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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  January 15, 2015 7:00am-9:01am PST

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you next local update is 7:26. >> have a gr good morning to our viewers in the west. it is thursday january 15 2015. welcome to cbs "this morning." new details about the ohio man accused of plotting to blow up the united states capitol in the name of isis. and surprises and snubs from the oscar nominations. "birdman" and "the grand budapest hotel" lead the list of nominees. people said it could not be done. talking live with the climbers that reached the top of el capitan. the hardest way possible. and today's eye-opener your world in 90 seconds. an ohio man under arrest suspected of planning a jihadi-inspired assault intended to kill members of the government. a terror plot targets the
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capitol. on wednesday he allegedly bought two semiautomatic rifles shortly after that the fbi arrested him. the family is shocked and confuseed by what their son is accused of doing. >> like a big kid. best friend his cat mikey. >> john kerry set to arrive in paris today. >> meanwhile, francois hollande sending an aircraft career in the middle east. dramatic shake-up at the secret service. senior leadership almost entirely gutted after a series of embarrassing blunders. >> the story climbed into the record books for two americans. >> caldwell and jorgeson reaching the top wall using bare hands. the part of the giant company that actually runs its casino and hotels is filing for bankruptcy. and animal services officers fond this in the backyard. a gator named jackson taken to the l.a. zoo. it's a girl. sorry ms. jackson. >> and hollywood buzzing after this morning's oscar nominations. >> birdman and the budapest
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hotel earning nine each. the most. >> and the green light to the first new obesity device in more than seven years. >> amazing breakthrough called vegetable. [ laughter ] >> on cbs "this morning." and traveling to wear diapers making sure streets don't get gridlock. >> the more common determination, wear pampers. >> invisible paemp linemper line? no thank you. and brought to you by toyota. let's go places. captioning funded by cbs welcome to "cbs this morning." we begin with new information welcome to cbs news. information on an ohio man accused of a terror plot against the capitol. a deadly plan to target the united states capitol. here's a look at the capitol where security is tighter this morning. cornell's father saying the
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suspect has gone through dramatic changes in recent months. prosecutors claim he planned to set off bombs inside the building then shoot lawmakers and other officials saying he was completing his final preparations this week to execute the plan. inside the capitol, how the alleged plot fell apart. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, and good morning to viewers in the west. with the help of an informant, the fbi became aware of this plot in its early stages. investigators say christopher lee cornell had been under surveillance for months until his arrest wednesday when investigators believe this plot was in its final stages. moments after leaving the point-blank range and gun shot 20-year-old christopher lee cornell loan at rubata arrested by a task force. the store manager asked to cooperate before cornell arrived. >> maybe a little shy, a little bashful, but talkative, and, no no. if i hadn't been warned ahead of
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time, there wasn't really anything about him that would have suggested he was involved in something like this. >> reporter: according to court documents, cornell was arrested after purchasing two semiautomatic riving and approximately 600 rounds of ammunition saying he had researched the construction of pipe bombs, which he planned to build, plant and detonate at and near the u.s. capitol after which he would use firearms to shoot and kill employees and officials. cornell had been on the fbi's radar since last summer when an informant told them that cornell wanted to carry out an attack on u.s. soil in support of isis. ♪ cornell was active online under an alias where he posted statements and videos in support of the terrorist network. in an instant message to the informant written in august cornell is quoted as saying we should just rage jihad under our other orders and already got a thumbs up from our brothers there.
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he lives in an apartment and described as quiet and a loner. his father john cornell said his son recently converted to islam. >> we never talked too much about it until like the last couple of weeks. he finally start the opening up. >> reporter: in recent moss, the son who once wrestled on his high school team underwent another transformation. growing a beard and spending most time online. >> like a big kid. his best friend his cat mikey. and his mom. >> reporter: cornell says his son is peaceful and he could never have pulled this off, but investigators believe that cornell's intent was real that he saw members of congress as the enemy, and investigators also say there was never a real threat to the u.s. capitol. gayle? >> all right. good to know. thank you, jeff. this morning, there is a huge shake-up at the secret service after recent security breaches. it is the biggest since acting director joseph clancy was brought in last fall to fix the troubled agency. it comes four months after a man jumped the white house fence and actually got inside the
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executive mansion. bill plante is at the white house with the effort to reshape the secret service. bill, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. that's right. it is a drastic overall at the top levels of this agency. there were four assistant directors told that they must either resign retire or seek reassignment within the department of homeland security. a fifth senior manager has already announced his retirement. acting director joseph clancy announced the moves in a statement wednesday. saying change is necessary to gain a fresh perspective on how we conduct business. >> i found the findings devastating. >> reporter: appearing before a congressional panel in november clancy said that repairing trust within the agency was one of his top priorities. >> identified three main areas of concern. one was staffing. one was training. and obviously the morale as well. >> reporter: the house cleaning comes after a series of embarrassments for the agency. >> everybody, out. right now. >> reporter: including a high-profile security breach
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last september when a troubled iraq war veteran jumped the white house fence and made it all the way into the building. agents were also disciplined for hiring prostitutes, prior to a 2012 presidential trip to colombia, and others were criticized for failing to detect gunshots fired at the white house in 2011. >> the secret service misled us. >> reporter: clancy faced pressure from lawmakers to discipline for agency employees. >> i want to know if there's any consequence? did anybody face disciplinary action? you have a major morale problem, and this is why. >> reporter: a report by an independent commission last month also called for new leadership at the agency. saying it was too insular and needs to strengthen a culture of accountability. the rank and file and eve rch very senior members do not have confidence that discipline is imposed in a fair and consistent manner. congressman release add statement applauding the personnel moves but the secret service is still without a permanent director.
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the independent panel recommended that it would be someone with a law enforcement or military background, but from outside the agency. >> bill thanks. now the latest on the french terror attacks. president obama and british prime minister david cameron are lashing out this morning at all forms of terrorism. the two leaders wrote in the "times" of london "we will not be cowered by extremist, we will defeat the killers and distorted ideology which tries to justify the murder of incidents." new information on the man who killed four people's at a kosher market. in paris with a new aedition of the "charlie hebdo" magazine sold out in a matter of hours once again. >> reporter: good morning. that's right. a print edition of several hundred thousands copies that came off the presses overnight distributed by dawn and were flying off the shelves immediately. by mid-morning, the sign says it
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all. no more "charlie." see ya tomorrow. it's now six days since the attack at the kosher supermarket. these photos only just released show coulibaly a convicted bank robber forcing hostages to destroy the security cameras. he didn't realize the pictures would survive because they were stored remotely. over the weekend, police found coulibaly's hideout in a paris suburb with a whole arsenal inside. after their successful operation to free the hostages last friday, the police are enjoying a surge of popular support in france. but they'll be facing hard questions about why they didn't pick up warning signs from men with long criminal histories and radical sympathies. [ gunfire ] in the days before their attack the kouachi brothers had stolen a car, bought guns and snooped around to find out when the magazine staff held its weekly meeting. this professor addvises the
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french government and says alarm bell shos have rung. >> two brothers buying hoods, college in a college this was missed by the french intelligence. >> reporter: on the political front, secretary of state john kerry who missed the big rally here on sunday is due to land in the dmaeptcapitol in a couple of hours specialed to meet the french president francois hollande tomorrow. gayle? >> elizabeth thank you. this morning pope francis says people should not provoke others to commit violence in got's name. tens of thousands of people greeted the pope when he arrived in the philippines for a five-day tour. on the flight over her spoke about last week's terror attacks in paris. he says killing in the name of god is unacceptable but so is insulting others faith. the pope expressed concern for the safety of his followers and himself when he travels abroad.
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6 million people may show up for an open-air mass in the philippines on sunday. more than half of americans are feeling better about the economy this morning. a new cbs news poll shows 56% of the economy is in good shape, up from 40% in october and from just 5% in 2009. >> retail sales from december however do in the reflect that confidence. sales much weaker than expected down about 1% from november. it was the largest monthly decline in 11 months. the dow dipped more than 186 points yesterday and it is down even more this morning. cbs news business analyst joe schlessner is with us. good morning. >> good morning. >> tell us about retail sales and what do we read from them? >> we expected sales a the gas stations would be down by 6.5% from the previous month because prices were down. one thing, okay that's okay. what about everything else? well, when you look at other areas, autos down .07%. building ging material sales down
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and curious, the month of debt sales at electronic sales down 1.6%. pull the volatile categories ought, auto gases building materials, we still saw sales down 0.4% and that was very curious to economists. >> and rattled markets. four straight days of losses. what about earnings? what else is in the future? >> i still think the main concern is about growth and whether the entire glory is slowing down. yesterday morning before the opening, the world bank reduced its global growth estimate to 3% from 3.4%. we also saw copper dive to levels not seen in 5.5 years. why do we care about copper? well, copper can often be a predictor of the worldwide economy, because it's used in so many sectors. so i still think it's all about the growth. >> so the prices of oil were up yesterday, but still federal officials are concerned about the dip. why? >> well, it's interesting, because what we're looking at is, yes, oil and gas can be down temporarily, but what fed officials are going to monitor
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especially today and tomorrow we'll get inflation data out, whether the prices of other things are going down. we've seen deflation pop up in europe and japan. the biggest fear is that comes across the ocean into the united states deflation is pernicious and dangerous for an economy. >> one of the articles that caught my eye was the mortgage applications rose 49% in the week -- i mean wow! >> a great beneficiary. the bond market has been soaring. the price of bonds goes up. interest rates go down. if you waited to refinance, now may be a good time. 30-year mortgage rates are back below 4%. that could be a bownanza for homeowners. >> i remember when it was 6% or 7%. below 4% sounds great. >> thank you so much. today president obama calls on congress to guarantee paid sick leave for american workers. the healthy families act would allow employees to earn up to
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seven paid days off for illness each year. the president wants congress to spend $2.2 billion to help states develop paid leave programs and he will also take executive action signing a presidential memo to give at least six weeks of paid time off for federal workers with a new child. the white house says there are 43 million private sector workers that can't take a sick day without losing pay. and battle between congress and the internal revenue service could have serious consequences this tax season. in washington with a new warning, just 90 days before this year's filing deadline. wyatt, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. and good morning to our viewers in the west. tens of millions of taxpayers asked the irs for help every year for filing their taxes and settling disputes but this internal report from a watchdog in the irs says that this year taxpayers are on their own. the report blames congress for cutting the irs budget by 17%, but it also blames irs officials for using those budget dutt cutcuts
7:15 am
to slash customer support. nina olsen is the taxpayer advocate at the irs. the official who represents taxpayers within irs headquarters, and she's warning everyone to expect the worst customer service the irs has delivered in a decade. her yearly report says that because of budget cuts taxpayers can expect less help on the phone. less help with tax preparation, and more obstacles when disputing an irs mistake. >> i think that for taxpayers, the -- they will not be able to get assistance from the irs. they will not get their questions answered. >> reporter: for example every year the irs gets around 100 million phone calls from taxpayers, and historically has answered those calls in under four minutes. but the olsen report says this year, most people wanting to speak to a live representative will not get through at all, and the wait for those who do get through will exceed 30 minutes. >> if i say to people they
7:16 am
should bring their knitting when they call the irs, they can do something on the phone while they're waiting. >> you're going to be on the phone that long? >> you can probably knit a sock. uh-huh. >> reporter: the report admits that irs budget cuts are partly its own fault. congressional republicans slashed the agency's funding as payback for the targeting scandal when irs officials investigated mostly conservative groups applying for tax exempt status. >> i have not done anything wrong. >> reporter: when lois lerner the former head of the tax exempt unit appeared before congress, she denied wrongdoing. >> i decline to answer that question. >> reporter: but then took the fifth amendment. for those taxpayers who might say, too bad. they had it coming. >> if you think that cutting the irs's budget is punishing the irs, it's not. who you're punishing are the united states taxpayers. you're punishing yourselves. >> reporter: the report says those budget cuts will also hurt
7:17 am
the irs' ability to do its job in two critical areas. tracking the billions worth of subsidies given to taxpayers through obamacare and tracking the billions earned by u.s. corporations but kept overseas. wyatt, thanks. this year's oscar nominations are out this morning. birdman and the grand wood budapest hotel tied for the most nods. among eight nominees for best picture. gone girl is not on the list and that's just one of this morning's surprises. we are pleased to announce the films selected as the best picture nominees. >> reporter: of all the nomination es, it came down to two top contenders. >> with us to our graves. >> reporter: the grand budapest hotel and birdman tied with nine nominations each including best director, best picture and michael keaton for best actor. it was good year for real-life dramas. >> didn't you say you were going to get some lunch? >> have i offended you in some way? >> why would you think that?
7:18 am
>> reporter: the world war ii story "imitation game" took home eight nominations. benedict and keep ra given nods for best actress sand porting actor and bradley cooper received his third consecutive oscar nomination. >> those that have gone before us sayish no more. >> reporter: the political "selma" suffering a few surprising snubs. the true story based on dr. martin luther king's civil rights struggle failed to pick up nominations for actor david oh oyelowo and ava duvernay. she would have been the first black director to receive the honor. >> without saying very disappointed for "selma," but thrilled a best picture. great day for bradley cooper. >> clint eastwood not for director but a big day for "american sniper" a. ever. >> and bradley cooper. third straight nomination. we're see all nominations in
7:19 am
our next half hour. the emotional end to an historic climb. emotional end to a >> yeah! nice. >> whew! we'll show you what happened after two thrill seekers finally reach the top of el capitan after a >> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by usaa. usaa proudly salutes all those who have served.
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russia's economic slump is hitting home in america. >> the >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by
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as sick of
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. good morning, it's 7:26. i'm frank mallicoat. here's some headlines around the bay area today. 49ers, raiders finally got some new head coaches. jim tomsula the assistant will be the head coach introduced today. and jack del rio will be introduced as the raiders head coach on friday. san francisco mayor ed lee will deliver the stay of the the city address today speaking at the san francisco produce mark at 10 a.m. only invited guests will be allowed to attend. it will be streamed live on the city website. traffic is co
7:27 am
good morning. a crash in fremont is cleared and we are seeing the residual
7:28 am
delays and unfortunately they are kind of rough. it's a rough ride on southbound 880 from 238 down past auto mall parkway. the scene of that earlier crash. still some activity there on the shoulder. once you reach milpitas, 880 clears out. but then westbound 237 is slow all the way to sunnyvale. bay bridge still stacked up east of the maze. the eastshore freeway brutal from pinole to emeryville. with the forecast, here's roberta. two things you need to know out the door. first we have a dense fog advisory in effect for the east bay. visibility down to about a quarter mile but santa rosa you now have visibility down to an 8th of a mile at 39 degrees, partly cloudy in san jose in the low 40s. the second thing you need to know it is a "spare the air" day. with the hazy sunshine, once the fog lifts, 60s across the board. 20% chance of rain north of the golden gate bridge on the friday through sunday. dry skies on monday.
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7:30 am
this gives a whole new meaning to express wash. a 94-year-old driver in california paid for the car wash but blasted through the car wash at 40 miles an hour. look at the lady at the beginning. stop right here i'll give you your ticket. wait, wait slow down. slow down. >> employees had to jump out of the way. >> there it is. nobody was injured but the damage estimated topped $100,000. i wonder if they said at the end, okay grandpa, it's time to give us your license. that's enough. >> we'll get a driver. >> we'll get a driver and somebody will take your car through the car wash. everybody is okay.
7:31 am
coming up this half hour the scrapes on their hands and the feet are worth all the pane they say. two yosemite climbers wrap up their historic journey to the top of el capitan. we'll show you how in the world they did all that. plus an afghan man saved the life of a navy s.e.a.l.s. now he's facing new threats to kill him. bringing his family to the united states for asylum. we'll tell you that story ahead. the "washington post" says new satellite images appear to support estimates that 2,000 people were killed in a boko haram attack in nigeria. human rights watch took the images of two towns this month. red indicated burned out images and damaged buildings. 50% of one town appears
7:32 am
government red tape. and the "south china morning post" says beijing is suffer its
7:33 am
worst fog. residents are advised to use masks and avoid outdoor activities. the good news is strong winds and a cold front are expected to clear the air friday. two climbers in yosemite national park achieved a lifelong dream and made history. tommy caldwell and kevin
7:34 am
7:35 am
op they used ropes to quickly desend to the bottom where hot food and showers awaited.
7:36 am
>> extraordinaryaire achievement. >> it really is. >> to do it without any tools, just their hands. >> which many said was impossible. 3,000 feet. >> straight up. >> straight up a sheer wall. >> twice the height of the empire state building. >> and tommy was missing a left index finger after he accidentally cut it off. >> i'm so excited to talk with them. >> in the next half hour they'll join us to talk about how they made the historic climb and why they chose to scale the wall in the first place. that's ahead. now to this story. an afghan man who saved the life of an american. he faces death threats for protecting the american. michelle is here with the story. good morning. >> good morning. he protected an american after a navy s.e.a.l. operation went awry. he was one of only four seal
7:37 am
s.e.a.l.s to survive. badly injured he was rescued by gu lab, a local individualer. he saved a navy s.e.a.l. in 2005. in 2013 anderson cooper interviewed them for "60 minutes." he said he hoped to get him a green card. >> we're family. >> you consider him family. >> absolutely. we're brothers in blood. he could very well have left me lying inside that waterfall and let me die. >> his rescue was the pivotal moment in 2013 the lone survivor. he took him to his village and protected him from the taliban. the care he receive tz waslet mayhle what got him back home. the two had forge add close friendship. he has flown from afghanistan to his family ranch in texas
7:38 am
numerous times. >> i love you. >> i love you too, that's why i'm here. came for you, my brother. >> when he was here he should have applied for asylum. this would be a moot effort had he staid here. >> he was able to help ex-extract gulab and his family. but the taliban has sent gulab death letters threatening to catch him and kill him. the attorney says he has taken on his case free of charge. >> that means the u.n. homeland security, a lot of officials have to sign off on this. i'm prayerful that they will. >> "cbs this morning" reached out to the department of homeland security on behalf of gulab but they said they do not comment on individual cases. >> interesting to see what
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shrinking and the brooklyn nets may feel the squeeze. billionaire mickael wants to sell his portion of the team. a look at why this is happening. vinita, good morning.
7:44 am
>> reporter: good morning. russia's problems are thousands of miles away. but fewer russians are buying it and now one of the country's biggest men could be parting ways with the biggest investment. as the brooklyn anytimes took to the court last night, the future of their ownership remains unclear. report this reports this week there were indications that prokhorov could be selling his team. >> he's one of top richest men in russia. that said he's losing money through the russian economy by the day. i think his net wokt is down $100 million since last year. >> reporter: in 2013 he spoke with charlie rose. >> what's your dream? that you can do this in five years? an nba championship? >> just when i came here i
7:45 am
promised to win championship within five years. i have two years left. so that's why i'm thinking. i also need to invest some money to develop the franchise. >> reporter: in a statement a spokesperson for prokhorov would only say ownership a always open the listening to good offers. that's just good business. still f the 49-year-old who sells he may not be the only russian investor to back off. what's the price point for these buildings? >> these are pricey buildings. you're looking at a minimum $15 million. >> reporter: he said many of his uber-rich clients use high end buildings. but it's changing as russia buckles. >> if it had been so attractive,
7:46 am
what changed at the start of the new year? >> for the russians what's changed is the gentle economic situation as well as the trop of the ruble is creating a lot of people. >> when you say people you mean millionaires and billionaires. >> of course. >> reporter: with russia facing its worth economic downturn in 15 years, kruzhkov says it's hard to know how many will default. >> are many fullpulling out? >> none of my people but some are looking to pull out. thing that is probably quietly already happening and it's going to happen more. >> reporter: while russian buyers may be backing out, the experts that we spoke to said there is always foreign money and there is always someone willing to buy. >> that's exactly what i heard. i love how vinita said you're
7:47 am
talking about millionaires and billionaires. well, of course, it doesn't apply to most people. straight ahead, an eruption for th [thinking] started my camry. went to auct >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by toyota. let's go places. tracked down the previous owner.
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7:52 am
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good morning. it's 7:56. i'm michelle griego. 6 people were hurt one critical when a car drove 80 feet inside the macy's at newpark mall in newark. it appears the driver had a medical emergency. firefighters say the mall has no structural damage. today homeowners in san leandro can start enrolling for an earthquake retrofit incentive program. the city will help residents cover the cost to retrofit their homes. the application period runs until february 15. the 49ers will introduce jim tomsula as their new head coach today. he served as the team's defensive line coach. he has never been a head coach in the nfl. stay with us. traffic (vo) at jennie-o, we heard of a place in iowa where every thursday people
7:57 am
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good morning. we have rough commutes around the bay area including westbound 580. the drive time is 50 minutes between the altamont pass and 680. it's heavy southbound 680 through the sunol grade. an accident coming in, in marin county, terra linda southbound 101 by freitas parkway. an accident involving a motorcycle. it's foggy in parts of the north bay so slow from novato straight into san rafael. and slow and go across the san mateo bridge on westbound 92. with the forecast, here's roberta. as you get ready to head out, there's a couple of things you need to know about. first we have a "spare the air" day in effect. we also have a dense fog advisory. right now, our temperatures are in the 30s and in the 40s. visibility very restricted in santa rosa. we have a debs dense until 10:00 this morning. widespread fog. then later today temperatures in the 50s and 60s. extended forecast calls
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning to our viewers in the west. it is thursday, january 15th 2015. welcome back to "cbs this morning." more real news ahead including the men who conquered el capitan with their bare hands. we'll ask tommy caldwell and kevin jorgeson about their 18-day climb. christopher lee cornell had been under surveillance until his arrest wednesday. investigators believe this plot was in its final stages. four assistant direct areors told to resign or retire. secretary of state john kerry who missed the big rally here on sunday is due to land in the capital. this year's oscar nominations are out this morning.
8:01 am
"birdman" and "the grand most nods. >> autos, gas, building materials, we still saw that sales were down. taxpayers asking irs for help every year but this internal report says this year taxpayers are on their own. the climber's feat considered impossible by many was accomplished after years of planning, three weeks of hard climbing. he is one of the top men in russia. that said he is losing money because of the russian economy by the day, basically. i wonder if they said okay grandpa, it's time to give me your license. were you ever in the middle of a bad game and faked an international call? >> you're smarter than i am. that never occurred to me. where were you when i needed you? i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell. officials say an alleged plan to bomb the united states capitol was set to be finalized this
8:02 am
week. the suspect is in a cincinnati jail this morning. the fbi says christopher cornell is an isis supporter who told an informant, quote, we should just wage jihad. >> agents had been watching cornell since last summer so they say the capitol was never in any danger but security there is much tighter this morning. cornell's father calls his son a mama's boy and doubts that he could have carried out any attack. secretary of state john kerry says he'll, quote, share a big hug with paris when he arrives later this morning. there are now 120,000 police and security forces guarding against any repeat of last week's terror attacks. some of the murdered "charlie hebdo" staff members were buried this morning. one artist's casket was covered in cartoons. meanwhile, the magazine's new issue sold out for the second straight day. pope francis is beginning his five-day tour of the philippines this morning. on the flight over he revealed plans to cairnenize a saint. he evangelized the western part
8:03 am
of this country. here's a light this is hearted moment. a gust of wind blew off his skull cap. this morning we are getting a rare and revealing look at jacqueline kennedy onassis's flare for fashion. she wrote notes to some of her favorite designers, even drew sketches of items she wanted. some of these letters will be auctioned in west palm beach, florida. let's give this a preview in a story you'll see only on "cbs this morning." >> reporter: elegant sophisticated, graceful just some of the words that come to mind when describing jacqueline kennedy onassis. and her notes to her designer and to her interior decorator show just how closely she cultivated her signature style. >> we have approximately 30 lots. >> reporter: rico baca is auctioning off onassis's letters on saturday. >> she's inviting these people into her life to get close to
8:04 am
her, close enough to give her what she wanted. >> this was a very private space she was letting people into. >> yes, right. she'd have to be a little bit vulnerable. >> reporter: no detail escaped her eye, pockets were in, boxy shoulder pads out. that note was then for bill hamilton then the design director for carolina herrera. >> if the collection was 90 pieces she would like 5 suits. she didn't want to wear black. >> reporter: onassis said she was so sick of wearing everyone constantly in black like mediterranean villages where everyone was in mourning for 20 years. she drew this sketch herself which hamilton turned into this design. the final product was a brown velvet suit which made her very excited. onassis was often very hands on during the process. >> we would have lunch at my desk and she would pull out a peanut butter and jelly sandwich
8:05 am
that she carried in her bag and have coffee. >> reporter: richard keengith langham decorated several of her homes. >> she would dictate what she wanted, the cording on a pillow. >> reporter: in one note, onassis told him i wasn't mad about the black chairs too heavy i'm afraid. do keep looking. most of the letters many written in her signature blue stationary were actually thank you notes to both men, letting them know how happy she was with the results. she thanked these designers over and over. she was almost humble. >> all of these notes are special in a sense that she took the time to sit down and write something in appreciation. it was, you know, a thank you note is a form of respect. >> reporter: onassis had other ways to show she was grateful. >> she gave me an original 1963 edition of her white house guide
8:06 am
book. and she inscribed that to me perhaps this great house will know your touch one day. as a young deck tater, that was sort of awe-inspiring for me. >> reporter: 14 photos taken by bob davedof, a long-time photographer for the kennedy family. >> who would want these letters and photographs and sketches. >> you. wouldn't you want them? >> reporter: more than 1,000 people are expected to take part. each lot some containing two to three letters, is said to be worth $800 to $1,200 although some would probably argue onassis's gratitude is priceless. for "cbs this morning," vicente arenas, west palm beach, florida. such a class act. i was so sorry i never got a chance to meet her. you did. >> yes. >> yes. i was very sorry about that. what was she like charlie?
8:07 am
really? >> charming and just exciting to talk to. interesting. had great insights about -- i remember we were sitting, she was saying i hope the people that work for jack won't go into the clinton government. she thought there should be a new breed of people. >> did you ever see her pull a peanut butter and jelly sandwich out of her purse? >> there's something cool knowing she ate peanut butter and jelly. like that. the ultimate date night, see why this woman will take a man she doesn't even know to a restaurant voted the best in the world.
8:08 am
coming up the new way to zap your hunger away. how do you do that? dr. holly phillips is in our toyota green room. she looks at the implantable device that could help shed unwanted pounds. >> that means needles. >> no thanks. sounded good though. that's next on "cbs this morning."
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in in our morning rounds the milestone in the fight against life-threatening fat the fda is giving the go-ahead for an implant that's designed to trick your brain into thinking you're full. this is the first anti-obesity device proved by the government in eight years. our dr. holly phillips joins us to tell us more about it. this is a big, big deal. >> it really is. it's a completely new approach, gayle. the way it works, it involves putting a small pacemaker-size device into the abdomen and that device has wire leads and then electrodes that attach to a nerve called the abdominal vegas nerve. the vegas nerve usually sends signals from the stomach to the brain. what this device does it disrupts the signal and the end result is you eat less and lose
8:14 am
weight. >> it's surgery but it's not considered as invasive as other procedures, right? >> exactly. the reality is for people who are morbidly obese, diet and exercise are the safest option to lose weight but the majority of people won't be able to keep the weight off. options like gastric banding and laparoscopic -- i'm sorry, gastric bypass and laparoscopic banding, they're good options, effective but they're much more invasive. >> it's for anybody that can't do it another way. >> you have to have a body mass index between 35 and 45 and also some obesity-related condition, maybe diabetes. and to put it in perspective, obesity is defined as a body mass index, height versus weight, of over 30. this is for people who have a body mass index of 35 to 45 which really means you're morbidly obese or severely obese. >> what amazes me about this somehow you can do something
8:15 am
like this and affect the nerve that's going to the brain. what's the potential of that not just about obesity but a whole range of things? >> yes, absolutely. >> triggers the brain's actions. >> it opens up a new way of thinking how we can lose weight how we can communicate with the brain and what measures we need to take. it's very exciting. and it might be available soon but we'll have to see when insurances decide to cover it. >> dr. holly phillips thank you so much. another breakthrough. up next, we will talk with the men who just conquered one of the world's most difficult rock faces using only their hands and their feet. yosemite climbers kevin jorgeson and tommy caldwell along with tommy's wife becky, are standing by to join us. excited to talk to you guys. that's next here on "cbs this morning." cbs morning rounds sponsored by campbell's oven sauces. we help you kick a real dinner in the middle of real life. uces.
8:16 am
we help you cook a real dinner right in the middle of real life. right in the middle of real life. is that your mom? hi sweety here you go thanks my mom freezes my danimals squeezables and puts it in my lunchbox in the morning. just freeze it, thaw it and it's ready by lunch new danimals squeezables lowfat yogurt. squeeze more fun into your kid's lunch. mmm dannon.
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female announcer: get beautyrest, posturepedic even tempur-pedic mattress sets at low clearance prices. and through monday, get 3 years interest-free financing on selected models. don't miss sleep train's year end clearance sale. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ this morning two climbers are celebrating a historic moment in their sport. tommy caldwell and kevin jorgeson reached the summit of el capitan at yosemite on wednesday. it marked the end of a 19-day journey of free climbing. >> they used just their hands and feet to reach the top. they're the first to accomplish that lofty goal. the two of us are with us from
8:20 am
yosemite along with his wife becca because her husband has lost his voice. good morning. despite losing your voice, we're happy to have you with us. help us to understand the enormity of what you have done and what it means to you. >> well, tommy first envisioned this line in 2007 and it was a pretty audacious goal given where the climb is located on el capitan. all the other climbs followed very distinct cracks and this was a distinctive portion of the wall. it really did take seven years of work to make this real. >> it means what to you and to tommy in. >> it means what. i meenan anything is possible if you work hard enough. >> there you go. >> wonderful. >> when i first joined the team with tommy, the climb felt impossible quite literally. and to feel the pieces come
8:21 am
together year after year was remarkable. >> but i heard you guys say that this is not -- you're not thrill seekers. this is a realization of a lifelong dream. what was the dream and why are you not thrill seekers? why was it so much more than that to you. >> becca? >> more a journey of passion. it's about dreams. seeking thrills. >> can you guys hear that at all? >> very good tommy. >> you're good okay great. >> was -- did you run into challenges you didn't anticipate? >> personally i had many challenges i didn't anticipate. it took a lot of resolve to stay
8:22 am
positive and see it through. >> what did you say to yourself, kevin? at your most difficult moment what did you say to yourself? >> honestly i said i don't want to be the guy that almost climbed the dawn wall. >> great. >> what hurts you most right now, guys? where are you in pain or are you in pain? >> personally my hands and the skin on my hands hurt but that's about it. >> my voice. >> so becca, thank you for being there. i know you're a climber as well and you have a young child and you were watching your husband. first of all, how did he lose his voice and what do you think of their accomplishment? ? >> >> i think their accomplishment is just amazing and i think the support that everyone has shown you know with them kind of pushing them up the wall as well has been amazing too.
8:23 am
so. >> becca do you want to do it? >> i don't want to do the dawn wall, no. but i would -- i'm looking forward to -- i'm looking forward to get up el cap again with tommy sometime. >> are you surprised by the attention you've garnered? i'm sure people were rooting for you this whole time. >> the president tweeted a picture. >> i was going to say, the president tweeting a picture and congratulating you. what does that mean? >> it's pretty surreal to see rock climbing get this kind of attention, but i think it kind of points to larger themes that everybody can relate to you know dreaming big and seeing their projects through to the end. everyone has their own dawn wall so i thankink that's what's resonating. >> it's interesting. the president mirrored what you said when he said nothing is
8:24 am
impossible. >> right. i think that's the biggest takeaway. >> what don't we understand about what you did? i mean it's just unimaginable to me you can do this with just your hands, but beyond that what don't we get about this? how tired you get? how -- >> how lonely it is? >> yeah. >> what? >> there's so much nuance that goes into completing a project like this, you know. everyone is seeing kind of the final final, you know week of the push. but what you don't see is the seven years of work. >> exactly. >> and most importantly the vision of seeing the lines to begin with, which tommy did back in 2007. so there's a lot of backstory back here and a lot of days where there were no cameras and there were no stories. we were up there toiling away. >> i know there's more to come. i'm thinking if you've never had
8:25 am
a mani pedi linda macdonald is captioning for you in real time. good morning, it's 8:25. time for some news headlines. the 49ers and the raiders are preparing to officially welcome their new coaches. the guy on the right is jim tomsula. he is right there. the long-time 49ers assistant will be introduced as the team's head coach later today. and hayward's very own jack del rio coming home to be introduced as the raiders coach on friday. san francisco mayor ed lee will deliver his state of the city address. the mayor will speak at the san francisco produce market at 10:00 this morning. because of space limitations, only invited guests may attend but the speech will be streamed live on the city's website,
8:26 am california farmers will have to cut back on use a certain pesticide. they inject it into crops. the pesticide chloropicrin
8:27 am
good morning, castro valley with major delays in the eastbound lanes of 580 because a crash approaching ed en canyon. there's a tweet from kcbs. traffic backs up to 238 from the nimitz. this is all counter-commute but it's seeing big delays through
8:28 am
the castro valley y. heavy traffic up and down the nimitz freeway especially northbound as you pass the oakland coliseum into your downtown oakland exits. and fog has been affecting the morning commute all morning including for "ace" train riders. a combination of fog and a lot of passengers causing some "ace" train delays. everything else is on time. that is "kcbs traffic." here's roberta. >> we have a dense fog advisory issued for the eastern bay area and valleys. the fog is becoming more widespread. santa rosa reporting visibility 8th of a mile at 39 degrees. 10 degrees warmer than that in san francisco. low 40s and partly cloudy skies in san jose. later today it is a "spare the air" day. hazy sunshine, our highs in the upper 50s to the low and mid- 60s. slightly cooler than yesterday. mostly cloudy friday and saturday leading to a 20% chance of rain showers through sunday and monday, partly cloudy and dry t
8:29 am
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david carter of fan dangle is here. that's ahead. right now it's time to show you some of this morning's headlines. the fresno bee said the world's newest airliner took its first trip. it promises to make it less expense eric for airlines to connect smaller cities with major hubs nonstop. "buzzfeed" tells us about a louisiana man who will not be supporting mitt romney who said he's considering a presidential
8:31 am
run. he's had laser treatments to remove it. hartsford said romney can't win. he said he's willing to sell the space to other potential candidates. >> all righty then. pop star rick springfield is in court facing allegations that he physically injured vickie cal kag noe with his bottom. he became very emotional and said, quote, my butt has never gotten so much attention. perhaps you would consider flying across the pacific. that's what one entrepreneur did. david begnaud shows us why she wants to take a stranger from san francisco to tokyo for the dinner. >> reporter: the lore of fine dining is ringing out for an
8:32 am
entrepreneur. the blog called nerdgirl is heading to tokyo. it was named best restaurant. >> where have you been around the world to eat? >> thailand japan, morocco. >> reporter: when noma announced it would be opened for five weeks. she journeyed for the opportunity. robeski score add table for two on her birthday for the cost of about $550 per person but she didn't have a date. she wrote a blog inviting applicants. >> they keep coming in. >> in part perhaps because noma's superstar chef tweeted nerdgirl wants a date. >> i'm so humble. there's so many amazing men who has applied.
8:33 am
>> she need as guy who's an adventurous eater. your meal might include liquid grasshoppers cod sperm or even live aunts. >> it is an experience in and of itself and it's about the creativities that the chef has put across on your plate. >> reporter: robesk's narrowing down the three eligible bachelors for coffee and then she'll decide who gets the date. >> intelligent, good looking. >> i feel like you're a casting agent. >> maybe it's a new career. >> the lucky kbie must be able to pay for his flight and hotel but the wining and dining is on her. >> my main thing was to have fun,
8:34 am
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talk about first. >> this is a film that very famously got no golden globe nominations but it did quite well in getting best picture nom nay and best actor, bradley cooper. he has three nominations in a row. that's the first time it's happened in over a decade. very impressive. >> you said he was impressive in that. >> beyond that what's the biggest surprise? >> jennifer aniston not getting nominated for the film. i expected a better showing for the movie "selma." i thought the director could get nominated, the actor david oyelowo could get nomt nated. it was nominated for best picture and best sound. overall the best picture race is eight movies that have all not made a lot of money. the highest grossing of those eight is actually request the grand budapest hotel" with $59 million. that will change because
8:47 am
"american sniper" is opening in wide release. it's going have the biggest hit. but moves like "gone girl,". >> no big blockbusters. >> where do you think the race is for best actors? >> between michael keaton in "birdman" and eddie redmayne "the theory of everything." unless they thought bradley cooper got the three. but i think he's got a little bit of ground to cover. >> but he has hollywood likes. >> yeah. but do you give the edge to michael keaton. after his speech people were touch and moved by that. >> i think it depends what people want to recognize. if they want to go through this really technical performance and also the kind of career michael keaton has had, then that's the choice. but you can't count out eddie redmayne because that tugs at your heartstrings. what an impressive role he played. >> "unbroken" by angelina jolie,
8:48 am
how did they fair? >> only a couple. yourall, not a great showing for that movie. at this point i can't say i'm surprised. that's a movie i thought would have a lot of oscar chances going in, but then the response to it was not as strong as it was to be. >> is "boyhood" and linklater -- >> i would say so. it did overall better. the editing which as we know is very important, so i think that's the one to beat. it didn't get the most nominations but i think that's the one to beat. i think "grand budapest hotel" will get the nod. >> it's no secret i'm on team "selma." what do you think about that? >> they're very late in the game. they locked the picture late. the screeners which are so important didn't get out to screeners early enough and best actor where i thought daivtd
8:49 am
oyelowo had a great shot it's too tight of a category this year and that's why you don't see jake gyllenhaal getting nominated for "night crawler" but i'm happy for steven carell. >> most think julianne moore. >> i think people are surprised to learn she's never won. she won the golden globe for "still alice" where her character is diagnosed with alzheimer's at age 50. tough competition. the surprise is marian cotillard, a past winner. she was nominated for another french film "two days one night" which got a lot of critical acclaim. >> thank you so much. >> february 2 nld. >> you're watching "cbs this morning."
8:50 am
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8:53 am
happy for american. >> me too.
8:54 am
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visit today. . good morning. we're still not seeing any easement in sight. it's slow from end to end. well east of the maize. the approacheses are slow on the free way. it's still pretty sluggish between oakland and sfan. -- san francisco. checking our sensors, southbound 101, heavy down into san metaeo. things are recovering on eastbound 580. we had a crash. still slow through the caste
8:59 am
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