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tv   The Film Review  BBC News  July 27, 2019 11:45pm-12:01am BST

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hello and welcome to the film review on bbc news. to take us through this week's cinema releases, jason solomons. so, jason, what do we have this week? this week, we're going back in time, the horrible histories team and their take on rotten romans, roman britain in the rule of emperor nero. boudica, the celts, lee mack and nick frost — those well—known ancients. someone also had the bright idea of making the current war, starring michael shannon as george westinghouse, in a battle for the best light bulbs in america. illuminating. and we escape to the greek island of hydra for a love story that lasted 60 years and inspired some of the most heartbreaking and famous songs 1960s, marianne and leonard: words of love.
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horrible histories, is this something i should take my nieces to? horrible histories was a boon for parents and families and something that everyone could watch and enjoy. it had great success on tv, where it has more of a sketch format, going from to romans and victorians and the greeks and the 1940s and wartime. this is them just doing one thing, rotten romans, where they make the transition to the big screen and concentrate on one aspect. it hasn't got the original cast, so if you are a fan of them, they're not really in this. some make cameos, but they have got a bit starry for this, with a lot of famous faces. every kid studies roman britain, so the young emperor nero, played by craig roberts, dominated by his mum, kim cattrall — she's not in the original!
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she sends atticus, atti, off to the wilds of the of the empire, the untamable stain of the empire, britain, where boudica is rousing the troops to rebellion and inspiring young women all over the place to take up arms, much to the disappointment of their fathers. here, orla, played by emelia jones, has captured atti and nick frost is not happy about it. now, who says i'm not ready to be a warrior? what have you done? taken a roman prisoner. all on my own. told you i could do it. you're just going to have to take him back. what? i thought you'd be pleased. you can't keep a prisoner, it's hard work! you have to feed it, you have to exercise it. who's going to clean up after him? i am here, you know. he's my prisoner, i found him, i want to keep him.
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0k, fine. you'll get bored soon enough and then someone will have to get rid of him. there's no pleasing some people. good fun? i like it. what i like is that we're so used to pixar films that are perfect, honed, thejokes are perfect, everything is perfection. and this one looks like it's been shot in the local park. i like that ropiness, there's an ad hoc nature to it — a nice latin phrase! there are lots of funny gags, alexander armstrong, nick frost, people making cameo performances, derekjacobi. high vs all round! derekjacobi being in is funny to me! that gets the parents in.
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the current war, which i kind of feel should be good? look at the cast! benedict cumberbatch as thomas edison, michael shannon playing george westinghouse. you're saying, who are these two? it's billed as a battle for the future of america, whether you will use alternating current or direct current to light up america. that's exciting, isn't it? it should be! it was quite important. it was. it feels like vhs versus betamax, lycos versus google, the way big brands battle now, i suppose that's what was supposed to be interesting about it. is there a but coming? i didn't really know why. there was light—bulb moments all round, and the person who greenlit this — i'm going to do some lighting puns — there's no heart, you don't know what they're arguing about. there is the invention of the electric chair and neither want to be associated with that so there is a moral element. there is no jeopardy involved, and you wonder why, with this cast, tom holland, nicholas hoult,
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matthew macfadyen. .. again, it should be good, but. but the current war, it's a turn—off. end of puns! your third choice? just as it's holiday time, let's go to greece, the island of hydra. marianne is a beautiful woman, leonard is leonard cohen, one of the most famous, depressing songwriters of the 1960s. this is when they met on the greek island of hydra in the 1960s. it was taken over by poets and artists and hippies and there was lots of free love. it's kind of love island in the 60s, but with people who can actually read. into this comes the documentary maker nick broomfield, who is rather famous
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with his t—shirt and jeans and boom mic and recording equipment. he asserts himself into the story in a way he's never done before, he becomes marianne‘s lover. here is broomfield recalling those heady days of the 60s. i was mesmerised by the island's beauty, and had never before met so many golden, sun—kissed people of either sex, having so much fun together. it felt like anything was possible. marianne gave me my very first acid trip, which she said had come from a friend of leonard's in london, called malcolm. and she took these pictures of me the morning after. i had no intention of leaving, but then one of marianne's other lovers unexpectedly showed up on the island, and i found myself hastily boarding the next boat back to athens. reference to other lovers gives you a sense of the time and what was going on.
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free love. there's a moment in this that you think, gosh, that sounds great! i wish they could be attained, but it obviously can't sustain itself. this was part of the hippy trail, so there is too much, an excess of poetry and drugs and lying around and sun, sea and sex, you can't sustain it. they had this love affair, marianne and leonard, that sustained for 56 years. he became a rock star and was rather promiscuous around the world, leaving marianne rather hurt, but they had this love story and it kept coming back. i think it's rather brilliant, a film that makes you remember those fleeting love stories. what it is about love that endures. they had a pure love, even though it was caught up in many different things, there was a gorgeousness to this, an idyll that has preserved. it is a holiday romance that lasted almost a lifetime.
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it looks very beautiful, do you need to like his music, need to be interested in him as a musician, or is that secondary? it's secondary. you hear a bit about leonard cohen, i don't know much about him myself, but it is more about her. you insert yourself into the story and i remember people who were influential on me, i remember moments in my own life, turning points, that's what it's about. i think it's one of the best films of the year and one of the best that nick broomfield's ever made. the most emotional, i was welling up at the end of it. a love story in the form of a documentary. and another love story is the best out this week, the best for you? it is such a good british film, doesn't even look like a british film, it looks french! it has a european sexiness and freedom to it and confronts issues. it's about the difficulties of maintaining love through the travails of trying to proceed through the travails of health. the actor is about to be prince charles in the crown, so if you want
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to know what prince charles looks like without any clothes on, you have to watch only you. it is directed by a woman who brings an excellent touch to her very first film. if you can find it, please do. very beautiful, a simple film and lovely. and a quick thought about what we should be streaming? a film that has just dropped on netflix — everywhere else, they're released, netflix, they're dropped. it is the great hack, about the harvesting of our data. they used these to create the political shocks of our time, trump and brexit. cambridge analytica come under the microscope here, other whistle—blowers are featured. you seethe with the injustice of it, because all of us have been played by the state to harvest and that has been going on.
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watch if you dare, perhaps? there's nothing much you can do about it, your data is probably being harvested as you watch it on netflix! thank you very much, jason, see you next week. enjoy your cinema going, bye—bye. good evening. they have been checking the temperature data across europe again today and norway equalled the all—time temperature record this afternoon, approaching 36 celsius. while the heatwave has eased in the uk, it has been pretty i—person. shetland islands and predict elloh. loweke had its hottest day in ten years. liz goes ahead for match of the day. quite a few of you have swapped the blue for
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grey and outbreaks of rain. the weather spot through saturday was in sussex, over 50 millimetres of rain. from this weather front, which is lingering in place, even as you go through tonight and into tomorrow as well. either side of its dry weather around, missier murky across parts of scotla nd around, missier murky across parts of scotland north—east england. quite a of scotland north—east england. quitea humid of scotland north—east england. quite a humid note to come. there is the weather front as it stands tonight. 0utbreaks the weather front as it stands tonight. outbreaks of rain the east anglia, north—west england, south of scotland, and increasingly into northern ireland. it will get what here northern ireland and the next 24 here northern ireland and the next 2a hours, but equally to the north and east. that will cause minor flooding issues. with clear skies the shows abby in south—east england. it will be a colonnade with temperatures down in single figures for one or two of us. foremost, we are in the mid—teens as we start sunday morning, again a fairly humid start across parts of the north—east. easterly breeze. could see one or two thunderstorms breaking out across scotland auvray leicy dry day four northern areas of today —— after a largely dry day
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four northern areas. still rain that central portion. particularly in the midlands, liverpool bay, where today, parts of the isle of man, and today, parts of the isle of man, and to northern ireland. the south of us was lee woods, to the north—easterly winds. and i suspected could be the north—west highlands of the warmer spot on sunday, 25 degrees certainly possible. wherever you get the sunshine temperature is 20 degrees oi’ sunshine temperature is 20 degrees or more. in the mid teens, and the weather spots. those were the spots continue. 0nly slowly pushing its way northwards and westwards. that weather front into monday. quite murky conditions to start that week in the northern half of the uk. clear in the south. just what was coming away. evening area of low pressure. sunshine articles wales and the midlands, southern england, and the midlands, southern england, a lovely diomande for the vast majority. stormy weather pushing close to the south—west later on. a paramount of the four northern ireland. not as wet as it will be on sunday. —— eight paramount. 0n tuesdayit sunday. —— eight paramount. 0n tuesday it will be cloudy with
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outbreaks of rain. sunshine for the northern half of the country furthering the day. storms developing widely across south—east england, wales, the midlands, strong and gusty winds. not a great day to be setting up a tent —— south—west. for the rest of the week, warm in the sun is out. thundery showers will develop widely. goodbye for now.
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this is bbc news, i'm simon pusey. our top stories: more than 1,000 arrested at an opposition demonstration in moscow, weeks before local elections. tens of thousands of hong kongers march against gang violence, despite a police ban on protest. they've already fired tear gas and so street by street, they're coming through, clearing the way. in sudan, at least eight military officers set to be charged with crimes against humanity over last month's killing of demonstrators. hello and welcome to bbc news.


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