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tv   News  Al Jazeera  August 26, 2015 12:30pm-1:01pm EDT

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graffiti capitol of the world. jennifer glasse, al jazeera, kabul. plenty more stories for you any time on our website. the address for that is and you can also watch us live by clicking on the watch-now icon. a gunman kills two journalists live on tv. the latest on the breaking news from virginia. the pentagon investigates its own assessment of the fight against isil. stocks open strongly on wall street, but china's economic uncertainty keeps the markets volatile. ♪
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this is al jazeera america live from new york city. i'm randall pinkston. we are learning more about a man believed to be behind the shooting deaths of two virginia journalists live on television this morning. police have identified the fan as fester flanagan. he is believed to be a former employee of the station, working under the name bryce williams. he is believed to have shot two former colleagues as they were reporting live on air this morning. reporter allison parker, 24 years old, and cameraman adam ward 27, interviewing a guest when the report was interrupted by gunfire. news room across the country have been shaken by this. what is the latest? >> reporter: it's lurid, it's graphic. it's horrific. it's about five miles southwest of virginia year.
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rowen oak virginia one of the steps along the way that many journalists have stopped at. allison parker was on the air at 6:45 this morning, interviewing the chairwoman of the chamber of commerce there, victory gardner. and 27 year old adam ward another employee of wdbj, the videographer vil -- filming an interview that miss parker was doing, happening on live television in the region there. both miss parker and mr. ward killed by the alleged gunman. 41 years old, also known as bryce williams, said to be by the governor and other reports a disgruntled employee. jeff marks the general manager at the station, a station
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struggling to come to terms with the loss of two dear employees. >> our hearts are broken, and our sympathies go to the entire staff here, but also the parents and family of adam and allison, who were just out doing their job today. >> reporter: jeff marks appeared on live television just moments ago once again, randall gave a very movements statement, he said he wants to drop his vail as a journalist, and said i'm not sure if i want vester lee flanagan, i'm not sure if i want him to live or die. and describing him working at that station, fired about two years ago, had worked there for about a year and a half. mark saying he had to best cored from the building by police. the latest information now he left his car at the airport, had a rental car headed north on
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route 81 and then over to 66 towards the d.c. area here where he was ultimately overtaken by police. reports had him injured. there were earlier reports saying he was dead and had shot himself. reports now have him in critical condition. the subject of the interview early this morning, the chairwoman of the chamber of commerce, victory gardner, she was injured in the shooting. she is still alive. she is said to be in stable condition. randall. >> mike is there any sense that the victims were targeted specifically by the alleged gunman? >> reporter: well, we do have a social media trail here this morning. a lot of people have been focused on that, both on twitter and on facebook, the alleged gunman, mr. flanagan posting a series of tweets starting with allison, referring to miss parker, made racist comments, then he said in a subsequent
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tweet, the eeoc filed a report, and then again they hired after that? question mark. then referring to adam, adam went to hr on me after working with me one time. and then he said i filmed the shooting, see facebook. in that since has been taken down -- that video from facebook, very disturbing and grizzly video, where you see a gun from the point of view of the shooter aiming the camera at the young woman, pulling the trigger, she runs away, a series of screams ensure. again, this happened on live television. and the videographer fell to the ground, the camera veering wildly, a screen grab has captured what is alleged to be the shooter. >> mike viqueira thank you.
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we will continue to follow developments as they come in. the pentagon inspector general has investigated whether the military overstated its gains over isil. he says the military brass has been portraying them too optimistically. mike lyons joins us. mike the allegation is that someone at central command reworked the conclusions. what are the possibilities as to who may have done that? >> it's in sitcom's interest to try to make this as positive as possible. they want to give to the president, unfortunately a more optimistic view. you have a civilian now who said that was too optimistic. they didn't take the analysis and give it the what if? and that's the thing that the
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pentagon is investigating right now. >> when you talk about an analysis that is going up through central command and to the white house, are we talking about the defense intelligence agency, and who else. >> well, after 9/11 there was a big push to consolidate this. there are civilians that sit in sitcom's headquarters and go through analysis. and the president makes decisions -- the pentagon makes decisions on this level of analysis, literally virtually the next day. >> so president obama launched that bombing campaign to go after isil, we have been hearing -- i don't want to say conflicting, but certainly differing assessments as to whether that campaign has been successful. some are saying we are getting isil, others are saying it is difficult. what are you hearing?
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>> my sources are saying you can't decide what is going on in isil. are they on a strategic defense? are they holding back, waiting to attack in the future? have they actually didn't defeated. they still own some very major cities inside of iraq, or are they ready to go back on the offensive very soon. and whatever decision is made will dictate our next response. >> and is the next response possibly going to be boots on the ground? because we keep hearing some of our senators and representatives pushing for president obama to send in more troops. on the other hand he is insisting that he is comfortable with where he is. >> yeah. that's the argument that the intel analyst is making. if two reports are going forward that things are going well there, it dumbs down, and puts fire on -- the water on the fire of the fact of putting more
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boots on the ground, which is really what the president wants. so it could be an example of the military giving the president what he wants to hear. because if they are about to threaten baghdad, the possibility of bringing troops back into the theater has to be raised. >> we have a reaction from a sitcom spokesman. he says the inspector general has a responsibility to investigate all allegations made and we welcome and support their independent oversight. he goes on to say that the process of analysis guards against any single report influencing policy makers. >> well, that's because he -- the president should also see these reports from the cia in the defense analyst level. but when you think about it who is he going to call when he wants to know what is going on
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there? that expectation is coming from the military, which i think that is why this report was made. there's too much weight possibly in this report that says that things are going well on the ground. >> thank you. there is also criticism about the u.s. strategy against isil inside of iraq. zana hoda has more from baghdad. >> reporter: the u.s. military advisors in iraq have been training and equipping sunni tribesmen in anbar province as part of their strategy to defeat isil. hundreds are already on the front lines. the obama administration believes their role will be crucial to recapture the mainly sunni region. the program is backed by the iraqi government. but there are powerful voices who are raising questions. he is a top commander of the
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popular mobilization forces which groups paramilitary forces that have lrjly replaced the iraqi army on the ground. >> translator: if the americans are concerned about the sunnis then they should not violate iraq's sovereignty. they should give the government the capabilities to train them. this is a plan to divide iraq. >> reporter: he heads the military wing of the supreme islamic iraq council, which has a strong presence in parliament. he doesn't hide his good relations with iran, after all the party was founded there in the early '80s. sunni politicians fear that leaders like him are growing in strength. for them the training is a step in the right direction. >> translator: there has been a good start. the u.s. trained 7,000 sunnis in anbar, but they still didn't give them proper weapons.
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these men are under the control of the defense ministry, but we hope one day parliament will approve the national project and each provinsz will have its own force from its own people. >> reporter: the people have a long history of animosity with the government in baghdad. it seems there are efforts to prevent the popular mobilization forces from taking part against isil in ramadi. he denies the government agreed with the u.s. to stop his forces, but said without them the battle can't be won. >> translator: the battle in ramadi is in its sixth week, and if there cooperation between all forces and tribes, it will be easily won. >> reporter: today some describe him as one of the most powerful men in iraq. now he is openly criticizing an integral part of u.s. strategy. zana hoda, al jazeera, baghdad. wall street climbing right
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now, despite another down day on the chinese exchanges. [ bell chimes ] >> reporter: at the open the dow soared nearly 400 points. a different story in china however. they ended trading down again. but tokyo saw major rebounded. mary snow joins us now. what is behind the apparent gains today? >> reporter: yeah, once again it's choppy. i saw one quote from a trader that i think summed it up, saying nothing really bad happened overnight, and that is why some of the market gains happened this morning. but behind everything is concerns over china. we have seen china come in with moves to stimulate the economy, a number of moves, and the fact that things haven't stabilized has kept people on edge, and of
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course, the big question mark that we really don't have an answer for right now, is just what will this do to the global economy? and that's really hangs over everything. >> and the other question is what will the federal reserve do about interest rates where this period will come to an end and from rates will start moving up? this >> yeah, so our economy, right, and to some extent the stock market has become dependent, right, on these near zero percent interest rates, and when the fed moves, that would be the first rate hike in nearly a decade. there were expects that it would happen in september, one official came out this morning, saying that case for a rate hike in september, may not happen. he said the case is less compelling. so, you know, this -- what traders see in this is that if a rate hike doesn't happen, does that raise questions about the
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overall strength of the u.s. economy? if the fed acts too quickly will that hinder economic recovery. >> all right. you'll keep watching and telling us what is going on. thank you mary snow. >> sure. >> a former prep school student accused of raping a freshman takes the standing in his own defense. the latest on the trial in new hampshire next.
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>> there's a line of police advancing toward the crowd here. >> ferguson: city under siege. >> it isn't easy to talk openly on this base. >> and america's war workers. >> it's human trafficking. >> watch these and other episodes online now at
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♪ formal sentencing is now underway for james holmes, the gunman who killed 12 people and injured 70 others at a theater rampage. we're looking at live footage right now in centennial, colorado. right now we're hearing the judge beginning to issue his ruling. holmes is already guaranteed 12 consecutive life sentences without parole. the judge can decide to add another 3,000 years. a former prep school student on trial for rape has been testifying today in his own defense. owen lee brie described his relea shinship with the accuser as flirty. he is charged with raping a 15 year old as part of a ritual at st. paul's school called the senior salute. john henry smith has more. >> reporter: from the time the
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alleged victim took the standing at the start of the new hampshire prep school rape trial, both sides have worked to answer a key question, did senior owen labrie have intercourse with his accuser at all. julie curtain testified that she twice questioned labrie once in the police station after labrie's mom repeatedly interrupted a coffee shop meeting with proximations of her son's innocents. >> it was clear that a further conversation with him was not going to be conducive with his mom being here. owen said he finally saw we shouldn't be talking about the matter in a coffee shop, and i again offered him to come back to pd with us, and at that point he said he would do that. >> reporter: she admitted that
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labrie never admitted to having sex with the accuser. on month one classmate testified he believed something happened. >> he told you that he hooked up with her. >> that's correct. >> did he elaborate any further? >> no, he did not. >> what did that mean to you? >> it could have meant, again, anything from they kissed to they had sex. >> reporter: other classmated testified that labrie actually admitted to having sex with the young woman. >> i told him it probably wasn't a great idea, and i warned him that she was a lot younger than us. >> when we asked he kind of, you know, said no but nodded his head question. i asked him in a pretty serious manner if he had had sex with her, and he proceeded to tell me he did. no -- well, he said to kind of keep it on the down low is what he said. >> what does that mean? >> so, i guess -- so don't spread that, don't tell people.
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>> reporter: john henry smith, al jazeera. the new new orleans, ten years after the city's worst natural disaster, some young people are seeing a bright opportunity. ♪
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all this week we're looking back at the impact on new orleans after hurricane katrina. >> reporter: for generations this family has called new
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orleans home. now she can't notice how different the city and its people look. >> i hope a lot of black people still come back. >> reporter: it has been a concern since katrina emptied new orleans. >> this city will be chocolate at the end of the day. [ applause ] >> reporter: how to make sure some people aren't left behind in the boom of rebuilding. >> i think the issue near and deer to my heart is to make sure that those individuals who were naturally born new orleansians, they don't feel as if this new new orleans is moving forward and there's a place for them in this city. >> reporter: while 67% of the city used to be african american, it has now dropped to 58%. and the percentage of whites has grown slightly. >> for the first time we have young people coming here. many are white, and so then folks have the feeling that it is a whiter city. >> reporter: a new younger create i class is emerging. some drawn by adventure, others attracted by opportunity.
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lauren arrived in 2009 to sell t-shirts from her living room. her business quickly grew into four stores. >> in los angeles you have to be beautiful, in new york you have to be smart and successful, but in new orleans you just have to be you. >> reporter: leaders say people of all color are coming. >> before katrina there was a closed network that was scared of change. now it is open to new people, new ideas, and really, sore the sense of possibility. >> reporter: people like patrick who moved here and start adage tall company. >> how many times do one of the most important cities in america go through a complete renewal and you invited to participate in the process? >> reporter: but many worry that change is keeping others out. >> new orleans now is a much
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more affluent. disproportionately we have blacks who cannot come back. >> reporter: but some say it's more complicated. there are still as many people living in poverty, and mr. african americans prefer to move to the suburbs. >> proportionately the poor have returned as the same african americans. >> reporter: the assumption is it was the rich that could only return and rebuild. and you are saying -- >> i'm saying there are a lot of people who chose not to return. >> reporter: and it did not matter how much money you had? >> that's right. a lot of people may have had the means to return, and chose not to. >> reporter: for henry and emmanuel, there wasn't any other choice. she had to be home. >> i'm hoping and praying that a lot of other people come back too. >> reporter: until then, many worry about how to keep the spirit the same, even if the city looks different. a new silicon valley is
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rising in western mexico. john holman reports. >> reporter: the star wars model, office guitar, table tennis, and nerf guns. but this isn't silicon valley. it's guadalajara, mexico. it's now reinventing itself as the latin america tech capitol. 5,000 entrepreneurs are jostling forking for position. oracle who make java are just one of the officials who want a piece of the high-skill graduates who have formed this tight knit community. >> we are looking for people who are able to work at the state-of-the-art software, and
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we have found that we can get that graduate here. >> reporter: guadalajara has long been a production-line hub for international firms, now startups around the city, like this company, are using what they have learned from the big boys to go it alone. >> translator: what is happened in guadalajara reflects stories like mine. first i worked in manufacturing. then i developed software for ibm, and now i have a creative startup. guadalajara is now selling creative technology to all of the world using what we learned from the companies who came here. >> reporter: for all of the plans of worldwide domination, lumbering mexican industries provide ripe opportunities right here for tech solutions says this californian who's team do just that. >> i think guadalajara is a huge opportunity. because it is from -- just an economic point of view, there's a tremendous amount of industry here. and very little technology.
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and if you take those two together, there's just an enormous amount of like what i would callow-hanging fruit. >> reporter: state authorities want in. they are trying to provide a high-tech moment for guadalajara's startups and spruce up the city. the government is working with private investment on a $60 million plan to bring the center into the tech boom. part of it is rebuilding abandoned buildings like this one, to either rent out or as public hubs with resources like 3-d printers. with its new tech-friendly infrastructure in place, guadalajara hopes yearly exports to the u.s. will reach $4 billion. that's a long way off, but at least the city has a vision for its future. john holman, al jazeera, guadalajara, mexico. thank you for joining us. i'm randall pinkston. for the latest news check in ♪
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>> refugees on the hungarian border call for help. >> i'm lauren taylor. this is al jazeer al jazeera live from london. also coming up. the president of south sudan reluctantly signs the deal. two in virginia are shot dead live on air.