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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  January 14, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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. your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. achieving the near
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impossible. two climbers so close to the summit of yosemite's el capitan they could make history any moment now. good afternoon. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. breaking news out of yosemite. the climbers are expected to hit the summit by 2 p.m. they would be the first free climbers to do it without aids on this climbing wall. their hands and feet abloody, supplies low but it's not slowing them down. john blackstone is in yosemite following their journey. >> reporter: for 18 days tommy caldwell and kevin jorgeson have been climbing the granite using nothing but fingers and toes. they have had to rest for days to allow their shredded fingers to heal. their only equipment, safety rope to catch them when they fall and they have taken some
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falls. jorgeson fell 11 times in 7 days getting past one of the most difficult sections. [ grunting ] >> reporter: they sleep in hanging tents. food, water and beer are delivered by other fully equipped climbers. >> oh!! >> reporter: with videos and photos posted to social media, they have let the world watch while they hang on by their fingertips high above yosemite valley. >> this is a view that i'll always remember. >> reporter: in the meadow below, tourists, photographers and other climbers are following their progress. alex, a world class climber himself, has been watching in awe. >> fingers and toes mugs hurt, shoes blown out. the smallest hold is like three credit cards glued together really small. to a nonclimber it would look like a blank wall. >> and that's what it looks like. caldwell and jorgeson have been practicing and planning for this climb for 7 years.
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we'll have more coverage on their climb on our website, and in our 5:00 newscast. the other big story this morning, hundreds of people are left in a bart station after a death on the tracks that caused systemwide delays and created commuter chaos. kpix 5's anne makovec live at the powell street station with more on a very difficult morning. anne. >> reporter: i'm happy to report that things are finally back to normal after a morning of very long residual delays systemwide. >> it was bad. it was really bad. i'm really late for work. >> reporter: that was the situation for tens of thousands of commuters this morning. >> got on north concord took me about three hours. >> reporter: there were people waiting on bart platforms all around the bay after a body was found on the tracks at the powell street bart station at the height of rush hour just before 8 a.m. the station immediately closed as bart turned off the electric third rail and the medical examiner was called out. >> we move slowly and
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carefully. there's a lot of safety people all over the place watching. >> reporter: across the bay this line outside oakland's 19th street bart station stretched around the block as bart passengers tried to catch a bus near the paramount theater. depending on where you were coming from, it was a confusing mess. >> they transfer us to another car. and then we went back to another car because it was some delays with that. it was a mess. >> reporter: as for how the body ended up on the tracks, preliminary reports suggest that it was a suicide. live in san francisco, anne makevoc, kpix 5. a 4-year-old santa rosa boy who fell off a cliff more than 20 stories high finally meets the people who saved him. ryan takeo has the emotional reunion from children's hospital oakland. >> reporter: it was a great
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reunion. he met his heroes two months after the accident but they think he is the strong one. this is the first time the bodega bay firefighters have seen the 4-year-old since he fell 230 feet off a cliff at bodega bay two months ago. they were shocked to see sebastien walking and talking and acting like a normal 4-year- old. the firefighters told us that day the conditions for the rescue were treacherous, it was foggy and windy. they did not know what to expect during the rescue so fast forward to today to see sebastien was gratifying beyond words. >> i'm glad he is doing so well. great to see him. just didn't -- a lot of emotions, um, coming down here but i'm glad i did. [ voice breaking ] >> reporter: for some perspective, here's video of sebastien two weeks after the fall. this is at a time when doctors did not know if his brain injury would improve.
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but today he looked totally different. he was curious. he loves playing with the microphones we had there. he loves the media attention. he is doing so well his family thinks he might be out of the hospital in a couple of weeks. ryan takeo, kpix 5. >> thank you. we could find out if jack del rio is the next head coach of the oakland raiders. according to reports they are close to hiring the former broncos defensive coordinator. he was the former head coach at jacksonville. raiders have told the interim head coach tony sparano he won't get the full-time gig. millions more copies of the french weekly charlie hebdo are being printed right now. the survivors issue has been flying off shelves one week after terrorists stormed the company's office killing 12 people. and as tina kraus reports, investigators are trying to determine if al qaeda was behind the attack. >> reporter: newspaper vendors in paris told some people to
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come back tomorrow when they will have more copies of the survivors edition of charlie hebdo. publishers are printing five million copies of the satirical newspaper, two million more than planned, to honor 12 people killed one week ago when islamic militants stormed the newsroom. >> they told me they are publishing day by day but they want everyone who wants to have one who will have one. >> reporter: this week's cover is already drawing criticism from muslims. it shows the cartoon of the prophet mohammad crying, holding a sign reading, i am charlie. [ non-english language ] >> reporter: this man says, as a muslim, you can say what you want. but you don't touch the prophet. [ non-english language ] >> reporter: a top commander of "al qaeda in yemen" claimed responsibility for last wednesday's massacre calling it revenge for the prophet. he said, al qaeda's chief leader, zawahri, ordered the
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attack and financed the operation. authorities have ordered a crackdown on hate speech, anti- semitism, glorifying terrorism in a country still on edge after three days of terror that left 17 people dead. tina kraus cbs news. >> french police are still searching for six suspects connected to the attack at charlie hebdo and another at a jewish supermarket. and you might notice more security the next time you fly. the department of homeland security is stepping up inspections after "al qaeda in yemen" put out a call for extremists in america to create new bombs to blow up airplanes or disrupt airports. new measures could include additional bag searches, passenger patdowns and hand swaps for traces of explosives. >> one part is the potential threat to airlines. the other part is the threat to passengers who are queuing up in a security line and somebody is trying to bringing a bomb
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made rudimentary device along and blow people up in the security lines. >> homeland security has also beefed up patrols at federal buildings following last week's attacks in paris. firefighters in san jose are mopping up after a three- alarm warehouse fire this morning. kiet do has more on who authorities believe may have set the fire. >> reporter: by the time for a fighters got the call and arrived on scene, the building was so far gone, all there was left to do was drench it. flames were shooting 40 feet into the air and the roof collapsed making it too dangerous for any firefighters to go inside to check for survivors. >> our big concern is that people were inside, we hope they got out. because on our arrival this was a fully involved large warehouse. it would have been unsurvivable. >> reporter: it was an old abandoned warehouse on the fringe of downtown completely fenced in and boarded up. but people had been using it as a temporary shelter for years. >> a couple of homeless people sleeping in their cars nearby tell us that they saw two people walking away from the scene at the time the fire
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broke out. and this rollup door, which is cracked open, might be a clue that this was started by squatters. >> reporter: firefighters took this photo of the door when they first got here and this shows the door clearly open with a massive wall of flames behind it. >> it appears that some of that area was forced and that the fire did clearly start on the interior and then spread to the roof causing the roof collapse. so that tends us to be suspicious that there were potentially people inside. >> reporter: in downtown san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. chris brown says he will be more particular about where he performs after the shooting in san jose over the weekend. this is cell phone video right after the shooting. brown said he had his manager have all the concerts canceled in places where they are, quote, too, "hood." five people were shot, all will survive. the golden state warriors are expected to sell out the 100th straight home game. nearly 20,000 people will watch
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the warriors play the heat at oracle arena tonight. the sellout street streak started in 2012. the most consecutive games record is the dallas mavericks. tip-off against the heat is at 7:30. >> water, table five. >> i need it. [ choking ] two craft breweries in a brouhaha. how social media played a big role in the bay area beer makers' decision to drop the major lawsuit coming up. >> and a false alarm aboard the international space station creates panic! why nasa evacuated the crew. >> dense fog this morning has now left us with some haze in throughout the eastern portion of the bay area. i have your full forecast, it's coming up when the news
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we have a quick update on our breaking news out of yosemite. this is a live look at the climbers near the top of el capitan. hopefully you can, tommy caldwell and kevin jorgeson from santa rosa have been scaling el cap for nearly three weeks. they will be the first free climbers to summit the sheer granite wall seven years of training and they are near the top. we are monitoring the progress and we'll bring upper deck dates on this historic climb. hopefully they can finish by 12:30. >> we're hoping. well, nasa is trying to figure out what triggered an alarm on the international space station. this morning, warnings indicated a possible ammonia leak. two americans and an italian astronaut had to scramble to the russian side of the station. >> [ indiscernible from a pretty good time here while they troubleshoot the issue. >> nasa officials think it was probably a faulty sensor. ammonia is used to cool the electrical labs on board.
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there is some hope now more bodies will be recovered from the wreckage of that airasia jet that crashed into the java sea. the fuselage of the plane has been found and remains of many of the passengers are expected to be there in the plane. so far only 48 bodies have been recovered. but 162 people were on board. airasia flight crashed more than two weeks ago. let's get a check on our weather now. we went out earlier for a walk. a little chilly. >> you didn't invite me, did you, you know? >> you were busy. did you get the cinnamon roll we brought you back? we forgot! [ laughter ] >> it was cold. it was a little breezy and it wasn't foggy though. >> it was nice. >> it was actually cooler across the bay area today in the areas that we did not experience the fog. good afternoon, everybody. that's where we did dennis o'donnell earlier this morning right there around the vacaville area. now, the fog has lifted but left behind a lot of haze. current air temperatures are in the 50s across the board.
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the winds breezy up to about 7 miles per hour will be increasing later today out of the east 10 to 20 miles per hour. this is the scene that frank and michelle was alluding to. lots of blue skies there looking towards telegraph hill and coit tower. blue skies no "spare the air" day. the next chance of rain, i'm really frustrated. computer models are arguing back and forth buy right now we are saying at least a 20% chance by friday evening north of the golden gate bridge. sure, we have clouds out there all associated with that right there. look at that area of low pressure trying to form. there you have the dense fog in throughout the central valley that will, um, make an appearance again later on tonight to try to seep in a westerly direction towards the delta. meanwhile we have really quiet weather all associated with that area of high pressure diverting the storm track well to the north of the bay area. but one computer model suggest that is that chance of rain on friday, that front wants to sag further south. if that happens, we could see a little bit of light measurable precipitation. let's hope so. we haven't seen any so far this
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month of january. 63 degrees at the state capital today. it is currently 53 going up to 58 in mendocino. south shore, well, it's really springtime skiing and boarding at best. in fact, if you are heading to northstar, this is the tahoe report. >> today we'll have temperatures 5 to 6 degrees above normal. we're talking 61 degrees in san francisco. average high is 57. should be at 59 in san jose through santa clara but instead 63 degrees. here is your extended forecast: >> i'm getting a little worried that i'm going to have to break
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out the white feather and the rain dance. the computer models are going one way and another on this system on friday and saturday so we put a chance of rain in the forecast but then after tuesday it looks dry. >> you make it rain, that cinnamon roll is coming! guaranteed! [ laughter ] let's take a look at the big board right now. not too, um, the day is not looking too good. >> that would be a bad day. >> the dow is down about 191 points. >> wow. well, petaluma brewer has dropped a lawsuit it filed in federal court on monday. lagunitas had gone to court against brewing rival sierra nevada from chico over similar beer labels. but lagunitas is backing off now after getting a lot of social media backlash. coming up, tax season is upon us and while most of us don't look forward to this time of year, there is one benefit. new jobs created by tax season coming your way. >> and a reminder if you have a consumer problem or question, call our hotline at 888-5-helps- u. volunteers are there right now.
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life's running out of shaving stuff. and thankfully being able to find backups.
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time to eat now. if you are looking for a quick healthy meal, we have the perfect idea. stephanie and tony tantillo are cooking chicken and potatoes in today's fresh grocer. >> reporter: chicken and the potatoes, but not ordinary. we have yukon gold potatoes, rosemary and chicken. it's so simple and loaded with flavor. >> it's like mother nature put the butter inside these potatoes.
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they are so creamy. we sauteed them. we sauteed onions with them and added in the chicken. in the last minute you get the rosemary so they are all together and the rosemary we took out and changed a few times. >> i'm going to add a little parsley. >> two herbs. >> okay. >> but the parsley is good to eat. >> it is. a little before the petter. -- a little bit of pepper. and i'm going to finish this off with just a touch of fresh olive oil. >> and a key with this dish is very good olive oil because it comes right back around at the end. >> thank you, bella. >> whoa. >> delicious, bye. >> hungry? >> a little bit. >> yeah we'll be right back. but first tax season is upon us. and jill schlesinger says it's full of opportunities for all the job hunters out there. reporter: the upcoming tax filing season is likely to be the worst in decades. a combination of irs agency cuts and a more complicated tax code which now includes oversight of the affordable care act are to blame. the irs warns that anyone calling their hotline during tax season may be placed on hold for an average of 34 minutes. that could lead many frustrated americans to turn to tax prep
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services for help. that also means accounting and tax prep firms will be hiring more. they will train and employ thousands of people through april. these jobs are for those who prefer flexible hours and want to add extra income. in fact, full-time tax pros can often earn in four or five months what most americans make in a year. here in california, the average annual income for accounting and tax preparation professionals is $47,390. and you don't have to be a cpa or memorize the entire tax code to get the job done. but you do need to be comfortable working with people who may be stressed out about taxes. the san francisco irs office is a good source of information. i'm jill schlesinger for kpix 5.
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this just in from the bay area air quality districts. it is going to be another "spare the air" day for thursday, january 15. unhealthy levels every particulate matter in the atmosphere north of the golden gate bridge. >> all right. and coming up tonight at 5:00, a grueling climb all comes down to this. we are keeping a close eye on the two climbers closing in on
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the top of el capitan. you can see them on the both sides. we'll have reaction on this historic conclusion. we were hoping they would get to the top by the end of the show but that's okay. we're live streaming this on our website, so if you want to continue to watch this -- >> 18 days on that granite slab 3,000 feet so close. >> hanging on by their fingers and toes, some of their skin -- >> their hands are a mess but what an
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>> rick: maya, you know how i feel about you. >> maya: i need to hear you say it. >> rick: i tell you all the time. >> maya: you make me feel wanted, important, but i need to know i'm loved. >> rick: well, isn't it obvious? >> maya: you are the most wonderful man i know. and i am so excited about our life and our future together. i love you, rick. can you say the same about me?


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