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tv   Prime News  HLN  April 10, 2010 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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breaking news, a "survivor" producers is a suspect in his wife's death, her body ditched in a sewer in cancun, mexico, where they were on vacation with their kids. a dad is accused of shows hi 8 and 9-year-old daughters hard-core important. the kids were so traumatized mom had to take them to counseling. this mom is facing harassment charges for hacking
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her 16-year-old son's facebook account. changing his password and posting messages on his wall. >> i'm going to fight it. it could be a precedent moment for parents. this is "prime news," breaks news tonight, an emmy award-winning producer is a suspect in his wife's death. her body was found in a sewer at the moon palace resource. today would have been her birthday. this is a picture of monica and her husband bruce from "extra." on tuesday he told police she left the hotel to go shopping the day before and never returned. we're taking your calls. joining me mike brooks, wendy walsh, a clinical psychologist
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with, and alan duke, a producer from our sister network cnn. first of all, producers for "survivor," award-winning producer, "pitch mp my ride" he down in cancun with his wife. why are they there? what was going on? >> there's a pretty good back story we're finding out this afternoon. she originally didn't fly down there with him. she was in hawaii. went there after, according to a family friend who we know to be close to her, after she cleared out the family bank account, went to hawaii with her kids on a getaway vacation after finding out that she thought her husband was having an affair. then when he was in cancun, he convinced her to fly from hawaii to cancun in order to reconcile. she flew there as recently as sunday, and of course she
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disappeared by tuesday, and we found out that she was found in a sewer today. he was arrested, and detained as a suspect in her death. >> how about the kids? were the kids down in mexico with them? have we been able to confirm that? >> that's a good question. i'm not sure. i know that i'm told by the family friend, the kids flew with her to hawaii last week. whether they went with her to cancun for the reconciliation, we don't know. >> is there any evidence they picked up to the way she died? how she was killed? >> according to the police spokesman in cancun, there were no bullet holes, anything like that. it appears initially at least the investigation suggests strangulation. >> let's bring in mike brooks. mike, you're actually familiar with this resort down in cancun. what can you tell us about it? and how about investigators down in mexico? are they as sophisticated as investigators here? and do you think this is something they can solve? >> good question, vinnie, first of all, the result, the moon
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palace is huge. i've stayed there before. it's waterfront, beautiful place, a championship golf course. i went on a tour of the facility. some of the places, vinnie, there are surveillance cameras, but other places there are not. to your question of whether or not the mexican authorities will be able to solve this, you know, certainly different parts of mexico they do a good job. here they do. cancun is very reputable. will they be able to find out exactly the cause and manner of death in this case? they should. it will probably take a few days. will the u.s. state department get involved? absolutely, because it's the death of an american in a foreign country. >> let's take a listen to a family friend here talking about this case. take a listen. >> monday morning she went for shopping on cancun, and she never came back. they noticed that she did not make to the shopping because they went through her credit cards, and they didn't see
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anything. so she did not purchase anything. >> let's britain in wendy walsh. the story is, the back story is the most fascinating part. she goes to hawaii without her husband, suspects him of cheating, then goes to mexico to meet him to reconcile with him, ends up did i. talk to us a bit about that relationship, husband, wife, he's cheating, she gets convinced, though, to go to mexico to be with him. >> are you asking me how it's possible how a man can convince a woman to reconcile? they're very good at it, vinnie. obviously there's money involved, too. we're talking about, this is a very tragic situation. we don't know the history of this marriage. we don't know if there's been a history of domestic violence, or if he's had aggressive tendencies. apparently he's only a suspect at this point, but clearly with her clearing out the bank account, perhaps giving him an ultimatum, leads us to believe
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she was planning a divorce. perhaps he didn't want to pay for that. >> and mike brooks, you talk about motives here. we've seen it a million time on "in session." motive through the roof here. >> exactly, vinnie. you would think a producer of a television show, who watches tv all the time, watches shows like us, like "in session" would say if you're going to kill your wife, would you do it at the resort? again, he is a suspect only right now while the investigation continues. where this will go, we still don't know. >> where are we right now? is he in custody down in mexico? >> yes, we're told by the police they have him in custody. he was in fact arrested as a suspect as far as any official charges made? we've not confirmed that, but we know he was arrested as a suspect. >> things are different in mexico, vinnie, about charging someone and holding them, too. thank you. more news coming up, folks.
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don't go anywhere. a dad is accused of showing his 8 and 9-year-old daughters hard-core important. cops say he forced them to watch live web cam sex shows.
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a dad in aimrio, texas is accused of showing his daughters hard-core important. he faces two counts of chi endangerment. his ex-wife says their youngest daughter told a therapist that late one night he called them over to his computer and showed them a wild web cam while he
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told her what on to do. that and he allegedly shod them other pornographic videos. for months they kept this dark secret, but then her mom said herle-year-old started acting out and she learned what happened. his dad's excuse? he wanted to teach his dates about sex. my goodness. joining us to talk about this, randle county district attorney james ferrin, brian wise, and wendy walsh. we want to go straight to the facebookers on this one. rebecca says this is just plain sick. holly writes, important is not sex, it's an act, this is way wrong, and julie writes, at least show them something that would qualify for the discovery channel. the facebookers are outraged. wendy walsh, what's going on,
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dad and his sex education through pornography? this is outrageous. >> some of the statistics about exposing children to pornography are pretty disturbing. first of all, more than 30% of child molesters and to it. exposing a child to pornography makes other children vulnerable. the first place they go to act out the games is to children younger than them, and pornography doesn't teach children about responsible sex. it doesn't talk about love, intimacy, connection or consequences. it just shows an act that's very irresponsible. >> let's bring in the d.a., james ferrin. why is it taking so long? >> first of all, the children were removed from the dad and he hasn't had contact with them at least not -- at least supervised
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contact since the karges were filed. so we were able to take our time and try to work our way around a statu statute, harmful display of any material. there's a built-in defense, if a company by consenting parent, and so it took a while a way to get around that problem. we finally did, but the children were not having any unsupervised contact with the father, so we had some time to -- at our luxury. >> brian, i've got to ask you, you are my texas legal expert. are you telling me it's legal for parents to bring the kids over, ahead, check out the pornography on the computer? is there some loophole that needs to be filled? >> anytime i hear the word loophole, i immediately reach for my wallet. at the end of the day, the legislature that sits in austin decided that it was an exception to the statute that prescribes
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the exhibition of this material if mom and dad were there, and with all due respect to the d.a., it seems like he's doing an end run around the statute recognizing he couldn't -- >> maybe he should. we have much more to talk about. don't go anywhere. give us a call.
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so there's dad sitting behind the computer one night looking at a little pornography, has the web cam going, calls his daughters over to check it out, because he says it's part of their sex education. he's facing charges. we're taking your calls. 1-87-tell-hln. lori, you're on the air tonight. >> caller: yes, i think they should take him and put him in jail, in an old timy sweatbox,
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and he should not be allowed to see, hear or even look at a child the rest of his life. they learn enough through video games and tv. >> lori, you are outraged. thanks for the call. my friend brian says you're doing an end-around with the laws in texas. what do you say? >> it's a different statute. the same legislators he was bragging about a moment ago passed this law also. >> so, brian, really it's imminent danger here? aren't we putting kids in danger, 8 and 9 years old when we're exposing them to this type of material? >> vinnie, the statute says placing them in imminent danger of mental impairment. i think you can make the argument that kids will be in danger by watching "south park" or "2" or "csi."
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>> wendy, which is more dangero dangerous? >> well, here's what's most dangerous about this law. first of all. child molesters use pornography all the time to stimulate young children and can rationalize themselves that kids came on to them, and. now, i'm not making a speculation about this particular father, but i'm saying this gives fathers a right to get them involved in sexual activity. so it's scary. >> i've got to take this call. vince in florida, you're on the air. you were on the air, did you hang up, vince? can you believe that, a guy named vince hangs up on vinnie? unbelievable. james, what do you want to see happen to this guy? how much time can he do? and how long would you like to put him in prison? >> well, the unfortunate aspect of the endangerment statute is
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it's a state jail felony, so the punishment is two years, and up to a $10,000 fine is the maximum possibility punishment. there are two different charges, so if found guilty, he could do up to four years in the state jail prison and pay up to $20,000 in fine. i wish the punishment -- possible punishment were greater, but of course nobody's guilty until we prove the case, but if he's found guilty, i would hope for a greater punishment. >> thanks to my great guests. i appreciate it. millions of americans smoke men thiol cigarettes. now the federal government should be one step closer to banning them. it's a top priority health concern that could have salesmen racial implications. that's because men thiol cigarettes are overwhelmingly popular among african-americans. now a panel has a year to make a
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recommendation to the fda on whether men thiols are more dangerous. 75% of african-american smokers u menthol brands. there's no evidence that they're less lethal. african-american smoke fewer cigarettes, but have higher rates of lung cancer, smoke and other tobacco-related diseases. and everyone should have mailed in their census forms last week. president obama sent in his completed form. we know his race has been the subject of much discussion, but when it capes to the census, he simply marked the box that marks black, african-american or negro. the president's family was from kenya, his mother was from
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kansas, so you could say he is african-american in the truest sense of the word. spokesman robert gibbs said the president had no hesitation about his answer. other "what matters" segment gives us a chance to look at stories that affect all of us.
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there's a controversial new nike ad feat turlg tier woods and the voice of his late father. it's generating both positive and negative reaction. first, i want you to check this out. a heckler at the masters just before tiger's tee shot, his big comeback there was a small plane flying overhead. this is what it looked like. of course, this is an obvious reference to his vow to return to his buddhist roots.
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after five months. sex scandal, today's distraction, can tiger ever get past what he did. rafer weigel joins us from augusta. day one for tiger back on the swing, but you got some hecklers in the skies. what was happening on the ground? >> reporter: we have good and bad happening. first of all there was a second heckler recently, an airplane that had sex addict? question mark? police, so am i, but he normally does not have a good day when he plays this tournament. he's having a great day, 4 under right now on the 14th hole, i believe. what's also interesting, vinnie, you heard him say he's going to be a different tiger, a less demonstrative. we have not seen that. on 14 -- or 13 when he bogeyed a hole, he threw his club in disgust, so i'm not seeing a different guy out there. i understand he's a competitor
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and wants to maintain his edge, but in terms of his behavior, it's the exact same tiger woods. in terms of his performance, he's doing a heck of a lot better than people expected. i think he can win this thing. >> how is the crowd reacting to tiger today? >> reporter: as you can expect, they were overwhelmingly supportive. first when he walks out there's a huge cheer. he gets on the tee, think announce his name and a huge cheer. he always gets huge cheers, but this had more purpose. they wanted to say we love you, welcome back. he also had a lot of security following him, a lot of undercover guys you could tell were plain clothes or ex-cia. they're looking for something, but nothing happened on the ground, just in the sky. >> nothing happened on the ground, but some controversy today about this brand-new ad. let's take a look at it.
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>> tiger, i am more prone to be inquisitive, to promote discussion. i want to find out what your thinking was i want to find out what your feelings are, and did you learn anything? >> wow. nikes is known for these types of ads. also joining us is marvette. larry, let me start with you. some people are saying it's a little creepy, some people are saying it's effective. your thoughts about this new ad campaign. >> well, it's brave. it's nike who has a $650 million
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investment in tiger woods. they grew the business together. in defense of its star, and they brought earl woods, the one man who can even from the grave defend his son. >> mar vevett, they're saying, t a minute, he's going to use his father's voice to smooth over his image so he can build up his bank account? how does that play? >> what we saw was a company that wasn't necessarily compelling you to buy nike products, but really supporting their most treasured, lucrative athlete. what was interesting is it's a bit off-strategy for the pr strategy that tiger has been following throughout this whole ordeal. his father asks interesting questions, what is he thinking?
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it's prone to incite discussion, all the of the things tiger really hasn't done. in a lot of people's opinions, he hasn't answered the question. so it was really interesting, and the strategy is a little not in line with what we think. >> this whole thing is different. what do you think about it? sandra is in north carolina, you're on the air. >> caller: yes, when this first broke, there was a story? one of tabloids about tiger's father cheating on his mother. that he grew up watching him have numerous affairs
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let me go back to you, larry. using his father's voice for this advertisement, that's something i'm sure tiger had to approve. this isn't nike going off on their own, is it? >> that's certainly what golf fans want to hear. >> does he have to win this thing to win back the public? >> absolutely. it's really about him winning on the golf course. again, when you look, listen clearly to what the commercial
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is saying, i believe it is off-strategy. >> we're all talking about it. >> absolutely. clearly this was more a show of support as far as nike is concerned rather than their attempt to sell products. >> marvett, larry, appreciate it. thank you. glen miller has filed as a write-in candidate and also bought tv time. is he taking the first amendment too far?
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all right. i want to warn you from the start, this next segment contains offensive language. a white supremist is runs for senate in missouri, radio stations are being forced to air his ads under federal law. here he is, glen miller, the guy bought time to air ads that
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demean jews and non-whites, sometimes he uses racist language. take a listen to one ad from youtube. again, i want to warn you, it contains offensive language. some we had to bleep out. >> ahead, white man. gugle the next 100 million, in 1960 white people were 90% of the u.s. population. today truth be told we're less than half. you don't care, do you, whitie? all you care about is satisfies your belly, pock duke [ bleep ]. the future of white children will be a nightmare and you don't care. >> a station must allow him reasonable access to their facility, and must air his messages without any changes. does that seem right to you? we're taking your calls, 1-877-tell-hln. mike hendricks joins me from
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"kansas city star." is he a real racist or candidate? >> he's a real racist who happens to say he's a candidate. >> how does it play locally? >> they're upset. when you hear the ads, you can't believe it. they put disclaimers before and after the ads, which he says just calls more attention to them, and he's correct. >> yeah, and you've got to put the disclaimers. the radio station is taking the money and donating it, they're not keeping any of this money. let's listen to what some of the kmbz djs had to say about it. >> we're not comfortable with this money, we're not comfortable keeping this money, so we're going to donate this money to the very groups that glen miller despises. >> what can you tell us. is he a high-profile figure in missouri? >> no, he's just some bug that came out from underneath a rock. he was -- he was a member of --
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he founded the white patriots party, an offshoot of kkk back in the carolinas in the '80s. he went to federal prison for three years for promoting race war and possessing hand grenades. he ran for congress in 2006 in southwest missouri, and ran some -- i guess i'm hearing ads that were even worse than the ones they have now. he got a grand total of 23 votes. >> 23 is what he got. >> out of a quarter million cast. >> well, i guess we know why this guy is doing what he's doing. he's surrounded by a large group. is there any concern he's part of some group that perhaps could be dangerous? >> i think he's part of a group that as folks in their living room, racists around the country who connect via the internet. >> unbelievable stuff. these ads are playing. are any people blaming the radio station here?
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>> not too many. a few folks have said, well, he's running them on certain radio stations, because he thinks he'll hit his target audience. i think he's really going for the low rates, the people who are politically active and that's about it. >> mike hendricks, thanks so much. folks, stay with us. more news coming up. this mom is facing harassment charges for hacking her 16-year-old son's facebook account, changes his password and posting messages on his wall. i'm going to fight it. it can't be a precedented moment for parents. >> this how she joins us live.
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i'm ali velshi with "making cents" helping you navigate a tough economy. ann writes i sent a drop dead her to a collection agency that has been hounding us. the debt is about 20ier. i stated, quote i questioned you do not contact me or attempt to contact me anymore, even if the debt is mine, which i do not acknowledge, it is outside the statute of limitations and can no longer appear on my credit record. both i and my husband sign the letters. the harassing calls and her continue. what do i do now? i'm never an advocate of running
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away from death you owe. if the debt is yours, you need to call and make an arrangement to pay it off. while it's true it can't appear on your credit report, it doesn't mean the collection agent that's bought your did i can't take you to court for it. in most cases it wouldn't survive a court battle, but the reality is you do owe that money and there's no statute of limitations to a collection agency continuing to try and get money from you. as long assi just phone calls, there's not, in it gets threatening or intimidating, you can report it to the federal trade commission. we love hearing from you. e-mail your questions at give us your questions on our pope benedict xiv page or text us and start your message with the word "prime." i'm advisory. it's crazy to me that we are even having this interview.
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>> a teenage boy didn't like it when his mom snooped in his facebook. what did he do? filed a criminal complaint. now mom is charged with harassment. she says she was trying to go a good parent, but did she go too far here? in the criminal complaint against her, her 16-year-old son writes, denise first hacked my facebook and changed my password, and also changed the passweird. she posted things that involve slander and personal facts about my life. well, it seems like the prosecutor sided with the kid. what do you think of this? 1-8977-tell-hln. joining me now, mom, along with her attorney michael king. thank you both for joining us. let's get right to it. what is your side of the story here? did you hack into his account? >> no, sir, i did not hack into
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his account. it was standard procedure to have his passwords in order for him to whether or not my computer. at some point in time he changed his pass words. >> what did you write that got him so upset. >> i'm really not entirely sure. honestly i don't know. >> and when you went on his facebook, you posted things, did you post them as his mother? >> yes, and he says it's slanderous. what was your purpose in going on there? maybe we'll start there. >> my purpose was because he had been showing a pattern of behavioral problems, and shutting me out. i wanted to know what was going on in his life. being his mother, i think i have that right. >> and you know what? i'm with you there. i'm absolutely with you. my kids are probably watching
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now anyway, of going in and seeing what they're doing, i think that's responsible parenting, but posting on his site? i mean, is that maybe one step too far, mom? i think that's where people are a little concerned here. explain why you couldn't go on the site and then talk to son about what's going on in his life? >>. >> well, i talked to him. he was already forewarned about things that i had found before that if i found those types of things again that he wouldn't have any access to facebook at all. and as far as the postings go, there was one it was a direct quote from someone named charles, i can't remember his last name, but it was racing teenagers is like trying to nail jell-o to a tree. i found that to be funny. >> i know, it's difficult dealing with teenagers and you're absolutely concerned, we have got some more time with you, don't go anywhere, folks, you want to comment, 1-877-tell-hln.
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