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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  January 15, 2015 1:37am-2:13am PST

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>> live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> tonight this car crashes through a bay area macy's and keeps going right into shoppers. good evening, i'm veronica de la cruz. >> i'm allen martin. ken bastida and elizabeth cook are on assignment. andria borba is at the new park mall in newark for us tonight. >> reporter: take a look behind me. you can see about six hours later, investigators are still on scene here trying to figure out exactly what happened. and i spoke to one police officer just a short time ago. when he arrived on scene, it was so chaotic, he saw a smashed doll house on the sidewalk and department know what what he was walking into. this honda fit cut a path
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through the parking lot and 80 feet into the macy's mens department. >> she was moving at speed when she went in. >> reporter: there were no signs the driver tried to stop in the parking lot and that the braking skid marks only start inside the department store. alameda county firefighters think the driver had a medical episode that caused the crash. broken glass everywhere. doors thrown on top of sales racks and mannequins down. but the human damage far worse with five people injured, three of them shoppers, one a man was rushed from the scene in critical condition. >> i believe that person may have been struck at the sidewalk and taken into the building. >> reporter: firefighters say there was no structural damage to the mall, but macy's was evacuated. >> i was nervous. i actually, i saw the helicopters when i took the exit. so i was really scared and i
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was nervous. i didn't want to lose any of my friends and i'm scared for the people in there. >> reporter: now there's still a lot of work to be done out here tonight. investigators still taking measurements and the car needs the be towed out and the front of the macy's needs to be boarded up. live in newark, andria borba, kpix5. people in two san jose apartments are sleeping somewhere else tonight after this car park fire spread to their building. it started just after 5:00 on north lake drive. the fire destroyed some cars and damaged units on the first and the second floors. may area men made history at yosemite. kevin jorgeson and tommy caldwell are the first to climb dawn's wall on el capitan. mark kelly tells us what they were up against. >> reporter: it took the climbers 19 days to reach the top. they battled freezing temperatures, thin airs, and
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their hands cracked and bloodied from the rocks. this kiss seals seven years of hard work. that is how long these climbers have been planning and training to scale el capitan. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: with a long lens, photographer tom evans has been capturing climbers kevin jorgeson and tommy caldwell scaling the 3,000-foot peak. >> this is a giant leap forward in climbing standards for climbing in the world and a big day for yosemite climbing. >> reporter: each day, people filled the meadow below for a glimpse of the men and a chance to cheer them on. they started the free climb december 27 with a few tumbles which they called taking a whimmer along the way. with no equipment except for safety ropes, fear of a fatal fall hung in the air. at night, they slept hanging on the side of the cliff. today, they scaled the final
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500 feet. a flat granite wall a final hurdle between these men and the history books. we are still waiting to hear what the climb was like. they are going to give their first interviews tomorrow. >> we can't wait. thanks mark. and president obama sent his congratulations to the climbers while standing in front of this painting of yosemite. he says you remind us that anything is possible. tonight, meet the new coaches of the 49ers and the raiders. jack del rio and jim tosula. the 49ers gave the long time assistant his first head coaching gig. i'm surprised with this choice. >> couldn't they just do it on separate days to make it easier for us? they interviewed eight candidates and appeared to be closing in on denver's adam
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yates. jim has been with the 49ers since 2007. he was briefly the interim head coach when mike was fired in 2010. see? 1-0. never lost. the move did not light a fire under the 49er faithful because he is not a big name but jed york, the team president says jim tomsula is a great teacher and a tremendous mentor who conducts himself with great class and integrity. interesting two words the last one. the shot at harbaugh. the raiders have reportedly agreed to jack del reno. he is a hayward high alum and played 11 seasons in the nfl. he led the jaguars to 68 wins in nine years as their head coach. the raiders will introduce him friday in a press conference. the 49ers will have theirs tomorrow. more coming up in sports. >> a lot of 49er fans think you
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got rid of harbaugh for him? hmmm. >> and people have to wonder can this guy coach? you don't know until he gets the chance. >> see you in a bit. all right, what do you think? we asked around a kip's bar in berkeley tonight. >> well, he was within the organization, for them, it is good. but they should never have gotten rid of harbaugh in the first place. there is no place to go but up. jack is local. he did have the phillip jackson role over a decade. but we will see. >> now the raiders have a new coach, but what about a new stadium? we asked major schaaf about the meeting she had with the nfl today. >> the raiders reiterated they wanted to stay in oakland and they want to do it in a new stadium. that was the focus of the conversation. how are we going to develop that new stadium and we know that it is going to happen if we can get the city and county to work collaboratively. >> oakland wants to build a massive coliseum city complex.
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no price tag on it. right now, it is relying on private investors. several town homes went up in flame and we are hearing quite a story from neighbors tonight. the fire was roaring when firefighters roared up to ashwood drive in martinez this afternoon. at least four townhouses on the street burned and there was another on fire just around the corner. police arrested 52-year-old david boyle for arson. turns out he lives in one of the town homes that burned. neighbors tell us he was about to be evicted and that could be why he set everything on fire. >> i mean, i can't explain. the unreasonable. illogical. >> no one was injured locally. >> tonight, al-qaeda in yemen says it is behind the massacre in paris. one of the leaders said the reason for the attack on charlie hebdo was payback for a cartoon. 12 people died in that assault. but the terror group did not take responsibility for the siege of the kosher
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supermarket. meanwhile, the first edition of charlie hebdo to hit paris newsstands since the massacre is selling faster than they can print it. everybody wanted one. even people who don't normally like charlie hebdo lined up for a copy for solidarity. >> in support of those who have been murdered. >> reporter: france's prime minister showed off his leaving the cabinet meeting. today's print run, 700,000 copies sold out. but more are due on the shelves by morning. while the police are enjoying widespread support for their handling of the hostage crisis, others are beginning to ask why they didn't pick up any warning signs of the attacks, especially with suspects on the radar for years. these are photos just out of amedy coulibaly in the kosher grocery store with his hostages. he had a criminal record for
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armed robbery going back for a decade. he and his wife were both being watched in 2010 but the surveillance was later suspended. as for the kouachi brothers, paris police got suspicious when they moved out of their apartment to a smaller town but there was no follow up. 300 copies of the magazine will be sold in the united states. in san francisco, new york, and other cities. copies are also being sold on ebay for $88 tonight. a warning tonight for everyone two takes bart. get ready for commute chaos. >> look at these faces. tonight, meet the california mom who turned these adorable photos of her kids napping
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>> all right, watch this close call at a sacramento car wash. a 94-year-old man paid for his wash and then he blasted through at 40 miles an hour. you can see a worker waving at him. then, she jumped out of the way as he flies through the car wash. no one was hurt. the driver said he couldn't get his foot off of the gas. tonight, bart wants everyone to know friday could be a rough ride. christin ayers tells us about how protesters plan to stop bart service. christin? >> reporter: protesters will try to shut down service at montgomery station at 7:00 a.m. friday morning. those protesters outraged that
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bart is pursues charges in tens of thousands of restitution after people trained themselves to a bart train. it was arguably one of the most effective protests in months. 14 people chained themselves to a bart train on black friday. oaklander carissa lewis was one of them. >> it was really powerful. spiritual and chanting. and holding space and lifting up folks who have been murdered by state violence. >> reporter: carissa and the 12 other protesters stopped the train cold for hours before being led off in cuffs. still chanting. >> we knew we would be arrested and we were prepared for that. >> reporter: what they were not prepared for was a legal crackdown. bart is not only pressing charges against them, they are discussing plans to force them to pay restitution. $70,000 in lost fares for the time the trains were tied up. >> you shouldn't have to pay to
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protest or pay for any consequential damage that might come up because you are exercising your first amendment right. >> reporter: carissa said in court, she and the other protesters witnessed judges repeatedly dismiss charges against protesters blocking freeways. >> we saw their charges dropped. >> reporter: grace cronakin is now considering accepting community service from the protesters as payment, but carissa says that is not enough. >> we want the charges dropped. >> reporter: the black friday 14 saying they support this protest coming up on friday, but they are not affiliated with it. by the way, the organizers of this upcoming protest are asking protesters to bring metal spoons to the protest friday morning. they are not saying what they are for, simply that protesters will find out what to do with them once they get there. live in berkeley, christin ayers, kpix5. >> thanks christin. 10,000 people have sign a petition demanding that the
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charges be dropped. tom hanks is making the bay area proud tonight. he says he owes his success to the college in hayward. he said i drove past the campus a few years ago with one of my kids and summed up my two years there this way. that place made me what i am today. he wrote the opinion piece and praised president obama's proposal to make community college free. he had some lousy sat scores and no money to pay for a four- year college, so he went to chabot. a little boy who survived a 230-foot plunge off a bodega cliff reunited with his rescuers today. sebastian thompson hugged the firefighters who saved him after his near fatal fall in november. >> i'm glad he is doing so
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well. a lot of emotions coming down here. but i'm glad i did. sebastian is a hero. to be able to survive that call and just to be able to be walking now. it is just amazing. >> sebastian's family thinks he will be able to leave the hospital in the next few weeks. so, nap time photos of a santa cruz boy and his puppy took the world by storm. now baby sister is making three. >> there is a new book coming out in a couple of weeks and betty yu caught up with the mom who turned her family photos into a booming business. >> reporter: if you didn't think it was possible for these naps to get any cuter, baby sister just joined instagram's most famous napping duo. back in 2013, we first visited beau and his pup fio at their san jose home. >> that is perfect. how do you get them to nap at the same time and not move and look good doing it?
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>> honestly, it is as shocking to me as everyone else. i was kind of, you know, praying. i was just praying for a nap. >> reporter: what she got is what she called a imaginal nap time trifecta. >> it's like a dance. >> reporter: half a million followers later, you can call jessica shyba an accidental businesswoman. beau and fio's story is now a book. she makes close to six figures on top of the book deal. jessica hopes that this book will raise awareness for shelter dogs and a portion of the proceeds from the book will go toward the santa cruz spca. >> fio was our first rescue dog. it has been a very special process. >> reporter: the mom of four says her message is simple. >> there is so much negativity and bad news in the world.
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and through social media, and i think that this is pretty much almost always a very peaceful moment. >> reporter: in santa cruz, betty yu, kpix5. >> so cute. jessica says she makes her money through sponsorship and ads on her blog. >> guess what? there is still another book in the works. that will be out some time next year. but wc fields says never work with children or animals right? not in this case. you put them together and it is great. they are sleeping. >> even better. >> it is golden. >> and they are cute. >> there you go, you have a book. [ laughter ] take it all away. really good looking weather without the drought. this is good stuff to get outside. kids are screaming every afternoon when they are done with school because they want to go outside, ride bikes, play soccer, baseball. we will take you outdoors looking at the beautiful pyramid. great shot of the skyline.
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different perspective from earlier this evening when we had live weather from treasure island. that is a gorgeous shot of the financial district. what a beautiful evening it was outside after a day where we hit the 60s again. lit cool off again. santa rosa 38. close tore the water, oakland, you will start the day off at 46 degrees. san francisco, 49. there will be fog, but it will not be as widespread as this morning. bad air quality once again. those of you in the north bay, the central bay, right along the coastline, you will have unhealthy air quality as the wind will come out of the central valley coming out of the east. that is because high pressure is sliding off to the east. don't you worry. it is still big enough and strong enough. little if any chance of rainfall the next several days. the ridge is hanging out. once the fog is gone, you will have hazy sunshine. then the ridge slides down to the south. but all the heavy rainfall will stay in the north even when it
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is 400 miles away, it plays with our weather. look at all the rainfall future cast is picking up in northern california. two to four inches of rainfall and none of it will be south of ukiah. so we have been close with rain chances but once again, we will come up likely completely dry. partly cloudy night tonight. some areas of dense fog just like this morning impacting your commute tomorrow. hazy sunshine for your thursday. cloud cover increases on friday. pretty cloudy weekend, but likely rain free. san jose, the mid 60s . sunnyvale, 63. 61 walnut creek. cooler inland. your fog will burn off later. san francisco, 62 tomorrow. kentfield, 60 degrees. petaluma, 63. clear lake, sunshine with a high of 62. slight chance of a north bay shower friday and that is it. we are pretty cloudy over the weekend. sunshine is back next week. we can't buy a drop of rain. soon, we may have to buy a drop
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of rain. but mother nature giving us the sunshine. >> good looking weather. >> it looks good to get outdoors. a few months to go. >> we still have time. >> all right. >> thanks paul. up, we found out tonight how soon you could be riding around in one of google's self-driving cars.
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>> tonight, google says we may be driving or riding around hands free before the decade is out. the public could start testing the self-driving cars in the next two to five years. google has been testing them here in california for a while new york city the small cars don't require the steering wheels or the pedals. just a lot of computer power and sensors. a lot of sensors. >> yeah. a lot. >> the new wired office in san francisco is impeccably clean not just because of meticulous maintenance workers. >> it turns out the editor in chief runs a tight shift. in a memo published on, he said wired is no longer a
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pirate ship. it is a home of world-changing journalism. it is the west coast home of conde nast. check out the new digs. no coffee stains, no unapproved lamps. not too many photos of family and friends on your desk, and, sorry, guys, dennis and allen, no action figures. >> there goes the sports office. [ laughter ] >> so many bobble heads in there. >> there are on anthony's desk. right now, you can find all the action figures playing for your golden state warriors. they are going for eight straight winning tonight and the 49ers new coach reportedly wants new assistants female announcer: during sleep train's huge year end clearance sale, get beautyrest, posturepedic even tempur-pedic mattress sets at low clearance prices. plus, free same-day delivery, set-up and removal of your old set. and through monday, get 3 years interest-free financing on selected models. but hurry! this special financing offer ends martin luther king jr. day. don't miss the year end clearance sale at sleep train.
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>> the 49ers new head coach doesn't have the pedigree the others have, but john tomsula. >> i thought i would grow up. so we went out coaching. one day, i came home from work and i was running upstairs to meet a deadline and get on the phone and i get a call and the kids come to see me.
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and i made that call to make that eight dollars of commission. when i came back down, my wife says whoa buddy. uh-uh. uh-uh. you got to get back into coaching. >> raiders new head coach, jack del rio's roots a lot close tore the bay area. his parents are season ticketholders of the coliseum. we caught up with a former teammate of his at hayward high school. >> talking to the boys in hayward, they were thrilled. jack's best friend said he couldn't even speak. it is huge excitement. huge buzz around the bay area. >> you bet rich will be calling for some season tickets too. billy vain has done it again. he swung a deal with the nationals for two-time all-star tyler clippard. in the deal, he will send yunel escobar to washington. miami didn't have much of a
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shot winning in oracle. here comes draymond green. that is a technical foul there for taunting there. the warriers led by as many as 19 in the second quarter. curry drills them from deep. third quarter. 32 points in the game. he had seven from beyond the arc. warriors win. you know what? they are so good, they are something. in stanford, bears led by five at the break. but randall and company put it on in the second. 45 for that guy. stanford won 69-59. they are 4-1 to start their pack fail schedule. i only have time for a number one tonight. midwestern hockey leave skating off the ice. he was given a misconduct. he was close lined. oh. by his own stick. >> wow. >> what was that movie with the three brothers in hockey?
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help me out. blocked shot. [ laughter ] that was the liner. >> ow. >> great shot. >> yeah, well it will live forever. for over 60,000 california foster children nights can feel long and lonely. i miss my sister. i miss my old school. i miss my room. i don't want special treatment. i just wanna feel normal. to help, sleep train is collecting pajamas for foster children, big and small. bring your gift to any sleep train and help make a foster child's night a little cozier. not everyone can be a foster parent but anyone can help a foster child.
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