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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  October 4, 2014 8:53pm-9:01pm EDT

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george mitchell in northern ireland and the soviets but really in the whole history of the world there's not a whole lot of examples where two warring parties are brought together and compelled. my favorite example is when pope alexander the sixth or something like that decided to resolve the dispute between the spanish and the portuguese so he divided the world between the two of them. the spanish were going to get the new world. there was a line on the globe so north and south america, spain and africa were all going to portugal. the pope didn't know that brazil snuck out over the line. that is why they speak portuguese today. they became a portuguese province for the region. but you know that is what is so
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fascinating to me because they're such an unusual moment in history and it is i think a terrible commentary that for instance right now the president is asking us to go back to war, back to the middle east and it may well be that there is a military need for us to be there. but at the same time this is a region that is crying out for reconciliation. maybe we have a role in that as well. that could be what is more important in my opinion we will always have as long as islam is in this civil war between the sunni and the shiite we are always going to have these isis, hezbollah, all of these creations are proxy armies. until we can -- it's not entirely up to us but if we want to put our energy into resolving
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the disputes in the middle east they won't be done militarily. somewhere along the line piece is going to have to make an appearance in some of these parties are going to have to make powerful sacrifices in order to accommodate them. >> i have an idea of just how fascinating this story is. the thing i like about it is that history, often people and especially young people say history is dull. this treats history in terms of people. they get mad, they get hurt and they have feelings and it gives you a rough sense of how this all came together. andy young says in our introductory film here, ever since there's no egyptian has killed in the israeli and no israeli has killed in a egyptian and why it's an accomplishment.
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they put it all together in this book. he will be signing it outside. let's give him a round of applause. [applause] >> thank you all. i really enjoyed having a chance to talk to you. >> please join us in the lobby where he will be signing. thank you very much. >> c-span2 providing live coverage of the u.s. senate floor proceedings in key public policy events. every weekend booktv now for 15 years the only television network devoted to nonfiction books and authors. c-span2 created by the cable tv industry and brought to you as a public service by your local cable or satellite provider. watch us in hd, like us on facebook and follow us on twitter. >> up next to take a tour of boulder's juniper books which creates custom book collections in libraries as a way to encourage people to keep books in their homes.
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booktv visited the store with the help of our cable partner comcast. >> the concept of juniper books is to make libraries that customers want to keep and enjoy their whole lives so what we do a whole bunch of different things with books or making book covers to book sets from jane austen, ernest hemingway and we also carry entire libraries. so people are inclined to fill their entire home with books that they would pick out they had unlimited amount of time. kit books for the kids room and cookbooks for the kitchen, art books for the living room and really make the book's beautiful to make them look like they fit in as much as they are great books to begin with and start content. ike started as a hobby collecting rare books and started selling them on the internet about 13 years ago. i've got a few requests over the years, people who wanted to help
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me build a book collection. started doing that in a request arrives different. i started wondering if there was really a business in their hand over the years the projects have gotten more direct -- decorative as well as work obligated. a set of rare charles dickens books to an entire set of pink books. they really varied. there are people that want to decorate their homes and fill their shelves with beautiful book so they might spend a couple of years are modeling their house, picking up the walls on the carpet and picking up a poster you. they get to the bookshelves and they say the books we used to have don't really fit in anymore so we would like to make things look like they belong. books we don't have control over nonfiction books and civil war books for my husband. we will work with the client getting the books they want and have them delivered and make them look the way they want to. this is our showroom from the
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office in boulder. i tried to keep one set of everything we have made out here that includes all the specific books that's been made from j.d. salinger and new products coming out like our set of russian literature, the game of thrones said all the way to our megan -- american flag set in the middle. ..
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graphic design area. of the book jacket design as we looked at, god created here and we print most of them in house. about six people right now. the staff is comprised of people handling shipping in orders, the pack all the books, ship out of library. it often goes on multiple ballots of complex process that pact securely. also have a graphic design team working on our designs and a lot of customer orders. we will sometimes get a customer that says i won a set of our books but want to put a photo of burning grim across the spine. we will lay that out, get it approved and go ahead and print and ship it to them. so thisi


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