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tv   Newsroom International  CNN  July 20, 2012 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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this is cnn breaking news.
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>> well, i was trying to crawl out, but everybody was crawling back in and they said don't go over there, because he is going to shoot everybody who is trying to get out of the main doors, and he was. >> it was a night of the movies that turned into a day of tragedy and shock and grief. i'm suzanne malveaux in cnn head quarters and we are preempting "k "cnn international" and we new now welcome in our viewers who are watching around the world. you are watching cell phone video capturing the chaos after a man burst into a theater in aurora, colorado, and opened fire. at least 12 people were killed. 38 others wounded. now the theater, it was packed with people attending the premier of a new batman movie "the dark knight rises." the gunman starts this rampage and the police arrest this suspect identified as
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24-year-old james holmes in the parking lot. witnesses describes what happens in this terrifying scene. >> he came in and he started lighting a gas can, and he threw it into the crowd. at that point, he shot his first fire into the ceiling to scare everybody and they started scattering and mass chaos happened. from that point he went from here to here and he pointed the gun at me and i was terrified so i dove into the aisle and at that point he started to shoot people behind me and i had bullets burning my forehead and i knew i had to get out of there. i crl toed on the ground and waited in a ball until he went up to the stairs. i said to my friend, corbin, when he goes up the stairs we have to get out of here. we have to crawl. and at that point, everybody said, don't go over there, because he is going to shoot everybody who tries to get out of the main doors. and he was. and all i could hear would gunshot after gunshot, and women
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and everybody was screaming and he had on a mask so i could not see his face. >> and among those wounded was a 3-month-old baby. the hospital says many of those are in critical conditions. we are starting to learn the identifies of those who were killed. one of them was jessica ghawi and she was in her 20s and an inspiring colorado sports reporter and narrowly escaped the toronto mall shooting that happened last month. we will bring you more information about the victims as it comes in. you can only imagine what they were feeling the terror inside of that theater. it is dark, and you are watching a movie, and all of the sudden, having to dodge bullets and trying to crawl to safety, and we want to play more of the video from a cell phone, and it is this shooting that is taking place, this rampage, this massacre, and this is the scene inside the center of a movie theater after this gunman opens fire. >> oh, my god.
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[ yelling ] >> do it now. a suspect of the shooting is in police custody.
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a authorities are still trying to piece together what happened, and ed lavandara is outside of this theater in aurora, colorado. ed, i understand that you have somebody who is with you who actually watched this unfold and can explain what they saw and what they heard. >> yes, suzanne. we are several hundred yards from the movie theater where law enforcement agencies are combing through the evidence and analyzing that scene, but we have just met chris ramos who was in the movie theater, theater number nine, where the shooting took place. where were you in the theater sitting? set the scene for us. >> okay. so it was not towards the middle of the theater, but like middle and more down towards the ais s aisles. it was pretty close to the balcony side where the handicaps would sit, but five aisles up from there. >> and how far into the movie were we? >> it was 15 to 20 minutes into the movie. i have been hearing stuff and people saying that there was an
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action scene going on when the shooting happened, but there was no shooting, because it was alfred talking to bruce wayne and in the middle of the conversation, you see like on the screens right here, the bright side of the door and the exit door opens up and then something comes up flying up through the air and then it hits like, hits people like sitting down. and at first we thought it was part of the show, because we thought that people were trying to hype people up as to the new batman movie and throwing stuff s, because in the shadow, it looked like it could have been a toy bat or whatever, and right from there when happened, there was an explosion and there was smoke coming out and a weird smell coming up. >> how many rows from you? >> three or four rows down. >> and seconds later you heard the gunshots? >> seconds later, fireworks. i thought it was fireworks and part of the show and somebody pulling a prank, but i did not think that once the guy next to me actually got shot. >> the guy next to you got shot. >> the guy next to me got shot. >> you say he was there with his two daughters. >> yes, he was there with his two daughters and we were all
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just watching, and the guy, like it was a shock to see the guy sh shot, and blood splatter there, and i didn't know what to do, u but somehow i grabbed my little sister and we grabbed down on the ground and hiding below the sch chairs and the guy is standing by the exit firing away. he is not aiming at a specific person, but aiming everywhere and trying to hit as many people as he can. >> was he saying anything? >> not at all. completely quiet and firing while everyone was jumping over seats, crawling away just trying to escape, and you know, trying to survive the horrific event happen iing. >> and the movie keeps playing if you can tell? >> to be honest, i don't remember if the movie was playing, because i remember down on the ground and covering myself right when i was going up trying to see the guy, and the tear gas was getting me and my eyes were watery, and i was like kr crying and my throat felt weird and my nose was hard to breathe and i kept ducking and telling
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my sister to go forward and push ing her forward and guys and girling running on top of me, or jumping away are the the seats andrying to e escascape. the guy was firing and the shooting lasted a minute or two minutes. >> and then he just stopped? >> he stopped and i'm guessing he ran out of ammo, and he just stopped shooting. from there he just gradually starts walking up towards like the, upwards to like away from the screen like nothing happened. walking like casually, and everyone around is still trying to run like screaming and everything and right when the shooting stopped, i actually stood up, and i trooied to get s sister and everybody was pushing me and i saw stairs, bodies on the stairs and an old lady covered in blood and people on the seats or down or over and people jumping over and the bodies were just there. there was blood everywhere. >> chris, i appreciate your staying on and i want to keep talking to you, but we need to
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get back to atlanta, because we have a new development. and suzanne, i am being told that we have a picture of the suspect, do we? >> yes, wi shgs , we do. we have a picture of james holmes who is the a resident of aurora, colorado, and he is 24 years old. we are getting more information about him. he is a ph.d. candidate of the university of colorado where we are getting this picture from. the university of colorado. we understand that he was a ph.d. candidate for neurosciences, and that he had enrolled in june of last year, 2011, and that he was in the process of withdrawing from the university. that is the information that we have. he is 24 years old. he's a ph.d. candidate for neurosciences at the university of colorado. this is what the alleged gunman looks like. 24 years old. this is the individual who allegedly was responsible for this massacre here.
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this is a student. he is relatively young. you see he is smiling there. and the information that we have is that he was in the process of withdrawing from the university. we don't know what the circumstances are around that. we don't know whether or not he has family in the area. we do know that investigators did search the apartment and the building four miles from the theater where he lived. that he allegedly said that he had explosives in the apartment. that it was booby trapped, and there has not been anything of yet that has determined whether or not that was true. but, you are looking at the face of someone who allegedly opened fire in this movie night, and responsible, allegedly responsible for a massacre of people who brought their families, brought their children, and one person who had a 3-month-old baby in their arms who was in that theater at the time of the shooting, and ed, i want to go back to you, if we
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can. i know that you were talking to someone who was there, who witnessed everything, and just dramatically told us the story about what it was like. did he ever get a glimpse of his face? i know he had a mask on, that he was wear iing black and people y that he had a bulletproof vest on as well. >> you know, we were just, and that is my next question before we had to cut away there to get to that development in this story. so i'm going to try the catch up with him as soon as we wrap up here, but i have heard from the other witnesses who say that the suspect was wearing a gas mask, was dressed in very dark clothing and perhaps several people believed he was wearing some sort of a bulletproof vest, but what i thought was chilling about his description about that scene is that how calm the shooter was throughout all of this, and that at that moenment when he stopped shooting and the way that chris ramos was
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describing it, casually walking out of the theater as everyone else around him has been thrown into the chaotic and horrifying scene. chris told me also that before we went into camera, he came out and he was helping to tend to the wounded of another person who was shot in the leg, and he had taken off his belt and strapped his belt on their leg so in the scenes coming out of the movie theater and into the parking lot, you will hear of the stories of the people taking care of each other and trying to get through the initial treatment before paramedics and ambulances could arrive. >> and he was explaining how calm he was when he walked away and a really cool demeanor after all of this had taken place, and we know that the police said that they apprehended him really without incident. do we know what the demeanor was and what he was like and how the police were able to identify who this was, and to arrest him? >> well, from everything that i have been able to gather in the fact that the suspect
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essentially kind of gave up to police from what chris was telling me that all of this took place perhaps on the back side of the movie theater, and that the exit door went directly outside. it was just to the right of the movie screen as people were watching the movie, and perhaps that took place in the area back here. from my understanding, that is the area where authorities took him into custody and for someone who was armed as heavily as he was and the fact that there was not any further incident is rather interesting and perhaps that is all that the suspect wanted to do as chris mentioned he had run out of ammunition, and all of that is unclear at this point, and clearly many of the questions that we still have at this point. as you can sense from hearing people like chris ramos talk some nine hours later, they are still trying to grasp and come the terms with what they witnessed so tragically in front of them. in the people felt they were trapped in the movie theater in a matter of seconds that the gun
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fire erupted, and they had nowhere to go. >> ed, explain to us the significance if you will, because we saw a lot of cars in the parking lot behind the yellow tape and we assume that the theater has been cleared out, but a lot of people were rushing out of that theater, and left a lot of belongings and didn't have a chance to get the keys to get their cars out essentially, that those people were running and were walking and are headed to an area just to try to debrief and to figure out what was going on. >> yeah, my understanding is that the investigators when they got here and law enforcement officers when they got here, they were taking the witnesses away to another area for interviews in buses. so many of the cars perhaps some of the people who were killed last night or victims being treated in the hospitals and people taken away in other vehicles, but clearly, this is kind of a snapshot in time from last night all of the cars that are still very much in the parking lot last night coming to the movie theater for this midnight showing and the premier of the batman movie, and everything is a kind of frozen
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there right now as law enforcement has cordoned off this massive parking lot. this is as close as we can get. you can see that they have a command center set up back over tlsh, there and you can see the law enforcement agencies and officers going in and out of the movie theaters and processing the crime scene inside of theater number nine. >> all right. ed, we will get back to you and take a quick break, but when we come back we will speak to another witness who was there and saw the shooter and heard the noises, and experienced what so many people are shocked and at this tragedy today, this massacre that took place inside of a theater. i don't spend money on gasoline.
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[ male announcer ] when diarrhea hits, kaopectate stops it fast. powerful liquid relief speeds to the source. fast. [ male announcer ] stop the uh-oh fast with kaopectate. this is cnn breaking news. we have a picture of the
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suspect of this massacre. this is a picture from the university of colorado in denver. they are confirming that james holmes, 24 years old, and he is a ph.d. kacandidate at the university of colorado, and a candidate for neurosciences. and we are getting new inf information about him learning that he enrolled in the university june of last year, that he was in the process of withdrawing. we don't know what the circumstances are around that. but this is the face. this is the face of the man who allegedly went into a family the theater packed that was crowded, and the new batman movie seemingly armed to the teeth with a some sort of smoke bomb that set off an explosive, and then went aisle, up the aisle picking up and plucking off, shooting, one by one, at random, people who went to see that movie late into the evening and
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early into the morning. that is the alleged suspect. when this shooting first happened in theater nine, people in the adjacent theaters thought that the gunshots were part of the movie they were watching. william washington was actually in theater 8, and that is next to theater 9 where this shooting took place, and he is joining us on the phone. william, first of all, explain to us how it was that you found out that there was something that was terribly wrong, and something going on right next door. >> so, we were, our movie had started maybe 15 minutes prior to the one in theater 9. and our movie actually was in a shooting scene. it was at a scene where anne hathaway's character was in a shooting scene with the police. there are gunshots going throughout the theater. and one of the shots, the first shot i heard just came out really loud, and at that moment in time, my hearing went out,
9:21 am
and i could hear ringing. you know, i kind of judged my brother jokingly, like saying, wow, the sound effects have gotten really good, and we hear it again. it still just loud. it is ear-piercing. and we turned our heads to the right, because we were on the left side of the theater, and theater 9 was to the right of us, and you could see smoke coming into the room. at this moment in time, we knew that something was wrong. you know, there was rumblings going on and somebody had set off a firecracker and people thought it was a part of the movie and like an effect, and everybody had this questions. and then out of nowhere you start to see people coughing and gagging and seeing people clutching their faces, and just heading for the doors. and at this point, i knew that something was definitely up and something was wrong and people were heading to the exits, and at that point somebody rushes into our theater or back into the theater and shouts, don't go
9:22 am
into the lobby, he's got a gun. that is when the panic just kinds of hits the theater, and people start to head back toward the back of the theater which led to a balcony. on the balcony both theater 9 d 8 emptied out into the same balcony. so basically, it is people from both theaters and it just looked like -- it was terrible. i saw people with blood on their faces, and people with, and there was a guy whose leg was looking like it was dangling and just bad. >> how did you manage to get out of the theater 8? what did you do? >> so we, like i said, the once we were told that there was a g gunman outside, we all started to motioning towards the top of the stairs next to the projector, and that is what led us to a balcony, and we all just kind of waited on the balcony for two to three minutes observing and everybody was confuse and nobody knew in theater 8 what was going on. we are looking over the balcony
9:23 am
and then two police officers rush in with shotguns and right then and there we knew that something was wrong and something is terribly wrong, and then the police officers start to usher us out. there were two stairwells that led to the bottomf of the bottom of the stairwells that led to the front door and they were all telling us, move, move, move and get us out. at the front door there were police officers with guns aimed at the exits and once again, that was a clear sign that whatever was inside and we didn't know it was a gunman at the time was still inside. >> did you ever get a chance to see the gunman? >> not at all. there was a lot of confusion out there. a lot of us weren't even aware that there was a gunman, and there were rumblings that it was a firecracker and some people thought it was a co2 bomb, and it was a few hours before any of us were informed as to what had
9:24 am
taken place. >> william, what did it smell like? sgle o, >> well, it burned. i can tell you as soon as we got to the balcony and you took a deep breath it burned your lungs like nothing i had ever smelled before. >> when you finally left the the theater, what did you do? did you call your parents? did you try to reach anybody inside? was there anybody missing who you had not seen? >> i had my brother with me the entire time, my brother and i, and you know, the circumstances had resulted in my brother going with me rather than my wife, because my daughter was sick, and the first thing i did was to go straight home, and gave my daughter a big kiss and my wife a big hug. >> when, did they realize just how close you had come to the kind of danger to that point where your life was in danger? >> well shgs, i think that my w definitely does. my daughter is 10-months old, and i will make sure she does not realize it for a long time,
9:25 am
but my wife, she was, she was well aware, you know, because the first thing i said and i called her and i said, honey, don't panic, and of course, the first thing she did was to panic and everything is okay and i'm just glad to be back at home. >> william, we are so glad you are at home as well and safe and sound and we really appreciate the fact that you are sharing your story with us, and that you are with your family. we are going to have more with mike brooks. he is going to be talking about the police investigation, and the security aspects of all of this and what comes next. we will take a quick break.
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this is cnn breaking news. we have some more information about the apartment of the alleged shooter here, james holmes. we want to go the susan candiotti in new york, and we had seen earlier pictures,
9:29 am
susan, of the crane and investigators going into the building three-story building four miles from the theater, and believed to be where he actually lives. have they found anything so far? >> well, what we do know is this, the police chief has told the local reporters there on the scene that the suspect told them that they he had set up a sophisticated booby trap inside of the house or at least that is what they are saying that they have diskoved a very sophisticated booby trap set up at the apartment, and exactly what this means, we don't know. we do know this, according to a federal law enforcement official that the suspect did tell them that he had left an explosive device inside of the apartment, and that is why, not surprisi surprisingly that they are taking so many precautions of approaching the apartment and you see them breaking apart the windows and taking them out and wearing the protective gear, because they don't know what
9:30 am
they will find when they get in there and look around. they have evacuated the immediate area as well of the scene and keeping in mind that they want to keep the people back as far as possible. as soon as this happened this morning and they went over to the apartment building, they of course cleared out that apartment building so that no one would be in possible danger. >> how wide of an area has been evacuated? is it just that building or do they believe that potentially, because of the the possibility of explosive or booby trap they had to evacuate a large area? >> well, suzanne, that is a good question and it is not clear to me how big of an area they have cleared out from that. i know that they have reporters standing some distance back. i have heard our people reporting earlier that there was traffic still going by. so i don't know whether there's been any kind of action taken to stop traffic or to divert traffic from the immediate vicinity of that apartment
9:31 am
building. >> two questions, do we know where those people have gone? those who are in the apartment building? and secondly, has anybody spoken out about who this guy is? any neighbors, friends, anybody in that building who is able to give us some insight into who he is? >> well, that is what our people on the scene are trying to gather that information as well to try to find out who this person is. of course, you know, we are getting the statements from his mother at this time who lives in california, and i believe that you have that information, but in terms of those who live nearby don't know. i do know this, you have been speaking about the photograph that we have released first in this case of the suspect in the case, mr. holmes, who as you know who is said to be in the process off withdrawing from the university of colorado where he had enrolled last year 2011 and specializing or majoring in neurosciences. so we do know that much about
9:32 am
him. >> all right. susan, we will get back to you as you have more information and i want to bring in mike brooks from the hln's law enforcement analyst, and mike, a couple of things. when you take a look and learn more information about this suspect a ph.d. candidate for neurosciences and does that tell you anything from the law enforcement side that you need to focus on? >> well, a really smart guy who could have the capability of the he put his mind to it of making some kind of explosive material, and some kind of device, and we don't know for sure if that is what they found there, but just to answer the question about the perimeter, just on hln, a few moments ago before i came up here to speak to you, we had someone there on the scene, and they said that the law enforcement has moved the perimeter from that building they are concentrating on where the apartment is, they have moved the perimeter out, and told all of the law enforcement officers to put on the helmet there and moved the public back. >> what does that indicate to you? >> that says to me and from what we are seeing earlier with them
9:33 am
going through the window, and breaking that window out with the fire department tower ladder and the pipe poles that they believe there could be the possibility of some hazardous material in the apartmentf a booby trap? absolutely. that is why they want entry into the windows as a secondary means of entry, because if someone was going to normally go into the apartment, where would they go? through the front door and come in through an alternate entry point as they were doing there. as they pulled the window out, i was watching, because it looked like a special agent with the green vest of the fbi on and two other aurora officers looking in there with either a camera or some kind of other technology to see what was inside of that apartment. >> we are supposed to be getting a press conference in the next hour of the police department and they are to tell us some updates and what could they learn from the time of the explosion and the shooting and what they might have gathered from the apartment building and now? because we are just talking about hours. >> well, holmes apparently told
9:34 am
the officers after they took him into custody something about explosives. and to what extent did he said what is in the apartment, they don't know. also apparently he said something in the car. they apparently have not found any explosives in the vehicle parked directly behind the theater, but we don't know exactly what they have found inside of that apartment, and what other subsequent things did they find when checking maybe his facebook page, any social media sites looking at him, because you know, a number of hours now, so that would say to me that local law enforcement and the fbi, they have probably gotten a lot more information than hay hthey had to go on rig from the beginning, but we don't know if holmes is even cooperating with the law enforcement at this time. >> when we listen to system of the witnesses, and they talk about the smelling inside of the the theater and the burning smell, and what does that indicate in terms of the things he was using whether it was pepper spray or smoke bombs or what you would
9:35 am
suspect? >> the person that you were just talking to speaking of the burning, and one of the arriving officers said he thought it sounded like co which is pepper spray, and he asked to have the gas masks up there, because apparently that strong that he thought that they needed the gas masks to go into that theater to help those people out of that theater, and we know that some of the people taken to the hospitals, they were going through some decontamination so they would not come tam nate nt emergency room they were being taken. >> what did we know about james holmes? >> well, was he akcting alone? they are going on the assumption of he was, and what is the motive? why did he do there? what happened in the last 24 to 48 hours the do this kind of thing, because this did not happen at the spur of the moment, and you can tell this
9:36 am
was planned, and probably planned out for over some time. did anybody know about this? this is very, very early on in the investigation, and we don't know exactly what charges they are going to, you know, have against him right now, and we have 12 dead and 38 wounded. there's some other people who are in critical condition. some going through surgery right now as we speak. and he could be there for local charges of first-degree murder and federal charges if they find the explosives and where did he get the weapons? there are a lot of things they are looking at right now, ani know that out there the task force and the fbi and the aurora police part of it are working on it as we speak. >> all right. mike, we will get back to you with more details. we have to take a quick break and we will be right back with you.
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the man accused in the deadly shooting, rampage in colorado in the movie theater is due in court on monday. james holmes, and he is suspected of killing 12 people and wounding 38 others. a massacre. police say he opened fire in a theater that was crowded with people watching the premiere of the new batman movie "the dark knight rises." this is a time line of how this unfolded. >> 3:15, entry for a shooting at century theaters. >> this morning aurora police received multiple reports of a 14509ing at a theater. >> i want to dispatch any units. >> within minutes the police scanner turns busy as the officers response. >> the officers are requesting a bomb dog. >> that is the police dispatch, and the police arrived within minutes and witnessness say that the officers stormed the theater telling them to run.
9:41 am
>> command post should be at the dillard's on north side of the di dillard's. >> a command post was quickly set up in the theater at the shopping mall where police began interviewing hundreds of witness witnesses. survivors tell police that the gunman wore a gas mask and clad in black and reased some type of canister before opening fire. >> at least five at the gateway to help triage the individuals. >> the injured were transported to six hospitals and so many that several had to be rushed to hospitals in police cars and listen as the dispatchers try to figure out who went where. >> and ap is as many as 19 victims. medical -- we took a third to children's. >> there were families at the theater, familyies with childre. there's a point in the flurry of the dispatches when the police must locate an injured pregnant woma woman. >> can anyone advice where a pregnant woman was transported to that was out in front of the
9:42 am
hospital, and i have relatives here. >> i took her to south, and the husband to south, and they are the ones missing like a 9-year-old child at the theater still. >> and again, turning to the police scanner, we get an idea of how badly people were injured. >> she was shot in the face and shot in the chest. >> while the police and the emergency workers transport victims, this next dispatch comes in. the audio is difficult to understand at times, but it is the police zerng in on the suspect. you'll need to listen closely to this. >> i don't want there to be a cross fire situation. so we need to walk this guy out to the entrance. >> up next, we are going to speak with one of the victims' friends who talks about her final tweets and what she experienced in that theater.
9:43 am
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this is cnn breaking news. we are learning more. we are starting to get confirmation of the victim's names, and mothers and fathers and friends and students of this massacre. we understand as well that mitt romney is now speaking about this out of bowe, new hampshire, and let's listen. >> let's gather with a word of prayer, because our hearts break with the sadness of this unspeakable tragedy. ann and i join the president and the first lady and all americans in offering our deepest condolences for those whose lives were shattered in a few moments, a few moments of evil in colorado. i stand before you today not as a man running for office, but as a father and grand father, a
9:47 am
husband and a american. this is a time for each of us to look into our hearts and remember how much we love one another. how much we love and how much we care for our great country. there's so much love and goodness in the heart of america. in the coming days, we will surely learn more about the lives that have been lost and the families that have been harmed by this hateful act. we will come the know more about the talents and the gifts that each victim possessed, and we will come to understand the hope and the opportunity that's been lost. our hearts break for the victims and their families. we pray that the wounded will recover, and that those who are grieving will know the nearness of god. today, we feel not only a sense of grief, but perhaps also of helplessness, but there is something that we can do. we can offer comfort to someone
9:48 am
near us who is suffer iing or h i have laden and we can mourn with those who mourn in colorado. this morning colorado lost youthful voices which would have brig brightened their homes, enriched their schools and brought joy to their families. our prayer is that the comforter might bring the peace to their souls that surpasses our understanding. the apostle paul explained blessed be god who comfort us in all of our tribulations that we may be able to comfort them who incur trouble. we do know how evil is overcome, and we are seeing the greater power today in the goodness and the compassion of a wounded community. grieving and worried families in aurora are surrounded with love today. and not just by those who are with them and holding them in their arms. they can also know that they are being lifted nup prayer by
9:49 am
people in every part of our great nation. now, and in the hard days to come, many every one of them feel the sympathy of our whole nation, and the comfort of a living god. there will be justice for those responsible, but that is another matter for another day. today is a moment to grieve and to remember, to reach out and to help. to appreciate our bless inings life. each one of us will hold our d kids a little closer and ling wlinger with a colleague or neighbor, and spend a little less time worrying about the worries of the day and find how to help those who are in need of compassion the most. our answer is to come together to show the fellow citizens the good heart of the america we know and love. god bless you for being here, and sharing together this moment of sorrow and god bless the
9:50 am
united states of america. thank you. >> listening to presidential candidate mitt romney out of bowe, new hampshire, offering his prayers and condolences to the victims. earlier today, we heard from president obama in fort myers, florida, as well offering his prayers and condolences offering a little closer together our own children and families. we are also getting a statement now, and this is from the family, and it is a family statement of james holmes. he is the suspect in this case. this statement is being read by police lieutenant andrew brown who came out of the investigation to read this statement from the family of the suspect. let's listen. >> the family is asking for respect for their privacy as well as that of the rest of the neighborhood at this point. there is a crowd out here, and quite a bit of activity and disturbance that could be
9:51 am
potentially cause for disturbance of the neighborhood here, and we are asking that all of the members of the media respect the privacy of not only the family, but of the entire neighborhood. >> this family statement reads, our hearts go out to those who are involved in the tragedy and to the families and friends of those involved. we ask that the media respect our privacy in this difficult time. our family is cooperating with the authorities in both san diego, california, and aurora, colorado. we are still trying to process this information, and we appreciate that people will respect our privacy. this comes after a report that investigators are now talking to james holmes' mother out of california. we are also starting to get confirmation of the names of some of these victims. if you can imagine what it was like to be in that theater, we are talking about families. simply going out to have a good time to enjoy each other's company, so this is mothers, fathers and these are bud disand
9:52 am
frie -- buddies and friends who are gathering for a night of entertainment. one of the people inside of the theater was jessica ghawi and she is young and beautiful and full of life and so full of life she was tweeting before the movie started to talk about how much she was looking forward to this evening. and her friends, they say, she had dreams of being a sportscaster. e s she loved hockey, and we have one of the friends on the phone, and she is natalie tejeda, and natalie, first of all, my condolences to you and all of her friends and to her family. it must be so, so difficult for you right now. how did you find out that jessica was in that theater? >> well, it is really quite shocking. i found out from her brother who i also know as well, and i saw a post that he had made on twitter just after, you know, when i started to get up and moving around at 2:30 in the morning, and i also work in the broadcast
9:53 am
industry and i got up early because i work on the morning show here in san antonio, and i saw at 2:30 that he said that it was the worst night of his life, and then an hour learned that his sister was, you know, fatally wounded this this shooting, and you know, i had been watching the news of the shooting, and it didn't really put two and two together until i saw a link and her picture popped up and it was heart wrenching, i mean -- when something like that happens, you don't fathom that you will see it and it seems so far away and you don't fathom that you would ever -- that you would ever know somebody in a disaster like that, and when you can put a face it to, your breath and your heart drops and your chest, your chest, you are just hurting. it is hard. >> all right. i can only imagine the kind of pain you are going through right now. tell us a little bit about what she was like. >> she was an amazing person. she had a wonderful smile and
9:54 am
infectious laugh and vivacious and fiesty texas redhead and loved hockey and had an aspiration to be a sportscaster and worked here at one of the local radio stations and tv stations as an intern here, and she had dreams of doing great things. her motto was not that i am here for second place or third place, but she is like, i'm here to win. we n we never had any doubts that she wouldn't aspire to great things. it is amazing that her life was cut so short so quickly. >> i want to read to the viewers some of the tweets that are coming out from her friends. she also went by the last name of redfield, and it says if you ever had any interaction with jessica redfield, you know that the world is much worse off without her. she loved hockey and wanted to share that love with others. she rocked. tell us a little bit about how i understand that that there was an experience before where she, her life was almost taken when there was a shooting at a mall
9:55 am
in toronto that she managed to escape. >> yes. it was quite interesting, because she had talked about it and she was dating a hockey player in colorado and she had gone back to canada to, i guess, to meet the friends and the family and that kind of ostuff and had decided to go to the eaton mall and get something from the food court and she had a receipt from the mall that said that for 6:20 and for some reason got a very strange feeling like i just got to get out of here and get some fresh air and she goes outside and the next thing she knows, she sees people streaming out, and a fire emergency personnel and she asked, what is going on? and they said somebody opened fire in the food court and she later found out that at 6:23 p.m. and three minutes after she had left somebody had opened fire right where she had been standing. i mean, it -- >> it just takes your breath away to hear that. she wrote an article i understand about the shooting and i'm going to read a little bit of it.
9:56 am
she says, i was shown how fragile life was on saturday. i saw the terror on bystanders faces and i saw the victims of a senseless crime. i saw lives change. i was reminded that we don't know when or where our time on earth will end and when or where we will breathe our last breath and i say all of the time that every moment we have to live our life is a blessing. do you think that she really felt that? that was something that she took away from every single moment? >> if you could see just the sm smattering of photos on the facebook page that she absolutely lived life to the fullest, because she enjoyed her life. i think that she did live life and you better have fun while you have it and laugh and love and enjoy your friends and family and relish in the moment. she did. i have no doubt that she was just going to be a phenomenal person whether a sportscaster, a wife, a sister, you know, a daughter. she did everything wonderfully,
9:57 am
and this world is going to be a much sadder place without her, and i'm grateful that her friend, brent, survived. he is doing better. but i am really going to miss her a lot. jessica, we are going to miss j jessica. >> natalie, thank you so much. again, our thoughts and prayers to jessica and her family. we will have more after the break. 6 i'm only in my 60's... i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i looked at my options. then i got a medicare supplement insurance plan.
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