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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 16, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PST

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bring your ride to work to a standstill. >> i'm anthony slaughter in for mike inouye. the metering lights are on the toll plaza and we will eight let you know if there are any accidents stacking up across the bay area. >> another gorgeous day across the bay area, light showers today. one of the rare weekends you can hit the slopes in tahoe or maybe stay local and hit the beach. we'll have the forecast for both coming up in just moments. the options are just so plentiful. meantime you might be smoking your way up this hill, we'll do it for you, san bruno mountain, live look at the bay area, the city of san francisco. it's friday january the 16th and you are watching "today in the bay." >> good morning, and thanks for joining us. laura garcia-cannon is off this morning, so i'm here with sam, kris sanchez, sam brock. >> she's kris, i'm sam. b.a.r.t. riders be warned. today protesters could keep you
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from getting to work on time. they plan to flood the platform of the montgomery station in san francisco at the height of the morning commute. >> we have a team help you get where you need to go, whether or not that goes off. anthony slaughter has alternates for you. we beginning with "today in the bay's" stephanie chuang. protesters say they'll try to use b.a.r.t. and try to shut it down. >> reporter: that's right, good morning to you, kris and sam. it's a little bit busier here at the montgomery street station although no obvious signs of anyone here for the protest said to begin in less than an hour. the big question, whether it will remain peaceful or people will go through the fare gates. back in the summer of 2011 at the civic station, one3b person climbed on top of the train, others blocked doorways during the height of peak rush hour. the protesters have three main demands the first that b.a.r.t. drop charges against the 14 people arrested back on november 28th at the west oakland
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b.a.r.t. station when they chained themselves to a train. they were protesting the grand jury decisions in ferguson, missouri, and in new york, not to indict police officers who killed unarmed black men. riders left extra early to avoid a potential commute mess but not too happy with what's happening this morning. >> i certainly support people's right to protest. i think it is a little bit hypocritical if you're taking b.a.r.t. to the protest, and then shutting down b.a.r.t. i also think it's a real big inconvenience. >> reporter: now protest organizers did post this picture of the latest b.a.r.t. departure times from which protesters could leave in order to get to montgomery by 7:00 this morning. yes, they are taking b.a.r.t. and protesting it. this is the first of what's set to be a weekend long series of actions called no business as usual, b.a.r.t. protests. organizers are asking people to bring metal spoons, presumably
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to make noise and also say that b.a.r.t. must disband its police force and offer ticket discounts for low income ruders. back here live, b.a.r.t. is saying it does support peaceful protests but again these protesters must remain outside these fare gates and not disrupt sr. with potentially dangerous tactics and if they do, b.a.r.t. police are on standby and ready to respond. live at the montgomery b.a.r.t. station, stephanie chuang "today in the bay." >> we'll they can in with you in about an hour. thank you very much. >> anthony slaughter is tracking the roadways. this could cause a big wrinkle in the morning commute but you have some routes that folks can work around. >> we'll try to iron this out for you as smooth as we can. i want to show you our maps, this gives you a good idea how to get into san francisco. you're coming in on the b.a.r.t. at the embarcadero station, go to the muni that, will get you around the delay and then get back on the b.a.r.t. headed towards powell street.
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if you're coming the opposite direction, hop on powell or whatever station you'll be at, skip the montgomery station, take embarcadero and eventually back over to the oakland side. keep in mind, because of these protests, that could go on, we don't know how long it could go on and how it could disrupt service. overall if you are using the b.a.r.t. today, use the muni to avoid protests. we don't have any delays reported on the muni or the caltrain or bca but we wivta bu we'll track this closely. a story still developing right now, that massive hunt for terrorist suspects across europe. an overnight raid authorities arrested more than two dozen suspects in france and germany and in belgium following a sweep where a firefight fwrobroke out two terrorist suspects were killed, stopping what belgian authorities say was an eminent attack. going gun [ gunfire ]
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yesterday belgian police plofd in a hideout in verviers where two suspects were killed, a third was wounded and then arrested. authorities say the men recently returned from syria and within hours of carrying out a plot to kill police on the streets. in paris, police evacuated and shut down a busy train station this morning after receiving a bomb threat. police official says the station was closed as a precaution as authorities try to prevent more violence after the deadly attacks there. overnight police arrested at least ten people linked to the gunmen who attacked a kosher market last friday. the raids will likely be a topic of conversation today as u.s. secretary of state john kerry meet with french president francois hollande in paris. he'll lay wreaths at the site for the two deadly terror attacks there. president obama is scheduled to meet with british prime minister david cameron today. terrorism and cyber security concerns in the west will be atop of the agenda.
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the meeting aims to promote economic growth and global trade. sam? the gateway to cuba swinging open for americans today. you the u.s. is relaxing restriction to the island nation cut off for more than five decades. nannette miranda is live at the oakland international, which has a unique place in the history this cuba. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, samoakland international airport was chosen because most of the would-be travelers to cue with a live in the east bay, while travel and trade rules do start today, flights don't actually from here don't start until december at the earliest. still this is a huge step in easing relations between the u.s. and cuba, with non-stop flights to the island nation beginning near the end of the year. ticket sales are expected to be on sale in october, with spirit airlines, southwest, and jetblue
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being the possible carriers. but don't pack your bags just yet. the new regulations alow travel to cuba without first getting a special license only for certain reasons, a dozen reasons, including research and religious activities. humanitarian projects, and certain import and export business. still, no tourism allowed, but people are allowed to sel self-certify, quote/unquote that they are required to travel. >> when we travel to cuba, the cuban government officials were almost begging us to open up trade with them. >> i have like four kids and grandma right now. >> reporter: once there, americans can use their credit and debit cards with no spending limits. they can bring back about $100 worth of tobacco, and many believe that includes the famous cuban cigars, and a big boon to
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silicon valley, some technology internet service, mobile phones and software can be brought into cuba. it will be a six-hour flight from oakland to havana, cost being $900 each. what do you say, guys, you want to go for "journalistic" research reasons? it will be 81 today, better than it it right now. live at oakland international airport, nannette miranda, "today in the bay." >> you got to take advantage of the opportunities. oakland one of a handful of airports offering this. thank you for that report. >> nice to see families being able to reunify. 6:08 looking live at the bay bridge and the whoa shebang, it's nice and clear this morning. nice start to the day and a weekend in the 60s, maybe the 70s. >> that is not a bridge to an island nation but could be a bridge to paradise of sorts. good morning. >> good morning. you get yourself a cafecito and
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post up on the beach, not a bad way to start the weekend. we have this crazy pattern happening the storm track sitting to our north so we have viewers up in lake county, clear lake, ukiah, i can tell you, you'll see quite a bit of moisture picking up an inch. sonoma county we're just getting a little bit of drizzle and most of this, the northernmost portion of the county north of windsor, so as we head throughout the next couple hours that will continue to be the trend. the storm track lifts back to the north as we head throughout the day and a little shower activity by sunday, but our temperatures are hard to beat this morning. we're close to 50 degrees just about ger where. on our way to the mid-60s because of the mild start. likely to get to the mid-60s in san jose by 2:00 today with an even warmer day ahead for saturday. if you want to hit the beach you can do so comfortable. 69 degrees in monterey on saturday. it will be cooler sunday especially up in the north bay as the storm track bends down to the south.
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as we head throughout half moon bay 68 degrees on saturday, and we're looking really good to maybe see some record highs with that storm track still to our north, keeping a 10% to 20% chance for rain going every single day next week. i'm going to talk about that, show you the science behind it. i know you like to always make those plans. i want to help you stay ahead of this forecast, because it's kind of tricky. pretty cool stuff to show you in my next report and a drought update. first your drive with anthony. >> the metering lights are turned on recally, about a half hour ago, you can see the pile-up continues here this morning. that's the case as we head through at least the next hour, folks getting in a little bit early on this friday to get that early weekend started. as we show you the traffic maps, you can see there is an accident on 580 eastbound at fruitvale avenue, a car broke down in the slow lane. two accidents sunol grade 680 at vargas southbound side and exit after that, we have another one.
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keep that in mind if that's your route. the dublin cam shows us very slow going here but the good news is you can make out the roads down below. no fendense fog this morning, n as dense as it has been but still hazy. take it easy. palo alto side you can see the road there, volume moving out a problem and fairly light. we always like to say friday light and i'm counting my blessings. it's been a long week. >> i hope so. >> thank you very much, anthony. >> they can see the road for the weekend, thank you. time is 6:11. up next, farewell to the stick. what we're learning about how candlestick park is going to come down. plus their feat accomplished but the work not done. why the two men who climbed their way to the history books earlier this week are headed back up el capitan.
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welcome back. happy friday morning to you. you made it to the end of the work week and yesterday we have some very promising information for some parts of the bay area in regards to our california drought. i'll tell you where the reserve soirs are oirs are 99% of capacity and where we still need rain in the bay area coming up in a couple of moments. fog not too bad from the north bay, this is where we've had fog over the past few days in the east bay as well, so conditions a little bit better on this friday and traffic is light so yes, friday light in full effect. we'll get you some of the accidents up to speed with you in a minute. >> if you are using b.a.r.t. today expect delays. protesters are planning to shut down the montgomery station at 7:00, demanding charges and fines be dropped against those arrested for blocking a b.a.r.t. train at the west oakland
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station on black friday last november. the protest originally was prompted by the unrest in ferguson, missouri. >> the white house loosening !l+7 cuban embargo t and americans will be allowed to travel to cuba for government business or humanitarian missions. items like cigars can now be legally bought there and brought back to the u.s. oakland one of the few airports that's leading the charge. >> and the measles outbreak is connected to disneyland and it's growing. 39 people are now confirmed to have that disease. all but one of those infections are in california. >> raider nation, you get your first look at your new head coach today, bay area native jack del rio. the raiders plucked del rio from denver and the broncos, where he served as a defensive coordinator over the last two seasons. before that he was in jacksonville the jaguars head coach. del rio graduated from high ward high school, born in castro valley and a lifelong raiders fan. his parents still have season tickets. the news conference is scheduled
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for later today. the niners introduction introduction of their new head coach jim tomsula and maybe it's a good thing you don't win football games based on news conferences because reaction from the niner faithful has been mixed. the work will have to be done on the field. in that respect tom slew says he's ready and the players are eager to work with him. >> i believe no one man does anything by himself. i think the strength is in the people around him, and the way people come together. >> he's one of the coaches that keeps the spirit high. i think it's a great opportunity for him. >> tomsula's certainly familiar with how the 49ers work. he's been with the team since 2007 serving as defensive line coach under three separate head coaches. a new page for the niners, not just there also in terms of the stadium. candlestick park now may not be imploded after all. overnight we spoke with a member
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of the bay view hill neighborhood association who tells us the city issued a permit wednesday authorizing construction crews to dismantle the stadium instead of imploding it. either way it is going away. neighbors living near the park worrying abexplosion would spread toxic dust into the neighborhoods. we have a call to the developer to see how and when that process will begin. once it is gone, a hotel, shopping center and housing complex will go in its place. two men who climbed their way into the history books will hike back to the top of el capitan in yosemite to pick up belongings and gear they left along the way, after 19 gruels days, santa rosa's own kevin jorgeson and climbing partner tommy caldwell in the green successfully made it up the dawn wall wednesday using nothing but their hands and feet. it's something the two had dreamed of for their lifetime, but planned for for the last seven years.
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while jorgeson is tired and you can see by his hands a little banged up, he's on cloud nine and has a message for the rock. >> thank you. what an adventure. she was nice to us and let us up this time. could have been the other way around for sure. >> they got turned around once before. the 3,000 foot journey up the dawn wall is considered the hardest free climb attempted. jog s jorgeson's parents said their first son's climb was 3-year-old, he climbed up to the rooftop of his aunt's home when no one was looking. >> there's pi tyke of it, you see -- >> not only climbing, you don't stand by and let him go, yikes. >> a live look outside right now of downtown san jose, looking pretty crystal clear right now, as i would imagine the top of the dome of el captain would look. that must be some kind of a
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view. >> air is too thin for me. >> they got lucky with weather. can you imagine trying to hold on with rain or significant wind? i think everything was perfectly timed. we all those divine appointments. let's talk about what's going on with the drought. this is of high interest to most bay area residents, all of california. this is july 2014 where everybody in the bayier just about everybody with the exclusion of marin county was in dhad, which is exceptional, that is as bad as it gets. even at that point, marin county was in d3. we wake up this morning, we have good information for you. because of the ample raufl we had rainfall in december, marin south through san francisco county and the tipity top of san mateo county we're in d2. we've had a lot of improvement and marin county's reservoirs are at 99.5% of capacity. if we have any more rain coming through, if we did, it would be kind of a bad situation for
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them. they'd have orelease some of that water. so a little bit of a blessing up there, just about everywhere else, though, it's still a curse. the drought in this state. but i can tell you we've got some promise. we have february. we also have march and april to make up some of the totals and overall i can tell you we're doing better than we were a year ago. so this is what we're working with right now. santa rosa getting some pretty good moisture, a lot of that moisture is well to the north of sonoma county. like i've been pointing out, ukiah, clear lake likely to pick up an inch of rain but we have this big ridge of high pressure so basically no he ma county is our cutoff point. our dividing line. as this area of low pressure comes in, it's colliding with a big dry air mass and for us, we actually have a spare the air day with showers on the radar, almost unheard of, but this is the reason why. high pressure forcing erg down to the surface. i think we're going to get enough mixing later on today to have nice air quality later on across the board and better chance for some light shower activity here in the south bay, even as we head throughout
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saturday morning and possibly sunday afternoon as well. stick around, i'm going oshow you your futurecast in a moment. for today, temperatures mild with the big ridge of high pressure mostly in control. it's going to were aify tomorrow as it gains that energy. we're going to boost your temperatures up well above average. 68 degrees by saturday. sunday, 66 degrees, if you're trying to make the outdoor plans looking pretty good to do so. if you want the sunshine, you want to head south as far south as you can get, the more sun, the more warmth. monday into tuesday, things start to change so it's going to cool off a little bit. we have a better chance for rain towards the end of next week, but this is what i'm talking about. santa cruz 71 degrees by saturday, down to 69 degrees on sunday. so one of those weekends you might be able to get out there and have the beach all to yourself obviously, this is offpeak. watch out, though, you might find a little extra traffic over 17. let's find out how the drive is shaping up across the bay area. here's anthony. >> we have the metering lights
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on at the bay bridge, keeping things very slow going into sfwran. they've been on for about an hour as folks are probably trying to get in early to get home early this afternoon. i want to show you the maps. you'll notice the sl8 approaching treasure island past the toll plaza things improve. san francisco the opposite direction headed into oakland at harrison street on i-80, there is an accident there keeping things slow. also, a slew of accidents come through the suol grade. first at vargas, second at andrade and third on 680 northbound right at the mission boulevard street and in san jose southbound, in the south bay right now lots of green tick marks on the highways. slowing coming in from 101 as we've been showing you this morning, from time to time you get a little bit of slowing and from time to time things do speed up. let's take you outside and show you what it hooks like right now, looking at one of the times where things are speeding up. so not all bad this morning. guys, back to you. >> rush hour on the way though. thank you so much, anthony. the time is 6:22.
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up next, it could be the world's friendliest robber. what one suspect did while trying to rob a convenience store.
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you have witnessed any crimes in colorado? deputies there are looking for a man they described as the friendliest robber they've ever come across. >> they say he walked into a convenience store, then realized he knew the clerk, so he said, "i'm not going to rob this place
6:26 am
but i --" >> i was going to. >> he walked out. the clerk was like i don't know you but the picture was caught by a surveillance camera and then -- >> might have phoned in a potential friend? >> here's the thing, then deputy get a call from a different 7-eleven later, description matches the same guy. so now the clerk at the other one goes oh, that guy. >> was this guy also giving the thumbs up is the question, probably not. the time is 6:26. up next, the markets hoping to turn things around after five straight days of losses. we'll look at the early numbers just ahead. a developing story overnight, sweeps net dozens of suspected terrorists throughout europe. we'll have an update after the break. looking live at the golden gate bridge this morning. the zipper line is in place so folks are more secure as they zip along their way.
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it's a three-day weekend so you can expect some tourists out there as well so watch out for the looky lous. we're back with more news in a bit. it's 6:26.
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the man accused of plotting to blow up the u.s. capitol will face a jhung today, this as his father speaks out about his son's arrest. we've activated the doppler this morning. some light shower activity is what you can expect north of the golden gate bridge for today, but as we get into your weekend, really warm temperatures, some spots into the 70s, even some great beach weather. we'll tell you where you'll find the most choice conditions for the weekend coming up in moments. i'm anthony slaughter in for mike inouye. tracking the morning commute. things are heavy approaching the bay bridge and a warning for b.a.r.t. riders. we'll get you out the door
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today, safe and sound, kind of like the song ♪ safe and sound taking you live to the new york stock ek change. scott mcgrew is off today. this has been a rough week for wall street, five straight losses. today not looking much better. today is friday january 16th. you're watching "today in the bay." a very good friday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> and i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. the latest developments in europe, conducting anti-terrorism raids throughout the night, more than two dozen people were under arrest. >> tracie potts has the latest on the raids and the impact here in the u.s.
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>> reporter: secretary of state john kerry laid wreaths this morning at the paris supermarket and "charlie hebdo" offices where terrorists killed the innocent. overnight, news broke of more police raids, 12 arrests in and around paris. people believe to have helped in last week's attacks, and separately, two arrests in berlin, germany. they're still looking for more. and in belgium, a neighbor captured one of three raids on terror suspects there. authorities think they were planning to attack police. two suspects were killed, and 13 arrested. >> we found several police uniforms, material for communication, walkie-talkies and radios, mobile cellphones, false documents and an amount of money. >> reporter: washington is also on high alert. house speaker john boehner who himself was the recent target of a foiled atack credits controversial government surveillance for uncovering a plot to bomb the u.s. capitol. >> our government does not spy on americans unless there are american who are doing things that, frankly, tip off our law
6:32 am
enforcement officials to eliminate that threat. >> reporter: david cameron agreed. >> should we allow safe space for terrorists could communicate with each other? my answer is maybe we shouldn't >> reporter: responding to terror is high on the agenda when cameron meets president obama at the white house today. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. >> the ohio man arrested for alleging plotting to set off bombs at the u.s. capitol is expected in court today. 0-year-old kris cover cornell was arrested wednesday charged with planning to bomb the building and shoot people as they came out. court documents say the arrest came after he posted on twitter about his support for muslim twi terrorists and told an fbi informant about his plan. time to check the forecast we hike up to the tipity top of san bruno mountain. we're not even winded but it is a pretty sight this morning.
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>> it must be the new year, everyone is getting in shape. looks like a good activity. >> it was a doozy. you're in much better shape than me. i get winded walking from here to the weather wall especially in heels. ladies you know what i'm talking about. south of the golden gate bridge close those open towed shoes in the north bay. might be a good day for the boots. that's where you can rock your winter gear, but we have this really crazy pattern happening with high pressure in the control of most of the bay area's pattern, a little area of low pressure starting to arrive in the north bay. so here's the deal. we need the rain. we'll take every drop we can get but really a lot of the rich moisture will stay well to the north of sonoma county. what you can expect friday and into the weekend the storm track staying put. up in ukiah, rich moisture, getting the oranges, the yellows, potentially one, maybe even two inches in the higher
6:34 am
elevations of lake county. by 2:00 today not expecting much activities and i take you into your saturday good looking day south of the golden gate bridge. temperatures in the beach in the 70s, high pressure in control. taking you into sunday a little bit of spot y activity across the board. you can see here in the south bay a little bit of moisture for the second half of the day. you'll be able to get outdoors comfortably both weekend days without dodging a shower. keep in mind the time frames, saturday morning a slight chance and sunday afternoon. otherwise beautiful conditions. temps mostly in the 40s, a couple 50s out there and because we're starting out so mild, easily hitting the mid-60s again in the south bay, 66 degrees is the high, 66 for the east shore, and 63 degrees in the north bay. this is kind of the trend for now. we'll keep an eye on showers. maybe a little slick 101 from santa rosa north through rohnert park, south rohnert park and
6:35 am
petaluma as we head throughout the next couple of hours we'll watch that. check out the drive with anthony. >> we don't have any accidents in the north bay so we'll leave bay this morning. no fog either so that's awesome as well. the thing about it, though, the for about an hour now, causing an extreme backup on 80.&á this is cosr'g through the east shore freeway, back to the richmond bridge and after that, not so bad. on the maps we have another accident on 580, this is headed away from the bridge at the fruitvale avenue not causing any slowing there, also come through the sunol grade 680 southbound an earlier accident, two of them at vargas and andrade. and san jose not too bad, no accidents to report at least in the heart of downtown and over towards willow glen, santa clara. towards cambrian park there's an accident there at the 85, on 85 at winchester, keep that in mind. otherwise looking good to go
6:36 am
outside, we take to you our san jose cam, a little bit of slowing here but this is typical, no big surprise there, and also on 101 a little bit farther north into palo alto things moving smoothly so friday light in full effect. no maimer problems through the peninsula. b.a.r.t. will be an issue for riders so we'll get you up to speed with that and give you alternate routes in a wbit. 6:36. the markets have been open for a few minutes. okay, this is a good start anyway. the dow is up 40 points in early morningj9 trading but it has gotten crushed all week. the whole market indices have, so we're hoping for a bit of a pickup hopefully on this friday. >> the markets closed on monday because of the mlk holiday as well. >> 6:36 right now. up next, a major step forward for women in the military. >> first a first of its kind law in the u.s., the test that students will have to pass in order to graduate high school now in arizona. stay tuned.
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. women now have a new opportunity in the military. the pentagon has given a green light to allow women to train with the elite army rangers. officials say about 60 women have signed up to be a part of this next training course, which will begin in april. right now, it's just a pilot program, but the outcome could have a big impact on the future of american women, this of course in combat roles. i a first of its kind of law for any state in the nation.
6:40 am
arizona requires high school students to pass the u.s. sit sten civics test in order to graduate. newly elected governor doug ducey signed that bill into law last night. the test involves 100 possible questions. those include knowing how many house and senate members there are, the name of the president, and the vice president, and the name of the national anthem. should be a gimme. harder questions include who wrote the federalist papers. the answer to that one, alexander hamilton, james madison and john jay. >> no question, that would trip up a lot of people, not going to name any names but -- >> not me. >> 6:40. >> no. president obama is holding a screening of the movie "selma" at the white house today with the cast and the crew. >> there's a push to get middle school students to see the film as well. this weekend they can see it for free. >> we must march. we must stand up. >> the film tells the story of martin luther king jr.'s campaign for equal voting rights on the march from selma to montgomery.
6:41 am
1965. people are starting a grassroots campaign to allow students to see the film. people are raising money across the country so pay for tickets so students can see it for free. >> this generation, it's a little bit removed but it's important they understand the importance of the movement and what happened. >> go to to find out which 11 bay area theaters are participating in the "selma for students" project. middle school students can see the movie for free by showing a report card or their student i.d. at one of the theaters. again it's on our website. the free tickets will run through monday which is of course dr. martin luther king jr. day. or until tickets run out. th the movie is up for best picture. > if you're bound to head out the door, b.a.r.t. trains could
6:42 am
tom to a halt, social some disruptions possible in just a matter of minutes. we'll explain why, in a live report. their journey not over jet, why two climbers who just made history will head back up el capitan this morning. >> plenty of people journeying out to start their work day, the last one of the week. congratulations. you made it. we're back with 15 minutes of nonstop news, traffic and weather right after this break.
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6:44. b.a.r.t. riders be warned protesters could make you late to work this morning. members of planning to flood the platform at the month comery
6:45 am
station in san francisco. >> anthony slaughter has some alternates this morning, but we're going to begin with "today in the bay" stephanie chuang. the protesters say they're going to use party and try to shut b.a.r.t. down and they certainly could bog things down a little bit. good morning. >> reporter: that's right, good morning, sam and kris. organizers of the protest put out a picture to show people what time they'd have to leave each b.a.r.t. station or bay area train station to get to montgomery station on time for the protest, which as you said is minutes away. i spoke with some b.a.r.t. police officers who said they have not seen any protesters gathered here yet but that there are police officers everywhere around here. the main concern of course is whether this will remain a peaceful protest, or if people will go through these fare gates and onto the platforms the way protesters did back in july 2011 at the civic center station when people climbed on top of trains, others blocked doorways, to protest the kill of a man at
6:46 am
that station by a b.a.r.t. police officer a week before that time. b.a.r.t. said that was an illegal protest that caused station closures, endangered people's life with the concern of overcrowding platforms and the possibility of people falling onto the electrified third rail. riders said while they support peaceful protests they are frustrated with the possible service disruption. >> i think it impacts the people who are using b.a.r.t. it's a hardship on us. it costs us time, it costs us money and it's very frustrating. >> reporter: this morning's event is part of the no business as usual b.a.r.t. protests. organizers have three demands, first that b.a.r.t. drop all charges against the 14 people arrested for chaining themselves to a b.a.r.t. train at the west oakland station november 28 as part of the black lives matter campaign. they also want b.a.r.t. to disband its police force and to offer tickets discounts to low income riders. protest organizers asking people to bring metal spoons, presumably to make noise and
6:47 am
b.a.r.t. is saying it does support the people protest but as long as these people remain outside the fare gates and if they don't, and if they have these potentially disruptive and dangerous tactics that the party police force is ready on standby as we heard from officers minutes ago they're everywhere around this montgomery street b.a.r.t. station in case something happens. live in san francisco, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> of course safety is still the paramount issue there. thank you. >> let's bring in anthony slaughter tracking the roadways. . less than 15 minutes this could cause a big wrinkle for folks headed out on their morning commute. >> we'll help you try to iron this out. i want to show you what we're looking at. if you use b.a.r.t. this morning, the alternate is muni. if you're coming in from oakland, coming in using b.a.r.t., get off at the embarcadero station. go upstairs to the muni and take that past the montgomery station, you can get back on at powell, and then continue your journey. if you're going the opposite
6:48 am
direction, you can just take muni all the way to the embarcadero so avoid all of that traffic, and of course, head to the embarcadero, and head other towards oakland. that's the alternate route if you use b.a.r.t. this morning. we're looking at slow going aproetch to the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights on for about an hour. 580 at fruitvale accident in the stall lane. sunol grade a couple accidents cleared but mission boulevard on the northbound side of 680 there is an accident keeping things slow but southbound moving without a problem, and san jose this is where we have major slowing because there was an accident at 101 northbound at tully, keeping things slow through an already slow spot and down here towards cambrian park, two cars trying to get over to the shoulder that, means for slow going. outside what it looks like at the area i was telling you about an 101, tully, way back there in the distance. cars are getting through here
6:49 am
without a problem, but a little bit slower than it has been just about 0 minutes ago. also in palo alto, the same highway, just a little farther north you can see cars moving without a problem. no major slowing here. the metering lights are on headed into the silicon valley but very light traffic across the peninsula, so good news there, and of course if you are using b.a.r.t., keep in mind muni your alternate this morning. guys back to you. >> the work-around for the b.a.r.t. issues we don't want to work around our beautiful weather. this is gufg you a live look outside at downtown san jose. i get that look again, which could mean a whole number of things. >> it could mean a few things. it could mean a good number of things if you'd like to tell us or a bad. >> i like the word good. >> sam brock's birthday, ladies and gentlemen. >> happy birthday sammy boy. >> and you know what? on this show we'd like to give a personalized forecast when it is your birthday. >> hook look at that the royal treatment. >> the royal treatment and that's the reality check. we love you, sam.
6:50 am
happy birthday. >> look at that! >> stare deep into those beautiful brown eyes, ladies. 66 degrees this morning and happy to not be the youngest person on this show any longer. 66 degrees, although we're not far apart and i'm not going to let you forget it. temperatures are looking good out there. we have the 40s, the 50s, a little bit of shower activity, courtesy of sam's birthday. this is the first day in january that we've actually had measurable rainfall so coincidence? i think not. temperatures are going to be lovely for today. we'll see some really pretty skies this morning as well, with the clouds coming in from that area of low pressure. we're up to the 60s and yes, looking good for some comfortable conditions to persist, just about all weekend long with this really wild setup. let me tell you what's going on in the weather department. spotty, light showers for today, only for parts of the bay area, mostly to the north of the golden gate bridge. high pressure stays firm over the bay area, but this is kind of our cutoff point. sonoma county divides where
6:51 am
we'll see significant showers enough to where we can measure the rainfall totals. high pressure will keep temperatures down here in the south bay specifically in the 60s and 70s. so we're looking good for a really comfortable weekend w some better air quality. it's a spare the air day. i have to tell you, i've been doing this job for a while and never seen showers and a spare the air day all in one so that's exactly what we're working with for today. i think we'll see much better air quality though as that storm track stays just where it is as we head through the next couple days and we all know chris just turned 21 years old, and chris, i got to tell you, kris, what a lovely lady we are to work with sam brock. >> very luck yu and his mom is watching so that's nice. >> hi, mom, did you well. a story developing right now, massive hunt for terrorist suspects across europe in overnight raids authorities arrested more than two dozen suspects in france, germany and
6:52 am
belgium as well, a sweep that follows a fire fight where two terrorist suspects were killed, stopping what belgian authorities say was an eminent attack. yesterday belgian police moved in on a suspected terrorist hideout in the city of verviers. two suspects were killed, a third was wounded and arrested. authorities say the men had recently returned from syria and were within hours of carrying out a plot to kill police on the street. in paris, police evacuated and then shut down a busy train station this morning after receiving a bomb threat there. police officials say the station was closed as a precaution as authorities try to prevent more violence after the deadly attacks there. overnight, police arrested at least ten people linked to the gunman who attacked a kosher market there a week ago today. the raids will likely be a topic of discussion today as u.s. secretary of state john kerry meets with french president francois hollande in
6:53 am
paris. earlier today kerry laid wreaths at the sites of last week's attack where more than a dozen people were killed. in the u.s. president obama is scheduled to meet with british prime minister david cameron today. terrorism concerns and cyber security in the west will be at the top of the agenda. the meetia also aims to promote economic growth and global trade. sam? >> kris, thank you. small steps that could be life altering for populations here and abroad. travel to cue pa this morning will become a reality for some americans. this follows a landmark announcement by u.s. officials that lifts many travel restrictions to the country. "today in the bay's" nannette miranda is joining us live from the oakland international airport with more details here and nannette, it's not cart blanch, but there are more people that can do this traveling. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, sam. definitely more people now qualify to go, but don't pack your bags just yet. while the new travel and trade will start today there are no
6:54 am
direct flights to oakland to havana yet, not until december at the earliest. guidelines to help you prepare, credit and debit cards will be accepted with no spending limits although your bank might have something to say about that. there's a $100 limit on tobacco products being brought back to the u.s. many believe that includes those famous cuban cigars, and some technology can be brought in like mobile phones and software. also there are only 12 reasons why you can go to cuba without a special license, including research and religious activities. humanitarian projects, import and export business, but no tourism. people though are expected to be able to certify themselves as being qualified to travel to cuba. >> the goal the president has set out is more engagement. that's the way the president and the administration believes that we can affect change with cuba. >> spirit airlines, southwest
6:55 am
and jetblue are possible carriers to havana from oakland international. oakland was chosen this week because most of the would-be travelers to cuba live right here in the east bay. the flight is roughly six hours and round trip will probably cost around $900. ticket sales for early december are expected to begin in october, and sounds pretty good to me right about now. again it starts in december when it started getting cold here in the bay area so a tropical island would sound fabulous. what do you think, you guy, a journalistic research to cuba? live in oakland, nannette miranda, "today in the bay." >> yes, yes, it is all relative. we still have it pretty good here in the 60s but it is warmer in cuba no doubt. thank you very much for that report. the follow-up now, health officials have confirmed six cases of the measles we told you about yesterday, are in fact connected to an outbreak at the disney theme park. that along with another confirmed case brings the total number of sick patients to 39 now and a significant number of
6:56 am
people in the south bay were not vaccinated, either opted out or were too young to get the shot. >> all the measles we see in the u.s. now is cases that are usually imported from out of the country, and then hit a population that has a larger number of kids that are not vaccinated. those are the kids that get the measles. >> now in its early stages, measles may be mistaken for say a bad cold. symptoms can include fear, cough, runny nose and a rash, and it should be noted it's highly contagious. happening today, the two men who climbed their way into the history books wednesday will now hike back to the top of el capitan in yosemite. they're picking up some belongings and gear they left along the way. after 19 gruelling days, santa rosa's kevin jorgeson and climbing partner tommy caldwell successfully made it up the dawn wall wednesday using nothing but their hands and feet and a safety rope. it's something the two had dreamed of forever but planned for, for the last seven years.
6:57 am
while jorgeson is tired and banged up, his hands swollen, he says he's on cloud nine and thankful to el capitan. >> what an adventure. she was nice to us. it let us up. this time. yes, it could have been the other way around for sure. >> the 3,000-foot journey up the dawn wall is considered the hardest free climb ever attempted. jorgeson's parents say their son's first climb came when he was 3 years old, look at this picture, him at the age of 3 on the top of his aunt's home. he climbed up on the roof when no one was looking. >> an early learner to say the least. :57 right now. one final check of the day's top stories, you can expect delays on b.a.r.t. this morning. in just minutes, protesters are planning to shut down the month fw comery station at 7:00, demanding characters and fines be dropped against those arrested for blocking a b.a.r.t. train at the west oakland station on black friday last
6:58 am
november. that protest prompted by the unrest in ferguson, missouri. >> candlestick park may not be imploded after all. ov overnight we spoke with a member of the bay view hill neighborhood association who tells us the city issued a permit wednesday authorizing construction crews to take it down bit by bit, instead of imploding it. neighbors living near the park were worried an implosion would spread toxic dust into its nashd. the oakland raiders will officially officially announce their new head coach, jack del rio, a lifelong raiders fan a testament to his resolve. >> they say you can't go home. baloney. >> who says you can't go home? i don't remember any of the lines for that. >> it's a catch phrase. >> who wouldn't be home in the bay area this weekend. >> that's right, so much going on. here's something for you the family, a pet lover. i have three pets. you have' got a pet, kris,
6:59 am
cocoa. you've got a pet as well, sam. >> cocoa is not mine. >> santa clara county fairgrounds expo center, 200 exhibitors will have free nail trims, pet costume could be tests and what i can get down with, pet musical chairs. i wonder how they'll get into the chairs, we'll find out. temps will be comfortable and also this is something if you're an animal lover the sea lion 25th anniversary, pier 39, one day they just showed up 25 years ago and still out there sunbathing today, beautiful conditions for that. >> neuse circumstances today. anthony, anyone headed to the beach today? >> at least right now not looking at any conditions causing any travel problems headed that way. in the san francisco area we have an accident to show you, the bay bridge toll plaza metering lights are on. san francisco 280 alamaney boulevard a five-car accident happened about five minutes ago. you can see on the monitor the
7:00 am
actual marks just turned red. 101 at tully earlier accident keeping it slow. >> you'll work us around the b.a.r.t. protest. we'll have more in a half hour. have a great day and happy birthday, sam! >> per a sweeping terror crack down. new arrests tied to the attacks in paris. security forces in germany and belgium. where police have stopped an imminent attack. epidemic, the number of flu cases skyrockets in the u.s. as health official announce this year's vaccine is even less effective than feared, just 23%. how do you keep your family safe? heavenly hopes. a young author who claims he died and went to heaven admits it was a big lie. his best selling book he made up


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