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tv   America This Morning  ABC  January 15, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PST

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making news in america this morning, terror plot. allegedly isis inspired with intent to kill. an american under arrest for planning to bomb the u.s. capitol overnight. what his parents are saying about the allegations. a major shake-up at the secret service. the embattled agency cleaning house. top leaders reassigned after a series of scandals and incidents including an armed intruder getting inside the white house. pet problem. authorities find a large alligator in a family's backyard that's been there for 40 years. historic climb. two americans complete their quest a climb many said was impossible. this morning the hugs at the summit and new reaction from the climbers.
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good thursday morning. isis inspired american is under arrest accused of planning an attack on the u.s. capitol. >> an fbi sting unraveled the ohio man's alleged plan. investigators say he discussed his support to waging jihad in the united states. >> abc's susan saulny is live in washington. >> reporter: federal agents describe him as a wanna-be. in cincinnati ohio he is behind bars after plotting a homegrown terror attack leaving friends and neighbors in shock. >> you would think cincinnati ohio jihad difficulty in the same sentence. >> reporter: the plan according to the fbi a deadly assault on the u.s. capitol building and members of congress. the weapons included pipe bombs and semiautomatic rifles to shoot and kill officials. the suspect identified as 20-year-old christopher lee cornell of cincinnati arrested early wednesday after buying two
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m-15 assault rifles and 600 rounds of ammunition. >> several agents came out and tackled him in the parking lot and took him down. >> reporter: the fbi says cornell had been using an alias to post disturbing messages on twitter expressing support for al qaeda and isis. one stated "i believe we should just wage jihad under our own orders and plan attacks" cornell's parents are at a loss to explain his actions. >> he was a really really vulnerable kid, you know i don't know -- i don't know what to think. >> reporter: among the things agents took from the cornell apartment was a beginner's handbook to islam. >> he had just recently converted to islam and i had been talking about it for a few months. he's a good kid. he's been kind of lost. >> reporter: cornell is the latest of more
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than 50 so-called homegrown radicals arrested by the fbi in recent years. reena, t.j. >> susan saulny live for us in washington. thank you so much. now to new disturbing details about the terror attacks in paris. new pictures from inside the kosher supermarket show two victims just left lying at the checkout counter. al qaeda and yemen is claiming responsibility for the "charlie hebdo" attacks saying the two brothers who attacked the satiric magazine offices were heroes of islam. u.s. officials confirm that the group gave them $20,000. well, there's a major shake-up at the secret service, the chief resigned under pressure in october after a series of embarrassing security breaches. now four of her top assistants told they can retire or be demoted. more from abc's jonathan karl. >> reporter: this was the last straw, the knife-wielding man to leaped the fence and sprinted across the lawn right into the white house in september. it was the most embarrassing in a string of lapses by the secret service. the agents who hired prostitutes in colombia, the armed man who
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got onto an elevator with president obama, the bullets that hit the white house without the secret service figuring it out for days. a scathing report released last month placed blame at the top calling the secret service an organization starved for leadership. secret service director julia pierson was forced out in october, and the new acting director vowed to do better. >> and restore the secret service's rightful place as the most respected protection service in the world. >> reporter: and now in a shake-up first reported by "the washington post," four more top leaders are being removed as the acting secret service director said in a statement, "change is necessary to gain a fresh perspective on how we conduct business." the white house had no comment on the secret service shake-up. but even in the midst of all the recent foul-ups, the president has never wavered in his support for the men and women who protect him every day. jonathan karl, abc news, the white house. president obama today will call for at least six weeks of paid leave for all federal employees who become parents.
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a senior white house adviser says the u.s. is the only developed country that does not offer paid paternity leave. the president also wants all u.s. employers to offer this benefit. both moves would require congressional action. divers are back in the java sea this morning examining the fuselage from the airasia crash. they're looking for bodies believed to be trapped inside the 100-foot midsection of the plane which was found yesterday morning with a wing still attached. meanwhile, the indonesians are trying to process the data from the black boxes themselves after recovering them earlier this week. >> indonesians do not have the capability to do sophisticated mishap investigation, but there is some concern that if the indonesians try to do this all on their own, something might get lost in the details. >> you hear that concern because indonesians only have rudimentary labs at their disposal. they say it'll take two weeks to process the chips from the black boxes but the u.s. could do it in a matter of days. well, pope francis is arriving in the philippines with ultra tight security this
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morning. that's been in place for days. more than 50,000 police officers and troops have been deployed to protect the pope known for darting into crowds to greet followers. the five-day visit will include an outdoor mass expected to draw 6 million people. we turn to some weather now across the country. flurries around the great lakes. soaking wet in the pacific northwest with up to 2 inches of rain from seattle down to oregon and the california border. showers along the gulf coast, as well. >> 70s in phoenix and los angeles. 50s from denver to dallas and new orleans. mostly 20s in the midwest. 30s in the northeast and miami warming up to 80. still ahead, why some chipotle restaurants are pulling pork from the menu. days before a big game, an nfl player is accused of a serious crime. what his team and the nfl are saying this morning. plus, hanging from a building 46 stories above the ground. the dangerous stunt caught on camera.
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well, radio shack is closer than ever this morning to filing for bankruptcy. word is that the electronics retailer could file for protection as soon as the first week of next month. radio shack has posted losses in each of the last 11 quarters. it's dangerously low on cash, and its stock price is 41 cents a share. this morning the company first warned about bankruptcy last september. and despite millions of recalls, 2014 was a very good year for general motors. the automaker sold nearly 10 million vehicles. that's a 2% increase and a new record for gm. that's right behind volkswagen. toyota pulled in first place. chevrolet sales were down worldwide but up more than 4% in the u.s.
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the part of the giant caesars entertainment company that actually runs its casinos and hotels is filing for bankruptcy. the unit is more than $18 billion in debt. it has more than 38 casino hotels including caesars palace on the las vegas strip. it employs more than 30,000 people. caesars promises this won't affect operations at any of the properties. don't expect to find carnitas on the menu any time soon at nearly one-third of chipotle restaurants. that's because the mexican food chain has stopped serving pork at those locations. the company says it has suspended one of its suppliers for violating animal welfare standards and is looking for ways to remedy the shortage. apple is still not saying a whole lot about its apple watch, but details are starting to come from a surprising source, the companion app that apple itself is developing. according to the 9 to 5 mac website since the watch won't have a keyboard you'll be able to respond to text messages with your own voice. the apple watch will also read
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messages to you. no word yet on when it goes on sale. we do know when the home editions of "the interview" go on sale. that's february 17th. this controversial film is already available on demand but the blu-ray version has an hour and a half of bonus features almost as long as the movie itself. it's called the freedom edition for $20. the dvd version is 15 bucks, also has a few bonus features, just not as many. they're going to make their money. >> you think so? >> oh yeah they're going to make their money back. when we come back, a pacemaker for the stomach used to curb appetite. the new device just approved by the fda. why it's not for everyone. and a wild scene inside a car wash as a vehicle careens through. the driver is explaining what exactly happened here. dave, i'm sorry to interrupt. i gotta take a sick day tomorrow. dads don't take sick days. dads take nyquil. the nighttime, sniffling sneezing, coughing, aching fever, best-sleep-with-a-cold medicine.
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a little exercise running across the ice, a small pond, you might assume, but actually he is running across lake michigan. this is in chicago. the frozen surface there, the city's fire department tried to launch a boat to get to him. try to get it to safety but never even got close, no word on what happened to this guy. >> he seems pretty happy. now for a look at morning road conditions. a wet commute in the pacific northwest as a new storm moves in from seattle to california. slick roads in parts of the south from new orleans to the carolinas. and flurries could make for a slippery ride in the upper midwest near canada. well, another nfl player facing a serious legal battle this morning. josh mcnary is his name, he's a backup linebacker for the indianapolis colts. he has now been charged with rape. >> that follows an alleged incident last month in which a woman claimed she and mcnary engaged in a fight before the alleged assault took place. in a statement mcnary's attorney says mcnary denies the allegations and turned himself in to police last night. well, bill cosby's facing yet another accuser. but this time it may lead to
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criminal charges. 24-year-old model chloe goins claims cosby drugged and sexually assaulted at a party in the playboy mansion in 2008 when she was just 18. unlike the other allegations this one falls within the statute of limitations. so goins and her attorney filed a report yesterday with police in l.a. so far no comment from cosby on this latest case. federal investigators are on the scene of a horrifying prison bus crash in west texas that killed eight inmates and two correction officers. the bus was transporting the inmates when it skidded off an icy highway, rolled down an embankment then plowed into a passing freight train. the prisoners were chained together in pairs. they were not wearing seat belts. turn to sacramento and take a look at this. a 94-year-old man says he hit the gas, he thought he was hitting the brakes and tore right through a car wash at high speed, finally crashed into a curb on the other side. he walked away without a scratch.
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nobody else injured here either. the damage, however, could run as high as $100,000. and another wild crash in california. this one at a macy's in the bay area. a car plowed through the glass doors last night injuring six people, came to a stop 50 feet inside the department store at the new park mall. just north of san jose. police are still trying to figure out why the driver lost control. police are not commenting this morning after a couple of thrill seekers were spotted pulling off this dangerous stunt along chicago's magnificent mile. the pair caught on camera on the roof of a 46-story-high building. one hanging over the top by his fingertips. the other snatching pictures. their identities still unknown. this eight-foot-long alligator has been removed from the backyard of a home in southern california, but it was no intruder. it was actually a beloved family pet living on the property for decades. jackson the gator is now 37 years old. the owners bought him in from a pet store as a baby and say he's part of the family but guess
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what, it's illegal to own wildlife in l.a. without permit, there's that. the federal government has approved a device that tricks your brain so you lose weight. maestro uses electrodes implanted in the abdomen to send a signal to the brain that you're feeling full. about half the patients in the test group lost at least a fifth of their excess weight but there are some side effects. maestro is only approved for some patients. >> it's surgery, and so that has risks. it's only approved for people who are most severely overweight and people who have medical problems from being overweight and you have to have failed other approaches to losing weight. and people who have done this have lost some weight but not a lot and gives doctors another tool. >> another question, will insurers see it as a good thing? it will cost 15 grand or more. some policies now won't cover surgery that restricts how much your stomach can hold. okay, time to lighten things up with some sports highlights. >> yeah, our guys at espn do the honors for us, as always. he's stan. i'm neil. this is the "sportscenter" desk in los angeles. we're going to do highlights.
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>> basketball. trail blazers/clippers, fourth quarter, game tied at 85 apiece. damian lillard off the screen. way out there. he started slowly but had 12 of his 15 in the fourth and blazers up three. later in the fourth, it's 89 apiece. ? ma'am crawford and the clippers got 25 off the bench. clippers by three. under two minutes to go. wesley matthews blocked by deandre jordan. jordan's only block of the game came at a good time and the clippers on hold on to win it 100-94. golden state best record in the nba got steph curry of green, red and yellow thai curry paste. green is generally the spiceiest followed by red and then yellow so i'm just giving you a little curry update especially with the curry commercial on espn. curry 11 points on 4 of 8 shooting in the fourth alone and
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finished with 32. klay thompson likes cheese with his curry. he had 19 points. warriors in control again against the heat who played without dwyane wade. warriors, 104-89. >> you know curry came in and he was primarily just a shooter and now he's a scorer and just all-around really solid player. >> and he's a real actor. >> that's all we got. back to you. >> yeah, they should probably tape those earlier before the end of the night. they get a little wacky on us. thanks, fellows. up next in "the pulse," they made it. new reaction from the climbers who made that historic trip up the dawn wall on el capitan. and the nominees are in. today we learn who's up for an academy award. so who are the front-runners?
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♪ time for "the pulse," everybody. are you okay there? >> my microphone here. it'll be all right. >> people appreciate you being open and honest about what's going on. >> i don't like to hide the truth. we'll start off with congratulations to the guys who conquered el capitan's dawn white. >> tommy caldwell and kevin jorgeson celebrated with champagne, family and friends when they fleeted their 19-day 3,000-foot free climb of the theory sheer rock face. >> the first ever to do this. look at those hands, cut up. this was not an easy task. many thought it was impossible. jorgeson considered quitting when he couldn't get past one of the most difficult sections. >> it was pretty devastating and the thoughts crossed my mind i should just throw in the towel and support tommy to the top.
4:23 am
>> but tommy caldwell waited for him so they could finish together. >> president obama even sent the guys a tweet to congratulate them saying the men remind us mig is possible. you can hear from both on "good morning america." next up we find out the nominees for the academy awards. >> who is going to get the nod? we don't know for sure just yet. we will look at the odds from the experts out in vegas. "boyhood" is the favorite to win best picture. also getting good odds for best picture, "birdman," "the grand budapest hotel" and "the imitation game" and michael keaton for "birdman" also for best act stress the oddsmakers like julianne more for her role in "still alice." watch the 87 am academy awards right here on february 22nd. >> neil patrick harris hosting. >> a talented dude. he'll be good. two of hollywood's top leading men earned huge paychecks for a little bitty
4:24 am
commercial. >> talking about robert de niro and leonardo dicaprio, they starred in a martin scorsese short film that promoted two new casinos opening in china and the philippines. in it they are competing for the same role. each star has -- was paid a reported $13 million. >> may the best man win. >> i don't even want to say it like that may the best person for the part be the person is that in it ♪ >> you won't be getting this part. >> i'm going to get this part. ♪ ♪ feel all right ♪ ♪ i feel all right ♪ >> as you know a lot of big hollywood stars would not be caught dead in a tv commercial. that's beneath them in this country however, but they're happy to accept big money, say $13 million to sell products overseas. 13 mill and it's a minute long. that's good work if you can get it reena. >> i would. can we sign up? >> oh.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good thursday morning. it is oscar morning at abc7. i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. with leyla gulen. meteorologist mike nicco is putting together the forecast. you need radar. >> i got lost in the fog. >> it is really thick. it is widespread fog. quarter-mile in santa rosa and less than quarter-mile at fairfield and concord and livermore. this will hang around until 11 o'clock. look how hazy it is in san francisco. from sutro tower it is hazy temperatures in the upper 30's to mid 40's. and nearly 60 with a warm spot at the coast at noon and upper 50's to low 60's this afternoon and mile at the coast. low 50's this evening.
4:29 am
i nominate the san mateo bridge for being the most hazy drive. it is foggy across the water to the peninsula. but it is not embedding -- impeding visibility. the golden gate bridge is smooth. it is empty. one war -- car is travel northbound. happening now firefighters in newark are deciding how to remove a car that crashed into a macy's store sending six people to the hospital. that store is located at the new park mall. amy hollyfield is on the scene with the latest. look behind me. this we have boarded up the macy's where the accident n see it took out half of the entrance. look at what it looked like yesterday after the accident. firefighters say a 63-year-old woman crashed her car into the
4:30 am
macy's and it was around 5:00 yesterday afternoon at the new part mall in newark. six permanent were hurt. four from the crash. they say two others suffered something along the lines of panic attack. five were taken to the hospital include the driver of the car. one person was taken in critical condition. wants did nut realize what was happening. >> everything was flying. it was a mess. i thought it was trim. everyone was yelling. >> there was another woman and young girl in the car as well, and they were not hurt. they think the driver may have had a medical condition that made hers there -- made her control of the car. we are waiting if are more details on what happened


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