you the backup, i want to show you traffic is back at-- backed up and southbound traffic is backed up and all of the southbound lanes are open. i want to say-- take a look at some of these other freeways. it's not usually this light, there are lighter than usual conditions, it's not a typical commute right now but at the bay bridge toll plaza i want to warn you there is a big commute going on. if you are thinking you're going to breeze through the toll plaza that's not happening . you have to give yourself 20 or 30 minutes before you make it in.
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president-elect donald trump has selected south carolina's republican governor to nominate as the us ambassador to the united nations. she is the first woman selected to a cabinet level position within the new administration. we have more on the other names on that list. >> donald trump arrives in florida heading to his estate for thanksgiving the intrigue continues. yesterday he emerged to meet with editors and writers as part of an on-again off-again meeting and this is the headline this morning. he drops the threat of new investigation into clinton. >> as much as his crowds delete- - were delighted over the dealings of her family's foundation it is not something that trump will seek.
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>> so much for mocking her out. >> some are not happy about the move, others see wisdom. >> do you want to take up front page space talking about hillary clinton every week? i don't think so. >> the former presidential candidate says he has been offered a cabinet post. the secretary of housing and urban development, that was one on the table. it was one about mitt romney becoming secretary of state, perhaps displacing rudy giuliani, a move that some may find troubling. >> we represent the kind of tough-minded america first policies that trump is campaigning. to the course of the campaign, we have different views on international deals, namely the role of russia in the world. fox news. some top computer
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scientists reportedly are urging that hillary clinton challenged the election results in three key battleground states. the scientists claim they found evidence of insults in michigan wisconsin and pennsylvania may have been manipulated. they use electronic voting machines instead of the paper method. the counties that used machines, hillary clinton had 7% fewer votes, a pattern that scientists say is suspicious. they presented the findings of but they have not commented as of yet. 7:35, the city of santa clara is playing hardball with 49ers over the management of the state. the city council voted unanimously-- to take control of the stadium unless the 49ers
7:36 am
and management of the stadium. they plan to draft and send the letter claiming city money may have been used to subsidize nfl games. this would violate a voter approved initiative protecting the cities general fund. >> we are supposed to be making decisions about the stadium and we have not seen a single document in 2.5 years. the 49ers say they once saw proprietary information and no other publicly funded stadium releases that kind of information. they say sharing that information would hurt their ability to book events like concerts and other contest. mark davis says they are still committed despite the efforts of oakland officials to keep the team in oakland.
7:37 am
the mayor says oakland has now agreed on a framework to build a new stadium but the readers are not involved. they are working with the hall of famer and his team of developers and investors. we don't know details but raiders fans are excited. they have been proposals, this is the first that she has taken to city council. the other ones were legitimate but she chose this one. >> in separate meetings, the oakland city council and alameda county board of supervisors talked about ronnie's plans. an official from las vegas who is in mexico city with mark davis for monday night's game told the las vegas review journal that martin davis is still focused on moving the team to nevada and that he called nevada's governor to say that on the record. 7:37,
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preparations are underway to help hundreds of san francisco residents who can't get out for thanksgiving. >> meals on wheels will provide bags of groceries for some low- income seniors who may not be able to celebrate the holiday otherwise. you are where the volunteers are working to make this a happy holiday. what is happening behind you? reporter: good morning to you guys. it's a busy morning at headquarters in san francisco, dozens of volunteers are filling up grocery bags with all sorts of vegetables, green beans, fruit, chicken, and you could see some hard work happening at the distribution center this morning. these grocery bags are going to be delivered directly to about 500 low income seniors who live across san francisco so that they will have a thanksgiving meal that they can make tomorrow. talk to me about where these are going and how important they are for these seniors.
7:39 am
>> we are so lucky to have these volunteers who get here at sunrise but the really important part is that we are delivering to 500 singers all over the city. for all of us with the hustle and bustle of travel, these are folks who literally could not do this without these groceries. so we are so thankful for that. >> speaking of those volunteers you have dozens of people here and most of them are with a local catering company in san francisco called zesty. >> you are one of the volunteers so good morning to you. talk to me about why you and your coworkers wanted to be here this morning.>> we take meals-- we took meals to people in offices and said let's get some food to seniors around the city as well. all the grocery bags you can see and what's going to happen here, we are
7:40 am
going to put these grocery bags in their cards and they are going to hand deliver to low income seniors all across san francisco so they were everything skipping meal. earlier alex was at safeway and showed us supermarkets are very busy as people prepare their own thanksgiving meals. they say this is the biggest-- busiest week of the year. they expect to sell $25,000 worth of-- and people are more than making up for it. is having a hard time keeping the 30 foot long meat case full of turkeys, experienced shoppers say roasting the turkey can be the trickiest part
7:41 am
. just perfect and dry and one year we did it undercut and we forget why we did it that way . >> that may be one reason why the ready-made dinners are getting more and more popular, do not forget the pie. >> they will be taking in 4500 cal and they also say it's one day a year, enjoy your meal but make yourself miserable. >> we have to do that, i promise i will. a live report from the san jose airport where crowds of gathered ahead of thanksgiving. >> the california ballot measure has been-- finally been
7:42 am
decided weeks after the election. the support for proposition 66 to reform california's death penalty system. we see that traffic is mostly good but there are a couple of spots. this is one of them, how long it's going to take to get across the bay. looking at the last shot you'd think it is clear but there's a good sell over alameda over to airport right there with more coming up.
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he has been ordered to undergo a mental invalid--
7:45 am
evaluation. he was sitting in a wheelchair and formally charged with murder and child abuse yesterday. he is accused of drowning his daughter in holy water at st. john's baptist church. then he walked across the street to the police station holding his daughter's body in his arms to get help. he was naked when he arrived at the station and had his son with him. people say their heart goes out to the family.>> obviously it's a horrible tragedy for the little girl, i also feel like the father is a tortured soul and i feel sad for both of them. >> the little girl has been identified and police have not given a motive. to contribute, go to our website , more than two weeks after the elections, voters narrowly approved the ballot measure to perform-- reform the death penalty system. proposition 66 one-- its margin
7:46 am
of victory was a quarter million votes. prop 66 to just how appeals are handled and appoints more lawyers to take death penalty cases and said they 5 your deadline for appeals to be heard. the rejected proposition 62 which would have repealed the death penalty. reportedly happened yesterday morning at 1:30 at a court housing unit affiliated with the university. he met the man who assaulted him on the internet and the suspect was described as african-american, 5'9" with muscular build, dreadlocks and a goatee. he was last seen wearing a light gray sweatshirt and black or blue sweatpants. traffic has been problematic , anyone hoping for a preholiday
7:47 am
light is not getting it. >> had anyone asked about the toll plaza, i'm going to quickly look at that because a lot of people are trying to catch flights at sfo. i want to take a quick look just to show you, it's not like. you have to wait 20 or 25 minutes before you make it onto the bridge. it will be a busy travel day getting out of the bay area. when i mention that problem on 80 the north and southbound, they are taking traffic off the freeway, southbound all things are open and they are still doing the investigation. it should be about 8:00 before they open the lanes but we have a lot of slow traffic. we may actually be in better shape. look at this county, we see a lot of stop and go here but it's not there. not really, a little bit of
7:48 am
snowing-- slowing but for the most part it looks good. it's not a typical commute table a lot of people are on the road. steve? >> 101 in san jose but also some sun. steve? >> i will mention that at the airport bar there watching this at the airport bar. >> that's a fine place to watch. my head over here are the bottles. we will be doing travel reports. >> any airport bar. good to know. there have been some scattered showers, still a pretty cold rain for some especially into lake county and mendocino county.
7:49 am
some showers produced hail, with some snow being reported and look at that, there's a really strong sell over alameda right now. we will get to that in just a second but first gary says am i the only one who was briefly concerned with the alien vaporization? [ laughter ] they are here. thank you gary. you aren't the only one. thank you for the sound effects. there goes your system. airport drive, now it looks like it wants to go right there , marina boulevard you are getting moderate to heavy rain but we want to take you out to lake county where there has been some cold air moving and it looks like you're almost done with that. meant to, and reports of snow at the geysers.
7:50 am
30 degrees with a steady rain, it looks like that's about done for now but we are not get, heading to the golden gate bridge, north beach and over the bay bridge another cell is moving through wet back over towards the golden gate and down to castro valley and a little bit of rain around black hawk, not a lot but a little bit. that sell looks like it's growing weaker with winter advisories in the mountains. it's going to be darned cold tonight but does look dry, 42 walnut creek we will see a lot of 30s. a mix of sun clouds and if you showers, there goes the system rotating in for late friday and saturday. it develops offshore and may delay the rain for some but an
7:51 am
even colder system will drop right behind that for sunday. 50s are very low, 60s, a cold but dry thanksgiving and there will probably be some rain and we will stick with rain on saturday. like the system on sunday better which will produce pretty good snow in the mountains. keep updated on the forecast if you are out there. 7:51. is your iphone or ipad crashing? a video is blamed for making phones crashed-- crush and what you can do to protect your phone. are you planning to shop until you drop? she will tell us the best deals on black friday and the risk you may take if you wait in a way to help local businesses this holiday weekend.
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imagine a world where the holidays were about people again. where doorbusters referred to loved ones pouring through the front door. and the four-letter word that defined the season was l-o-v-e and not s-a-l-e. what if the only reason to wake up at 3 a.m. was to spot a reindeer in the sky? and coupons were only used to redeem one more kiss? that's the world t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods stores live in. where there's no need for sales because we offer amazing prices on popular brands everyday. and where you can always save on thoughtful gifts thanks to weekly arrivals of new products. let's put more value on what really matters. this season bring back the holidays with t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods.
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welcome back. it's a big weekend especially for retailers, a time when many of them turn a profit or finally get in the black. back in the studio where you may save the most money and why you may not if you wait. >> you usually wait but if you do want to shop you may get a bigger discount but the stories may be out of the most popular items. first i want to dip into the stock market because dow jones
7:55 am
in record territory, 19,045. we saw those levels yesterday and now it is solidly above that come up 22 points. not such a great day for the nasdaq and s&p 500. they have been suffering a bit. the markets will be open on friday, not tomorrow but for a shortened trading day. but do you stop or do you shop? the campaigns to stay away from the malls, 40% of consumers feel that black friday is the best day to stay money that should save money but more than half the people who plan to shop will actually go into the stores. the deals seem to have already started, we are bombarded with advertisements and coupons but analyst say some of the best deals are on black friday especially when it comes to electronics. those are the
7:56 am
biggest savings but there are plenty of other things that will be on sale. >> you will also see deep discounts on toys but they get even more deeply discounted 10 days before christmas day but it's a catch-22. you don't want your specific 20 to sell out so it's up to the shopper. after black friday comes small business saturday, not necessarily a day for deep discounts but a way to support your locally owned businesses. often they are giving back to schools and other services so this is a way to say thank you so you can look up your business -- your area and see which are locally owned. some advice, keep in mind identity theft is very big so if you're going to online shop maybe use something like paypal and then packages being delivered to your doorstep, you
7:57 am
may want to make sure you have a safe place or someone will be home. 7:56 and it is time to check in with mike. a very rough day for holiday travelers, how many people are expected to fly or drive on one is-- on what is one of the busiest travel days of the year. there is a place, like no other. where a walk down main street,
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can fill you with wonder. and the smile of a mouse can spark joy. where magic is spread with every touch, and always leaves you wanting even more. so make the time... to take your time because one day just isn't enough. here, there is magic for days.
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♪ ♪ lend him a helping hand. ♪ put a little love in your heart. ♪ ♪ take a good look around... ♪ ...and if you're lookin' down, ♪ ♪ put a little love in your heart. ♪ ♪put a little love in your heart.♪ ♪ in your heart. (avo) the subaru share the love event is happening now and will have given ninety million dollars to help real people like these. it's one of the busiest travel days of the year and we are live at san jose international airport telling you how things are going and
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how the airport prepared. one organization is outraged over officers being targeted, no ticking to the internet to fight back. this is ktvu mornings on 2 . >> it is wednesday, november 23. >> the day before thanksgiving if you are lucky enough to stay inside and cook all day, this is a good day to do that. >> it's going to be pretty cold by tonight with scattered showers around, looks like heavier cells have collapsed but we've had many reports of snow, a pretty strong sell over parts of sonoma and still snow in the mountains, this is a really good set up for them mountains and sierra nevada's. there's one over alameda just getting weaker and still coming
8:01 am
out of marin county, that a pretty strong sell and clipping around chinatown, there is some rain going back to oakland, that stretches from hayward, castro valley, dublin, that had a strong sell but the rain has been a cold rain and some looks like it is starting to wind down but there have been reports of snow. cold and unstable air but will be a mix of sun and clouds. tonight look for rapid clearing and really cold. the next system looks to be arriving early saturday and a colder one coming in on saturday. 8:01, what do you have?>>
8:02 am
well i have a couple of things going on. we still have a crash we've been talking about. if you are trying to get to the airport i do not advise you to use 880. a pedestrian was somehow on the freeway and got hit by a car and they are still doing an investigation. people were being allowed to get off the freeway but further down the road they are not letting you one. i want to mention traffic is still slow even though all of the southbound lanes are open. if you are trying to get into san francisco perhaps you are trying to sneak over to sfo, the backup is not severe. you can hang for 15 or 20 minutes and it doesn't look too bad. then on 101 it's a straight shot. this is highway 101 on san jose looking like it's clear, otherwise we have some pretty good conditions in the silicon
8:03 am
valley. the holiday travel rush is in full swing as people head out to spend thanksgiving with their loved ones.>> we are joined live. is it busy? not busy? >> not busy at least right now, earlier it was. we just went through security and you can see the lines. maybe it took 20 minutes, i just asked the woman who came through who said it took her 10 minutes. that's pretty good considering there is supposed to be a 15% increase in passenger traffic. so far, it looks like the majority of departures are on time and people are being very patient. look at some video we took, this is what it looks like-- looked like around 5:00 and this is one of the largest carriers. they offer a lot of employees over time and switching
8:04 am
volunteers from the information booth and placing them strategically around the airport in high traffic areas. they have also brought in more staff including canines to sniff explosives to help the lines go faster and it seems to be working. we spoke to a spokeswoman and here's what she had to say. >> we need travelers to arrive early. their advice is to arrive two hours before domestic, three hours before international and have a parking plan. our parking lot feels quickly on any given day and especially the holidays. if you are bringing gifts leave them unwrapped. aaa reports we should see an increase a number of people partly because lower gas prices. they predict it will be a 9 -year high. back out here we are in a low. the rush was from
8:05 am
5:00 to 7:00 and it is supposed to pick back up at 9:30. it will slow down and then pick up again tonight and expect it to be very busy on sunday and monday with everyone returning from holiday travels. be careful out there on the roads. chains or snow tires required on highway 50 with snow on the ground. several ski resorts are firing up chairlifts and times for the weekend. kirkwood is set to open on saturday and earlier this morning kevin cooper told us what people can expect. mother nature has been treating tahoe very well, it's a nice, what october waking up to about 3 to 5 inches off of
8:06 am
summit, 6-9 inches over at northstar and guys this is some good stuff. >> very nice kevin. the storm expected to arrive on sunday. >> new this morning we have new video of the college police officer who was shot and critically injured while on patrol. the footage working with the k- 9 unit, the university officer was checking out a support of a suspicious man when he was shot in the head. they tracked down the suspect and his condition is very grave. his parents and fianci are at his hospital bed. >> he's not an outsider coming in, he works with the community
8:07 am
and does a lot of community service. local state and federal law enforcement joined in the manhunt. he is engaged to be married this next october. this is the fifth incident where a police officer has been shot while on duty. the others happened in san antonio, three others were shot survived in st. louis. 58 police officers had been shot and killed this year, a 71% increase. in response to recent attacks, the police union is putting out a video this holiday season asking the public, where's the outrage when an officer is shot? why officers say they are making this move now. >> it's available on youtube and the association says it comes from a sense that the targeting of officers has
8:08 am
become the new normal. the youtube video uses media clips of recent incidents or officers were targeted and asked where is the outrage? a blog reports that 15 officers have been shot and killed, a 70% increase over last year. officers say that we have adapted to reports of violence and have in a sense, grown numb. >> we are simply asking for the community to speak up. as we've talked about there has been such a break down when the targeting and killing of police officers has become normal. >> they are releasing the video now to spark conversation over the holidays and will be holding a news conference to discuss the issue.
8:09 am
all lives matter and blue lights matter are controversial and we have reached out to the movement and are waiting to hear their response. certainly the whole issue is sparking debate this year. our question of the day is about this story, some have said this is insensitive to the original movement. we want to know what you think of that. we are seeing a lot of responses . all lives, especially the blue ones that protect us matter just as much if not more than others. when was the last one someone in black lives matter rent for danger or gunfire to protect you? again, i will never condone the
8:10 am
killing of another human being but this is a ripple effect of the lack and care and concern for the amount of minorities for those-- for the amount of minorities lives being lost. keep the conversation going, you can post a comment again and use twitter. if you want to watch the entire psa it is posted on our website at . happening today in response to recent hate crimes they will announce new strategies and resources to combat these attacks. the san francisco mayor and the human rights commission the results of the presidential-- for hateful rhetoric. last week the district attorney's office tough-- office revealed where they can-- hate crimes. the transition to the white house, the woman who has
8:11 am
reportedly accepted a key position and other names being discussed today. up next, how an employee is inspiring an entire community. sal? good morning. they are just about to open, i don't even know what they are doing. i was telling her desk that, so i will just yell at you. northbound at whipple, they just send that out, this has been out here unfortunately since 5:46 5:40 6 am. it has taken them a while and everyone in the newsroom know that northbound 80 will be-- 880 will be open. all the lanes have never been closed, but we have had a backup for the duration of the crash, people on southbound has
8:12 am
been backed up. at ikea, we believe everyone should be able to afford a welcoming home for the holidays.
8:13 am
and that nothing should get in the way of a good conversation. we believe that room for one more shouldn't cost more. and that you can make a place for everyone. spend your holiday overjoyed and under budget with ikea. zero really can be a hero.ds) get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. this black friday at the volkswagen sign then drive event.
8:14 am
8:13 and a nonprofit is celebrating their anniversary. >> it was founded by a mother whose son is autistic. she has made it her life's work to help other families.
8:15 am
>> she is an award-winning piano player, a musical genius and a child who showed a special ability to learn to play a composition. the artistic artist is limited in speech. i spoke with him with the help of his mother. >> why do you like music? >> he does like to play, a total of my neck instruments but this has still been a journey that started when he was diagnosed at age 2. >> that was like the end of the world for us at that time. >> susan says she family strained and refused to hide her son saying she nurtured the
8:16 am
natural gravitation. >> hiding them is not the solution because they're going to grow up and be out in the community. >> she cofounded friends of children with special needs and says she wanted to help other families. her son up to my sister potential of each individual, autism notwithstanding. >> he can contribute something which is the goal i give him. he can do something for people who need it. >> he volunteers by playing at hospitals in senior centers. a staff member tells me his music awakens the spirit in seniors.>> the faster music, did it make you want to dance?>> it really does make you feel like you like to dance. >> she says her son will never be able to live independently but should not be a deterrent from living life to its
8:17 am
fullest. >> do the best you can. find their strength. it doesn't have to be talent. >> music make up a smackã they have one a number of competitions including a silver medal in a piano competition for people with disabilities last year. the victory she cherishes is that her son is happy. ktvu, fox2 news. traffic is getting a
8:18 am
little better. >> we've had light conditions but a crash that has been here since 5:45 between whipple and industrial. the crash has been in the clearing stages, some radio traffic is saying they are getting ready to open lanes , they said that a few moments ago so i think they are close but until they do open the lanes northbound traffic will be busy but southbound traffic will also be busy even though none of the southbound lanes were ever blocked. if you are trying to make a flight or get somewhere you need extra time and i will let you know when it does clear. this was backed up for a 30 minute delay and now it's more like 15 minutes once you make it onto the bridge. it's a pretty even shot down to the same in cisco airport.
8:19 am
the other commutes have been pretty good, they may not be going to work which means they will be on the road as we bring steve in here trying to get out of town. a lot of people are trying to get out of town. >> i believe it, you called it. i think you will see it even more afternoon. >> we will show you this in just a second with some pockets of rain but some areas are clear , we've had reports of snow in lake county and this cell moving out of san francisco i would not be surprised of reports of hail mixed in. a rainbow kind of day seen from the presidio. the mission district around market street as well and it
8:20 am
looks like it's falling apart there has been rain embedded within that system that stretches over into parts of the east bank. some snow coinuing until noon, the winter weather advisory continues. alameda had a strong sell about one hour ago that has since moved down, oakland over to alameda, now moving south on 680, it looks like this system is losing a little punch, santa rosa and most of the activities seems to be winding down. the cold air will continue to settle so scattered showers, it will clear out and be very cold tomorrow. it looks like it wants to move in saturday and
8:21 am
followed by a colder system on sunday, these will be big snow producers. i would not be surprised, it will sweep through on saturday and watch as the next system barrels in here. if this materializes it will-- some heavy rain on the north coast as well, it looks like it's all coming in for the weekend. 50s and 60s and a lot of 50s in the higher elevations. cold but dry thanksgiving. it looks like off and on rain and a cold system on sunday. may be a dusting of snow by late sunday. >> i would welcome that. is your iphone or ipad crashing? a video that some say is to blame and what you can do to avoid that
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
a short video is circulating that is causing short phones-- iphones to crush. the video shows a man performing a magic trick with a deck of cards and then the word honey appears. the video tries to replay itself that causes the phone to freeze. some reports say resetting your phone could help, iphones running beta versions seem to
8:25 am
be the most vulnerable. just in time, google is offering a feature to help you avoid crowds. google maps is updating a feature that uses stored information about when stores and restaurants are busiest. now it has added live preview which is a real-time estimate and get user input to keep an updated even if it is important- - impossible to avoid crowds it will let users know if there is an unusually large number of people. new patrol desks have been added to help reduce crime by being a visible deterrent. police officers will help anybody get around. the program-- if it is a success you may be seeing more of these and other stations. on the heels of a report on illegal dumping, some students say it is so bad in the
8:26 am
neighborhood they are cleaning it up themselves. students spend the day picking up trash but some was too dangerous to touch like needles, toilet seats, and leftover construction materials. students say they are worried that trash could attract rodents. >> it's really disgusting to see trash where some of our teachers live, where we eat and where we learn. if you want to make your community vibrant and beautiful you have to go out and do it yourself. the school is talking about long-term solutions and want to buy some surveillance cameras to capture videos of people doing the illegal dumping. a 30 day warning to the 49ers, what the team has not done that could lead to a takeover and how the 49ers are responding. got word of a new accident that does not sound major that
8:27 am
could add delays. we are also looking at other delays getting into san francisco and we will wrap it up coming up for you. and intense but little cell going through san francisco. we will take a look at some other pockets of rain as well coming up. after presenting fake news to millions of users facebook and google will do more to stop the spread of bogus stories so
8:28 am
sensational we can't help but click and share. >> every post i share, i'm always on facebook. >> but not everything is legit. sensational stories are more than click debate, they are often spreading false information to friends, why is it done? money. sites collect when they get you to click but it may get tougher . facebook and google now say they will no longer allow their advertisements on sites known to be bogus. fake news is perfect fuel for algorithms engineered to show us stories where we can't resist. >> that's your tech report. my friends say i threw a great party.
8:29 am
8:30, the day before thanksgiving wednesday, november 23. >> let's get you right over to steve. it's very cool. you can probably see a pretty good sell right over the bay,
8:30 am
thank you, yes it's going to be very cold. a pretty good sell and reports of rainbows but also no reports of hail but it sure looked like there may have been some. plenty of pictures coming in all the way down from hayward. that wayne in san francisco woke me up. that so went right over mission district and is heading out into the bay and across to me the san lorenzo in hayward. there is still rain and other areas but i think we are about done with this. there's some cold air and certainly some rainbow weather, a little cell equipping over to the east bay and it looks like
8:31 am
around pleasanton. most of the activity was earlier this morning leaving behind some very cold air and tonight there will be two more systems coming in, a very cold on sunday. 50s on the temperatures were very low 60s. >> so you have good news? >> they just said that they need another half-hour to investigate the deadly crash that happened at 5:45. a person was hit by a car and i was trying to figure out if it was associated-- if they were associated with a car or not but we know that a person was hit or killed near industrial. they have shut down the freeway . they let some people who were
8:32 am
stuck get by but after that they are not letting any traffic northbound. southbound is getting through but there's a rubber neck or back up. getting up to the bay bridge it has been raining here a little bit and you will see some slow traffic here and there but not the coliseum. there was a report of a minor accident but sounds like they got them off to the right inside. you can see the backup is not that deep. there is one and this video was taken by david. these are the lines you have to deal with to get through security so don't cut it close because it's unnerving to be standing there and you haven't made it past security so give
8:33 am
yourself plenty of time. donald trump has nominated the south carolina governor to be a us ambassador. she is the first woman selected to be a cabinet level position. we have more on the other names on the short list for his cabinet. >> donald trump arrives in florida heading to his estate for thanksgiving. trump emerged to meet with editors and writers as part of an on-again and off- again meeting and this is the big headline. trump drops threat of new investigation into clinton. as much as the pre-election crowds delighted in prosecuting clinton and the dealings of her family foundation is not something that he will seek is
8:34 am
president. >> so much for locking her up. >> some republicans are not happy and others see wisdom. >> do you want to take up front- page space talking about hillary clinton? ben carson says he has been offered a cabinet post. secretary of housing and urban development. >> i would say that was one of the offices on the table. >> there's more talk about mitt romney becoming secretary of state, perhaps replacing rudy giuliani, a move that some in his orbit may find it troubling. >> to what extent will you represent the kind of tough- minded america first policies that trump has campaigned? he has to have someone who is very tough. >> be on the terrible things that they have said about one another through the course of the campaign they also have different views on international issues, namely the role of russia. in washington, fox news. the city of santa clara is
8:35 am
being-- playing hardball with the 49ers after the management of the stadium. devoted to issue a 30 day warning letter threatening to take control unless the 49ers handover financial documents about its management. leaders plan to send the letter today. they claim city funding may have been used to subsidize games that would violate a voter approved initiative protecting the general fund. >> at this point we are supposed to be making decisions about the stadium and have not seen a single document required in 2.5 years. the issue is not whether or not they can see it, they can go through it, we can debate it, the issue is whether or not- - whether or not to make these public. >> the 49ers say the financial records are proprietary information and no other publicly funded stadium releases
8:36 am
such details. they say sharing that information would hurt their ability to book events such as concerts and other sports contests. the raiders is committed to -- the efforts to keep the team here in the bay area. the oakland mayor broke the news right here on yesterday's mornings on 2 saying the city has agreed on a framework to build a new stadium but the raiders are not involved with the project. the city is working with the development team on specifics of the plan that were not released, but they say they are optimistic.>> numerous groups have been proposals, this is the first one that i know that she has taken to city council. the other ones were legitimate but she chose this one. >> the open city council have held closed-door meetings.
8:37 am
the las vegas review journal newspaper says they are focused on relocating to nevada saying he even called the government to state that on the record.>> it is one of the holidays and a number of ways that you can donate your money or food. >> a wide range of volunteers are preparing for for hundreds of people who may not have anything to eat on thanksgiving otherwise. >> that's absolutely right and we have a lot of volunteers, the brass band has been getting the crowd warmed up. fire department recruits and cadets, members of the san francisco police department are here and getting geared up and ready to carve 1200 pounds of turkey. we will show you where
8:38 am
the carving is going to happen and these are carving stations. the fire chief will be here and the interim police chief as well . we are kind enough to be joined by michelle and you will carve a whole lot of turkey today. >> this will go to people who will not be able to get out and be with family and the meals will be packed here and then home delivered by 300 volunteers . they will be home delivered to their doors and no one is get-- coming into their homes so we are going to their homes. a warm thanksgiving meal. >> it's good for you guys and all the volunteers.
8:39 am
>> we will give you a live look inside the kitchen. they are waiting for all the turkey to get carved up by volunteers and get it prepped for tomorrow morning. >> we have 200 pounds of turkey, that's a lot of turkey. we have 1000 pounds of green beans, sweet potatoes, 65 gallons of gravy and 650 pounds of stuffing so that a lot of turkey and a lot of trimming. >> we are about to get started, the carving will begin. thank you for taking the time this morning, there's a whole lot of volunteers, more volunteers than you need that you encourage everyone to come down. the mayor is on his way to grab the turkey and start slicing.
8:40 am
i love seeing the volunteers coming down so thanks to everyone taking part in their. still to come, another sexual assault on a student, what police say about the incident and a co-op housing unit. here we are 2 weeks after the election and the support for proposition 66 to reform the death penalty system. a couple of troubled spots including one in union city but here on the approach, it does not really have a lot of slow traffic. storm a decent sell left san francisco and we will talk about that and see what is in store for what looks to be a cold weekend.
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
uc berkeley reports that police are reporting an assault on a woman at 1:30 any co-op housing unit affiliated with the university. the student met the man who assaulted him on the internet. the suspect is described as african-american, 5'9" tall, muscular build, dreadlocks and a goatee. he was last seen wearing a
8:44 am
light gray sweatshirt and black or blue sweatpants. north now, they have been ordered to undergo a mental evaluation. he was sobbing and sitting in a wheelchair as he was formally charged with murder. he is accused of drowning his daughter at st. john the baptist catholic church and officer say he walked across the street to the police station for help. he was making when he arrived and had his nine-year-old son with him. the girl has been identified and a go fund the page has been set up for funeral expenses. to contribute go to our website we now know that californians have approved a measure to reform the death penalty system. the margin of victory, 250,000 votes out of the 11.7 million ballots that were cast.
8:45 am
they change how appeals are handled to take death penalty cases and setting a deadline for appeals to be heard. it can take as many as 25 years to use all of the appeals. the rejected proposition 62 which would have appealed the death penalty. someone used pepper spray in a classroom at silverdale middle school. 12 students complained about feeling sick but some felt okay after getting some pressure. one student complained about skin and eye irritation. >> we had to treat this as a hazardous material incident. >> the hazardous material team came out and put on gear, went into the classroom, located a pepper spray canister and it
8:46 am
had been sprayed in the air and one of the walls of the classroom. the student taken to the hospital is expected to be okay. the classroom was evacuated and the student was cited for bringing pepper spray on campus and said it accidentally went off in her backpack. traffic was a little bit lighter, the toll plaza not completely empty but better than a usual wednesday. >> we just got the news that all lanes have opened on northbound 880 that have been closed for about three hours. all the lanes have opened after the investigation of a deadly pedestrian accident. northbound traffic should start to get a little better, southbound should also start to get better because people were looking at what was going on but now with the freeway open in both directions, we should have a little bit of relief.
8:47 am
let's take a look at the bay bridge, that has cleared up nicely even though they had a minor accident. i think the volume of traffic is no longer going to be big, and remember today people are going to be leaving to try to get out of town. 80 heading up to sacramento and 152 and 156 getting out of town will be coded. this is a look at 280, not a typical commute but not a big volume of people getting up. 8:47. >> i need to come up for air, it has been nonstop. it has been crazy. >> we are almost there. most of this is winding down , we've had pretty good reports and pretty good thunderstorms, two of them up there, reports of hail and a strong sell through parts of sonoma, napa valley, that fall apart and
8:48 am
looks like things are much quieter now. candlestick,-- agree that will go right over the city and big on outbursts over san lorenzo. there's a few left, when the pictures coming in, many with some brief heavy rain and headed right across and maybe the salt flats there, maybe down towards union city and fremont, looks like one little sell their and one little guy decided to move in and maybe up along skyline. from dillon beach there have been some rainbows on the western part of the marine coach as well with little guys left over, that's probably about done and there was very
8:49 am
cold rain up into lake county. some very cold are now reinforcing, a little piece of energy now reinforcing some of that snow, 40s on the temperatures, can't get above some mid-40s so it will be brisk and cool, most shower activity is about done, that system rules and on friday and saturday and another cold one giving some very cold snow levels. may be a dusting here by sunday into monday. if you are heading to the northern mountains be prepared for winter travel over the weekend.>> you may want to come back on a monday or tuesday and stay up there. >> may be monday may be okay if you got stuck up there. >> maybe tuesday. >> maybe i'm pushing it.>> he's
8:50 am
going to take the whole week off . planning to shop till you drop tim cook will be here to tell us the best deals, the risk you might take and the way you can help local businesses this holiday weekend.
8:51 am
oh look at this, a raisin re-hydrator. it turns them back into grapes. wow, what an exhausting journey. that's a good wedding present. good call. with the blue cash everyday card you get cash back on purchases with no annual fee. backed by the service and security of american express.
8:52 am
after thanksgiving dinner is done do you stop or do you shop? for a great advice from the better business bureau, also went shopping online, the big time of year, but before we
8:53 am
talk more about shopping i want to show you who is there to ring the opening bell in new york, center. center get excited for this time of your. -- year. they are celebrating the 90th macy's thanks giving day parade and a lot of people are celebrating as well because dow jones started with 19,000 yesterday and it is now in record territory, 90,050 of 26 points, the nasdaq and s&p 500 not so much, nasdaq lost about half of a percent, technology stocks have not done well. markets close for thanksgiving and are open on friday with a shortened trading day. >> more than half of the people who plan to shop during the thanksgiving holiday will actually go into the stores to make their purchases. the deals seem to have already started with advertisements and
8:54 am
coupons analyst say some of the best deals are on black friday especially when it comes to electronics such as computers electronics and tvs but there were plenty of other things that will be on sale as well. >> you will also see discounts on toys but here's the thing, toys get deeply discounted 10 days before christmas day but it's a catch-22 because you don't want your specific toy to sell out. it is really up to the shopper if they want to take the risk.>> after black friday comes small business saturday. it's not something-- not necessarily a time for deep discounts but a way to support locally owned businesses in your community. often they are giving back to your schools, other services, so this is a way to say thank you to them. they got its name because there is a time when retailers move into the black for the year, and other words they turn a
8:55 am
profit, big or small so it's an important weekend. a new world record, a feat by a rock climber.
8:56 am
8:57 am
new information about a school bus crash in chattanooga tennessee, according to court documents the driver was going well above the speed limit. he is charged with vehicular homicide. 5 children were killed, six others badly injured after the crash his mother says he called her and tried to expand what happened before police took his cell phone away. a man whose body was found outside of his neighborhood was apparently beaten to death by his wife who later took her own life. according to investigators the 57-year-old woman killed her husband and he
8:58 am
died as a result of blunt force trauma. the next day she was found injured inside of a parked vehicle and later died at the hospital. investigators have not yet released because but say she died as a result of a suicide pending an autopsy. a couple is suing pathmark accusing pet smart of injuring animals during grooming. they say they took him to get his nails trimmed and came out bleeding and foaming at the mouth and later died. >> we took him there for a nail trimming and he came out spewing blood. i was helpless. >> he was a little baby dog, like 10 pounds and had just turned one year old. we had no way to know just taking him in could end his life. >> there are criminal charges
8:59 am
pending. they see the lawsuit is intended to keep this from happening to someone else. pet smart will not comment on pending litigation. a rock climber set a record climbing up yosemite. the 23-year-old from the czech republic free climbed in it back days and is the second time there has been a successful free climbed. tommy caldwell and tommy finished it in 19 days. president. obama handed out his final medal of freedom awards and robert de niro was among actors being honored joining robert redford and others and and a generous was honored not only for her work for her courage to come out 20 years ago. at a pivotal moment her courage helped change the hearts and minds of millions of americans accelerating our nation's constant drive toward equality
9:00 am
and acceance for all. tom hanks was honored for his decades of work on film as well as bruce springsteen, bill and melinda gates. a look at police officers speaks out on officers being targeted. we find out whether anonymous tip lines i really anonymous. >> there's nothing anonymous on the show. some fresh snow in the sierras, we check in with cooper, the conditions ahead. i see the tree going up


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