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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  January 14, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PST

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>> it is wednesday. we are halfway there so thanks for joining us on this when january 14. i action eric thomas. again, we have a lot of fog this morning. right, mike? >> here is the big story, tracking the fog on live doppler hd and the dense fog advisory through the delta down into the san ramon valley and the sunol grade until 10:00. and solano county until 11 o'clock. this is how walnut creek looks, 34 to 50 and cooler this morning headed through the next 2012 hours and 54 to 62 with the 62 being at the coast at noon and low 60s at 4:00 with sunshine and a few high clouds and low 50's headed out this evening. >> and a start to the remark? >> we have a couple of problems and it felt more nip performy but we will look at the san mateo bridge with in problems from hayward to foster city it will only take you nine minutes. the richmond san rafael toll plaza is empty but for maybe one
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or two cars pulling up to the tolls and we do have a new accident a head-on crash on highway 4 and warehouse fire covering we have traffic accident control in the area. we will get back to the breaking news leyla gulen was referring to a three-alarm fire in san jose an industrial area north of downtown and our reporter is at the scene. alyssa? fires do appear to make progress and they are battling the fire from the ground and from before and i am seeing a few different aerial trucks and firefighters on four ladders dousing the building and there is still a lot of smoke in the air but here is what it locked like: flamed tore through structure fear downtown san jose. firefighters got the call at 3:4 this morning and what is bumping is an abandoned warehouse and a
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transformer exploded. i could see it as i was driving here five miles out. the sky lit up. it was dramatic. we have learned 4,000 homes are without power pause -- because of that. it is not believe anyone was inside but squatters have been known to enter the buildings. the cause is "under investigation." you can see difference with firefighters appear to be getting an upper happened on the fire. there are some road close evening in the area because of this including west allian to 87. a man is accused of stabbing two men before 3:00 a.m. in san francisco. the three men got into a fight leaving two with stab wounds. they are at the accident with the severity of the injuries not
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known. miss have not released a description of a suspect. >> today, the finish line could be a few hours away if the two climbers making an ascent a yosemite el capitan and one is a local man from santa rosa. amy? >> the toughest part is hype them. they could see their families today if all goes at plans. kevin jorgeson from santa rosa is in the red climbing with tommy caldwell of colorado climbing since december 27 almost for three weeks. the two men hope to become the first to make it to the summit without using any climbing aids just their hands and feet. they do have ropes and harnesses to prevent deadly falls. tommy caldwell's wife is in yosemite watching the
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the wall was the going of our relationship so see how it has progress through our whole relationship and been part of it been present we have spent time on the wall together and it is our adventure starts with that. >> they trained for five years for the moment and tweeting during the quest. one of jorgeson's recent tweets said "this is not an effort to condition core but about realizing a dream." >> they have said they will not give interviews they want private time with their families and give interviews at a press conference the next morning which we hope will be tomorrow morning. singer chris brown has told the manager to immediately cancel upcoming shows at nightclubs that are "too hood," after a shooting at a show in san jose. tmz says the sing are called an emergency meeting with the crew.
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he if longer wants to perform as venues with a history of violence or security issues. five were wounded when someone fired shots at the fiesta nightclub on saturday night and warned the club of potential for violence. before the stars took to the stage they were warned. >> there is a dangerous new trend involving a common drug for cold and flu relief. three middle school students were hospitalized after each took 12 tablets after drug that is known on the street as triple c," causing hallucinating. the girls bought the drugs from a boy. a four-year-old boy from santa rosa will be reunited with the firefighters would rescued him after he fell 230' down a cliff. in november the boy was throwing rocks over a cliff in bodega bay and three was too close and went over. firefighters fought darkness and heavy fog to get the boy to
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safety. he suffered protecten bones and head injuries and in a coma for 10 days. he wants to say "thanks," to the firefighters. >> san francisco mayor lee has a plan to make it easier for parents to send young ones to preschool under the preschool for all 850 families will be eligible positive full fund for full funding for public and partial for private. he will unveil new benefits for overincome residents in the state of the city address. caldecott tunnel supervisors voted unanimously to rescind their 33 percent pay raise but now without grumblingful the 5-0 vote was a process to void the raise that should be finalized. several supervisors pointed out they are the lowest paid in the state and are required by law to set their own salaries. they refer to call the raise "salary adjustments."
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that adjustment spark add huge public outcry from county union employees who fought to get 4 percent in a race. >> a pop murder plot against house speaker boehner saying 44-year-old former par -- bartender michael hoyt admitted to wanting to poise -- poison and shoot speaker boehner. now to washington. the suspect if this case has a hit of mental illness. the fbi believes the threat was serious and if given another opportunity he spended to act open his fantasy. michael hoyt is believed to be deeply troubled and dangerous. the 44-year-old bartender worked for five years at a country club near house speaker boehner's hometown in ohio. the intent to hurt speaker boehner revealed after he was fired from the job in october. according to court documents his responded to a 9-1-1 call
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from the home where hoyt admitted he was thing of poisoning the republican leader saying he did not have enough time to put something in speaker boehner's drink and he said he thought about shooting boehner with the assault rifle police removed from his home. the day before the arrest hoyt sent a threatening e-mail to boehner's wave say he could have poisoned his wine. investigators say hoyt was treated for scott -- psychotic episode and said he was jesus christ when he was arrested and voices from the car radio told him that speaker boehner was the devil. boehner toll the fbi he remembered hoyt but did not rule any con toronto -- confrontation. the spokesman said "speaker boehner is aware of the situation and sincerely thanks the fbi capitol miss and local authorities in ohio." michael hoyt now is in
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federal custody undergoing psychiatric evaluation and facing up to 30 years in prison. >> now a look at the weather forecast. >> tracking for, less than quarter-mile visibility in concord and fairfield. the eastern migration of the fog from the central valley is moving across highway 4 and brentwood and antioch and pittsburg in the upper 30's to low 40's and concord is 42 and mostly mid-to-upper 30's in the san ramon valley and livermore at 40 degrees. we have 36 at cupertino and 39 in foster city and redwood city at 44 and in the financial district fog free and 50 degrees. as we head through the afternoon hours we will have low-to-mid 60's with light wind and dry air and clean air. headed through thursday we will see an increase in clouds low-to-mid 60's and chance of
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light rain last the north bay friday, the change in the forecast and dry on saturday and all day in the low-to-mid 60. >> injury accident in brentwood blocking all eastbound lanes along highway 4 involving three vehicles there and don't though if the fog had anything to do with the accident but you can see tracking weather and traffic the orange is an indication of where the fog could affect the commute so eastbound lanes of highway 4 all blocked because of the head on injury crash. westbound traction is open so one way traffic accident criminal is in affect. the rest of highway four is under the fog eastbound and westbound direction slow down the speed although it says 67 miles per hour 62 miles per hour slow dutch. in san jose, 101 is clear in the southbound direction and finish up to the san jose airport in delays and no fog. but we are on the scene of the warehouse fire in san jose with
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traffic control in affect at julian street so highway 87 is not affected. >> still ahead, tesla c.e.o. says the palo alto company will show a profit and in the black. >> the maybe maybe and the bridge looking smooth. mike is on the profit and will bring you that and leyla gulen will follow traffic. female announcer: during sleep train's huge year end clearance sale, get beautyrest, posturepedic even tempur-pedic mattress sets at low clearance prices. plus, free same-day delivery, set-up and removal of your old set. and through monday, get 3 years interest-free financing on selected models.
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covering santa clara, san francisco, east bay and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> tesla c.e.o. says the company. turn a profit soon. he spoke at the detroit auto show yesterday. he predicted the palo alto-paced carmaker will turn a profit in five years when the company sells half a president all electric cars each year. he expected tesla to hit milestone when he sells a lower cost car when it hits full production saying demand will be high. >> after we made the car a lot of people said, you make the electric sports car but no one will by it and there is demand. same not model s. >> less that was founded in 2003
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and not yet made a full year's profit. chipolte is taking carnitas off the menu at a third of the stores for now stopping serving pork pus the supplier violated company standards. the chain demanded splayers raise pigs in humane conditions. there is in timeline on when it will return. 6 percent of the customers order carnitas with chicken the must popular order. >> a warning from the i.r.s. republic to wait longer for tax refund this area. here is america's money. good morning topping america's money the effects of deep budget cuts at the i.r.s. >> a people me from the commissioner says that will result in 46,000 fewer audited. but that means less phone support for taxpayers and a longer wait for refund checks. >> cadillac has the new muscle car in detroit at the show which
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hit as top speed of 200 miles per hour with in word open how much it will cost but the current models start at $70,000. >> major brands are going gluten agree with pizza hut offering two selections made with made by a gluten free brake -- bakery. >> obama administration announce a plan to cut methane gas emission to fight global warming. the "los angeles times" reports this aims to cut emissions by up to 45 percent by 2025 by placing distributor limits on oil and gas rowers. it accounts for 10 percent of greenhouse gas emissions expecting to rise substantially with the increase in domestic oil and gas production.
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>> mike likes to talk that some of the management 18 is naturally produced. >> how did you kow i was thinking that? >> we have been working together for a while. >> you put that tactfully. >> i feel like i am hanging out with teen boys. >> there is a big push because of the cow farms in the industrial valley. and sheep. >> some people like to eliminate could yous and sheeps because they produce methane. >> it is not so easy as tuning your car engine. >> moving on to cleaner pastures...5:18 a look at concord the visibility is a mile at the airport and as we head out highway 4 to bay point and pittsburg it is going toen be folky at willow pass and antioch and lone tree way and as we head to oakley and brent wad
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and discovery bay and the peach and cherry trees and strawberry farms all in a stephen king fog this morning. from walnut creek you can see the ever increasing fog but if you are taking a ferry this morning, the fog is not making it past the san pablo bay and it is just new filling in to the pay. we are looking at the bay bridge which is clear. sunny this afternoon. warmer than average highs. sprinkles are possible across the north bay tomorrow. that is the biggest change in from yesterday. high clouds and weekend sunshine. it will trend dry. as far as temperatures, we are in the low-to-mid 60 and will be for a long time. that is well above average. tule fog tonight and light offshore breeze and fog tomorrow and as cold as this morning, upper 30's to low 40 inland and low 40's at the coast and the
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bay and san francisco is warmest at 48. two areas of high pressure: not letting anyone come ashore or into the unthrough the west cost. this storm system being pushed to the north and we have a mild pattern. it will try to shoot the gap and split the areas of high pressure. you can see the rain coming down into the north bay on friday and retreating up to the north for the rest of the welcome. that means we could see little bit of cooling on friday and a lot low-to-mid 60 and we see a more sunshine and low-to-mid 60's through the holiday on monday. >> we have several problems and as we start off with the bay bridge toll plaza this is not one, clear conditions just a few extra cars on the toll plaza from the maze. in the east bay we are dealing with an enjoy at eastbound highway 4 with a little bit
5:21 am
further to the southeast of baltimore road and the red is behind it. all eastbound lanes are shut down. westbound traffic is wide open but we could possibly have one way traffic control in affect. we have another couple of minor citizens on the way along highway 4 so watch out. all this orange is an indication of fog, dense fog and as you continue we have a jackknifed big rig northbound highway 113 at 80 so be careful not sure if it is affected traffic on 80 but it is looking slow as you meet up with 113. straight ahead seven things to know as you start your day. >> 49ers and raiders both hooking -- looking for new coaches. >> join us tomorrow for the oscar nominations from los angeles starting at 5:30 on your oscar station. we will stream them onlynn at
5:22 am >> keep on top weather and traffic with abc7 news now through the commercial break. ♪ ♪ ♪ all the goodness of milk all the deliciousness of hershey's syrup.
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healthy request soup lets you hear it in your heart. [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. great taste. [ m'm... ] [ tapping ] sounds good. campbell's healthy request. m'm! m'm! good.® >> here are seven things to know before you head out the door. san jose firefighters still on the scene of a big three-alarm place that burned through an abandoned warehouse north of downtown. a blown transfollower knocked out power to 4500 pg&e customers. we will have a report coming up at the 5:30 hour. san francisco police are accepting for a man who stabbed another pan in the leg on a muni bus. it happened in the past hour near the tunnel at west portal station. the victim is expected to refer. three, al-qaeda leader in yemen is claiming responsibility
5:25 am
for the attack on paris newspaper "charlie hebdo" the satire publication releasing their latest edition featuring a crying prophet moment. >> ohio bartender is facing federal charges accused of crafting a plot to kill house of representatives speaker boehner. 44-year-old michael hoyt threatened to shoot speaker boehner or poison his drink. hoyt has a history of psychiatric illnesses. the two claimers skying el capitan in yosemite using only ropes and hands and feet will reach the summit this afternoon. kevin jorgeson is a climber from santa rosa. this is the first time fin has free climbed the wall. >> tracking thing fog in the central valley spilling through the delta account east bay valley and fog is around until 10:00 and possibly move into the bay the next couple of hours.
5:26 am
i have a new chance of light rain. that is ahead in the seven-day outlook. a look at the san mateo bridge, it is hazy now as you make the drive from hayward to foster city and we have two citizens, a jackknifed big rig because of the fog and head-on crash in brentwood blocking ought eastbound lanes. thank you, leyla gulen. the raiders still have not officially decided would their next head coach will be but it appears to be interim boss or jack del space rio meeting with the local boy would has previous head kemping experience with jacksonville and was they year as defensive coordinator for broncos where he is still under contract. >> the 49ers met with defensive coordinator for the
5:27 am
broncos adam case and the 36-year-old is seen as a genius but has never been a head coach. that could eliminate him becoming head coach broncos. john elway said they want a field boss with championship experience. in denver when john elway speaks people listen. >> it is 5:27 and another full 90 minutes of news including potential good samaritans charged as criminals, accident go from bad to worse. >> look across the bay if san francisco with fog this morning. stay tuned. female announcer: when you see this truck, it means another neighbor is going to sleep better tonight. but sleep train's ticket to tempur-pedic event
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good wednesday morning on january 14 at 5:30. i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. leyla gulen is here with traffic. meteorologist mike nicco has the weather forecast. we have fog. a lot of fog. through the delta community. now down highway 680 and 242 into the san ramon valley. it will head east into the san pablo bay and highway 24 so much with out. walnut creek cannot even see the traffic that is how thick the fog is. day planner we are in the mid-30's to mid-40's and it is cooler this morning. the next 24 hours we are in the mid-50's to low 60's with the slow 60's at the coast at noon a warm spot and the low-to-mid 60's in the afternoon and low-to-mid 50's with a lot
5:31 am
senator sheep when thing for beens off. leyla gulen the commute picture is murky? yes and the fog may have contributed to the accident in brentwood. you can see the activity with a lot of bubbles as we focus on highway four westbound direction a major accident. as we pull out you can see traffic is at a standstill, complete standstill and the drive is tough if you are traveling in the eastbound direction one way traffic control is in effect when lanes are open and a couple of citizens along highway 4 so be careful. reduce your speed and use your low beams. >> it is 5:31. back do breaking news from 4:30 a three-alarm fire in san jose crews have a handle on the fire at a warehouse at highway 87. our reporter is at the scene.
5:32 am
good morning, firefighters have been battling the flames for two hours. you can see they are making progress. they are fighting defensively from above and we have can't with the san jose fire department to give us an update. what can you tell us? >> as you reported it came after 4:00 in the morning 4:303 with half fire in the abandoned warehouse with the roof collapse s because of the fire so a fully involved large warehouse so that is immediately defensive operations and that is what you see. we put up the master extremes and ladders. after action we called it "knock down," but we are in the process of putting it out. >> how did it start? >> it is "under investigation." it is a possible squatter or homeless people that is access and it and fenced off and locked
5:33 am
up warehouse so our concern is the fire started in the interior so potentially squatters or homeless. the other concern we hope they get out because thin would have survived in there on our arrival. >> a transformer exploded dug the fire and we could see it lighting up the sky. more than 4,600 pg&e customers are without power. you can see the fire is calmed down from a couple hours ago. there is spoke in the air. at the time decide it is safe news they will continue to go in. >> police are looking if a gunman in a shooting that last a man dead and two wounded. police spending to fleming after a patrol officer heard shots and found a man dead at the scene
5:34 am
and the other two victims are in critical but stable condition at local hops. homicide investigators are trying to figure a motive as they hunt for the suspects. >> oakland police are looking no thieves who stole wallets from a man lying unconscious in the street and from another man trying for help. this happened at 8th and union year morning. 25-year-old was riding his bicycle to a health clinic and hit by a pick-up suffering a brain injury and broken bones. the 81-year-old driver of the truck tried to help thieves went through the pickup and stole his wallet while another group of people stole lowry's wallet. >> it was horrible horrible. he never moved. the man never moved. >> it isry doing -- it ridiculous. a man is injured. he is scared. it is bad.
5:35 am
>> his mother said her son is in critical condition with brain injury and broken bones and damaged organ. >> two bodies were found at merritt last night. officers conducted their investigation for hours last night. police are not releasing any details but do not suspect foul play. >> armored police vehicle similar did this be part of the santa cruz police force and not everyone is exited with protests gathering yesterday to voice their opposition. the city council accepted a $250,000 federal grant to by it and police say the vehicle will help with rescues, evacuations and protect officers. some residents are concerned the prince would fuel conflict. >> that is the concern, that the vehicle with be presenting a different kind of policing.
5:36 am
>> we see this vehicle asening a tool for the police department to provide poet are service to the community. >> the santa cruz police department will receive the armored vehicle by the end of the area. >> al qaeda leader in yemen is claiming responsibility for the attack on "charlie hebdo" in paris in a video posted. the commanders say it landed can financed the massacre in vengeance for the prophet. the latest edition of the magazine sold out if hours with people standing if long lines to get their hands on a copy and some customers were limited to only one copy which features a crying prophet mohammed and the distributor pushed the circulation from 40,000 to five million companies and have turned up on ebay with an asking price of $500. >> lawyers for post boston
5:37 am
marathon bombing dzhokhar tsarnaev are asking a federal judge to stop jury selection in his trial pause of the recent attacks in france. the lawyers want a delay of a positive and believe the jury poll has been tainted by news coverage of the france it will be hard to select a new location where dzhokhar tsarnaev could get a get a fair trial. >> the most unprecedented rock climbs should be over later today in yosemite. kevin jorgeson of santa rosa and tommy caldwell are free climbing el captain office wall and do not use equipment other than ropes to chime 3,000' straight up. the wall is layered with piercing rocks. each man trained five years. jorgeson fell 11 times over seven days trying to get beyond a difficult section. new details in the reported
5:38 am
leak on the international space station. nasa says it was a false alarm. nasa initials at mission control in houston say a faulty sensor led to the false alarm in the united states section of the international space station and the astronauts were temporarily evacuated to the russian side of the or pitting space laboratory. everyone on board and okay and the incident is under investigation. dublin and san ramon customers when above the call of water conservation cut with officials saying that customs cut back on water use by 24 percent in 2014 beating governor brown's goal of 20 percent reduction across the state. something that helped the effort was requiring construction sites to use recycled water for dust criminal. -- dust control. >> now a check on the weather forecast.
5:39 am
mike? >> we talked about the dense fog. in the east bay valley it will last until 10:00 and visibility is less than quarter-mile and in solano county until 11 o'clock and it comes through the bay in the eastern opening or piles of the valleys in the north bay coming across the san ramon bridge and move out over the ocean crossing the golden gate bridge and across the bain babe -- the bay bridge and head south. it is dry. so we do not have fog developing on its own in the north bay valley with 35 at sap far rose and 36 at petaluma and american canyon everyone dressing for the low-to-mid 40's the temperature an the bay and, also, 47 in alameda and lafayette and respond at 39 and 3889 san jose, congratulations, no fog 101 and 880 are clear and the afternoon
5:40 am
is full of let 60's with sunshine light humidity and light lotion. san rafael is looking south on 101 with in fog to con continues with and it could change by the end of the commute. low-to-mid 60's dominates the three day forecast with thicker clouds tomorrow a chance of light rain in the north bay on friday and a chance of light rain in the north bay on friday is the big change and it will be dry this weekend. we have so much to get to, we will start with the follow toll plaza and the metering lights could be turned on in the next -- no, they are turned on early. at the golden gate bridge much clearer conditions and we have a new report of an accident but first, we will get to this, a sig-alert in brentwood eastbound highway 4 all laps are shut down because of a head-on crash with three cars involved westbound traffic accident is open. we are under a dense fog advisory. slow down your speed. use the low beaches.
5:41 am
it could crib to the major injury accident. along highway four, you will find a couple of accidents. in oakland, a brand new crash with overturned vehicle southbound highway 13 and over to pleasanton, westbound direction, 588, another crash involving three vehicles blocking the fast lane. next, be prepared for protesters as a san francisco bart station this week. we will explain why they will be out. the perfect crime to get pore pizza than anyone else. at san francisco international airline waking up for a busy travel day. we will check with mike to see if there is the potential if delays. and where the fog is through the latte
5:42 am
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>> new details by the number of undocumented california immigrants who have been issued driver's licenses and the department of motor vehicles said 10,000 listens were issued since january 2 when the bill allowing undocumented immigrants to apply was implemented. the zmv expects 1.4 million to apply the first three years under the rule which is aimed at making the roads safer.
5:45 am
protest is plans friday morning at a van bart station. it could cause a problem in the commute for some. they will protest at the monday -- montgomery station for those that chained to the bart protesting the shooting of missouri teen michael group. they were all charged with misdemeanor trespassing. the friday forecast will begin at 7:00 a.m. >> oakland's response to occupy protest three years ago is going to cost the city $1 million. yesterday, a federal judge approved a settlement filed by eight occupy protesters who were arrested by police identified the downtown ymca in 2012. hundreds were arrested including roters and bystanders and some were held for more than three days in jail. the judge granted the case class-action status so 400 people will split the $1.3 million settlement.
5:46 am
bobcats are dying near uc santa cruz. three cats have died and new reports show that they all had poison in their blood. this man found two of the three poisoned bobcats but this one involving a female bobcat dying near her kitten was especially heart breaking. >> a sick mother. with the young kitten trying to get close to it and cuddle. it was very sad. wildlife experts believe someone living nearby is using poison to get rid of rats which are eaten by the bobcats so two cats were hit by cars but they would have survived if they had not had poison if their systems. scientists plan to do public outreach to let people know of the effects of the poison this month. a san francisco man whose dog was stolen over the weekend has been reunited with his pet and the woman accused the theft is behind bars.
5:47 am
police say melissa perna burglar ized an apartment make off with a bicycle, backpack and "mochi" and the owner thought the dog ran away but the surveillance video from a business told a different story. he began a social media campaign asking anyone would had seen "mochi" to call him. a lead singer reposted on his account with 400,000 followers. >> it is crazy to see how far the word can spread and how much people want to help especially people that are influential. it is nice to see that people care. >> on monday someone would heard about "mochi" spotted the suspect watching the dog matching the description near the tenderloin police station and alerted officers would made the arrest. >> happy "mochi" reunited. >> we find out what is going on
5:48 am
with the fog. hide and go seek east bay shoreline could get it rounding the san pablo bay and heading south. right now we have politicians like brentwood and oakley and discovery bay and lone tree way, highway 4 headed to pittsburg and bay point and all the way over to concord martinez benicia, vallejo all the way up 780 to fairfield and even to dixon. watch out. it is making head s way into the san pablo bay. as we look toward the east this morning it looks good and whether the areas affected yesterday, san mateo bridge lacking fuzzy but clear. you can see all the way over to
5:49 am
the san mateo area. sunny this afternoon will warmer-than-average high temperatures. the change in the forecast since yesterday sprinkles, and light rain is possible in the north bay and when the system passes high clouds and weakened sunshine and temperatures not budging from this range low-to-mid 60's, 66 in santa rosa. a cool spot is antioch at 60 with the fog. 62 in san francisco. half moon bay is sunny and 60. in the upper 40's in san francisco. most of the bay shoreline and the south bay and upper 30's to low 40's tonight. the area of high pressure to the south now has a friend and a stronger friend to the north and look at the storms pushing them
5:50 am
into the gulf alaska where they will miss us. one will get frequenty and try to break free and punish through the areas of high pressure and find a weak spot there is a chance of light rain friday interest saturday morning and the system heads north for the holiday weekend. as far as rainfall, maybe slight amount santa rosa on friday. that is it. the seven-day forecast shows the temperatures i don't dip with the extra cloud cover on friday but we will see more sunshine on saturday, sunday and monday and tuesday and low-to-mid 60's with no soaking rains we desperately need. >> we have a new citizen in -- a new accident in fremont northbound direction. it was blocking three lanes with injuries involved. this morning has been a mess with several accident across the bay area. along northbound 880 through
5:51 am
fremont watch out because you could fine delays building. in pleasanton we have an accident involving three vehicles westbound 580 a lane is blocked. look at the backup pushing to dublin and the drive is 45 minutes. at brentwood we are inundated by fog and eastbound highway 4 at baltimore pore road we have a head on injury accident a sig-alert in affect until further notice and be came at highway 4. southbound highway 13 at park boulevard in oakland it is blocking the off-ramp because of the overturned vehicle. here is a trick you might deploy when you have the super bowl party if you love pizza you probably hate how few solutions you get when you share. >> a new video shows how to steal a legal extra for your sell without anyone noticing m
5:52 am
cut a strip down the middle of the pizza remove it and set it aside and push the two haves together and turn it 90 degrees and dot same thing the push all four pieces together and cut diagonally and you get a large pizza that turns to a medium pizza but you get center pests because you kept the strips. >> or order a small and seven the large to the gifts. >> unable to shed the holiday pounds, something you do each day could be to blame. two gigantic jackpots up for grabs. >> voters get the shock of their lives when something is chasing them in the water. wait until you see this. >> tomorrow is the 2015 oscar nominations from los angeles starting at 5:30 and streaming for you at
5:53 am
>> sutro tower camera looking at san francisco with weather and track through the entire commercial bulldog: through monday, save up to 40% on clearance mattresses. get up to 48 months interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. pup: i found a red tag! [laughter] bulldog: mattress discounters' year end clearance sale ends monday.
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old el paso says... start somewhere fresh >> mega millions jackpot is getting bigger and bigger. no one hit the winning ticket last night. the $246 million jack still there: 12 20, 25, 50, 51 and mega number, 7. friday's drawing has a jackpot of $2 70 million and the power jackpot tonight is worth $176 million.
5:56 am
>> we have great video of a group of voters on safari got a scare when something was chasing below the water surface. >> something is coming at their boat. the driver picks up speed so does whatever is in the water. wait. wait. wait. yes, a huge hippo revealing itself feet from the bet which are not men to be aggressive will they have babies or feel threatened. maybe it was just hungry. >> don't want to find out personally. hopefully it wasn't a hungry hungry hungry hippo. >> from a third of a degree to three quarters of a degree warmer for temperatures in december. dense fog through the central valley until noon and temperatures are low-to-mid 60's and low-to-mid 70's to the south and in lake tahoe.
5:57 am
>> we have an accident at northbound 880 and we have lanes blocked. delays the southbound direction yellow away from highway 84 and drive time traffic 580 to castro is 15 minutes and 85 to san jose airplane is clear to daly city. >> next at 6:00 a happy baby is a healthy baby a sneaky way to get your little one on the right path with an add blessing for mom and dad. >> verizon breaks into the car business to extend the life of your car. >> looking outside at abc7 news now and the bay bridge toll plaza which is stacking up.
5:58 am
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. at 6:00, a major fire engulfs a san jose warehouse and what happened that has people waking up in the dark. >> a monster feat with the world watching with the el capitan climbers near the top. >> a threat to kill the man who hatched a plot to kill house of representatives speaker boehner and how the two men could be connected. good morning john 14 on wednesday. thanks positive -- for starting your day with us. >> that is leyla gulen. >> and that is meteorologist mike nicco with the forecast. >> we have fog. it is in the east bay. the dole -- the south and north bay. if solano county until 11 o'clock, inland east bay neighborhoods until 10:00 so the visibility will be


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