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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  January 14, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. at 6:00, a major fire engulfs a san jose warehouse and what happened that has people waking up in the dark. >> a monster feat with the world watching with the el capitan climbers near the top. >> a threat to kill the man who hatched a plot to kill house of representatives speaker boehner and how the two men could be connected. good morning john 14 on wednesday. thanks positive -- for starting your day with us. >> that is leyla gulen. >> and that is meteorologist mike nicco with the forecast. >> we have fog. it is in the east bay. the dole -- the south and north bay. if solano county until 11 o'clock, inland east bay neighborhoods until 10:00 so the visibility will be below
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quarter-mile. if richmond it will push into the san pablo bay in the next hour. 34 to 50, colder this morning and the next 12 hows shows 54 to 62 at the coast at noon and low 60 at 4:00 and low 50's headed out this evening. the beating lights are on at the bay bridge toll plaza but we have had several accidents this morning, possibly because of the nog. we are going to track the san pablo bay to see if we have c.h.p. issued fog advisory but in brent wad we have we -- brentwood we have a head-on crash with these cars involved and major injury accident. the area covered in orange is an a indication of fog that affects the commute. serious conditions along highway 4 in the another -- east b >> a major warehouse fire is downgraded from three to two alarms an industrial area north
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of downtown. our reporter is on the scene. there is concern whether people could be inside. >> the fire is still burning. there is still one aerial truck with a firefighter on the ladder. you can see this is a very dangerous situation. the roof collapsed and it is not safe enough for firefighters to go inside so they are concerned if there was anyone there that is something they do not know. they are making progress and the three-alarm fire has been down graded to a second alarm and here is video from earlier. the fire started two hours ago with flames shooting off the roof of the building neither downtown san jose and crews had to take a defensive approach with aerial trucks dousing the structure from before and what is burning is an abandoned warehouse and investigators are looking into the possibility it was started by homeless. >> this warehouse is fenced in
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and completely locked down to prevent squatters or homeless from coming into the warehouse and it appears the area was forced and the fire clearly started on the superior and spread to the roof causing the rough collapse. that is suspicious that there were people inside potentially. the biggest concern is if anyone was inside because firefighters say it was so bad it would not have been survivable. a transformer on the building exploded during the fire knocking out power to more than 4,600 pg&e customers and there were road closing in the area when this was at the peak but they have re-opened most of the roads and there are believes here and firefighters directing traffic around the site of the building. i went did show you how the fire starts two hours ago and there were four ladders and firefighters were dumping water on the building and you can see
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it formed a lake on the street and i saw a firefighter walk through the enormous puddle and the water went up beyond his ankles. a lost water in the road and a dangerous situation. if you are driving in this area at terrain, you will be directed around the area. >> developing news, san francisco police are accepting for a man accused of stabbing two others a short time ago. in north beach before 3:00 a.m. the three men got into a fight and two were left with stab wounds and they are at the hospital right now. the severity of the injuries is not then. police have not released a description of the suspects. another stabbing in san francisco on a muni because emergency crews took a man to the hospital with the stab wound. he was stabbed by another map
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before 4:00 a.m. while the business stopped at the west portal stake and the suspect is described as a man if his 40's and the victim is expected to refer. chris brown has reportedly toll his manager to immediately cancel upcoming shows at night clubs that are "too hood," after a recent shooting at a show in san jose. tmz reports he called an emergency meeting with pens of his crew and says he if longer wants to perform at venues with a hit of violence or security issues. five people were wounded when someone opened fire at the fiesta nightclub and san jose police warped the club of the potential if violence before the star took to the stage. >> firefighters in san jose were told to stay on alert after finding a trap while responding to a call on sunday. a firefighter fell into the 2' pet at a homeless encampment. you can see sharpened stakes at bottom. the firefighter was not hurt.
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a crew member filled the hole. authorities are not sure who made it why and who was the intended target. >> santa rosa man and his friend from colorado ma make history at yosemite. they are free climbing the el captain wall without any real equipment and the world is watching. we have more. it is looking good to make it today. the families are watching. we have video to the climbers in the red from santa rosa and he is climbing where tommy caldwell of colorado. they have been at it since december 27 three weeks. they only have harnesses and reasons for safety. if or when they reach this summit they will be the first climbers to have done this using only their happens and feet for the climb. tommy caldwell's wife is in yosemite watching and says there have been times when she had her
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doubts. year after year not happening and the progress not so much as you would hope there were question mashes and it was the keep of thing you wonder if he will ever finish the wall. >> the machine trained for five years if this people. they are battling bloody fingers and unseasonably warm weather but they are doing okay. the toughest part is behind them and they are thinking they will reap the summit this afternoon. national geographic wrote tennis players have women andinglyers have -- golfers have augusta and climbers have el captain. >> developing news on the possible murder plot against house of representatives speaker boehner, calling the suspect 44-year-old michael hoyt deeply troubled and dangerous.
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high served drinks for years at a country club in the home state of ohio of speaker boehner saying he wanted to poison or shoot speaker boehner who he says was mean to him and called him the devil. police in custody are undergoing a psychiatric compassion for hoyt. >> a major recovery from southeast asia, with the location of the fuselage of airasia that crashed into the sea. the it imagines show the airplane sitting at the bottom the java sea. indonesia search-and-rescue chief thinks most or all of the victims are in the main section of the cabin. the wings of the airasia 8501 are still attached to the fuselage. crews have reported airasia 8501 voice recorders which could explain why the plane crashed killing all 162 people on board.
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voters in palo alto by have to decide if they finish over more cash to pay for schools. the school period is considering placing a measure on the ballot to raise a tax that was first passed in 2010 which now costs $640 a year that generates $12.4 million for the schools. the new proposal seeks to generate an extra $2 million but it is unknown exact how much that with cost taxpayers. if passed, the tax july 1 for six years. >> south bay home owners will press the city to fix flood problems. neighbors claim they are unresolve drainage issues since the monster storm. homeowners say when the area became part of san jose the city
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promised flood controls and gutters but has not delivered. a communities meeting is at 6:30 tonight. now a check on the weather forecast. what did we have going this morning? still tracking this fog with live doppler hd and half mile in fairfield and quarter-mile in concord seeping into shown valley and highway 24 through the east bay hills and west through the hills. we are in the mid-to-upper 30's and wad wood and foster city low-to-mid 40's and 34 in san ramon and 35 in santa rosa and 39 in mountain view the coolest spots from the east bay hills it is clear and calm this morning. we will have a blue sky, low humidity and clean air. low-to-mid 60's. we do have a new citizen but, first, at look at the toll thomas eric duncan we are trying to locate an accident reported at the toll plazas and it looks like traffic is moving along
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fine with no lanes block that could be cleared to the shoulder. as we take you to san rafael we have word of an accident involving a pedestrian and this is along eastbound 580 if you are traveling off of the bridge you could fine emergency crews there. in fremont the injury accident involving three vehicles including a semi northbound 880 is blocking 20 one and three lanes. more worries over measles and what we are learning of the outbreak at disney that can trigger health concerns up and down the pacific chest. the key to a happy and healthy philipine and -- healthy baby why napping is the 18. >> more weather and traffic all morning. we is fog and abc7 news is keeping weather and traffic up through the entire commercial
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ great rates for great rides. geico motorcycle see how much you could save. covering walnut creek, burlingame campbell and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> good morning at 6:13. a look from the east bay hills
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camera to the west and you can see the bay bridge and the by and no trouble spots here but there are trouble spots out there. leyla gulen was following those and will tell you about it. >> a san francisco nightclub opened for less than a year will shut the doors today. they took over the spot taken over by yoshi with the team citing financial hardship. all upcoming concerts have been canceled but there is in word on refunds. if you details on the measles outbreak tied to disney parks. the "los angeles times" reports an infected woman was on two flights before being diagnosed and the unvaccinated woman traveled between orange county and seattle over the holidays and 26 measle cases have been tied to the outbreak at disney land in california with h officials say three people from
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alameda county have been infected. disney is our parent company. if you want your baby to be a better learner put them down for a nap. the study suggests napping play as relative in help infants follow memories which make them remember how things work so they can build their reflexes. the study adds that sleep plays a key role in memory retention for adults. >> that is my discuss. ahead of tomorrow's big oscar nomination announcement, the razzies have their list for the "worst," of hollywood. the fm brew barry more and the actress in "tammy," and kirk cameron in "saving christmas," and the ator and
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-- the actor of "legend of hercules." he citizens -- deserves a razzy. >> now the good film, the 2015 oscar nominations come out and we will have complete coverage broadcasting the nominations from los angeles on air at 5:30 a.m. and we are your oscar station, of course. >> an award to mike for the trust because it is accurate and, two, if we are not getting rain it is okay. >> are you sure? >> tomorrow. just tomorrow. >> starting to feel the heat from everyone. we are talking about needing to conserve water and we needed to anyway. but it is worse. we have not had rain so far this month and i don't see much in our future. >> on live doppler hd most of the winds are pointing southwest
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or to the west so fog in the central valley could make its way and the north bay and across the richmond san rafael bridge to the bay bridge but the problem or the difficulty compared to yesterday is the air is so much more dry that the fog is running into the dry air and evaporating so you see san ralph -- san rafael 101 southbound, nothing. injury the easy commute this morning with the unlimited visibility. by the afternoon, all of us will need the sunglasses, operate and blue sky warmer-than-average highs and a chance of a sprinkle across the north by on friday is the newest wrinkle in the forecast. the weekend is still looking dry with high clouds and sunshine and temperatures are every system day in the seven-day forecast away low-to-mid 60. half moon bay is like yesterday a warm spot at 64 degrees.
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tonight be we are at politicians and a lot of low-to-mid 60's around the bayshore to the south bay san jose bottoming out at 43 degrees and 48 is the warm spot in san francisco and upper 30's to low 40's inland and almost as cold as this morning. the area of high pressure is putting up a big-time roadblock and stretching the fronts out and pushing the energy over such a long area that it just cannot breakdown the high. it is not this but the one behind it that will try to shoot the company and split the areas of high pressure and friday bring a chance of height rain into the north pay through saturday morning and the track moves back to the north as we hold through sunday into the holiday. as far as our rainfall amount less than .1" down to santa rosa. that is it. the people -- seven-day forecast shows a steady pattern with low
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pressure and letting you know there are low-to-mid 60's. a sig-alert is canceled if brentwood, under fog. the red is showing law and we are still looking at your backups. in the westbound direction, it is slow through antioch and pittsburg and bay point at 36 miles per hour and at concord it opens up as you reach 242 but traveling away from antioch to concord it will take you 35 minutes. in fremont northbound 880, an injury accident blocking one to three lanes and slow leaving milpitas. big news for bay area football fans, the raiders could
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>> good morning, everyone, a look at san francisco san francisco with some fog but not much. colder morning. watch out for that. we will talk to meteorologist mike nicco in a moment. we will check with amy hollyfield for "good morning america" at 7:00. good morning coming up next on "good morning america" breaking overnight the head of al qaeda in yemen claims responsibility for the attack in paris. we have the latest on the investigation into the massacre on "good morning america" next. >> that is in 36 minutes. a new law is paving the way for something we have not seen in san francisco in three decades, gas stations can bring uni sex bathrooms with approval an ordinance to change the health code if separate facilities dating back to 1986
6:25 am
>> bill cosby is going to press on with ticket master issuing refunds for denver shows. more than 3,000 tickets have been sold to the latest standup set on saturday. protesters against cosby over growing sexual assault allege incidents by more than 15 women. the morning news continues at 6:30 with the top stories. >> fining a solution to a smelly problem in the south bay and work happening to clear up the water coming from people's taps. >> verizon has technology to breath new life into cars that could be beyond their expiration date. in san jose a three-alarm fire tore through an abandoned warehouse and firefighters are condition people could have been
6:26 am
inside. >> live doppler hd showing track ing fog in many inland east bay veals with visibility less than quarter-mile through the morning commute and we will tack about a couple new chances of light rain in the seven-day outlook. in the traffic center we are looking at the bay bridge toll plaza where we had an early accident blocking one lane. traffic is light. we have a sig-alert that canceled in the east bay and heavy backups with more of that to come when we
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♪a whole new world♪ welcome to aulani, travel and leisure winner for top family hotel in the u.s. for special offers visit or call your travel agent. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good wednesday morning. january 14th. a look at the traffic in the south bay. 101 at 17 remark is moving along. there are no problems. there is fog. you may find it or it may find you. i am eric thomas. i am senior >> are is the fog? >> in the east bay. a look at live doppler hd showing the lowest visibility at
6:30 am
quarter-mile at our reporting station in concord and half mill through solano to fairfield and mount tamalpais you can see it hand made a push to the west because the air is dry and colder. the next 12 hours 34-50 so dress warmly. we are 54 inland to 62 at the coast and low-to-mid 60's with a a lot sunshine for everyone at 4:00 and low 50's this evening. 101 and 17 in full view of our traffic reporter so i have a demerit this morning. >> i don't hand out demerits. they are only mistakes. >> what is going on? >> a lot. we have had accidents everywhere cross the bay area but especially in the east bay. we have a heavy and dense fog advisory. the waze app show heavy traffic. the sig-alert hassened we are
6:31 am
focusing on highway 4 afternoon each eastbound highway 4 you can see we had an early sig-alert head-on crash and reduced visibility with backup causing the impact with delays that will linger. give it time to dissipate. >> in the news at 6:31 breaking news what started as a three-alarm fire in san jose is downgraded to two alarms. our report is at the scene near highway 87 and julian. the fire has been knocked down. for the first time firefighters are for longer spraying water on the builting. it appears the fire is out and it is under control but there is a lot of work to do and they are stick around. what you are looking at is an
6:32 am
abandoned warehouse that caught fire at 3:40 this morning. video shows flames shooting off the roof and the roof collapsed and it has been two dangerous for firefighters to go inside and though say homeless and squatters frequent the empty buildings near downtown san jose and it appears this fire starts inside the building. >> what actually started the fire that caused the origin location is under investigation and it will take several days to shift through the smoldering wreckage and our big concern is if people were inside we hope they get out. on our arrival it was a fully engulfed fire and unsurvivable. >> a transformer blew knock out power to 4,600 pg&e customers. because there is risk the building could collapse it is too dangerous to go inside so they spend the morning fighting
6:33 am
the fire defensively and they need to investigate the cause if there were people inside. that could take days. new this morning officials in mountain you have will flush out the main lane after get be complaints the water stinks. residents have been complaining the 257 water smells like rotten eggs and folks have fought flushed the lines in a year and a half so there is possibly sediment that are not used so much in the winter when less water is needed. workers will drain the fair high caltrans into the storm drains. dublin and san ramon water customers went above the call of conservation duty saying customers cut back on water use by 24 percent in 2014 the governor's call for 20
6:34 am
percent. as good as the district's conservation was, more could be nets because of low reservoirs and mountain snow pack. developing news, police are looking no the gunman in a shooting that left one dead and two wounded in richmond. police responded after officers heard shots around 7:00 last knit. they found a man dead at the scene. the other two victims are in critical but stable condition at local hospitals. homicide investigators are accepting for the shooters and a motive. oakland police are looking for thieves who stole wallets in a man lying unconscious in the street and from another man who was trying to help him. it happened at 8th and union in oakland yesterday morning. a 25 career only was ride his bicycle do a health chin and i quote, "hit by a -- and he was hit by a pickup truck. the driver of the truck, 81 years, tried to help out,
6:35 am
witnesses say thieves want through his pickup and stole his wallet while another group it seems to me the watt legal -- wallet of the bicyclist. >> you have a man injured, a man that hit the individual and he is scared. it is bad. almost bad. the mother of the victim saysly son has a brain injury, broken hip and damaged organs. >> al-qaeda leader in yemen is now claiming responsibility for the attack on "charlie hebdo" in paris in a veto posted. the commander says it planned and financed the massacre in advantage ensure for the prophet. >> the latest satirical magazine sold identity in a few hours with people standing in long lines for hours. some customers were limited to one copy of the mageetureing a crying prophet mohammed on the
6:36 am
cover. the usual circulation was pushed from 40,000 to five million copies. they have turned up on bithis morning asking price at $500 a copy! a roast is planned on friday morning at san francisco bart station. they will profit at montgomery street station to get champions dropped against 14 activists who chain themselves to trains and halted service at bart in november. they were protesting the miss shooting of missouri teen michael brown, all charged with misdemeanor trespassing. according to facebook posting the post begins at 7:00 a.m. >> big news for raiders fans, the team is expected to name jack del rio as the next head coach as soon as today. our sister network espn reports ower mark davis and del rio are working out the terms of a contract and the raiders met with del rio for a second time last night and the 51 year old is no stranger to the bay area
6:37 am
growing up in hayward and del rio has had head coaching experience with jacksonville and still under contract in denver where he spent the past three years as defensive coordinator. a roadblock to the new year's resolution and the ron your day job could be stopping you from shedding the unwanted pounds. >> the bay area start-up turned overnight success with a kitchen gadget. check this out, the bay bridge toll plaza where folks are lined up to pay their money and cross. it is getting busy.
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for that. you can only find sleep number at a sleep number store. right now find the lowest prices of the season, with the c3 queen mattress set only $1199.98. know better sleep with sleep number. look at the global temperatures satellite birds looking at the entire lobby and first out over the last 30 years they average it out and everyones with at least a third in the southern to half of the entire globe from the drop wees to nearly three-quarters warmer degree than average in the northern hemisphere. so we continue the trend, the preliminary trends. we have distancing for through the valley and you need to watch out in that area around million noon. low-to-mid 60's through the value valley and to the cost and
6:41 am
low-to-mid 70's, like spring in southern california. next seven days are more dry in lake tahoe than our seven days with lows in the teens and highs in the 50's. >> no chains are required. >> now mass transit, bart has 54 trains on time. it could be a good idea to use bart just in case you have traffic. ace train 3, 5 and 7 all on time with the exception of ace train three which is four members late. taking a drive on 101 through san rafael traffic is much heavier as you public to 580 and at the golden gate bridge you are still clear as far asking for but a few extra cars. a brand new crash in the santa cruz mountains in los gatos and multiple vehicle crash at redwood estates causing big delays. >> checking your car interest
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into high gear so you can get the most out are your vehicle. stay in the know with abc7 news enjoy with remark and weather through the entire commercial break.
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covering novato, oakland sunnyvale and all the bay area this is abc7 news. happening today, the finish line could be a few hours away for the two climbers making the ascent up a vertical rock call at el capitan in yosemite. >> one is a north bay man from santa rosa. amy hollyfield is in newsroom with the latest. many thought it was impossible. it looks like they will prove them wrong and reach the summit this afternoon or evening called "the climb of the century." 30-year-old kevin jorgeson in the red is from santa rosa and he is making the ascript with 36-year-old tommy caldwell of colorado. they are not using climbing aids, just their pete and happens. when they reach they will be the
6:46 am
first to scale dawn wall without equipment. they do not want did do interviews, they just want to see their family and they want privacy and their family members are exited for the moment. what can you say? of course, congratulations but...i am sure i will be crying. that is why i want to hike to the top. the only private time i might have with them. the summit hopefully will entomorrow morning. they have trained if give years for the climb. other than bloody fingers they are going to make it. the hard of the part is behind them. in the newsroom for abc7 news. the "help wanted," is out. a local company is raising a boat load of cash to make fresh
6:47 am
juice. hello what a strange market it hand in 2015. we back down again today 226 points lower in the dow to kickoff with disappointing retail sales and commodity polices are down. job openings are at a 14 year high. the labor department numbers suggest companies are confident and jobbing from -- and jobbing from should be strong but there is a mismap between job opening and those with kills. coverage california says 217 the new customers have signed up for health care plans and the head of the obamacare change is warping people to sign up or they risk being fined. >> and older cars can be hooked up with new technology by verizon through wi-fi networks to diagnosis mechanical problems and dispatch towing. no provides was reveled for the
6:48 am
subdescription service which begins in juan. >> a company is raising $120 million to credit the fresh of the juice in the world with a special con transportation with the fruit handpicked before it is sent and shipped. rumor is the c.e.o. of campbells tried the use and wrote a $10 million check to the company. >> wow! that is a lot of money. >> that is rumor. >> after the holidays many of us have the goal of showing a few pounds, maybe justing. >> if you are putting on weight your job could be to blame. 41 percent of thousands of workers surveyed admit they put on weight at their current job. there are self-ropes -- several
6:49 am
reasons including the free table of food and on the job stress which triggers sugar craving and the best bet is to avoid the vending machine and take the stairs rather than elevators to keep up your heart rate. >> i am tempted to stand up and do jumping jacks or something. >> i will pass. it is sort of early. >> the engineers would go notes because the mike -- cables will come off. >> highway 4 we focus on you and pittsburg headed up willow pass to your neighborhood to pittsburg we have thick to brentwood and oakley and discovery bay and the peach and cherry trees and strawberry
6:50 am
fields are mucky. quarter-mile in concord. half mile in fairly. solano is an area impacted by the fog. from the east bay hills camera highway 24, you can see the fog slipping down the san ramon valley and alamo, san ramon danville dublin, all getting fog. low-to-mid 40's in a few areas and a left mid-to-upper 30's in campbell and saratoga. 35 had danville is the cool spot and 38 in lafayette and it is mild in alameda at 49 and same in san francisco and sap pablo, 47 degrees. at the golden gate bridge different from yesterday as is san jose and the san mateo bridge in fog to specific of but we have a citier wind from the northeast at 14 so you may have to hold open harder today. sunny this afternoon warm than a highs and a change in the forecast with sprinkles possible on friday and again on sunday. high clouds and welcome
6:51 am
sunshine. temperatures in the level 60's with the warm offshore wind freeing the coast again and tonight fog in the same area and some can leak and the north bay and upper 30's to low 40's inland and low-to-mid 40's for our neighbor. two areas of high pressure dominating the profit and this low will penetrate those two and break down the highs that are bringing us mild temperature. the best chance is friday with this storm system. saturday it moves to the negotiate and sunday there is another chance of a few sprinkles but less than .1" possible to santa rosa. the seven-day forecast show temperatures do not budget and the clouds vary all seven days. >> what did you say about a night novel? >> trying to paint a picture. >> i will start calling you mike wordsworth. your new name. the tom toll plaza shows traffic moving at 20 americans -- 20
6:52 am
minutes cross with heavy traffic. slow we are this morning headed in from the east bay toward san francisco and as we look at the san rafael and are monday toll plaza it is busy. traffic across the water and when you get to the san rafael side we had word on the eastbound side of 580 where we had a pedestrian but in details other than injuries involved. over the santa cruz mountains northbound highway 17, multiple vehicle crash with a backup at 22 miles per hour as you try to reach the lexington boulevard so the delays are tough. 6:52. we are back with seven things know before you go. the bay bridge toll plaza does not have a lot of fog as you can
6:53 am
female announcer: get beautyrest, posturepedic even tempur-pedic mattress sets at low clearance prices. and through monday, get 3 years interest-free financing on selected models. don't miss sleep train's year end clearance sale. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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bulldog: through monday, save up to 40% on clearance mattresses. get up to 48 months interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. pup: i found a red tag! [laughter] bulldog: mattress discounters' year end clearance sale ends monday. here are seven things to know before you go: breaking news, san jose firefighters are still on the scene of a two alarm place that burn through an abandoned warehouse north of downtown. but they worry there could be people inside and they hope not. a propose transformers knocked out power to 4,500 customers and the cause is under investigation. the unprecedented free climb of el capitan's dawn wall is expected to end in success today. the climbers including one from
6:55 am
santa rosa have been scaling the 3,000,000 foot rock face since late december with families meeting them at the summit. get ready for a coach del rio, the raiders are close to hiring their new head coach and could be finalized by today. an ohio bar tenner is facing charges for trying to craft a plat to kill house of representatives speaker boehner, 44-year-old michael hoyt threatened to shoot him or poise poison his drink. >> a san francisco man has his beloving do back because of a rockstar. the two-year-old "mochi" was stolen from the apartment. he put it out on social media and it was reposted by a lead singer to the 400,000 followers and someone spotted "mochi" and he is home safe and the burglary suspect was arrested.
6:56 am
>> thick fog inland east bay with visibility less than quarter-mile from 10:00 with in fog over the bay but it is brick with temperatures in the 30's and wind at 15 miles per hour and low-to-mid 60's and sunshine this afternoon. a few accidents number seven be pus of -- because of the fog and the san mateo bridge is tough making it across the river in 18 minutes with multiple vehicle crash and in the process of clearing off the roadway at highway 17 but you have highway heavyup at scots valley. >> the 2015 oscar nominations tomorrow morning starting at 5:30 on the air and calendar for february for oscar sunday. >> we continue on-line and twitter and facebook and all mobile devices. see you in 25 minutes.
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good morning, america. breaking right now, al qaeda takes responsibility for the terror attack in paris just hours ago. a big break in the investigation. as new video emerges of the killer brothers making their escape and the new issue of "charlie hebdo" goes on sale in paris. its cartoons outraging muslims around the world again. new this morning, the plot to kill john boehner. a bartender charged allegedly admitting his plans to poison the top republican's wine. how he got caught. happening now, hired gun? the race car driver and the assassin. the strange turn in nascar superstar kurt busch's battle with his ex. he claims she is a paid killer taking on missions all over the world. close encounter. take a look


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