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tv   Arts and Culture  Deutsche Welle  May 15, 2019 7:45pm-8:01pm CEST

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light artist who creates out of this world images with nature's how. so the 1st semifinal of this is your vision song contest has taken place and 7 countries are already out of the competition including former winners portugal but all straight yes i know they're not anywhere near europe but any country can apply to join in there through with an amazing performance which goes with the title of songs 0 gravity and they certainly seem to define battle on stage anyway there were some great performances some totally kitschy performances and there were some how to write bad ones in the 1st semifinal so it seems your vision could be back to its best this year really. correspond with tanya kramer centers this report from tel aviv where it's all taking place. beach sun and music as the e.s.c.
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as it's known to its legions of followers hit tel aviv. on the beach a mix of tourists and fans await saturday's grand finale with anticipation to levy visit this city when it's it's always fun and when people from the whole europe come here to see something i think it will become more fun. to. go in the big steeds here. i am happy to represent my counter abana and read this there they go. oh my. god. israel is hosting this year's year edition song contest because of this single nit about silly who won in lisp on the last year she will perform when you sing
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good man a banana at the final on sunday. making people come here and see how amazing israel is giving us a chance to show how how how big of a party we can make and how amazing and genuine it can be energy wise. wow. 41 nations are competing to win europe's oldest song contest it's the 3rd time is violence hosted it security has been beefed up along the beach promenade but the ever glitzy event has not escaped the country of the sea. international palestinian and israeli artists sign petitions to urge others to stay way from the event now that it's arrived they still want to highlight what they see as the political reality. let's stop for a 2nd try to look at reality for a higher perspective not only this you know the speech is
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a really beautiful and everybody is happy and smiling in the beer is the city. but just a few kilometers from here really. crazy things are happening here at the eurovision press enter politics couldn't be further away the organizer of the contest the european broadcasting union has said strict rules spending politics from the stage among bloggers and journalists covering the event it's all about who is going to win this year's contest the dutch entry is one of the favorites lawrence duncan with kind of a cheesy nice ballad isn't 1st place but my favorite and my bad hopefully is below for sony the french singer 19 years old muslim gay and he's now climbed up to 4th place in the odds hopefully he'll win sweden with john ludwick in 2nd place so it's within france holland that's the big battle if you are foreign visitors then expected to have turned up but this pop icon madonna making
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a guest appearance the final on saturday is to sold out. another huge event that's underway here in europe is the cannes film festival and head of the jury that is gonzales' inyati to regard. by many to be the greatest living film director around today he's certainly the only one in 65 years to win back to back best director oscars for birdman in 2014 and the next year he got it for the revenant now it's his turn to hand out prizes at the 72nd cannes film festival in the suffer from its. but that can the big questions are who's wearing what on the red carpet and what film will the jury pick to win the palme d'or this year for the 1st time the cannes jury is led by a mexican director a 100 gonzales inyati to me but i don't know how it's going to work to tell you
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a true i have never been a precedent i have never control anything even my sets not my family nothing so up to a president to one of the most awkward kind of situation and mexican president it's in years have so then what is his plan as can jury president and how will he and the rest of the jury 3 more directors 2 actors a scriptwriter and a comic book creator be looking for the winners i will like to see the films see we will not know who directed it you know i think no no time no experience no name no fame no gender nothing should be take there i think for respect of cinema and for the people who made it i think we should just judge a film by by if by the film itself like the art itself. in his own movies and yet he too is known for his striking visual style and often grim subject matter. in 2000 he made his directorial debut with the intensely emotional a modest perilous about the cruel world of dog fighting in mexico city. it was
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always these have got a little bit if you give us a little just to give us a scene in which the c.e.o. who came. in as a let's hope as mr a minute by that little bad ass can see we're going to be one the critics we could grand prize it can and was nominated for an academy award for best foreign language film going to tell a bunch of. inyati to 2nd feature film 21 grams is about the convergence of 3 lives with sean penn as a terminally ill mathematician. this is now beneath your don't. as an ex convict and naomi watts as a grieving mother. sean penn won best actor for his role at the venice film festival but you ought. to see if it is that.
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much of a nanny to his work focuses on the human condition and his 2015 dark comedy birdman is no different it's a film about love and acceptance michael keaton plays a former super hero trying to breathe new life into his stagnant career the film won for oscars including best director. talking about. her place. in the revenant leonardo dicaprio gets attacked by a bear in addition to being shot and stabbed. in nearly 2 fared somewhat better than his main character the film won him his 2nd oscar for best director academy after receiving so many awards it will soon be in the audi two's turn to hand out a few himself one thing is for sure it won't be a netflix movie to win the palme d'or for the 2nd here running the cannes film festival has banned movies made by the online streaming service. and of
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course we'll bring you more from cannes as it continues over the next 10 days now shapes like the appearing behind me appear in the middle of a not landscape name but dread bright the shining geometric shapes there the work of the spanish lights and landscape. 10 years ago the lecturer in fine art quit his job so he could dedicate his life to his art which is painting with lights made his work gives us a completely new perspective on natural environment. 3 dimensional sculptural and hovercraft change his tie. it is light installations geometric shapes projected on to nature of the spanish trademark. it's not a moment or so i'm always seeking these almost magical moments in my works you see and again you know i'm trying to find out whether there is
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a harmonious relationship between geometry and nature of money or. you know something a harmony that would move us emotionally and which goes beyond our normal perception of nature. brianna's career really took off in 2009 with a large solid photography exhibition in the rain in sofia in madrid since then he's carried out like projections in numerous public spaces. to me eric installations a much move than just entertainment. went there and sometimes i feel this sort of reverberation which goes beyond our daily perception and beyond how we normally experience nature seymour's throughout the rest of this outlet those moments are precious and very fulfilling for me is. beneficial to and i'd even go so far as to say i live for these kinds of
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experiences. biba body said people experience years. says he experiences unspoiled nature as elemental tranquil an enigmatic through his projections brianna hopes to share his experience visually he also makes large scale photos of the results. brianna designed his geometric forms to fit a chosen landscape in his miter studio his work follows strict mathematical rules simply using image editing software to superimpose is out of the question. for me the right geometry complements the place. you can't do that on a computer but when i finished a geometric for me it will look like there's a key to another dimension you can't get that effect on screen and.
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tonight conditions in the mountains outside madrid are ideal thanks to a full moon having every area has a natural light source for his long exposures. the resulting photo quiesced a magical quality. wow finally at sotheby's in new york an impressionist painting has for the very 1st time top $100000000.00 market auction one of claude monet is iconic paintings of haystacks was sold on tuesday for 110 point $7000000.00 that's nearly $100000000.00 euros the work depicts stacks of harvested wheat belonging to monica's neighbor enjoy in france the new owner remains anonymous person selling it as dan rather well having bought it in 1986 for a mere $2500000.00 i and that rounds off the show for the day much more about
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eurovision the cannes film festival. gov dot com slash culture or on facebook update of a new culture another for myself an old wonderful crew here in berlin who make this all work by the way i thank you to the thank you see you for watching and until next time. the phone. rings in the.
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center of the conflict zone confronting the powerful the full trial of companies separatist leaders over their failed independence feet as late as some stuff divisions in spanish society my guest this week here in madrid is sprains for mr joseph around how does he ons of a challenge to the trials how fundamentally unfair. conflicts the 1st few minutes on the double cost of. some say that we're going to. go or not. a mistake and we can into this world where we need to get it. as can the human mind. and then we can make him feel that if that's what you. want to i leave.
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sometime in the 26th. let me of the world. around half a century the one i was there were 3 people you will share. your world be around 2 degrees. evidently sea level rise by at least one during this century. we're going to have some climate impacts with. the claim. why are people more concerned. the 1st.
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place. blame. this is from a few 1st restrict. the criminalizes of almost all circumstances. across the country. also on the program. transition to democracy.


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