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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  January 17, 2020 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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>>watching kron 4 news at 10. we don'tgo off the beaten track know i have my older son who is a. was a snowboard instructorand he goes off on his own and that coerns me. >>a renewed concern tonit for safety among skiers and snowboarders after an avalanche at a i rest near lake tahoe kills one man and seriously injures another. thanks for joining us tonight at 10 i ken wayne and i'm this morning the alpine ened meadows ski resort which is
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near tahoe city tonight. we are learning more about the man who was kied in that slidinforce gayle ong has been tracking the sto all day long she joins us now with >>ken and pam all of this unfolding at the starof a busy holiday weekend. the avalanche hit some steep terrain.2 men weretrapped in the snow one of th died the other in surgery both avid kiers. >>34 year-old cold comstock of players dead has been identified as the man killed when an avalanche hit alpine meadows ski resort friday morning call loved to ski and heloved living life his wife caitlin said ia statemen she says if there's one thing to take away about his li, it's to be kindto one another because it's the right thing to do comstock is froa small town in plumas count he was skiing with his friend who was seriously injured and taken the hospital what's really discouring and upsettinis they were in downs, they were not outside the park. >>soalpine meadows ski patrol ruhed to save the 2 skiers on the resort's subway
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run described as rugged and remote expe terrainthe large fight happened around 00:30am in the morning tnesses saw 2 people skiing when avalanche occurred the avalanche comes a day after a strong storm passed through thsierra dumping over 2 feet ofsnow on the mountain ski slope r most avalancs are either caused by obviously either environment or human trigges. >>and nsidering wnesses on skiing you can why draw conclusions fromhere. >>sergeant michael powers insist the resort mitigates against avalanche danger. the resort had avalanche control patrols out in the early morning d dean the run safe to open to the public about 2 hours bere the tragedy he resort issueda statement saying quote the entirsquaw valley alpine meadows team, including all of the first responders extend their family and friends of the deceased, we are working closely with the families of alaffected dividuals to ensure continued care. >>the injured skier suffered a severe lower-body injuries. he
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was airlifted to a lake tahoe ta spile for emergency surgery, ski paol are investigating the size and cost of the avalanche live in the studio gayle ong kron 4 news scale. thk you the property ski patrol conducted a full search of that area using dogs in transceivers after no additional victims were found les go to kron four's grant lotus now for a closer look at the path of the avalanche today, epidemic and this is an area called promise land the shaded here are extremely steep st of about half of the runs here. >>are black at the black diamonds which mes of course advanced skiers only according to the authorities the avalanche was reported around 10 o'clock this morning. right in this area here between the ot shoot area. and the chair lift which is ght here you e going so the id is that the avalanche likely came right down in this direction again that's an area isn't
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entirely densely-populated there were 2 people right but the victim the 34 year-old co comstock was with one buddy at the time and it's fortunate that there weren't. >>other people with them because they were oalpine meadows property. and if you've been to the rea you might be familiar with this region because of the chalet restaurant right here thatsia whereyou might stop midway down a run and you get a you something to eat or drink. that's the region wee talking according to the resort avalanche mitigation work had been performed in the area before they open the slopes this morning. they knew it was more dangerous than normal deemed it a 3 out of 5 n the danger scale nonetheless they open this morning around 9 o'clock this happened about an hour later pam d ken back to you all right, thank you grant. well avalanches asski resorts are considered ra. but of course. >>there arerisks which are
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simply inherent to all of the snow sports, which cannot be fully controll today's avalanche is actually the sond of the deadly want to take place at alpinmeadows an avalanche on march 31th. >>1982 killed 7 people at alpine, the resort was closed because of snow that day but up to 13 employees and some vacationersere there when the avalanche hit burying the parking lot and destroying several structures there. >>and let's take a look at your 4 zone forecast because not only did that part of the sierra was it under a winter storm warning but also an avalanche warning and the avalanche warning was in effect because more than 2 feet of snow actually fell in that area in addition to that gusty winds winds gust thrghout that ridgecrest upwards of about 60 miles per hour less with widespread winds throughout the valleys at 35 miles per hour or less fortunately today antonight tracking calmer drier weather a few snow showers just north
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into is carson city and reno but overall drier saer conditions for those of you heading out to south lak because we are tracking mostly cloudy skies. drier weather so no sn showers in effect for the long holiday weekend in this year and no avalanche wnings in effect tonight through the ng holiday martin luther king weekend and as you can see monday mostly cloudy skies temperatures holding steady in the mid 40's, let's take a look at golden gate brge closer to home dry weather for us here, but we are going to notice some pretty dense low clouds d fog in addition to that blanket of high cloud cover overhead could be at or near 0 at times for your saturday morning commute so make sure to drive safe return of those low beams but expect a bett lifting by around mid morning but clearing not goi to happen we're going to notice mostly cloudy skies all night nd all weekend long temperatures out there righ no in the low to mid and upper 40's and it's going to get chilly once again this eving with widespread 30's
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as yomake your way into the north bay anfor most of the interior valleys, let's take a look at your microclimate saturday forecast 54 degrees for downtown san francisco. so very dry seasonable weather. 55 degrees for daly city all the way into half moon bay light and variable wind speeds around 15 miles per hour less millbrae and burlingame 54 degrees and also tracking mid-fifties for those of you from sam, a tale foster city even san carlos a little bit milder though for palo alto in the low 50's san jose 58 degrees with widespread mid 50's asyou make your way inland into the east bay and throughout the east the shoreline as well 53 degree for berkeley and let's take a look at the noth bay low 50's for napa and tracking also mid-fifties for those of you in novato santa rosa 58 degreefor your afternoon highs and let's take a look ahead at the next 7 day outlook cloudy skies and we're going to remain dry all the way through monday with light rain arriving tuesday. maybe continuing scattered showers on wednesday, but about half
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an inch of rain or less will have your ll 10 a coming up in just a f minutes thanking of regional banks now to a disturbing storalong the peninsula sam, a tale man arrested for threatening to shooup a church deputies say the man made threats to several letters deliver 2 holy trinity lutheran church in san carlos. >>was perhaps more surprising is the man is also a pastor kron four's dan thorn live for usin san carl's tonight with more on the story dan. deputies telling the pastor was a former member of this congreation and he threatene to shoot people here sunday the bishop telling us tonight, these threats were ocking and hat the arrest is saddeng. >>79 year-old pastor paul michaelsois accused of threatening to shoot members a sacarlos church. the san mateocoun sheriff's office rested michelson thursday saying he wrote the threat in 4 letters and hand deliver them to holy trity
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lutheran church sad and >>it's not i'd expect to see in our commity neighbors were concerned to hear about the ssible threat of violence so close to their homes and fortunaty these incidents se to happeyou know in plac where you least expect them michaelson a former member of the church but is currently a visitation an outreach past for hope evangelical lutheran church in san mateo the sheriff's office says the threat stemmed from a dispu michelson s had with members of holy trinity's congregation, but it's unclear what that dispute is bisho mark mer it with sierra pacific's an d which oversees bay area evangelical lutheran churches called michael son's arrest a sad turn ofevents a statement to kron 4 news reads in part quote we are at a ss to understand why anyone would attempt to disrupt the ministry a congregation whose inte is to be a haven of peace inclusivity and conciliation n the
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community. >>and quote deputy say a search of michael so, san carlos home turned up no weapons. >>the sheriff's office tells us tonight that michaelson was served gun protection order meaning that heis prohibited from purchasing any firears in the future. we tried reaching out to the pastor of is congregation, holy trinity he did not want to speak on camera but he did tell us that his congregation is pying for michael said, reporting live in san carlos dan thorn kron 4 newdan thank you a former san mateo police officer wilserve 81 years in prison. >>35 year-old noah winchester was convicted back in october of raping 3 women betwee2013 2015. while he served with the san mateo police departmts and 2 others when he was an offer for the los rios community college district and sent a sacramento. winchester workedfor the last rios community college police departmt from january 2009 until january 2015 oaknd
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police looking for a car involved in a deadly hit and happened at 3 20 this ash elmhurst united middle school. >>woman s found dead in the roadway there she had been hit by vehicle police say they're looking fornewer model white nissan maxima with damageto the front passenger side windshield meantime open police saidthey made an arrest in the city's fit homicide of 2020. officers say monday, they found a 17 year-old shot on 28th avenue near international boulevard that teen later died lice did not release any information about the person who ws arrested they say this is still an active investigation oakland police will ain be on e lookout for illegal sideshows this weekend's last weekend police arrested one person cit 6 people and towed 6 rs. >>department tweeted night vient disruptive and illegal behavior will not be tolerated. >>the union city mother who
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was recently attacked outside her daughter's school is now taking legal action we first told you about this ory last week the mother says she was been up by her daughter's bully on the campus when she tried to helher daughter by talking to teachers there kron fr's michelle kingston brings us up to date >>i met >>wel we have quite a little t jimenez says she is still in pain but is beginning to heal. ahead of her in terms of her medical treatment. >>this is whaa real looked like last week afr she says james logan high school utde mari's daughter goes to school there intold her she was being bullied maria and er husband drove to the school to speak to the principal, but instead she says they were met outside but the llies themselves and it sounds like she y have lost consciousness right now she's complaining >>she spent 2 days in the hospital and now needs surgery her go fund me page has raised
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more than $10,000 to elp pay for her medical expenses. >>although her physical injuri are healing her very very time she feels a lot of fe about what happened to her worry is that ernie megan byrne says there's no surveillance footagof the attack. >>we asked the school district but have not heard back last week they did tell us they were investigating the cident bd says she is focused on justice accountability in the safety of maria and her family at this time i believe that the case has been submted to the district attorney's office for their decision into how have to charge the case we checked but the district attorney office would not confirm is they do not give out information on cases regarding juniles i think that this is a very violent incident that >>it to be dealt with in the criminal justice system appropriately. maria's daughter has still
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not turned to school they plan to transfer her to a new high school soon in pleasanton michelle kingston kron 4 news north may police looking for man who tried to break into a home ts morning of the attpted break in happened on san marino drive in sandra fell officerserrespondi the scene when they receiv a call from the homeowner saying that he fired at meone who was trying to break in. >>police searched the area for hours without findingthe suspect they only have a limited description. investigators say he may have been driving and early 2000 masa orsimilar station wagon if you have information on this you're asketo contact sandra fell police andtake a look at this a dash cam on a tesla caught a pretty good lookat a thief and his getaway driver. the video shows him breaking into 3 cars in san ancisco just before 10 o'clock last night. the cars were parked along the barcadero inside a parking lot and davis street and brdway. the 2 masked
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spects drove off and what looks like a silver toyota camry the pictus here captured a partial license plate number, although it was a bit hard to really it appears that the licen started with and the second to last members are 3, 4, >>a one year-old girl in santa cruz is safe tonight after she was kidnapped allegedly by her father early this morningkron 's from 5 o has the latest on the family's emotional reunion. after a dalong standoff with police. >>the daylong drama coming to an end here a te this afternoon just after 4 clock on second street here in the santa cruz neighborhood known as b chill. thisis very real. >>united with her grandmother i walkg away from the home where the child habeenkept throughout the day and en off to the side there where paramedics give that child a clean bill of health the drama began about 05:00am with nearby the motel, where police say the child's father identified as brian selin.
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>>of hollister algedly arrived and he kick in th door and the injured the ild's mother his estranged wife and then made off with e baby this is a picture of the child e year-old mila sell on then daylong search ensued police went door to door they searched vehicles in these gs and they tracked the couple to thishome on a second eventually the grandmother wasbrought in to try to talk some sense into the the father, the alleged kidnapper that evidently was successful. >>and the pair emerged about 4 o'clock this afternoon waing and watching all this time was the child's great grandmother, linda anderson let' hear from london now tohave the latest right now because our baby safe and we got her out. >>and don't know what's going to happen to him the night or for them to ju care of and just really thrilled that we got r baby back. >>and she oks healthy and safe so we think it got up above for that. >>police said that there was no amber alert in this case because the suspect was on
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foot and did not ha a physical. but again the child now released and safand is a sound the custody of her grandmother. the father of the aeged kidnapper brian cell and is now ie county jail fasting facing dnapping chargeamong others in santa cruz rob flaboe kron 4 news. >>california is suing the ump ministration again this time oveuse of land for oil and gas drilling also called fracking the usbureau of land management wants to drill for oil and gas on a milln acr of land throughout central california. california attorneys general javier becerra cls the plan misguided and downright dangerous. he argues the government's environmental review of the plan didn adequately analyze potential health hazards and haful effects to t environment. the state of california. >>isit looking to introduce any me smart any more water polluti. any more greenhouse gaemissions. or any further risk of earthquakes, not. >>california has w filed 67
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lawsuitsagainst the trump ministration more than half of them are related to the environment presidential hopeful michael bloomberg promising to address envionmental concerns here in california. the democrats to my the y area on the campaign trail today. he ev took bart to get to his first rally which was in oakland. catrine heenan the host of inside area politics sat down with m and talked about key concerns, california's have in this upcoming election. >>well i think the first one for most california voters going to climate change. you second there's something a really wrong here. and we have a biproblem and that comes from climate change. they also have the normal problems that you would expect health care and crime guns too many guns on the street homeless is a very big probem is never enough affordable housing for people so there's a whole buch of them, but if you ask me what i hear the most from californians is climate change. >>and you can see more of this
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interview this weekend on inside a bay area politi with catherine heenan we let you know that channel 4 will have it at 06:30am in the morningn sunday or on the kron on a at 11:00am. >>happening tomorro the worldwide women's march kick-off people will be hitting the streets to promote women's rights and equality. it's a movement that started back in 2017. >>and at least 6 bay area cities will host the marches and rallies tomorrow they include san francisco, san jose oakland alameda and walnut cree many of the events will start about 11 o'clock in the morning. we have an entire list of host cities and tim on ou website you can check kron 4 >>says on the hot seat over this week's fuel dump in los angeles the lawsuit that was filed today against the airline my teachers say they hajet fuel not just on them, but also in that us we arenow just 2 days away from
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the niners championship game still ahead it and the 49 er fever building at levi stadium and plays themselves are also gettinpumped up to beat tom steyer: no child should have to worry about finding od food school. so, when my wife kat and i tom steyer: no child should have to worry learned california public school children uldn't get fre produce in the cateria, took action. we partnered wh local farmers, hool kitchens, a non-profit. that proam now serves over 300 million healthy meals every year. the difference between wds and actions matters. that's a lesson washington dc could use, right now. i'm tosteyer and i approve this message.
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>>and fish and game time less th 48 hours nothe niners will host the packrs at levi's stadium on the line just a trip to the super bowl super bowl 54 by now the niners probably have their
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game plan together we holding first record find out happen in marketing the game plan is would also say they got some has not just a regular season more. >>this is a big one to get to the really big one out this time last year it was all offseason talk projecting who the niners wou take with the second pick in thdraft after going fo12, but w they are on the verge of playing for the franchiss 6th super bowl title. here's a look at the niners practice this rning, kyle shanahan with no juries to report the entire team healthy ready to rock this ndayand what a journey it's been for this franchise befo this year 4 straight losing seons 10 wins in 2 ars for shanahan. but as someone who grew up around thdynasty with his dad mike and saw the niners win multiple championships. he always knew th ub was meant to be in big moments. i think you have those teams and at's what the niners have always been and i'm you know had been a few down years. had thinks is 12 or whatever it was. but that does happen
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to and here we knew wehad to build the south and get back here anwe know how good of an organizational was some point we need to have a good organization. i'm usually those toughimes don't last if you just stay e course and below the patient. >>and to get you ready for championship sunday kron 4 has got yocovered on air online and through kron on saturday ght kate rooney, looking ahead to the game with a red and gold on playoff edition. that's at 9. d then we'll have a full recap sunday highlights reaction a live report that is also at 9 o'clock and oming up later in sports. we'll take a look at the x's and o'of this matchup anwhat the 49 rs defense thnks about the green bay offensivehreat who catches all the passes from ron rodgers ken pam. an't to talk about a quarter of super niners none of his banjo and adjusting his beanie salute lee any levi'sis sol out right everyone's going to be there be there earlfor the tailgates ok, so that's a story in itself. >>one in the arm and celebrating and iso to chief titans ght the afc title game they inall offootball
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starts so early. i can't take thans mark. and for fans aveling to the game caltrain will be offering extra service morning there's going to be extra train from san francisco. >>going to the mountain the station after the game cow train will operate a special northbound trainthat leaves mountain view station 75. the station 75 minutes aft the game or when that train is full. >>tonight, the trump administration wants to change the school guidelines ain, why experts say that's the latest proposals would lead t more unhlthy optio for children plus a federal health agency orders health screenings at several us airports, inuding sfo. >>it's thefirst passenger health screenings at airports since 2014. why heal officials say there's no need to pass. >>and tonight we are tracking dry weathe
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>>a health officials plan to start scrning passengers at sfo who fly into the us from central china and this is happening because a new virus has already sickened dozens of people and in fact kill 2 prompting worries about a new international outbreak forced dan kerman reports beginning saturday passengers arriving at sfo from the central chinese city of wuhan will e diverted to a parate area within the customs facility. >>and undergo a health screening.
10:29 pm
>>there will be a temperature check mean conducted and a referral to a local hospitals if someone is symptomatic. >>the centers for disease control is conducting these checks to contain the spread of the new corona virus which the cdc says broke out move on cy and so far has killed 2 and sickened more than 40 people in asia. the health screenin will be conducted atsfin jfk, which are the only 2 us airportstaff nonstop flights from move on as well as l e x which has numerous connecting flights the our understanding is at cdc plans on growing this to 4 other us airports and also see sfo. there are 3 nonstop at flights weekrmohan. >>each containing a 150 assengers add to that as ny as passengers a day who are arriving on connecting flights from all inside our customs facility, we process anywher from 15 to 20,000 arriving
10:30 pm
passengers per day. >>wre really talking about a maximum 175 people that would be involved in this and again they're reallgoing to be diverted into a separate area from everyone we're not expecting this to affect the overall arrival activity at sfo again. the ideais to contain this virus before it spreads like sars or mers that firstonstop flight from in the sfo arrive saturda morning at 1045 >>at sfo. dan kerman kron 4 ne. >>by the y the screenings at jfk started tonight, but cdc officials say people shouldn't worryand that more common illnesses such as the flu are much bigger threats to americans in the corona virus. the last time the cdc did routine passenger health screenings during the 2014 eba outbreak. >>a 54 year-old woman died after getting hit by a ca acrding to police and conquer th crash happened about 6 20 this morning all port icago highway near drive. they say a car traveling northbound crash
10:31 pm
with the woman who wasriding a bicycle he driver a 68 year-old man from the lay hold it remain at the scene d did cooperate with police. investitors do not believe drs or alcohol were involved for chico highway was closed for nearly 2 hours toy, s officials could conduct an investigation. and develop a story there's now a lawsuit against delta airlines for dumpi jet fuel across 6 schools in los create a lot of shocking sidey really wonderment about what happened this haened on tuesday. >>about 60 people were treated for skin iitation kron 4 grant lodes joins us now with more this lawsuit that was just filed. >>and the panic and we know now the amount of fuel that was dropped a not a small amount is you canimagi this is video of it happening 00 gallons of jet fuel hit the ground and in doing so hit pele at 6 fferent schools, this is on tuesday. those schools have since been
10:32 pm
clead and declared safe but for teachers are now suing delta demanding compension today, a group of valley, teacrs announced. it is suing delta accusing the airline of negligence after the plane douse em in their students at celebrity a representing them the teachers at times today were emotional recalling the day when they saw gasoline falling from the sky. >>and we expect i started yelling for my students to come back and fight the bill. i didn't know what the smell was coming from. i thoughoh my god must get terrorist attack. >>my students initially thought it was rain and began looking up. only to have the noxious liquid then overwhel our eyes now its nose. lungs and skin. they immeately began to rest my students. indoors. as the fumes were stifling. my students began
10:33 pm
screaming and crying because their eyesand skin were burning. >>that was then teachers say sincthey've been nauseous ve had difficulty breathg and are emotionally distreed after the incident in a statement ear this week delta air lines said that e dump was part of a normal procedure to reach a safe landing ight ding the airline is still investigating thplane had taken off from l a x it was an international flight when there was a mechanical issue it needed to go back to la acts in the f a a sayshat in situations like this air traffic controllers typically will direct a plane to a less populated ar to go ahead and dump that fuel to make thlanding safer. but radio communication from that flight veals that the pilot reatedly said a fuel dump was not necessary. before for some reason letting the fuel go air regulators in southern california issued a notice of violation against delta airlines today. thairline has not commented on today's
10:34 pm
lawsuit says the investigation continues. pam nd ken will certainly keep you posted on this one still questions bu we are learningmore all right. thank you grant you got. >>and let's take a quick check of your 4 zone forecast, here's a live look outside from our alcatraz camera and ou can see the beautiful san francisco skyline tracking some thin high clouds overead and temperatures cooling down into the 40's and we're going to coolown even more near freezing temperatures for in cities like santa rosa and napa cooling dn into the mid 30's, everye else though in the upper 30's as you make yo way inland the low 40's for those ofyou in downtown san francisco and oakland wake-up planner forecast is going to show mostly cloudy skies start an and the day so we're gog to continue this drying trend all weekend long daytime highs tomorrow will be right about where we should be for this time of yer very dry seasonal weather in the mid to upper 50's downtown, san francisco in the mid-fiftiess is oakland upper 50's for those of you at
10:35 pm
san jose and santa rosa and even antioch warming up into th mid 50's and don't forget big 49 ers game is this weekend on sunday as they take on the green bay packers. kickoff will be at 00:40pm in the afternoon expect temperatures to be in the low 60'sdot the nta clara valley, mosy cloudy and breezy winds attimes right around 1miles per hour less are full 10 at 10 outlook showing dry weather all wkend long even through your martin luther king monday. and we are pecting to see some light rain returning to the baarea mainly on tuesday wednesday already starting to odrier but coulsee some light scattered showers there about lf an inch of rain or less and a full10 day outlook is showing rain returning to the bay area next sunday but en drying out 10 days from now ken pam back to thank you. >>in nation news president trump turni to a trio of well-kown legal minds to help defend m in his senate trial they have been volved in some of the biggest trials of the past couple of decades, including bill clinton's
10:36 pm
imachment trial tom foreman report >>indeed the evidence suggests that the president. reatedly tried to thwart the lel process when ken starr was buildg the impeachment case the president had relatio with an intern and lied about it under oathdonald trump called the special prosecutor of freaknd more i think ken starr's a lunatic i ally think that ken starr's a disaster but now stars on trump's impeament defense team joining robert ray and an dershowitz has the president's latest rey for tv legal heavyweights we shall do our best to be thorough. whitewater robe winstar step down and seems ready to stand by him again, although there may not be at this point the vote actually dismiss this ou right. i think you can look for somereaper seedings. >>in the united ates in the united states senate without witnesses dershowitz was part
10:37 pm
of the -called dream team that defended oj simpson if your honor didn't see everybody else in the country saw he represented mikeyson patty hearst and for a time the late accused predator jeffrey epstein, he told the new york he regrets not one, but he's also said a lot of other black lives matter is endangering the fairness of our legal system his flair for grabbing headlines may be why a defense team spokesperson says dershowitz will present the oral arguments against e impeachment charges, ey're the kinds of general vague open ended criteria at can be weaponized against virtually any president the fense team also includes former florida tourney general pam bondi ngtime trump lawyer jane raskin and leading the effort white houscounsel pat cipollone and outside attorneys, jay sekulow yet even with all that legal firepower, a question remains. >>one of the issues is will the president follow legal advice.
10:38 pm
>>that w tom foreman reporting on satellite radio today, alan dershowitz said he wasn't really a full-fledged member of the president's legal team. he says he will only make the constitutional argument against impeachment in this case, the queion of whether employers can refuse to help pay for birth control now heads to the us supreme cot. the justices agreed today to hr 2 appeals challenging a lower cot's block against exceptions to what's called the contraceptive mandate. >>that's a regulation that requires employers to provide birth control without a co-pay through the health insurance plans prided to employees as part of the obama administration's affordable re act. churches were exempt fm the beginning but e trump administration expanded that exetion in 2018 to any employerwith a religious or a moral objection, but lower courts blocked a that expanded emption. >>the departnt of agriculture is proposing
10:39 pm
revisions to school lunch rules washington pt is reporting that the chang will alw schools to t fruit content for breakfast by half that will let schools fill the void with sweet pastries and nola bars. >>feterias would also be allod to offer potatoes as a vegetable for lunch every day. activists say that change is the result of avy lobbying by the natial potato council health perts fear the proposal would give children more leeway to select last healthy lunches such as burgers and pizza the proposal comes on the heels of changes de just last year agricultural secretary sonny perdue relax t standards on grain mill ansodium it schools it also comes on former first lady michelle obama's birthday strengthening school nutrition stdards was one of her mt celebrated achievements while she was in the white hous >>just days away from a pro-gun rally in virginia 3 men e in federal custody tonight on weapons charge and
10:40 pm
the fbi arrestethem saying at they were heavily armed white supremists and they plan to attend thevent in richmond on monday alexandra field reports. >>arming accusations in washiton's backyard, the fbi arresting these 3 men in maryland and delaware tying them to a radic white supremacist group and alleging they were heavily armed and headed to a pro gun rally in virginia, according to law enforcement prosecutors slapping them with multiple fearms and immigration-related charges becae one them a canadian citizen is accused of illegally crossing from canada into the us, according to court documents the men had more than 1500 rounds of ammunition and blt their own gun. even hoops it looks like i accidentally made a machine gun. prosecutors say 2 of the men smashe their cell phones and threw them in the toilet for agents took them into custody, the fbi says the 3 are members of an international ite supremacy group called the base which claims to be training its
10:41 pm
members to fighin a race war, according to a top counter extremism group prosetors even showing a picture of one of em training with the group long guns raised d at the ready court documents also state members of the base use encrypted chat rooms to discuss creating a white f no state and attacking african-americans and jewish people as well as building mbs. the men we lanning to attend a pro-gun rally in richmond, virginia. luther king junior dayin rally comi just days after e virginia lawmkers pasd 3 gun reform bills has led governor ralph northam to temporarily ban firearms on state capitol grounds and to invoke a temporary all state of emerncy. >>state intelligenceanalyst have identified teats and violent report, some rhetoric similar to what has been seen before other major events such as charlotte >>the memory the unite. the
10:42 pm
right rally still unting the state more than 2 years later. it quicklyurned and counter dead. ters and left one woman >>no one wants another incident. like the one we saw in charlottesville in 2017. will not allow that made him and violence to happen here. >>that was alexandra field reporting the city of rimond is under a state of emergency through tuesday night. >>it's really going to come down to controing. aaron roers and keeping him off the field, we put him on the ground. t game is ours. >>the stage is set for the nfc championship game how the 49 er face or getting pumpeup for the battle onsunday and as for us we are creeping closerto
10:43 pm
i'm tom steyer and i approve this message. climate is the number 1 priority. i would decle a state of emergency on day 1. congress has neverassed an imrtant imate bill, ever. this is a problem that continues to get worse. i've spent a decade fighti and beating oil companies... opping pipines... stopping fosl fuel plants, ensuring clean energy across the couny.
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stomach issues are mmon side efcts. when bipolar i orwhelms, vraylar helps smoo the ups and downs. >>this is going to be like nothing else do we go take us to the super bowl and win the super bowl or 9 ers. >>that's right gniners for inrface wilhave their nerves tested this weekend, the d and gold hosting the. yeah loan green gold and gren bay packers for the nfc championship game a win on sunday of course means they go to the super bowl 54 in miami kron four's justine mama with levi stadium today to see ho thfans are gearin up. know me and gold miners ou
10:46 pm
enthusiasm and excitement all buzzing around levi stadium 49 ers fans feeling the energy championship game is gointo be off the hook i was here lasweek and it was incrediblso i can't wait to see what's goingto happen th one i'm really excited for sunday. i think the 49 ers going to smash on those packers mixed in wiall the a few dots ofeen this g around father and daughter ca to find their seats early packers, fans brave enough to enter enemy territory last time they may gotfresh pretty good so we're looking to come out with a good show gopackgo next in line. 49rs team store fans wanted all the mergfrom hats to sweat shirts momento to remember this chapter and 49 ye history our defense is amazing this yewe've got a great offense. so we're going we're going to kick he packers, you
10:47 pm
know what january jimmy while it is one gamet time februy jimmy would be good to see too. but with tickets in hand and a win on sunday in their sights go niners, 49 ers fans certainly have faith at levi stadium in santa clara, i'm justine waldman kron 4 news. >>the outcome on sunday could affect san francisco mayor london brees outfit air breed accepted green bay me eric genrich's win-win challenge today regardless of the outcome of sunday's game air breed city employees and members of the community will volunteer with the boys and girls clubs of san francisco are getting rich and his community will do the same in gre bay, here's the fun part, though both of the mayors and the volunteers will where the inning team's colors in a statement released today, mayor reed said in part. i even more excited that san frncisco in green bay, a coming togetr no matter the outcome of the game this sunday to serve our communities and create a
10:48 pm
better future for youngpeople in our cities i hope they're marriage is ready to wear9 a red and gold during our day of service. >>time now it's en a making it easy to access all your favote entertainment at home. >>and the games about anything the only thing everybody's thinking about right now is fomark hughes year pam talking about that she's like a you know i don't know about the deep cover and is own defense and not like ok. m d about how you know now 's george kittle going to be used as a blocker is down feel like get a path color commentator let's get to it right 49 ers packers,of the league's most historic run deep michael a floor tions brother of paers head coach matt le flore as the 49 ers
10:49 pm
assistant that same map was also the best man at the wedding of niners ofnse, according to robert solow 49 ers front ofce legend carmen policy son ed, as an exetive for the packers. and there's al the aaron rodgers niners history and this sunday. all those worlds collide in the nfc championship game the 49 ers at practice this morning, a clean injury rert in all 53 on the roster rey to roll the packers also did not have any injuries to deal with. >o squads playing at full strength of this week and it's been quite the journey for sa francisco to get back to this point their last title game 2013 since then 5 stight non-winning seasons. now they are the vee of securing a chance at a world title an like it's been all year the approach is to not freak out in significanspots. if you sit and watch tv. all week reread your phone all week. you might start to realize oh my gosh is one of ony games there was talk in media caught up in the ong stuff, but. >>and the stuff has nothing to do witfootball. us all what happens on the field and whether it's a preseason game.
10:50 pm
the first game or this game a guy or guys of attacks year a lot of people that may could be is too much drugged and play my game a playabout on this team thinks i'm wide and like he. e do this and just >>school you take away is just to a me it comes the x's and o's aspect of this game earlier this week we talked about how dangerous aaron rodgersis but the other player that affect a game plan is his number one target dante adams kills his skill set on ll display in the wild-card game against seattle. >>towards the seahawks defense for 160 yards 2 touchdos only 8 catches the thinking is that richard sherman will be covering him primarily t sherman is not sweating the assignment. >>it with gun that ron wen into a matter of individual matchups don't really in a regatta we care out that the new seball and foball game so. his good players, good somebody that we obvisly got to be you know come where you something little time but in terms of individual matchups it means nothing me is just sent it to a more that is rely good and double moves
10:51 pm
just kind of you sleep at, his savvy air a have a really good relationship got a good. preping for another so very comfortable in or each other's going to be so. just sort of combination of the red for him and all the different things ask him to do it just it's a good match and he's is very talented. >>kickoff 3 40 sunday afternoon santa clara don't forget to get yoready for championship sunday kron 4 has got you covered on air online throu kron saturday night kate really looking ahead to e game. the red and gold zone playoff edition starting at 9 d then on sunday a full recap highlights reaction live report that show is also night a chance to sunday. here we go here we go all right thank thank you marla checking on a championship weather forecast o yeah we're definitely tracking drier conditions just in timeor the big game this america isn't just sickf donald trump, america's getting sicker.
10:52 pm
the are one million more uninsured americans every year underrump. and he's repeatedly tried to repeal obamacare. mike bloomberg will ke sure everyone without health coverage can get it, and everyone who likes theirs, keep it. whe capping fees lower cost as mayor, he helped expand coverage to seven hundred thousa more people. and chpioned women's reproductive health. as presint, he'll give acce to everyone. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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>>it's the news continues on our 24 streamg service called kron on its commercial free alice of the money and standing by in the newsroom withwhat we're working on l a. >>the bay area's a beautiful places we all knowand its scenery has served as inspiration and a backdrop for the big screen yet agn. coming up on kron on we'll introduce you to a few filmmakers who are behind a new animated film called loop that incldes scenes that many locals might recognize. in another in-depth interview on >>all right allen. thank you
10:55 pm
and of course you can always content by just downloadig the kron on app and get 24 7 commercial free of local news coverage, 49 ers not the only on looking forward to this week and thekansas city chiefs are also hoping to win their ticketto the uper bowl. >>when they play the tennessee titans yh, the chiefs also have somededicated fans, this man loves a te so much that he got a tattoo of. >>the head coach andy reid on his leg. he says his admiratioof read das back reads time with the team. e fan also has had tuse of several professional athletes, including mike tyson anjoe montana he's going to run out of body space for almost had to is seeking about getting a tattoo how shanahan between her shoulder first the michael jordan actually had hour an hour a d then jimmy g al right, let's take a look stormtracker 4 very dry
10:56 pm
conditions outhere ts drying trend is going to continue l long holiday weekend long. let's take a look at live outside in the east bay over berkeley, plenty of high clouds overhead dense low clouds d fog. >>not going to impact much of e bay area until after minight into your saturday morning commute from a sure to drive safely turn on your lo beams and wake-up planner forecast will show a chilly start yet again for most of the bay area not just along the coa, but even our interior valleys still tracking upper 30's by m morning, but then mostly cloudy skies dry and seasonable weather for the 1st half of your weekend still right about where we should be for this time of ye, let's take a sneak peek at your game day forecast 40 niners taking on the green bay packe kickoff 3 40 in the afternoon for your sunday low 60's mostly cloudy skies, breezy winds at times but perfect me day weather so head out and enjoy it have fun be safe and your full 10 at 10 outlook is showing that drying trend continuing all the way through nday light rain will arrive in the bay area by tuesday
10:57 pm
light scattered showers ssible through wednesday, really about halfan inch of rain or less with that dr trend continuing for the remainder of the 7 days, but in your fu 10 at 10 outlook showers will return by around sunday of next weekend and then monday ying out so getting a few light storm s hopefully 'll be able to let big winter storm that really gave impressive rain totals in the bay area yesterday, some miners are favored by 7 half-point 20 think i think they got >>the a big winter storm i really think there's a big wind and that's and then he just continued on. a grea have a great weekend everybody. steyer: no child should have to worry
10:58 pm
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10:59 pm
the differce between wds and actions matters. that's a lesson washington dc could use, right now. i'm tom steyer and ipprove this message. you know, thhappiest place on earth, but. ha youlown t fastest hunkf junkn the galaxy or channeled your inner di? yogotta love that. have y racedhrough radiator sprgs? or suck a power pose with tm? now is the perfect time to feelike this... anthis... d definitely that. kids enjoy the magic for just $67 per child per day, with a 3-day 1-park per day ticket.
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kids enjoy the magic for just $67 per child eric, uh, it's h. i'm gointo, uh... i'm gonna be out of commission for a w hours. i'd appreciate if you'd cover me. i need to say hello. okay. thank you, brother. hey! y! hey! op! stop! (panting)


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